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Preview: All about Istra (Croatia)

All about Istra (Croatia)

Blog dedicated to croatian penninsula Istra. Facts, people, tourism, ecology, spirituality, destinations and more.

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Rockwool pollution in Istria


Unfortunately probably one of the biggest factories of stone wool in world is currently building in Istria. It is really sad, especially when we know that is situated in the walley with just under natural park “Učka”.
What are the effects of the 3 times smaller factory in Norway, you can see in video. In the meantime petitions are been signed, public demonstrations held (video in croatia), but with little effect for now.
And more, if we speak in terms of profit, seams that people of istria has paid to rockwool to come, with all concession made to them. For example, we (Istrian tax payers) will finance infrastructure (water, electricity), and Rockwool will be free of paying income tax for 10 years!

Art exhibition “Dolce stil nuovo” in Pula



We announce with pleasure that following picture exhibition will take place In Pula

Twelve talented artists from "SCUOLA DANTE" artist school

The exhibition will be opened by Lena Puha


Monday, 29.may 2006 u 19 hours

Pula central library, Kandlerova 39

Your visit will be very welcome and appreciated…

Ivan Bavcevic - Photography Exhibition


Dear friends,
What is read, and what is not? What is the truth and what is the lie? What is up and what is down? What is the reality and what is the illusion?
We live in the world of duality. Are we sure that this world is not just an illusion and reflection of something more real?

I have a great luck to invite you to the opening of my photography exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia. I am sending this invitation earlier so you could reserve the date April 8th and join me in that happy moment. Please take a look at the attached invitation for all details and feel free to invite others.

Veliki pozdrav,
Big greetings,


Event announcement


What: JAZZBINA CLUBING, 10 Years on the Air and StageWhen: 24.03.2006./Friday, 22:00Where: HP Club, Hotel Pula, PulaAbout performer VASIL HADŽIMANOV BANDwww.vhband.comVasil Hadžimanov, keyboardsVlada Samardzic, bassBojan Ivković, percussion, scatSrđan Dunkić-Johnny, drumsand ... VASIL HADZIMANOV BAND Vasil’s (born June 23rd, 1973, Belgrade) classical training began at the age of 5, and included attendance at one of the oldest music high schools in South East Europe, Stevan Mokranjac in Belgrade (prof. Ljubinka Hadzi-Jovancic). It was his interest in jazz, however, that won him full scholarship to attend the Interlochen Arts Camp for two summers in a row and afforded him the opportunity to study and perform with Milt Jackson, Curtis Fuller, and Bayron Stripling among others. He moved to Boston in 1992 to study piano and arranging at Berklee College of Music on a scholarship. He graduated in 1995 and his piano teachers were Ray Santisi and Lazslo Gardony. While at Berklee, he performed with Matt Garrison, Rick Peckham, Leroy Jenkins (in his rap opera “Funky Faust”), George Garzone, Ayib Dieng, and toured nationally with Paskal Bokar’s afro-pop band. In September 1996 Vasil moved to New York, where he continued his work with some of the best young musicians like: David Gilmore, David Binney, Cris Cheek, Marko Djordjevic, Danny Sadownick, Adam Deutch, Antonio Sanchez, Reuben Rogers, Rodney Holmes, “Ultranate”… At the same time he worked as a music programmer at the “TOMANDANDY” studios (authors of the “Killing Zoe” soundtrack). Vasil also performed with the following SCG artists: Jovan Maljokovic Balkan Salsa Band (Rothweill Jazz Fest., Montreaux Jazz Fest.), Dusko Gojkovic (European tour), Steve Gut (Segedin Jazz Fest.), Mimo Mitrovic, Bisera Veletanlic, Zafir and Senka Hadzimanov, Rambo Amadeus (ex Yu tour)… After spending a year in the Big Apple he decided to move back to Yugoslavia and finish what he started with his own: VASIL HADZIMANOV BAND.His ideas of mixing Balkan traditional, folk rhythms and melodies with the western, modern musical styles (jazz, funk, world music…) in his own music is completely authentic and a new approach to jazz music. For the last 5 years, Vasil and his musicians have continuously played his compositions on concerts and jazz festivals all over Serbia and Montenegro and other countries with big success (Belgrade summertime Jazz Fest - following Joe Zawinul, Novi Sad Jazz Fest., Nis, Smederevo, Kragujevac, Podgorica, Budva,… Banjaluka, Sarajevo, Mostar, Zelenkovac Jazz Fest (Bosnia), Skopje Soul and Blues Fest., Kumanovo Jazz Fest.(Macedonia), Maribor Lent Fest., Cerkno Jazz Fest. (Slovenia), Opatija Jazz Fest., Promotion concert for the PGP publishing house in Stuttgart, Pula (Croatia), Berlin (benefit concert), Porgy and Bess jazz club in Vienna (Austria), Bratislava Jazz Days “Jazzove dni” (Slovakia)… In the year of 2001, Vasil Hadzimanov Band released their first CD and tape under the title “11 reasons for…” published by PGP-RTS. Its first edition sold out in three months. Also for their first release, they won the award Beovision 2002 for the Best Debut Album of The Year 2002. In the summer of 2002 Vasil Hadzimanov Band joined famous director Goran Paskaljevic and his film crew, in making of a documentary about Belgrade, for the ARTE television. Vasil composed the music and the band fronted by their percussionist Bojan Ivkovic, acted and performed music in the movie. Vasil’s music can also be found on “011 Belgrade”, a movie by a young Austrian director Michael Pfeifenberger and a new movie by Rasha Andric "When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A Kangaroo". In the year of 2003 they released their second CD “Kafanki”, again published by PGP-RTS, which they currently promote across Europe. For this one, they won the award Suncane skale 2003 for the Best Instrumental Album of The Year 2003. 19[...]

