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Videos: These Vines Deserve To Be Preserved In The Vine Hall Of Fame For Eternity


(image) Sad news reverberated through the social media sphere today when Twitter announced that Vine, the video format perfect for capturing the strangeness of the online universe in six second loops, will be discontinued in a few months. During just three years of existence, Vine provided an essential tool for bloggers, vloggers, blooper junkies, meme mavens, and highly unlikable social media stars who used it to unlock their creativity and/or fart into the wind in small, succinct bursts of wonder and weirdness. Enjoy the limelight while it lasts, Snapchat. Your time is coming. [ more › ]

NYC Passes First Freelancer Wage Theft Protections In The Nation


(image) A day after it sailed through committee, a bill to protect New York City's freelancers from wage theft unanimously passed the City Council, setting the stage for Mayor Bill de Blasio to sign it into law. [ more › ]

Fordham Professor Sorry For Sending Student Racially-Charged Email


(image) A black Fordham University student who emailed his professor asking for an extension on an assignment has reported what he says was a racially-biased response to the university's Title IX Coordinator. [ more › ]

LaGuardia Is Worst/Nicest Airport In America With 69% On-Time Arrival Rate


(image) No one knows the last time someone had something nice to say about LaGuardia Airport. In fact, given all of the headlines about LaGuardia that contain the words "hellish," "awful," "mayhem," "suck" and "soul-crushing", it's a good bet that Fiorello LaGuardia would smash up his namesake airport like so many pinball machines if he came back to life today. And while the news that LaGuardia is worst in the nation with an on-time arrival rate of 69% isn't good, I for one, think that news is pretty nice. [ more › ]

Hacked Emails Outline Incestuous, Extremely Lucrative Dealings Behind 'Bill Clinton Inc.'


(image) The Clinton circle's business dealings while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state were even more incestuous and fraught with potential conflicts of interest than previously known, emails newly released by Wikileaks show. The web of moneymaking and political influence was so tangled that at one point Chelsea Clinton stepped in and accused Clinton aides turned global consultants of "hustling" outside business through the Clinton Foundation, prompting an audit and the admission by one of the aides that he had established a massive moneymaking enterprise for Bill Clinton post-presidency, which he dubbed "Bill Clinton Inc." [ more › ]

Photos: Brooklyn Cops Want To Scare You Silly In The Basement Of Their Police Station


Last year, the officers at Brooklyn's 78th Precinct stationhouse in Prospect Heights took a cue from one of the Halloween episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and turned their precinct basement into a house of (non criminal) horrors. But they were just getting warmed up: as you can see in the photos above and video below, they've upped the ante this year with an even spookier, more impressive array of scares awaiting all who dare descend their steps. [ more › ]

6 Unique & Delicious Drinks To Try Around NYC


(image) New York offers plenty of opportunities to drink well, but there are a few instances when a drink becomes something more than just a quenching, tasty beverage. It may display exceptional technique and care, or perhaps will be tied to a broader cause, like sustainability and social justice, or can tell a personal story through its ingredients. Check out these six drinks that rise above NYC's crowded cocktail, coffee, and juice scene in wholly unexpected ways. [ more › ]

Watch Alamo Drafthouse's New NYC-Specific 'No Talking, No Texting' PSA Videos


(image) The long, long, long-awaited Alamo Drafthouse will finally open its doors tomorrow in downtown Brooklyn. Soon moviegoers will be able to kick back in the comfy chairs and enjoy some of the Drafthouse's new "shut up and put away your phone and enjoy the movie" public service announcements they've hand-crafted just for the NYC audience. [ more › ]

The Best New Burgers In NYC


(image) Building a great burger is about so much more than smashing a beef patty between a bun. The meat (or veggie) blend, grill temperature, special sauce, cheese and toppings of a great burger have all become an art form in our burger-obsessed city. Peak burger may have hit in 2016, with what felt like every new restaurant adding its mandatory riff on the ground beef sandwich to menus. Welcome to New York, Class of 2016 Burgers, our fries have been waiting for you. Here are our favorite new burgers in town; as always, add yours in the comments. [ more › ]

City Says We're About To Enter The 'Deadliest Time Of The Year' On NYC Streets


(image) Mayor de Blasio and the Department of Transportation announced Thursday that the city will double down on traffic enforcement in the coming weeks as the sun continues to set earlier and earlier. The $1.5 million crackdown is a response to city data showing that pedestrians and cyclists are at greater risk of being struck and seriously injured by drivers in the fall and winter, when dusk and darkness coincide with evening rush hour. [ more › ]

Astoria Residents Cheer Citi Bike Expansion


(image) Community board members, bike advocates and local residents gathered Wednesday night in Astoria to map out the extension of Citi Bike in the neighborhood. The next expansion of the bike share program will bring docking stations up to a large chunk of the neighborhood, as well as up to 130th Street in Manhattan. [ more › ]

Early Addition: The Funniest Tribute To The Worst Movie Theater In NYC


(image) Because Melania is scared of 'hurtful' social media, check out today's mid-day links: emoji art, Trump supporters angry, black penis taboo, RIP the worst movie theater in NYC, robot gynecologist, and more puppies frolicking in pumpkins. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

