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Great Documentary Films for Kids


These documentaries are entertaining, educational and enlightening films will set excellent standards for the life-long movie watching habit that begins in childhood.

The 10 Best Documentaries Everyone Should See


Documentaries are a rich source of information and inspiration, and those on my ever evolving list of recommendations belong in a special treasury. My top ten list of documentaries is a constant work in progress, one that reflects how nonfiction film deals with the pressing issues of today. Also taken into consideration is the availability of wonderful new nonfiction films as they are released. Check back often for updates.

Documentaries 101


A primer of basics about documentary film.

Holocaust Documentaries - A List of Documentari...


Documentaries about the Holocaust

The Importance of Documentary Trailers


Presenting a good documentary trailer is an integral part of the producing and marketing a nonfiction film. What makes a good documentary trailer? Read on...