Croatia wins Davis Cup


Today and yesterday, probably all blogs, newspapers, portals and TV stations talks about great Croatian victory in Davis Cup. After defeating US in the first round, Croatia has come to the end: in the 105 years of history of Davis Cup, there have been only 12 winners - including Croatia. It is one of the most prestigious competitions of the world, so it is really a big thing for so small Country as Croatia.

We can ask our selves, how can it be that so small country, with only few thousands registered players, and less than 5 million of people can win Davis Cup, come to world’s tennis throne out of more than hundred other nations including big and rich countries as US, Russia, France, Spain....
In Croatia, small money is invested in tennis, most of achieved is fruit of individual efforts of players and parents. For example Ljubičić, who won 11 live matches this season (what is absolute world record) was 12 year old outcast form his home town, he had to run to city of Split where he begun his first step in tennis. He was at his own, there was not Nick Bollitieri’s camps, he was not Agassi or Roddick who was discovered early as talents and then pushed through well known paths to become great players… He was playing in broken shoes because he could not afford new ones, it was “to be or not to be” choice made by him! Such things has to be respected, no one of top 10 players had have so difficult path to success.
Off course, every path to great champion is hard, but some are harder. Not only that we are only 4.5 million, but we have also worse conditions that most other countries that invest great money in sport. In certain sense it’s some sort of miracle, especially if we consider that this is not first world championship in Croatian sport: handball, skiing, world bronze in soccer, silver against first US dream team with Michael Jordan, are some of the great sport achievements.
So once again, great homage to new Davis Cup champions, especially to Ivan Ljubičić, great fighter and hero, and Mario Ančić who for long time was in his shadow, but in finals he brought a winning point! Details abouth match can be found on official davis cup site.

First vegetarian restaurant (club) in Istria



Recently the first vegetarian club in Istria has been opened. It is small restaurant which run two persons with rich experience in preparation of vegetarian food.


Here you can see some photos from inside. They offer daily menu for affordable price of 30 Kn (about 4 Euro), various (big and tasty) sandwiches and delicious cakes with natural sweeteners.

Beside of this, they are organizing cooking courses for those who want to learn how to prepare such a delicious food.
So, considering recent health threats from meat dishes, some sort of vegetarian alternative is positive, isn’t it?

Their phone numbers are: 098 95 48 360 i 098 161 27 82 (when calling from Croatia, from outside you must use prefix +385).


Bon appetit!

Old olive tree



I don’t know about You, but for me olive trees has special charm and special place in my hearth. It was also very important in the life of our elders, for welfare and survivor when people depended on nature gracefulness. So, today I want to share with you one special olive tree: 1000 years old, and 6 meters in circumference.

I found it by case, it is property of Mr. Tone Cerin from Pula, who let me gladly take some pictures of it. In the meantime we spoke a little about old times - new times, where he expressed wish that the memory of this old and beautiful olive tree is kept and documented.

So I’m doing my best, see your self and enjoy!


Istrian Artisan Fair


Well, I haven’t been around for a while, because I was somehow busy with my regular duties, and with setting up our new collaborative blog: . This blog has already gained excellent results (compared to investment – 0 USD, and free time engagement), what means that it was a good idea. We have more than five active bloggers who post regularly (eleven registered), and many excellent posts (49). I’m sorry that I’m not able to translate some quality posts here because of lack of time, and skills in English. But, here is one post which will bring You the atmosphere of Istria as in past times.

This regards Istrian Artisan Fair held in small Istrian place: Svetvincenat, where people could see tools, costumes, instruments as they used to be. Here are some photos to make you a picture of what I’m talking about.

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

In some sense I’m a little nostalgic for those times of peace and quietness, without cars, electricity, artificial lights, TV (well I would keep the internet), globalization, terrorism, atomic weapons, junk food, air and water pollution… Well, compared to last few items on list, our progress doesn’t seem so attractive, and desire to get rid of some things seams very reasonable. Progress of our civilization is neither completely good, neither completely bad: it is somewhere in the middle.

I’ve said many times that it is very pity that every next generation consider itself more clever and advanced that previous (they are “old fossils”), and thus repeats some common and disastrous errors. One of the biggest errors is war: the generation who passed it know that there is no winner in war-everybody looses, but new generations forget the dreadful war consequences and let the fear, ambition and greed guide them in new conflict, in new suffer.

But, It’s a life… What can we do? Be good, Do good, See good and world will soon become good too.

Rainy August, Sunny September


This summer was very interesting from a point of weather… In Croatia, such a heavy rains during summer hasn’t been seen even from oldest people. So, my father (that is almost 60) has never seen green grass in summer time. The grass in Istria is always yellow and dry (caused by high temperatures and lack of water) till later autumn and winter.
Because of that probably tourist were very unhappy, but in other hand for us, that work here in hot summer days, this wasn’t bad weather at all. Now there are many good mushrooms all around (for those who know how to collect then) so in the last period we enjoyed in various top quality plates prepared from those mushrooms that we’ve (or our relatives, especially my father and my wife’s mother) collected.
But now in September, weather is excellent: cold and sunny. Interesting is that I’ve seen on TV and internet that some other parts of the world (like Australia and Portugal) are hit by opposite situations, incredible dryness. And what to say about last events in USA, where “Katrina” has literally destroyed New Orleans.
And what to do now? It is obvious that climatic changes are on the road, so similar situations are to be expect in future also. Why? Man has disordered natural equilibrium, and now nature has to find new balance: Some parts of the world will become deserts, some ice cubes, and some green gardens… But maybe distribution of this areas will not be same as today. I find this thing very logic. By now, probably is too late to stop this process, but we can ease it. For this, raise of people’s consciousness is required, it is choice that is before us: learn lection in easy or hard way.

