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Preview: Fine? Why Fine?

Fine? Why Fine?

"And when a bee smells blood, he just goes for the jugular."-Adrian Aucoin (D-NY Islanders)

Updated: 2007-01-29T19:20:20-05:00


If Weird Al Was Into Football


BradyFan83's parodies are perfect and the shots he takes are simultaneously fanboy/brutal. The Michael Vick one is especially good.

That's Fine


The Sports Gal's sidebar would have been so much cooler if I made the effort to actually blog on a regular basis. Still... I always make the mistake of showing Bill an outfit and asking for his opinion. I don't...

I Love You Ricky Bobby


This is like a minor league hockey fight, except with cars. Sorta.

NL East Champs


Well, that was fun. Now there's 2 weeks of games that don't matter. Really hope no one gets hurt.

5 Years



"A Small French Bath Towel"


The miracle of YouTube is that I have thought about this skit from the old "Vacant Lot" show for over 10 years now without the hope that I would ever see it again. But there it is. There. It. Is.

But Now I See


Off Wing Opinion has a 4 minute video that you should really watch.

I Get It


When I was a kid, I'd always bypass Dave Barry's column because it seemed to be for adults or at least definitely not for me. I still don't think I've read a single column of his but his blog is...



(Via LGF.) "Red State" kids vs. CodePink. (2nd Video here.)



Celebrate. The Declaration of Independence was largely the work of Virginian Thomas Jefferson. In justifying American independence, Jefferson drew generously from the political philosophy of John Locke, an advocate of natural rights, and from the work of other English theorists....

Good News from Arthur


Didn't realize part of the reason Arthur left was to write a book. This is his first novel. While this is a work of fiction, virtually everything is based on true stories, inspired by his grandparents and father escaping from...

A Little Too Excited


Somebody get Bill Press a hooker quick, I think the Viagra's kicked in. ...Press should clean himself up read something a little more serious about what his little "smackdown" of George Bush could really mean. ...Allah skims and recaps. UPDATE...

Old-Time Hockey


This would be very cool. A Rangers-Islanders game in frosty Yankee Stadium in December or on New Year's Day? It's a possibility. Preliminary discussions between NHL and Yankees executives, the two NHL teams, city officials and NBC -- which would...

However, In My Particular Line of Work...


I seldom need more than this. UPDATE 6/26/06 9:15pm Simmons picks his favorites from YouTube.

Duplicitous Standard


Blair rips off the best line on the NYT's loose lips. Here’s a plan: instead of merely classifying its anti-terror programs, the US government should devise a code that renders the programs as Islam-mocking cartoons. Newspapers would never publish them.