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Brilliant Everyday Art: A Teapot Embedded In Concrete Then Cut In Half


Rolf has a series of everyday porcelain objects that have been embedded in concrete and then cut in half to form unique pieces of art. Fittingly enough, the line is called Cutting Porcelain, and here's what a porcelain teapot looks like from the series. Beautiful!

Legless Dodo Chair Is Actually A Pretty Smart Design


It's not often I'm going to applaud a chair that costs $2,039 and doesn't even have legs, but I'll make an exception for Dodo. This falls into the extremely limited "floor level seating" category along the lines of Japanese Zaisu chairs, but adds a touch of contemporary western office design. For swivels! Woohoo! And the backrest doubles as a working surface that can hold a laptop

The Frankenstein Chair is monstrously awesome


T.M. Schmid sent over this amazing chair creation that, if I'm reading the Web site correctly, was made back in 2007. I can't find any details about it but really I don't need any. I can see all of its awesomeness just from the picture. And now so can you. Enjoy!

Natural vases are made of woody goodness


I admit when the folks over at Terra Furnishings sent me a generic e-mail asking me to check out their site, I was dubious I'd see something funky there that I liked. I think Eco is great, but it usually isn't as weird as I tend to like my furniture and furnishings. But surprise, the Natural Vase fits the bill for me, and I think plays well in either a funky way or a

Salt Side Out Shaker Shakes Up Salt Shaking


Saltside Out is one of those ironic home accessories that subverts the natural order of things. In this case, the common saltshaker. Using hand-blown borosilicate glass, Jason Amendolara created a saltshaker that looks like it contains a saltshaker (yes, you read that correctly), so the salt appears to come from outside the shaker, not inside it. Follow that? If not, just look at the picture and

Manana floor light started out life as a pencil sketch


The Manana started out as a stick-figure like drawing in the sketchbook of Marie-Louise Gustafsson and ended up being a stylish yet laid back floor light designed to lean against a wall. It's 5'6" tall, covered in graphite gray lacquer (an homage to its start as a pencil sketch) and costs $239. Not a bad price for good design, really.

Motifo magnet set turns your fridge into giant art


Peter Locke has a pretty wonderful and reasonably affordable idea to turn your boring old refrigerator into a gorgeous piece of art. He's created a set of 1296 colored magnets called Motifo that act like giant, colored pixels you can arrange and rearrange to create giant, vibrant mosaic imagery on your fridge door (or side, or top, or wherever else you can stick magnets to for that matter). The

Table made up of 3D pixels is infinitely configurable and infinitely stylish


The Pixel table by Johan Lindsten is made up of a bunch of square blocks (sort of like screen pixels but in 3D) that can be rearranged "depending on the situation and desires" to any configuration you like. Nice! It's not only a great look, but gives you plenty of storage options. It looks like you have to assemble it box by box though, so I'm not sure how many times you're going to rearrange it

The Floor Perch is made out of felt, glue and awesome


Ben Mickus sent me a note about his Relief Chair, which is made out of felt and will very deservedly be featured in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's upcoming exhibit Fashioning Felt. Naturally I wandered over to his site to check it out, and it's indeed gorgeous. (Go look...I'll wait.) When I took a peek at his other projects though I immediately fell in unabashed lust with his Floor

The Tun chair is perfect for captains and villains


The Tun chair by Derin Design would be the perfect addition to my starship bridge or the control room of my villain lair, if I had either of those things. It's the kind of chair you can sink into while you contemplate weighty issues, like how many billions of dollars you should extort from the world in order not to blast it with your moon laser cannon. It would do equally well in the waiting

A sneak peek inside Droog's new New York store (PICS)


Droog is an amazing design collective from Amsterdam that's officially opening a New York store on Friday, Feb. 26, at 76 Greene St. We got a sneak peek inside the store this morning, as well as a tour by Droog co-founder Renny Ramakers, who explained that the store "breaks the norm" for Soho design stores. A bold statement! But one she backed up by explaining that the store blurs the line

A rug, a skull and some orange denim look...pretty good together, actually


I haven't seen this one in person yet but I love the pictures of the Miniskull rug. It blends cheerful colors and designs with a laid-back fabric and a fairly traditional skull and crossbones shape in a way that works shockingly well. Oddly enough the black version doesn't quite go together in my opinion, even though I tend to think of black as a more skull-like color than orange. These are

Porcelain piggy bank you need to "cut here to open"


Ionna Vautrin combined the conventions of paper and the elegance of porcelain to create this gorgeous Pour Ma Retraite... piggy bank. (Translated that means "For my retirement...") To get your money out you need to crack Pour Ma Retraite open along the pre-cut edge, which ingeniously mimics the perforations from innumerable paper products. To buy this you'll need to crack open your old piggy