My new blog


Hi everyone,
only to place brief information that I’ve started new blog with couple of friends on the address It will be in Croatian, with more frequent posts, probably daily(as more persons will be posting, so watch the author's name below the post. I am Administrator or maybe it is better to change to dragan? ;). For me it is easier to write in Croatian than in English, but I will continue to maintain this blog also.
The fact is that I've installed great software called wordpress, for managing my blog with so many possibilities, that I really enjoy using it!

Info Croatia Blog will be focused on all Croatia, but sometime we will write about events in the world also. So, best regards and see you here or there!

Rivers of steel


Rivers of steel....Today and Yesterday was raining… Very strange weather for summer, almost seams as autumn, September – October… Yes, yesterday Croatian soccer club Hajduk from Split, lost from Anonymous Hungarian club Debrecen 5:0 in the center of Split, so it may be that sky over Croatia is crying of shame… But most likely cause for this are climatic changes, caused by man’s indolence and ignorance.So why rivers of steel? Well, all of You who have come to Pula, Poreč, Rovinj or some other tourist place in Istria (and probably elsewhere ), knows that roads all around the place, entrances in the city especially, looks like rivers of cars (which are of steel) , rivers that are more like lakes: they are not moving. Now with such a weather, it is even worst. Today, I’ve visited Croatian tourist portal and looked at their wallpapers section, where all wallpapers are picturing Croatia as idyllically natural place with solitary beaches…But dear tourists: it is not like this!If You are going on holidays most likely you will meet a river of steel, or classical rush hour. So You’ve probably run from an rush hour to take a rest in another rush hour… My recommendation is: go on holidays in June or September! September is beautiful also, even more than august. I’m waiting for September to begin bath season ;). This year, I was only 2 times at the beach, tomorrow I’m going on holiday: and I’m going far away from here to take some rest. But if You like rush, many people everywhere, no place for parking, full beaches, some cultural and fun events: to come in Croatia right now is excellent choice for You.Croatia from postcards: popularity deteriorates qualityIdyllically place pictured on the internet and magazines is thing of the past, or is vanishing right now. Now all you can find is crowd and business. It’s very hard for average tourist to get a holiday like those pictured in magazines. If You are very rich: you can, but otherwise… But this is natural, with groving popularity, quality deteriorates. Very funny(and sad): Croatia is becoming world wide popular as land of virgin nature, but with its grooving popularity this virgin nature is vanishing.What a paradox, it’s like sawing the branch on which you are sitting. Everybody is talking about virgin nature, delicious food, but nobody is talking about devastation of nature, about deterioration of beautiful coasts in order to build tourist resorts, about malversations with land, about impossibility to handle all this waste during summer, about car rushes, about bad smell from port of Pula and other similar ports, about high prices caused by high number of tourists…This is not a negative publicity, this is reality: you will meet both sides, except if you are rich. In that case, you may meet only idyllically pictured Croatia (like many celebrities and royalties that are currently visiting Croatia), a land of thousand of virgin islands.About ecology and virgin nature: Differentiated wasteDid You know that in Pula it is almost impossible to find place to put differentiated waste: plastic, glass, organic… Last day I’ve wanted to throw away some plastic bottles (of mineral water), but I was unable to find a place where I could do so?!! I was driving around with car, but without success! And we are talking about virgin nature, ecological destination etc??! There is no differentiated waste: and it is not so hard to put here and there few containers... what can we expect from more demanding issues?[...]

Municipal Tourism Office Medulin


Municipal Tourism Office Medulin

Medulin is one of the most developed tourist district’s, but unfortunately, till now they had old and ugly web site. Now the launched brand new and good looking, with lots of information's for tourists: including beaches, photos, accommodation, sport and destinations: Medulin, Pomer, Banjole, Pjescana Uvala, Vinkuran and Premantura which contains one of the most beautiful natural parks in Croatia.
By the way, Premantura recently was on the target of construction entrepreneurs who wanted to deteriorate this beautiful coast:
(check more on medulin’s web site by your self) to be able to build some hotels and apartments. Recently there was elections, and municipal governance has changed, Younger people has arrived, so let’s hope that their level of consciouness is opposite of their ages: what means higher, and that they will know how to recognize priorities in rural development….
Municipal Tourism Office Medulin -->

False accusations for pedophilia in Pula


False accusations for pedophilia in Pula? Today’s newspapers has brought the news that accusation for pedophilia in case of children refuge in Pula was false, so seams that there is not case at all. I’m happy that things finished this way, because public opinion was rampantly going in direction of deprecation of employees in this activity. In effect it is good that things has resolved so quickly, this has eased a lot a life of accused people. But, and often there is one but, remains suspect that something has really happen. And in fact, according to my private sources which knows in first hand some of involved persons, there is at least one person for which this accusations are true. This fact, for me puts even more suspect in the fairness of our law and jurisdiction.Power and responsability of mediaHowever, seams that most of the named persons in that case are really innocent, and that some emotional and professional damage to them is done.In last time I noticed that I’ve written more about medias and their attitude, than about situation itself. In our regional newspaper (“Glas Istre”) the first page is dedicated to this case today, but in Croatian biggest newspaper “Jutarnji list”, there is nothing more than little article somewhere in the middle of papers, while when scandal has emerged, they dedicated it first page!Our wicked mindThis also reflects our wicked way of thinking: we always give more weight and attention to bad things than to good ones. And this is one of the reasons why we have the problem to see our life as joy - as we get older we see it more as sorrow. Our mind have to be purified properly if we want to sense real life joy, not only sensual pleasures, which are far below experiencing every moment in full.Light side - Dark sideHave somebody watched “Star wars: Revenge of the sith”? What was the power of sith lord Darth Sidious, that bounded Anakin Skywalker in the darkness? it was not his battle skill, it was his power to recognize our inner fears and bondages: bondages with people, with concepts (philosophy, religion, science), with things(houses, cars, possessions). He used Anakin’s fear of loosing his wife (as he lost his mother) to turn him to the dark side. Dark side means surrender to the fear, anger, will to dominate… Dark side makes us do bad things: that harms other, that brings pain and suffering, that breaks balance. Fear makes us sometimes lie, desire make us sometime cheat to achieve object of our desire. And we consider it as normal, we always have excuses for our little lies. This is all dark side because dark side means shadowing the clarity: falsity that shadows the truth (we cannot see in dark). Thus our selves become unable to see clearly(what is truth and what untruth): this is the price of the dark side. When we lie to others, we will lie to our selves also; the dark side has no friends, dark can overcome light only by complete annihilation of all existing, because every being has a light of consciousness-awareness inside, everyone is enemy of dark side: in fact it will destroy even its “servants”.Our real selfEverybody, knowing it or not, strive to self realization, strive to become light and not dark, regardless how one can be seduced by desires, power, fear… his deepest wish is to become one with the light, to be fully aware of its own existence - of itself. Thus, there is no bad man in his core. Even the most cruel terrorist deep within has same longing as we are. Think about worst thing that may happen to you: Isn’t this loss of self consciousness? Think for a while what is use of anything other then? In that state You don’t have wife and children, You don’t possess any good or wealth, in that case Your body and senses ar[...]