NY Trump Supporters Exist & Would Like To Explain Themselves (Part 2)


(image) What New Yorker would vote for Donald Trump? And knowing what the atmosphere is like here, would they even tell anyone about it? For the past month, I've been talking to every New York-based Trump supporter I could find to try to parse those questions. [ more › ]

Man Crushed By Subway Platform Extender Wins $10 Million In Lawsuit


(image) Jurors awarded $10 million to the man who survived being crushed between a subway platform extender and a train in the Union Square station in 2010. Michael Dion sued after suffering a commuter's worst nightmare in December 2010, when he fell into a gap between the platform and a 4 train and, as he tried to climb back up, was pinned by the extender. [ more › ]

Will The Second Avenue Subway Open On Time? What IS 'On' Time, Anyway?


(image) In this era of great upheaval in the world, you might need a reminder that we're in the same universe and timeline that we've always lived in. As you watch the world spin out of control and wonder if these times are darker than ever, just ground yourself with the news that the Second Avenue line is, as it has always been, seriously in danger of missing its projected opening date. There's comfort in that. [ more › ]

Little King Opens In East Williamsburg With Chef From Five Leaves


The waits at Five Leaves in Greenpoint remain interminable, so instead, head over to Little King, where the former Five Leaves executive sous chef is now turning out upgraded bar food over in East Williamsburg. The bar—and owners Sam Esterman, John Moskowitz and Christina Salway are clear that, first and foremost, it's about getting "rowdy" and having fun—opened last night on Metropolitan Avenue just off the Graham Avenue L stop. And though it looks fancier than the average watering hole, you order everything at the bar and they'll sell you a can of Victoria Lager for $4. [ more › ]

Hotel CEO: New Airbnb Regulations Should Allow A 'Big Boost' In Hotel Room Rates


(image) Before the latest legislation limiting Airbnb's reach in New York City was signed into law, the home sharing company suggested it was an attack on the middle class, fueled by the city's powerful hotel industry. Whether or not this is the case, at least one hotel executive was recently caught admitting the new regulations "should" lead to higher room rates at New York hotels. [ more › ]

900 Public School Bus Drivers And Attendants Could Go On Strike Next Week


(image) Drivers and attendants with two of the city's largest school bus companies voted 85 percent in favor to authorize a strike on Wednesday night. According to the drivers, who are represented by Teamsters Local 553, management has proposed slashing five paid holidays and putting an unfair percentage of their hourly wages towards healthcare. [ more › ]

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Shoving Person Into Oncoming Train In SoHo


(image) A woman was arrested after a terrifying incident in which she allegedly shoved another woman into an oncoming train earlier this week. [ more › ]

Why Should We Care Who Disastrous NYC Ambassador Taylor Swift Endorses For President?


(image) The 2016 presidential election is almost over, yet there are still so many unanswered questions. Will Hillary Clinton really manage to flip states like Texas and Arizona and make this a true blowout? Is there really a hidden reserve of silent Trump voters not accounted for in polls? Can Democrats flip the Senate (and would it really matter that much)? Most importantly of all, why has Taylor Swift refused to endorse Hillary Clinton? [ more › ]

Patton Oswalt On Trump: 'A Beautiful Missile Of Failure'


(image) On his 2011 album Finest Hour, Patton Oswalt semi-accurately summarized our fair city: “Don't get me wrong, New York is a great place to visit. But if you live there full time, it turns your skull into a cage, and your brain into a rat and the city is just a stick poking the rat all day.” Despite his hilariously traumatic experiences here, he’ll return on November 3rd for a stand-up performance at the Beacon Theatre as part of New York Comedy Festival. [ more › ]

New Airbnb Regulation Won't Impact Occasional Law-Breakers, Lawmaker Says


(image) When Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Friday instating fines of $1,000 to $7,500 for New Yorkers who advertise their entire apartment on short-term rental websites, Airbnb jumped into action. The international home sharing platform valued at $30 billion employs a team of so-called "mobilizers" who contact platform hosts whenever Airbnb-related legislation passes at the city or state level. [ more › ]

Two Thirds Of 421-A Landlords Didn't File For Rent Regulation But Got Tax Breaks Anyway


(image) Close to two thirds of the nearly 6,400 rental buildings where owners get tax reductions through the now-lapsed 421-a program don't have required rent stabilization paperwork on file with the state, according to a new analysis by ProPublica. In other words, most of the landlords reaping a combined $1.4 billion from the tax giveaway that's meant to promote affordable housing construction aren't holding up their end of the bargain, and some have been flouting the law/exploiting taxpayers and tenants in this way for more than 20 years. [ more › ]

1 Dead, 13 Injured In 6-Alarm Upper East Side Fire


(image) One person is dead after a devastating fire broke out in a Manhattan apartment building this morning. More than 200 firefighters are still at 324 East 93rd Street trying to put the six-alarm fire under control. [ more › ]

