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From Middle School Straight To Higher Education: A CUNY SPS Story


(image) Middle school teachers are the unsung heroes of adolescent education—and we may be quick to forget their influence when we think back to the days of shop class and school lunches. Remember: they chose to be with us during our toughest times. But for one teacher, middle school education was not the final frontier. [ more › ]

Extra, Extra: Larry David Breaks Silence On Steve Bannon


(image) Because Larry David has thoughts on Steve Bannon, check out today's end-of-day links: workplace pets, Trump's 'fake war' on 'fake news,' Chainsmokers go full-Spinal Tap, UFO sightings increase, Carrie Coon profile, and baby & Boxer play with bubbles. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Whale Euthanized After Getting Stranded In The Bronx


(image) Yesterday, the NYPD attempted to rescue a minke whale that appeared to beach itself at Orchard Beach in The Bronx. Unfortunately, though cops and other agencies were able to briefly free the whale, it was unable to swim on its own, and the whale has since been euthanized. [ more › ]

Cuomo Will Debut Phase One Of New Kosciuszko Bridge With 'Spectacular' Light Show Thursday


(image) Governor Andrew Cuomo is planning to celebrate the opening of half of the new Kosciuszko Bridge Thursday night with a 'spectacular' Top 40-coordinated LED-light show, his office confirmed Monday. The plan, first reported by the Daily News, is significantly less pyrotechnical than the old Kosciuszko Bridge implosion planned for Summer 2017. [ more › ]

Scotch Egg Burgers & Juicy Lucys Top This Year's Annual Burger Week


(image) The annual Burger Week festivities commence on May 1st, the start of a week's worth of special burger collaborations and events. Each year some of the biggest names in burgers join forces to create special burgers or offer unique experiences like booze pairings and, this year, judging an air guitar competition. [ more › ]

Slide Through These Very Satisfying Before & After Photos Showing A Car-Free Broadway


(image) On Saturday, a long stretch of Broadway—from Times Square to Union Square—went car-free. The event lasted six blissful hours, but at the strike of 4 o'clock the cars returned to the streets to continue the battle of machine vs. man, while making sure New Yorkers were breathing in their daily intake of carbon emissions. [ more › ]

Operation Gotham Shield Will Test Nuclear Preparedness This Week


(image) A host of federal and local agencies began conducting nuclear response drills in the New York and New Jersey area on Monday as part of a four-day long FEMA-led exercise known as Gotham Shield 2017. [ more › ]

Protests, Rallies, And Anti-Fascist Book Clubs Planned In NYC This Week


(image) Despite the gloomy weather, thousands came out to Central Park for Saturday's Science March, each attendee carrying a sign more nerdy than the last. Expect another large turn-out on May Day, with a host of citywide actions scheduled around May 1st to celebrate the historic workers holiday. Below, we've rounded up some pre-May Day festivities, as well as the best in local rallies, benefits and anti-fascist reading groups. [ more › ]

Watch A 600-Year-Old White Oak Tree, The Oldest In America, Get Cut Down


A tree that experts believe is the oldest white oak tree in North America is being removed from its central New Jersey home, beginning today. The tree, which sits in the cemetery of the Presbyterian Church in Basking Ridge, has been in failing health for about a year; pastor Daniel Jones said in 2016, "It’s about knowing when to let go." [ more › ]

Chelsea's Iconic Empire Diner Reopens Yet Again On Monday


Chelsea's iconic Empire Diner gets another crack at life under new ownership, the fourth in the last decade alone. John DeLucie, along with the owners of Chelsea's Cafeteria, reopen the diner Monday evening serving "upscale renditions of classic diner favorites." Are there diners that serve Arctic Char Crudo and Celery Root Soup? [ more › ]

Brooklyn DA's Office Will Weigh Immigration Consequences During Prosecutions


(image) Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced Monday that his office will train prosecutors to better navigate immigration law, and consider a defendant's immigration status before making a plea offer or recommending a sentence that could have serious consequences, such as deportation. [ more › ]

David Chang's Delivery-Only Restaurant Ando Launches In Downtown Manhattan


(image) David Chang's delivery-only "restaurant" Ando initiated its next major expansion Monday, debuting delivery of Chang's cheesesteaks and fried chicken to downtown audiences. [ more › ]

Early Addition: The Cheese May Save Your Life


(image) Kenny G plays on a plane, Trump is unintelligible, cheese can save your life, and much more in today's midday links. Follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Forecast: Week Starts Cool And Wet, Ends Hot And Dry