Pedophilic scandals in Croatia

• Well, this is an topic that I must write about for several reasons:
• It concerns society and education
• It concern children’s with special needs
Most recent case happened to be in Pula (Istria), my hometown.
Recently many cases of pedophilia went out, maybe most exposed cases was of catholic priest’s (at least here in Croatia), but seams that such an awful sexual deviation is running rampant all over the world. Is such wide dispersion a new phenomenon, or it was always like this, only we didn’t know it?
I know that events I’m talking about are shadowed by London Bombing, but this is a regional blog, and for our region this is maybe even more important topic.
Recently two cases went out: one in caritas home in Brezovica, and other in refuge for children’s with problematic behavior in Pula. I will not go in details what has happened, but it is enough to say that some were accused for sexual violations over minors, and others for covering up the crime. It is interesting to note how organizations and institutions which should protect children’s, are often abusing their position (we can only ask our selves how many other public functions are abused for personal profit also?). And more, it has came up that many cases where known to institutions before public scandal, it is to be asked why they did not reacted before? Do we have to wait for journalists to discover what is happening around us? So we can easily come to conclusion that it is difficult to trust one’s honesty, the institutions are not performing their tasks, there are composed of corruptible people afraid for their own positions and welfare more than for fulfilling their mission.

So is any remedy here?

Yes, but people’s mind, preferences and priorities has to change. As long as we look at this world 99% materialistic, thing will not change. People that are performing such and other evil acts are nothing than a product of our civilization, out way to think, our medias and frustrations produced by everyday life.

The other part of the coin

So media has made a big rush around this two cases, many people were publicly accused and thus extruded in front of friends, relatives and community but not all of them are guilty. How will they wash their name? For a lifetime a scarf will remain. So this is the other part of the coin, where innocents are accused, and again the media here bear a great responsibility to find right balance: but borders are often overpasses, and big damage is done. I here especially refer to the case from Pula, where name of the principal Aleksandar Tašić is one of the most exposed, but it seams that he does not bear the guilt. My wife knows him from the childhood, and she knows him as very good and honest person. She can be wrong, but the charges can be wrong also. In the meanwhile, his name was spotted as also the name of many educators, which may not be guilty at also. They are described almost as insensitive animals. Some of them can be like this, but others (majority) not for shore. Who will provide them job tomorrow, if they loose this one because of bad name acquired in this situation?
Here I remember Jesus word’s: “Do not judge, so that you may not be judged”. This is second commandment, and first is also very interesting in this context: “Do not swear oaths at all. Just say Yes or No.”. So I’ve already talked too much…. Let’s say only good bye!



Announcement: 10th Smrikva Bowl Finals

Event Place: Štinjan (Pula) – Croatia – Istria
Event time: 02 july 2005 at 9:00
Entrance: free
“Smrikva Bowl” is biggest European tennis tournament for boys and girls under 10. It is organized by tennis club “Smrikve”, based in little place near Pula, called Štinjan. You can check Smrikve’s website, and Last Year’s tournament and photos! Very nice, as You can see from the photos, the children’s are having much fun, and stellar treatment!
For last three years, also, US vs. Europe was organized: Best players from US’s “Little Mo” tennis tournament (Andy Roddick won Little Mo in 1992) and best players from “Smrikva Bowl” compete for Little Mo/Smrikva Bowl championship, which is very exciting, because we are watching future champions!
Imagine that whole families with children’s have came from 3 continents to participate at this prestigious tournament, to gain new experience, find new friends … The children’s from US are willing to travel for more than 20 hours to get to the tournament, so it must be something special.
With 95 participants from 21 countries, it is one of the biggest sport events in our town, with tourist importance also: it gathers more than 400 people (children’s, parents, trainers…), and most of them decide to spend some holidays here also. Manny participants and parents will gladly remember this tournament, they will spread the word about Istrian beauties, and perhaps some of them will return to visit this place as big tennis stars. So, the positive impacts on our community are multiple, and it is pity that this great work, which would not be possible without support of number of enthusiasts and volunteers, is not better supported by our official district or tourist board.
So I highly recommend it to everyone interested in tennis, you will have the possibility to see future Wimbledon winner, the best boys and girls from Europe and US, are already there, they wait only for You… Enjoy!
We will know the finalist’s this evening, but probably I will not publish this, only final results….



Warming up, taking control

Hi everybody. To be honest, my focus of my interest is moving from Istrian peninsula, more toward social and environmental themes. But, place in which we live is model, by which we can come to some conclusions. All around me I see busy people watching only their own affairs, which don’t care much about anything else. Usually they say, why bother when it is impossible to change anything.

