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Last updated 2017-10-19 23:38:42.58675+00

Dan Lyke:

Nice: Sonoma County Sheriff takes ICE to school:

10.1126/scitrans lmed.aan6446
Dan Lyke:

Herbal remedies embraced by naturopaths, alt med widely linked to liver cancers:

According to a study published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine, traditional components of herbal remedies used throughout Asia are widely implicated in liver cancers there. In Taiwan, for instance, 78 percent of 98 liver tumors sampled displayed a pattern of mutations consistent with exposure to herbs containing aristolochic acids (AAs). These are carcinogenic components found in a variety of centuries-old herbal remedies said to treat everything from snakebites to gout, asthma, and pain.

Because of their toxicity, some (but not all) of the herbs and plants known to contain AAs have been banned in Taiwan and other places. These flora tend to come from the genera Aristolochia (e.g., birthwort, pipevine) and Asarum (wild gingers). The Food and Drug Administration has also issued several warnings and advisories over AA-containing remedies.

Science Translational Medicine, 2017. DOI: 10.1126/scitrans lmed.aan6446

North Bay Python
Dan Lyke:

So I'm going to this little shindig, you might wanna too: North Bay Python

Smoke has subsided enough that I
Dan Lyke:

Smoke has subsided enough that I finally got a chance to run this morning. I wasn't coordinated well with the other runners, so I was out alone for the first half, and my headlamp wasn't strong enough to tell me definitively that the dark creature scampering down the trail in front of me with tail held very high wasn't a skunk, so I spent a lot of time walking...

Marx was wrong
Dan Lyke:

Marx was wrong: The means of production aren't nearly as valuable as those of distribution and marketing.

Dan Lyke:

A very simple example of a Private Set Intersection (PSI) protocol that is usable to compare your interests privately. Built on NaCl, using SHA256 hashing and curve 25519 to implement the Diffie-Hellman based PSI protocol on elliptic curves.

The Sun: Photographer captures women’s ‘orgasm faces’ before, during and after they climax in intimate photo series
Dan Lyke:

Marcos Alberti: The O Project:

Alberti captured the facial expressions of more than 20 women before, during, and after their sexual journey, while using personal massagers. The four photos unveil the slow or, in some cases, rapid progression of each woman’s facial changes as she reaches and recovers from orgasm. The headshots are fun and sexy, but tasteful, keeping everything below the waist hidden from view – ­­­­­­­­­­even from the photographer.

Via The Sun: Photographer captures women’s ‘orgasm faces’ before, during and after they climax in intimate photo series

Sonoma Housing Demand
Dan Lyke:

Housing shortages and supply and demand are something that I've been thinking about and discussing with various folks before the recent Sonoma Fires destroyed thousands of homes in an area with < 1% vacancy. Now I'm seeing a whole lot of complaints about rents going up and price gouging, and...

On the one hand I see that we have a lot of displaced people who need housing. On the other hand, we have a local political scene that has created suburban sprawl that we can't afford to maintain, and a reluctance to allow the density that'd both give us affordable housing and maintainable infrastructure.

I have to say that if I were a landlord thinking rationally about incomes, and had vacancies right now, I'd undertake some maintenance and upgrades. Keep those buildings off the market for a month or three until the complaining about price gouging wore off and the higher rents were the new normal. Yeah, it's heartless, but it's rational behavior.

So if we want to fix the housing crisis in Sonoma County, we need a two-pronged approach: First, acknowledge that, yes, we have a set of (artificially) limited resources, and that prices on those resources are going to go up until we do something about the root causes.

Second, let's address the root causes: let's start talking about high density multi-story buildings that are walkable distances from urban cores. Let's build attractive housing that doesn't require the expense of an automobile. Let's get some good condos and apartments fast-tracked and up so that we have the housing stock to support the demand.

People who complain about open source
Dan Lyke:

People who complain about open source software documentation have never delved into HAM radio.