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8 Easy Steps to Perspective Drawing


An understanding of perspective drawing is important no matter what subject you choose. It's easier than you think. Just start at the beginning, follow the examples, then progress to the next lesson when you are comfortable. Don't be afraid to experiment with perspective drawing. Your eyes will tell you when something looks right or wrong. Have fun!

What is a Vanishing Point?


What is a vanishing point in perspective drawing?

How to Draw Two-Point Perspective


Learn to draw two-point perspective, step by step. This easy exercise takes you through drawing in two point perspective, one step at a time.

Why Perspective Is So Important in Drawing


Definition of Linear Perspective and Atmospheric Perspective as applied to drawing.

5 Top Colored Pencil Brands Reviewed


Which colored pencils will suit your needs? Here are mini-reviews of colored pencil brands to help you buy the best colored pencils for your artwork.