Sooner or later the world will change. All civilizations has seen their raise and fall, and fall has always begun when people loose their sense of community, respect and morality. So, the world in which we live will vanish forever, including all cruelties connected with our way of life. We are controlled by unscrupulous people, who don’t hesitate to take most drastic actions to keep or conquer more power and control, including human life destruction, destruction of environment and destruction of social structure.

But we have chosen to give them power to control us. We are giving the power to criminals without scruples, great wealth to individuals who by their moral and character doesn’t disserve it, who use it only for their own happiness, who are obtaining their aims over “corpses” of ordinary people. They don’t care much if common people every day falls as a victims of bureaucracy or intolerance, war or hunger, if they can’t find a justice although somebody say’s that law can provide justice? But law is often used as a mean to exercise power and control, don’t you feel sometimes like this? “Wait, but who care for character? Money is important not character?!” Such thoughts give power to some and suffering to majority, fear and desires, ignorance and negligence, lack of self-esteem and patience can have the same effect. But this will change, life and world we se is already past: as a resound of old days, designated to extinction. Leaders of today, are leaders of past, economy of today is economy of past, life of today is life of past. You may say, I don’t think and feel like this, but we can ask our selves: aren’t wee too busy to see anything? We are even unable to see, here and understand our wife and kids, because we don’t take the time to understand them. In one of the past posts, I’ve transcribed some verses from Veda’s with prophecy about our age, old more than 5000 years, which means that everything can be seen if we have eyes for it. Be happy.

Because English is not my native language(and I’m neither an English expert), I apologize to those who may feel uncomfortable because of imperfections in this text. All comments and correction are welcome.



Spring is coming

Finally, weather is worming up. It took some time. Usually, in this period of year, all have already flourished, leaves on the trees and plants are out, birds song can be heard. But now seams that we are one month late. I am not complaining about this, at opposite I am happy for longer winter, because last years it was very worm, and this is not good for environmental balance. Maybe this winter was some sort of temperature balancing.
This reminded me, a film about new Ice Age, called: “Day After Tomorrow”, where entire north hemisphere gets frozen due to temperature balancing of atmosphere overheating caused by humans.
Here the nature teaches us that balance is very important, and that everything, before or after, has to be balanced. So the man should maintain balance between words and deeds, balance between taking and giving, balance between our possibilities and desires, balance between family members, balance between work and rest… We could list many more things. Maybe the balance could be observed also as a rule of action and reaction: if we are careful we could notice this. For example, if we do something bad to others, a reaction could be that something bad happens to us also, in order to balance our action.
Last 100 years we are doing much harm to nature and earth, we are not respecting her and we are overusing her resource, without caring much for natural balance, caring mostly for our comfort. This way, the nature could react in unfavorable way for us, not as a revenge but in order to balance subtle environment. This way more tsunami’s, tornados or other natural calamites could happened, as way to prevent total environmental disaster.
Off course, it is only my theory, I’m not a scientist, so things could easily go some other way, and probably will, because man very rarely guesses about his own life, so this should be taken as my vision on how man should manage his life: to be in balance.



No “cash”, no Europe!In Croatia “Gotovina” means “cash”… It is known that on march 17, Croatia hopes to begin the negotiations for joining the European Union. Ante Gotovina is name of Croatian fugitive who is requested by international court for war crimes in Haag. Seams that extradition of Ante Gotovina is only obstacle to the process of Croatia joining to European union. This is the meaning of post’s title: Without Gotovina there will be no negotiations, “Without “cash”, there is no European union. It is funny that wherever you go to buy or pay something in Croatia, they will always ask you “Gotovina?” (cash?), so maybe this is the cause why Carla Del Ponte and other International instances thinks that Gotovina is still somewhere in Croatia. Even more, on every bill you pay with cash, there is written something like:Gotovina: 100,00 Kn.So to the foreigners(or foreign secret agents) it may seam as total conspiracy, in which all country, men and women, young and old has joined together to hide Ante Gotovina, praise his name, and help him to make fool from International Court… And more, in this total conspiracy, from every bill you pay some amount goes to Gotovina, it is even explicitly written (remember? Gotovina: 100,00 Kn.) as some kind of legal tax!Gotovina in Croatia?European instances may state with reason that “Gotovina” is still in Croatia! Fortunately there is still some “Gotovina”(cash) left in Croatia, in peoples tiny pockets and bank accounts… But what will happen if we send “Gotovina” to Haag? Will also cash from our pockets leave same way (which direction is already going), or is it kind of trade: “Gotovina” for cash! The most funny thing is that name of the main suitor is Carla Del Ponte(from Italy), which in Italian means something like “Karl of Bridge”. So, Mrs. Del Ponte (Mistress Of Bridge) is standing on the “bridge” that takes Croatia to European Union demanding for cash! “Give me Gotovina or you cannot pass”, she says! And poor people in Croatia are thinking: “Do we have to give all our ‘cash’ to join?”, “They took us all, and now they want even ‘cash’?”, so they came to conclusion: what is use of this European Union anyway?And what is so funny in this?Well, I think all this story is very funny, and not complete senseless. Countries with less developed democracy and economy than Croatia, already joined European Union. How can be that only one man can deny one country to join European union? Especially if everything else mach the criteria? Excuse me, but I see this as complete nonsense. If Croatia is not ready, if democratic standards doesn’t match: this is valid reason (but then say it), but if everything else is OK except Gotovina, there is no sense at all. Is Gotovina used as mean of achieving better positions in negotiations? Some kind of blackmailing? So there are two possibilities: Or our leaders are laying to us about Gotovina, and Gotovina is their excuse in front of people for incapability to setup European standards, or Europe is using Gotovina to blackmail Croatia. Funny story above may be some illustration of this case. Sincerely, knowing our situation, our democratic standards are far below European, so story about Gotovina doesn’t surprise me at all, it is only that we in Croatia lack of complete picture. What is to be concerned about, is wont that democratic standards continue to fall if we don’t join EU?[...]