Kenny lamp is made out of knitted wool...sort of


It doesn't say so on his site but David Taylor's Kenny lamp almost certainly has to be an homage to Kenny of South Park. The light is sheathed in knitted wool which makes it look like the bulb is wearing a little parka hood, just like Kenny of South Park fame. It's an interesting effect and one that makes Kenny stand out among the table lights of the world. And I mean that in a good way. It also

Table subconciously mimics the effects of daylight


Designer Daniel Rybakken created a seemingly simple table that produces an ingenious effect via a hidden light, which you might be able to figure out from its name: Subconscious Effect of Daylight. The light under the table top projects an image below it that mimics the shadow sunlight might make streaming though a window. So if you have a room that feels dark and enclosed, here's your solution

TV pillow adds some test pattern to your living room


I don't particularly have a use for a pillow with a TV test pattern on it, but I wish I did because I love it. It's 100 percent cotton with a foam interior and made for snuggling while you're, you guessed it, in front of the TV. I saw it over at FunktionAlley where it's currently 20% off at £27if you're interested. It was designed by Henriette Hyldgaard.

Iceberg desk is cool enough to put in your office


Traditional desks tend to bore me, mostly because once you combine the need for a flat surface that can fit a chair under it and that also has storage space, your design options become limited. So kudos to whoever designed the Iceberg desk (which I found on of all places), because this beauty hits all the needs of a desk and still manages to pack in lots of style. Juxtaposing the

Wallflower Vases Are Like Little Trees For Your Walls


Gitta Gschwendtner's ceramic Wallflower vases are a fun way to do just what the name implies: add flowers to your walls. The idea is as elegant as it is simple. Put a bunch of Wallflower vases on your wall. Put a bunch of flowers in the vases. Step back and admire your handwork. These seem to be prototyps, not for sale.

Mr. Di Lamp Adds Some Baroque To Your Modern Style


Mr. Di is one of those cheeky lamp designs that combines two styles, in this case modern and baroque. It would fit into my nicely modern decor while bringing a bit of zing to things, and it could probably fit in with antique-laden decor if you wanted to try and modern things up, though I think it's more successful the other way. And it's only $251. If Mr. Di is on the large size for your space,

You're In Charge Of Designing The Alliterative Ponoko Pollen Pendant Light


I hope the name Ponoko Pollen Pendant was a deliberate choice and not just some kind of random alliteration accident, because if it's the latter it's sort of like accidentally naming your kid something that's going to get him beat up a lot. Naming aside, this light forces you to be part of the design process because the pollen-shaped base only truly becomes a lamp when you encase it in your "

Ridiculously Big Lamp No. 15 Makes Me Drool


I'm a rabid, raging, drooling, slavering fan of oversize lamps shades, whether they're of the floor, hanging, sconce or table variety. Thus I love Ron Gilad's Lamp No. 15 which is actually only 12" in diameter but seems crazy large compared to its tiny base. Honestly, this bit is lost on me "After observing and subtracting main characteristics of ex lovers, the designer abstracted these

Recycling "Egg" Adds Some Odd Style To Your Kitchen


This giant white, blue and green egg is certainly eye catching, which is probably a plus if you're looking to make a statement about recycling in your kitchen. Your large, modern, funky kitchen that is, at least if you want the Ovetto to fit in to your decor. Luckily one glance will tell you if this will fit your style or not. I happen to like it, but it's not going to fit into my kitchen,

Dexter Dismembered Silverware Looks Great & Horrific at the Same Time


Not just in time for Halloween but close enough to still be talking about dismembered things (it's only 3 days later!) I found this wonderful Dexter flatware created by, ahem, Steve Butcher in homage to the sociopathic serial-killer-hunting Dexter. This silverware has been sawed, slashed, burned and punctured, which "truly reflects the activities of Dexter." Although the silverware has seen some

The Back of 'My Beautiful Backside' Sofa Looks As Good As The Awesome Front


This gorgeous (but, I have to admit not altogether comfortable looking) sofa "draws upon a miniature painting of a Maharani sitting on the floor of her palace, surrounded and supported by multiples of pebble shaped cushions." Which is interesting to me because when I saw it I thought it was inspired by old TVs and radios that you saw in the U.S. in the '60s and '70s. In fact, I also thought the

Noisy Furniture Doesn't Make Any Sound But Looks Fantastic


I don't know why Noisy Furniture is called noisy since it doesn't appear to make any obvious sounds, but the amazing concept certainly deserves a loud shout out for being innovative. It's a modular system where each piece connects to the next via a dual lock. That allows you to put them together almost anyway you like, from "straight and sober" to "wild and unexpected." Personally I'm all for