(image) This morning's overcast skies are very deceptive. While it certainly looks like rain, a quick glance at the upper air sounding shows that the clouds are the result of a temperature inversion keeping a thin layer of saturated air close to the ground. Go up to the Empire State Building's observation deck and the atmosphere is about as dry as can be, and that dryness extends upwards for a couple of miles. The low level cloudiness will stick around all day and keep the afternoon temperature to the low 60s. [ more › ]

Cop Fatally Shoots Dog Inside Prospect Heights Apartment Building


(image) A police officer shot a pit bull five times inside a Prospect Heights apartment building early Sunday morning, killing her, according to the NYPD and media reports. [ more › ]

Sock It To 'Em With This Deal On Happy Socks


(image) Consider yourself fashion savvy? Add the perfect finishing touches to any outfit with $40 of credit to Happy Socks for $24.99. [ more › ]

Video: John Oliver Does Deep Dive Into Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner


(image) Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who are America’s William and Kate ("except in this case, both of them are attractive"), have garnered a lot of positive response from the media largely because they are not Alt-Right trolls or alleged Nazis. But last night John Oliver argued that just because they're not the most odious people in the room doesn't mean they're the best people in the room. [ more › ]

Case Of The Mondays: Subway Problems/Delays On The A, B, D, F, Q, R, 4, 5, And 6


(image) Take some signal problems in Howard Beach, a possible track fire near Grand Central and a train with mechanical problems at Dekalb Avenue and you've got a Peak Monday Morning Commute in NYC. [ more › ]

Judge Orders Prosecutors To Disclose Cop's Anti-Black Lives Matter Facebook Posts


(image) Shortly after midnight one morning in November 2014, Officer Jordan Bistany, driving a police car disguised as a taxi, pulled over a man named Alberto Rodriguez as Rodriguez drove in a BMW sedan on the Cross Island Parkway. Bistany is part of a Queens Highway Patrol unit dedicated to busting drunk and otherwise intoxicated drivers. Rodriguez is Hispanic, and was driving with a female African-American passenger. At first glance, Rodriguez's case seems fairly straightforward: after Bistany pulled him over, Rodriguez acknowledged that he "smoked a blunt" 20 minutes prior, and that he didn't have a valid license, according to Bistany's account. [ more › ]

The Forest Hills Stadium Summer Concert Lineup Is Most Excellent


In recent years Forest Hills Stadium has been coming back to life, and last summer they were back in full swing with a packed schedule for the season. Dolly Parton, Paul Simon, and Bob Dylan were just a few of the big names on the bill in 2016, and now the stadium has delivered what is hands down the most excellent summer concert lineup in the city. [ more › ]

How Will YOU Observe National Pigs In A Blanket Day?


(image) Those of us observing National Pigs In A Blanket Day on Monday can find an inventive version being served at New York Yankee Steakhouse in Midtown. Available throughout the season, too, the "Dugout Dog" is a wagyu hot dog wrapped in puff pastry with caramelized onions and American cheese. There's spicy brown mustard, naturally, but the everything bagel seasoning's an inventive touch. [ more › ]

Queens Village Fire Kills 5 People, Including 4 Children


A fire destroyed a wooden-frame home in Queens Village, killing five people, including three children on Sunday afternoon. "People were screaming, 'Get them out.' The whole sky was black. There was a lot of smoke. The fire was very bad. The firefighters carried some of the children out. They were limp. The whole house was on fire," a witness recounted to the Daily News. [ more › ]

Everybody Knows Who Really Runs The Office


(image) Everyone has their work routine. You walk in Monday morning, grab coffee from the kitchen, make some avocado toast if you work in one of those offices, and read the emails you ignored over the weekend at your desk. [ more › ]

Extra Extra: Investigating The Phenomenon Of A Cat In A Sink


(image) The return of Bill O'Reilly, a new low in promposals, the importance of Mats Zucarello, what's the meaning of a cat in a sink and more day's end links. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Man In Tunnel Between Stations Hit And Killed By Subway Train


(image) A man was hit and killed by a Q train early this morning while he was walking the tracks in between stations, according to police. [ more › ]

Rain Can't Dampen Enthusiasm For Car-Free Stretch Of Broadway


The weather yesterday wasn't exactly ideal for frolicking around in the streets, but since the heart of Manhattan is bereft of cars only so often, plenty of people still came out to wander a car-free Broadway from Times Square to Union Square. [ more › ]