Every day remains the sameEvery day remains the sameAll that change is shadow’s game.Nothing comes and nothing goes,No one wins and no one looses.And nothing ever changed:All that was has remained,While people lost in shadow's playSpend their life in foolish game.Exchanging the shadow for what is real,They cause the pain that won’t pass,They cause the sorrow that won’t fade,Until the light reveal: the shadow’s game.-----------------------------------------------Well, I’ve not been around for a while, and with this song want to say, that little is changing. And more, that people are foolish to cause sorrow or pain in any way, when all is so transient., as shadow’s game.The last period (3 – 4 weeks), was extremely cold. Seams like snow was fallen asleep, and then, suddenly awaken is trying to catch up missed. But, in any way sun and spring are coming.US vs. Croatia, Davis CupSo this night Croatia has attained most valuable victory, those over US in first round of Davis Cup. Croatian no1 Ivan Ljubicic has shown it self as very strong and stabile player, winning Agassi in 3 sets, an Andy Roddick in titanic 5 set (almost 4 hours) match. I was amazed by his persistence and stability, steadiness in play and positive respect for opponent. He said that he was breezed by Agassi’s congratulation after the match, expressing al his respect to Agassi as player and person, and setting him up as real example to younger generations.Mario Ancic, Croatian No2, played also excellent tennis, he shows great potential, regardless he is even now one of the best world players. As a conclusion, this US loss is maybe unexpected, but it cannot be surprise because of Croatian’s team quality.Bale as exampleThose who read my blog sometime, has noticed that I often write about tourism, and tourist infrastructure development in Istria. It is because the interests associated with tourism are so strong, that are causing most environmental, social ,cultural and political problems in Istria. Building lobby is ruining the coast with non environment friendly constructions that will bring fast profit bat long term problems to people, shady brokers are making profit on all this, and our loved peninsula is every day becoming opposite of those marketing slogan: “Adriatic that was once”. Unfortunately our leaders are not making enough to put some order, to build people-friendly society, and even worse, some of them are engaged in such businesses also. They are building profit-friendly society, where small number of people will be extremely wealthy, while others life standards will low, regardless all wealth and glow around.As opposite to this, Bale, small and traditional city gave until now unseen example, where most political parties has joined together in interest to keep one of the last authentic coasts safe from deterioration, and to bring prosperity to citizens and common people not only to “big pockets”. The plan is to revitalize all potentials already present derived from historical and cultural heritage, to include citizens as part of project, to save natural potentials and shape them in order to become available and profitable to tourists. There are many detail in this plan, so it would be out of scope to present them all here, but lets say that plan is fully compliant with tradition and environment, that does not implies radical changes but evolution of existing, which will ensure continuity in life and tradition as easy integration in existing structure.What an opposition to hotel and apartment resort that was planed before, that would bring som[...]



Istrian master plan for rural development Today, Istrian district-perfect Ivan Jakovčić, has presented master plan of rural development of Istria. He hopes that we will get some support from SEENET program for development of local communities of south-east European countries in the form of financial founds and expertise. What means developmentWell, development is an abstract concept, because what is progress for someone, for somebody else it may be vandalism or deterioration. So what should be development of Istrian rural county? As any part in the world, Istria is specific, with strong and long tradition. So development should include care for traditional values. Istrians also like their specific cuisine, they love nature and land. So, plan of development should include care for these values also - but this is not enough: the freedom and life of every single individual should be respected, and plan of development should be in accordance with those individuals. This means taking master plans to micro level, by which we can develop strong and creative society, develop recognizable individuality of Istria, as place to live or tourist product. Today we can see globalization everyway, it seams like we will become one culture, one language, and one economy … My opinion is that tradition and differences has to be cultivated as precious and not considered to be obstacles. Obstacles have to be removed by mutual understanding and respect. We should respect different cultures, languages and traditions as equally good and precious as ours, and this is the way to equality. Differences are good to keep the world interesting and fair place, and they shouldn’t be considered as point of separation, but as the point of union what every border is. Non respecting the border is sign that the stronger one doesn’t respect weaker. This is the case in marriage, family, between cities, regions, countries, races... Finally, we should say yes to development and progress, but by improving, and not by copying. Macro and Micro levelsWhile all this stories of advance sounds pretty in the words of politicians, they are not at all so nice in reality. The ecology, tradition and culture are not respected if they are not in the service of profit. I’m not saying here that our leaders are doing this because there are bad, but the lack of understanding and competence in some fields. More, they are under big pressure from various parts, various interests which they are not always able to properly. System mostly falls in applying concepts that are set to micro level. The system is in service of individuals, and individuals are in service of society, or system. Mostly this is not respected, and system often neglects right of individuals, as people that are responsible for system has “big” and “small” concepts in their heads. They don’t understand concept that macro cosmos is derived from micro cosmos, that macro and micro cosmos are not able to exist separately. Society, cultures, states etc. are made of people, and on the other part they are the frame for human existence. So individuals should care for society, and society should care for every individual. In effect, the things are made and intended to be this way, but because lack of understanding and skill from people that represents big instances (city, state…), the theory hasn’t become truth. To be honest, “Little” people also lack of understanding of this concept, and they don’t understand the importance of their engagement in the society and things of common interest[...]



