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Dunstan’s blog

Modified: 2005-07-16T01:28:46+00:00

Copyright: Copyright © 2005, Dunstan Orchard

A hello-and-goodbye kind of post


The Girlfriend gets a new job, and Dunstan calls it a day.

Hello everyone. I have two very quick bits of news for you:

  1. I'm very proud to say that The Girlfriend recently got a job at the EFF. She'll be their new Membership Co-ordinator, and starts full-time in a couple of weeks (look out for her on their staff list page).
  2. Rather more relevant to most of you is the news that I'm going to stop posting to this site. I just don't find the time to write for it anymore, and it's rude to keep making people check for updates which never appear.

    I won't take the site down since so many people kindly point to various bits of it to illustrate coding or design issues, and if (when!) I do start blogging again I'll ensure it's at a slightly different URL, so as not to break those links.

    I must also say a big, big thank you for everyone's kind words over the last two years, it's meant an awful lot to me reading your comments and following the links back to your websites. As a very small measure of thanks I've grabbed everything from my 1976design directory (including unpublished posts and the contents of my MySQL database) and packaged it all together into a (128MB) zip file. As with all old code I'm embarrassed about 99% of it, but it may prove useful to someone. (Just don't take what I wrote as gospel and I think you'll be fine.)

    Cheerio, thanks again, and see you soon.

Another short film of the puppies in the garden


More video footage of the puppies.

Following on from last week’s film, here’s another video of the puppies arsing about on the lawn. This time I got my iMovie HD import right so the picture is much higher quality than before. It’s also much smaller, coming in at 49MB instead of 83MB.

Pick it up at the (still unstyled) download site, and prepare to go “Ahhh” a lot.

A short film of the puppies in the garden


Video footage of the puppies playing in the garden.

This is maybe the fourth time the puppies have been let outside to play, but the first time they’ve ventured into the woods. They seemed to enjoy it, and we certainly had a lot of fun watching them mess about.

So, ahem, where's the video?

Hmm, well, I’m afraid that I got a bit carried away with making it and no matter how hard I try to compress the thing it's still far too large to put in a web page (the original files totaled 24GB).

As a consequence I’m sorry to say that the only way you can see the video is by visiting my new (and un-styled) download site and getting your BitTorrent-groove on.

If you're BT-savvy then you should be fine, just click on the .torrent link. If you've no idea what BitTorrent is then click on the link marked “Easy Download” and follow the instructions. I’m informed that it should all just work. If you become totally lost then leave a comment below and I’ll try to help you.

Some things to note about the video and the download site

Firstly: if anyone’s interested to know how I got the ground-level shots, I filmed it by fixing my iSight to the end of a stick and then dangling it one or two centimetres off the floor as I walked along (stick in left hand, laptop in right hand). It allowed me to get a very different perspective on things without having to bend over and crawl along the ground.

Secondly: the new download section is powered by BlogTorrent, a simple BitTorrent tracker, so you can host your own giant files without killing your server or burning your bandwidth. Check it out.

And thirdly: if you do download the .torrent, help me out and leave your BT client running for a bit so other people can get the file. Thanks very much.