The Best Signs At The March For Science


As has come to be expected at marches, participants in yesterday's March for Science put plenty of effort and energy into colorful, pun-heavy and outraged signs. With the participation of a number of scientists, or at least people who frickin' love science, these particular signs skewed towards the nerdier side, with flasks, an "Ohm" pun and the scientific equation for "resistance" spotted among the crowd. There were also plenty of signs about climate change, and at one that shouted out Anita Hill AND the scientific method. [ more › ]

Police Attempting To Rescue Whale Off Of Orchard Beach


(image) A whale appeared near the shore at Orchard Beach this afternoon, and the NYPD is on the scene attempting a rescue. [ more › ]

Dumpling Burgers Debut At Chinese Club In Williamsburg


(image) The Williamsburg restaurant now known as Chinese Club has reinvented itself from a Malaysian eatery to an Indian-Chinese spot and are now channeling Tibet for their latest special. The restaurant now serves a Momo Burger, inspired by the Tibetan and Nepalese dumplings called momos. [ more › ]

Delta Passenger Finds Air Marshal's Gun On Flight From U.K. To New York


(image) Air travel! It's an unending nightmare which manages to turn the incredible achievement of human flight into an experience to dread each time you embark on it. In the latest setback to the idea of ever getting on an airplane again, a passenger on a Delta plane found an air marshal's gun in the bathroom of a flight from England to New York. Oops! [ more › ]

Bicyclists Are Stealing Cellphones From Midtown Pedestrians, Say Police


(image) A pair of bicyclists are allegedly targeting people walking and checking out their cellphones in Manhattan. The police are looking for two suspects who are grabbing pedestrians' cellphones while they bike by. [ more › ]

Sugar Paintings, Cricket Tamales, Sisig Tacos, And Ube Rolls Star At 2017's First Queens Night Market


The lines were long for the season's opener, but a new advance-ticket-only system, in place last night and next Saturday, helped keep the crowds from getting too crazy. [ more › ]

Taxi Driver Strikes And Kills Pedestrian On Upper East Side


(image) A man was fatally struck by a taxi driver last night on the Upper East Side, in the same intersection where a woman was fatally hit by a driver last year. [ more › ]

'There Is No Planet B': Thousands March For Science In NYC


A week after the Tax Day March, thousands of people flooded streets across the country for the March for Science. One of the chants was heard in multiple cities, including New York City, "What do we want? SCIENCE! When do we want it? AFTER PEER REVIEW!" [ more › ]

Extra Extra: The True Story Behind Yo La Tengo's Video For 'Sugarcube'


(image) Chris Pratt is sorry, exploring why some sexual harassers fall while others rise, how David Cross and Bob Odenkirk wound up in a Yo La Tengo video and more day's end links. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

Judge Dismisses Request To Delay Implementing NYPD Body Camera Program


(image) Just days after civil rights attorneys and community groups held a news conference announcing they were asking a judge to delay the start of the NYPD's body camera program, a judge dismissed the request on the grounds that it was premature. [ more › ]

Brooklyn Dentist Busted For Having Unlicensed Dental Workers See Patients


(image) "Fake" and "dentist" are words no one ever wants to hear together, but a real Brooklyn dentist hired people without licenses to perform dental work on patients as part of a Medicaid scam, according to NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. [ more › ]

State Parole Board Declines To Release Judith Clark From Prison


(image) Judith Clark, who has been serving a 75-year-to-life sentence for her role in the fatal 1981 Brinks truck robbery in which a two police officers and a security guard were killed, had her appeal for parole denied last night, despite Governor Cuomo commuting her sentence earlier last year. [ more › ]

This Video Of Two Subway Rats Fighting Over A Bagel Can Really Teach Us Something


(image) Ever since the viral video of a rat dragging a slice pizza down subway stairs turned out to be an elaborate bit of rodent performance art from Zardulu, other videos have come and gone, from Donut Rat to Churro Rats, even Pita Rats and Taco Squirrel, trying to sate our thirst for footage of animals eating human food. But the latest entry is actually worth watching from start to finish over and over again—meet "Two Rats, Half a Bagel": [ more › ]

FYI, The Bay Ridge Av R Station Is Closing For 6 Months Next Week


(image) The future gets closer every day that you're alive. Need proof? Last month, the MTA announced that the 53rd Street R station would close for 6 months in order to let contractors transform it into an exciting station of the future. And now, one month later, the MTA is reminding everyone that the Bay Ridge Avenue R stop will undergo a similar transformation, the station closing for 6 months soon to go into its beautifying chrysalis. [ more › ]