Kosor vs. Mesic update: Results

In last post I was booth right and wrong: I said that Mesic will get at least 60% of votes, and without emigration that he could get as double as Kosor. The final results are as follows:
Mesic – 65,93%
Kosor – 34,07%
So, Mesic get even more than I thought, he finally got almost double as Mrs. Kosor.
Counting only Croatia, without votes from emigration, Mesic got about 70% of votes, what speaks for itself. The higher percentage Mesic won in Istria, almost 90%! He got high percentages also in Zagreb, Karlovac, and other north regions. He lost only in Lika, where Kosor won with 52,76%, and close result was also in Dalmatia. You can see more detailed info here.
It is interesting to see the voters profiles, as shown by exit pools statistics. Voters with lower education, and voters from smaller places more often voted for Mrs. Kosor, while Mesic won in all bigger cities.
The interesting was voting of emigration, where Kosor won 82,56%, mostly due to votes from Bosnia & Herzegovina(even this time there was irregularities like double voting). Now Mesic is trying to take them off the right to vote in Croatia, because Croatians in Bosnia & Herzegovina are constitutive people, not minority, and they are not the emigration because they never lived in Croatia. Most of people here agree with initiative of president Mesic.
It is considered that votes from Bosnia & Herzegovina was “invention” of ex. president Franjo Tuđman, to gain advantage on the elections, and also to emphasize their belonging to Croatian people, as current president states that dr. Tuđman had the policy to incorporate the Herzegovina as the part of Croatia.
Now Mesic is saying that Croatians in Herzegovina has to defend their right of constitutive people in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is in certain sense denied by voting as minority in Croatia. Economical relations has to be built on more transparent basis too, not on shady interests of some individuals. I think this is long term interest for booth sides, because borders and limitations has to be respected, and relations has to be built for benefit of all, with clear and fair interests. This means investments, cooperation and development on healthy basis.



Mesic Vs. KosorThis Sunday second round of elections for president will be held. And some interesting things has emerged out. This elections are interesting to observe, as I feel that today people has more freedom, more right to information, and less respect to someone because his “backup” in various organizations or parties. Astonishing number of facts and scandals has emerged out during this elections, so I believe that politicians were surprised about this. They didn’t expected it because in the past, media freedom has been restricted by ruling structures, so they neglected the possibility that their fault will come out. I hope this will bring us more honest and qualified leaders in the future. Rising of democratic cultureThe other thing tat surprises me, is the opinion of political experts and analysts about validations of the candidates. I will go back to question of spirituality. As human consciousness is changing, the way that people act is changing, and this cannot be predicted by old means. As we in Croatia are fast changing society, people become to feel differently in very short time, they learn much, and they change the way of looking very fast, mostly due to impact of information’s available through internet and other media. As an illustration of this statement we can use the fact that voters from less developed regions(where less people use internet, and where people have slightly different perception of reality and information’s) are changing much slower than in Zagreb or Istria for example. What’s experts prevision?Lets go back to political experts. I’m very surprised that most of them gave advantage to Mrs. Kosor in TV debates held during this week. Their arguments was that Kosor was more concentrated, more prepared (she had paper materials with her), that Mesic looked bored during debate and so on. But, US election has shown that people doesn’t elect the president because of intelligent look, or good language expression, but the key factors are credibility, consistency, and leadership qualities. Off course, those things cannot be determined only by listening to words, but it is more like a kind of feeling that one has about a person, and in those qualities I see clear advantage of current president Mesic, he seamed less fake and more natural, and such persons tend to be more credible in eyes of people. Kosor has concentrated her strategy around pointing to weaknesses and errors of current president in past years, but this doesn’t prove that she could do better. Again, here also I see parallels with US election, and Bush vs. Kerry debates. Elections in Bosnia And HerzegovinaSome interesting facts emerged yesterday, about elections for Croatian president in Bosnia And Herzegovina. Yes, you have read correctly, Croatians in Bosnia have the right to vote on elections for Croatian president, regardless that they live in Herzegovina for generations. Now, not only that they vote, although they don’t live in Croatia, but, according to yesterday news, there was severe violations of electoral rules. Manny officials of Croatian ruling party HDZ were sitting in electoral boards, which is against law, thousands of people where inscribed on electoral list on the day of elections(which is against the law also), what fires the suspicion that some of them voted two times. Some people that are dead for years are found on list as they “voted” for someone, probably for Mrs. Kosor as about 90% of voters in Bosnia has voted for her! In so[...]



Elections for Croatian presidentThis elections was very interesting to me, because I've observed methods and psychology that candidates were using during campaign. First let’s recapitulate: From 13 candidates, we have two who has qualified for second election round. Those are actual president Stipe Mesić (with 49%), and HDZ party candidate Jadranka Kosor (with 20%). Votes of Croatian emigrationVery interesting is the fact that elections was taken to second round by votes of Croatian emigration, who has right to vote, and who traditionally vote for HDZ and their candidates. I don’t know their motives for such preferences, but the fact is that in Croatia people gave to Mrs. Jadranka Kosor about 18% of votes, and Croatians who live in other countries (US, Australia, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina….) gave her whole 60%! Amazing if we consider that those people don’t even live in Croatia and apparently will not share any consequence for electing one or another candidate. And more they don’t pay taxes in Croatia, but thanks to their votes, new election round will cost us(who pay taxes in Croatia) some 10.000.000 EUR. I may sound a little critical toward Croatian emigration, but I hope they will understand that it is not in evil faith, but that I am trying to explain our situation, and situation around election. Most of us here in Croatia agree with fact that electing Kosor for president, would put almost all power in hands of one man: current prime minister Sanader. Boris MikšićA surprise of this elections was Mr. Boris Mikšić (Boris Miksic), an American businessman, which many people perceived as someone new, unburdened, and capable, who could change our actual economical situation. Here I will not talk to much about him, you can visit his web site, but with almost 18% that he won, Croatian people has send strong message to our lead politicians, that people want changes, that they are sick of all fake promises, affairs, corruption and other things made during last 15 years. Unfortunately, after initial great presentation, Mr. Miksic has shown him self as very undemocratic by not recognizing the electoral results, his loss from Mrs. Kosor. Instead of capitalizing his popularity for some other occasion(after all, ass people perceive, he is very new in politics), I think that he has ruined his positive image by introducing some very doubtful imputation without giving any proof. Even more, he has called people to the streets, so I cannot understand his motives for such behavior, or is it political incompetence. What makes people voting decision?One of the most interesting things on this elections, was to observe peoples way to choose candidate to vote for. There are few main factors which decide who we vote for (sorted by, my opinion, importance): 1. Credibility and merits 2. What option, and whose option (in sense of political party) is he/her sustaining 3. Who I am against (in that case who could won over him/her) 4. From those who I like, who has greatest chance to win 5. Capabilities and personality 6. Political program So I’ve came to conclusion (I repeat that this is only my opinion) that competence, personality and political program are at the end of the list. Criteria No1 is most important, and people are correctly perceiving it’s importance. But what is bad, that we are giving less weight to capabilities and personality than to Criteria No4. That way some good candidates can be eliminated. Best example on this [...]