Extra, Extra: Yuengling Wants To Be The Beer Of Choice For Trump Supporters


(image) Because Yuengling drinks Trump, check out today's end-of-day links: anti-Semitic Trump, Alex Jones profile, Matthew Weiner Amazon series, new Sherlock, Trump hats, NYC after dark safety campaign, and dogs play with pumpkins. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

This Avocado Panic Will Be Short-Lived, But The Guilt Will Last Longer


(image) A sign posted recently at the Park Slope Food Coop reads, "Very important Avocado News: Please read. WE WILL RUN OUT OF AVOCADOS." [ more › ]

The Greatest Quotes & Insults Of Oasis's Gallagher Brothers, Ranked


(image) Supersonic, a new documentary about the glory days of Oasis, the greatest faux-Beatles cover band of the '90s (or all time?!?), will be in theaters for one-night only today before hitting the streaming circuit—many (but not all) of the showings around NYC are already sold out, but ask yourself: would that really stop a Gallagher brother from getting in to see it? [ more › ]

City Council Will Consider Letting Cyclists Follow Pedestrian Signals


(image) A new bill that the City Council will hear next month would allow cyclists to follow the instructions of pedestrian signals rather than stoplights at some intersections. [ more › ]

Gothamist Is Accepting Freelance Submissions


(image) Gothamist is striving to expand and deepen our coverage of New York City, and we're paying. [ more › ]

Don't You Want To Adopt This Adorable Pit Bull Mix Who Was Rescued From An Abusive Home?


A sweet four-year-old pit bull mix who survived an abusive home is now looking for her furever family. And Jamie is such a special pup that cops from different Manhattan police precincts gave her a playdate to show how she's a friendly, sweet dog. [ more › ]

Cop Shoots Man Allegedly Brandishing Knife Outside Brooklyn Laundromat


(image) A police officer shot and critically injured a 23-year-old man they say lunged at cops with a knife outside an East Flatbush laundromat this morning. [ more › ]

Comedian Cameron Esposito Sick Of Trump Clown Stealing All The Best Jokes


(image) The New York Comedy Festival, which runs from November 1st through the 6th at various venues throughout Manhattan, hosts a tremendous array of talented voices. Though not yet a household name, Cameron Esposito is one you should heed. An ardent advocate of LGBTQ rights, Esposito got her start in Chicago before trekking to Los Angeles, where she married fellow comedian Rhea Butcher after achieving a slew of personal milestones—hosting a standup show/podcast at UCB called "Put Your Hands Together," appearing on The Late, Late Show, and most recently, helming the sitcom Take My Wife, which is available on Seeso, with Butcher. Esposito appears at NYU Skirball Center on November 4th, so we briefly chatted with her about her first New York standup experience, creating your own content, and why she’s excited about 2017. [ more › ]

Bill To Protect Freelancers From Deadbeat Employers Heads To A Vote In NYC


(image) The City Council Committee on Consumer Affairs on Wednesday unanimously voted out of committee a bill that would institute harsh penalties for employers who stiff freelancers or delay payment. [ more › ]

Awww: Goldendoodle Rescued From LI Cesspool After Rabbit Chase Goes Wrong


(image) Rabbits are pretty adorable, but they aren't worth getting caught in a cesspool over. Nevertheless, a poor Goldendoodle's prey drive took over last night, and he toppled into a Long Island cesspool while chasing a wascally wabbit. [ more › ]

It's All About The Meat At April Bloomfield's Latest, White Gold Butchers


In a time when vegan and "vegetable-forward" restaurants proliferate with the speed of weeds, chef April Bloomfield's boldly striding against the tide with her latest restaurant, White Gold Butchers, that's doubling down on the meat. The combo restaurant and butcher shop will be "whole-animal, without exception," with Erika Nakamura, and Jocelyn Guest heading up the butchery operation, which services both White Gold and supplies ground meat for Bloomfield and restaurateur Ken Friedman's other restaurants. [ more › ]

NY Trump Supporters Exist & Would Like To Explain Themselves


(image) Who in their right mind is voting for Donald Trump? [ more › ]

Trump Foresees Nuclear Annihilation If Hillary Clinton Is Elected


(image) We're getting down to the wire for the 2016 election/kick off to the 2020 presidential election, so it's time for the candidates to bear down and really drive home their final message to voters. Hillary Clinton is making an appeal for people to think of the children, including whatever terrible generation comes after The Founders. Donald Trump is out there also asking people to think about the future. Which in his telling, means a nuclear wasteland ruled by Hillary Clinton sitting on a throne of skulls. [ more › ]

Forecast: Cool Again Today, Lots Of Rain Tomorrow


(image) A week ago today Central Park had a record high of 85 degrees. This morning it was 38 degrees near Belvedere Castle and well below freezing not too far north and west of the city. The cool weather will continue today as a northwest breeze will keep the high to the upper 40s for most of us. [ more › ]

Early Addition: Trump's Love Affair With White Nationalists Revealed


(image) Because Trump has taken things to the next level with white nationalists, check out today's mid-day links: new Shins song, Philip Roth library, in defense of sugar, Patton Oswalt profile, Fallon's drinking problem, and zoo pumpkin party. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

NYPD Union Instructs Cops To Avoid Newly Mandated Search Technique


(image) Update below [ more › ]