New Year Advent Today is Advent of New Year. We are saying goodbye to Old Year, and welcome to New! Recent events in Asia makes this goodbye and welcome very sad. But other events also has put dark spot on the last Year: if we remember various terrorists strikes(especially that one in Russia, where victims were completely innocent children’s), war in Iraq, ecological and economical problems, together other less or more “important” events, seams that last year is not something to be proud off for us, human beings. It looks more like something to be forgotten as soon as possible, as fear, tensions, violence social and other problems are increasing significantly. Will 2005 bring us something better? To answer this questions it is to be considered what is better. Some people that believe in God consider that we are punished for our sins. In that concept, God may seam as evil Judge who is watching only for our failures to condemn us. With this concept in mind it is difficult to perceive God as loving and caring. Some people that don’t believe in God are feeling even worst about world around us. They perceive everything as potential danger and threat. With that concept life becomes fight for money, position and sensual pleasure: in such a case nothing can be holy. And in many cases such a life, regardless if bring success or failure, can become very miserable (consider for a while cases of very successfully people, which are in same time very unhappy). But there is other concept of belief, that God is doing everything for mans sake. That everything in final, which is often hidden to us, will turn Good: In other words, that God has a good plan not matter how cruel it may seam to us. And it is not so crucial to believe in God to accept this point of view, it can be seen by naked eyes also. For example this recent cruel events has raised human consciousness about need for tolerance and mutual understanding, caring and sharing. Manny people now begin to perceive peace, love, family and tolerance, as more important than money, glamour and success. This year we have gifted our dearest with useful(often ecologically accepted) things that reflect our love and care for them, and we were not willing to gift something that would impress with price and exclusivity, like jewelry or perfumes. Love and care is of course most precious gift, that bring with it all wealth and happiness that we need. We have become aware of need to protect nature, also. More and more people everyday are joining to this wave of newly awaken human consciousness, and this people’s awakening I consider as more important positive thing in already passing year. Again, it is proving that in hard times people are joining together to overcome the problems, and in that process learn much about them self, tolerance, understanding and other crucial things in human life. At the end, will 2005 be better? In my opinion, we are in process of strong polarization: human race has to pass on higher level of consciousness, and on number of people that understands this, depends if we will be spared of bad events next year. And this growth is for human sake. New Year Advent In IstriaMaybe it is not important, but today are almost ideal weather conditions. It is warm, clean, sunny and without wind! Manny people will stay at home today, in the circle of friends and family,and many will go out also. City of pula is preparing good program this year, with partici[...]



Traditional values I’ve read an interesting article in Croatian newspaper “vecernji list” about US presidential elections. The pools taken on election places has shown surprising results: Bush hasn’t won the elections on questions of terrorism, Iraq or inner affairs. He won because voters felt Bush as man who will ensure revival of traditional moral qualities, lost during ages of flourishing liberalism. Why traditional values? So seams that people feels the necessity of restoring traditional qualities like family, human relations and so on. What is the cause of this? While flourishing liberalism has some advantage because enhances human freedom, many times this freedom proves it self as very dangerous. For example it may (as today is) bring to more criminality, family breaks and so on. Frankly speaking, the man is free only then when he gladly does what he has to do, and not what he wants to do. Often doing “what we want” could lead us and others to disastrous consequences. So, some limitations were traditionally set not to limit us, but to protect us, so I think that many people are in search for traditional values again, because they feel the need for more security and peace in their lives. They want protection that adhering to traditional values can bring. They are probably tired of terrorism, aids, threat from organized criminal that endangers them, their property, children’s. Pope's speachIn this context is also an declaration from Pope John Paul II, in which he states against legalization of homosexual communities, and says that attacks on marriage and family, from ideological and law aspect, are every day stronger and more radical. He also added That the one who destroys subtle basics of society, creates deep wound to community, often causing irreparable damage. FamilyFamily and marriage are very important, they should be guarded as something holy and precious, because in family the basics of healthy and happy society are laid down. We all know how many marriages break up’s has brought suffering to ex partners and especially to children’s. Children’s should be double guarded, because experiences in their early age will heavily impact their future life. This is also the cause for people’s need for more security, because many of today’s adult has experienced bitter flavor of their parents divorce or conflict. Traditionally home is place of peace, security and happiness, so restoring traditional values should restore this happy home atmosphere also. On the other hand unity of family should bring more benefits in sense of economic security. Family members could more easily support each other in some critical situations. From my experience, people with good family situation and communication are generally more successful, and with more balanced and happy life. So this is core of society, which should be well guarded. ChristmasWhen I started this post I’ve not realized it’s connection with Christmas, which is coming very soon! But now I think this is perfect topic for it, because Christmas is time when love an peace in family are restored, when traditional values, security and warmth of home, becomes important once again: which should become a part of our everyday life also. In Istria and Croatia, there are many people that follows the tradition: In Istria on Christmas eve “Bakalar”(fish) with ”posutice”(pasta) is prepared, an on midnight, p[...]