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Bookselling Online

This site seeks to provide critical commentary on the online bookselling industry. Random tips, offers, sites, and fun information will be an important part of this blog. We are open to adding new contributors at this time.

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If you follow us through a feed service, you may have missed that we've moved to a new domain and layout. First check it out and then update your feed to

Toolhaus utilities for eBay


Thanks to Lifehacker for reminding us today about Toolhaus, a great resource for researching feedback/sellers on eBay. Below are the four main utilities:Enter a user ID to view negative/neutral feedback received or leftSee the feedback which two eBay users have left each other, or you can enter an item number to check the seller and buyer/current high bidderShow a user's recent feedback with the

Angry eBay store owners


I have received a bevy of emails in the past day from angry eBay store owners about fee and placement changes for eBay store owners. As of 22 August, insertion fees for eBay store listings will increase by 150-400%. Commission fees will be 10% on sold items.Fee increases are always the most contentious because they impose the most direct consequences. However, eBay also announced that it will

Shipping rates down under


Interestingly, Australian booksellers are facing their own issues regarding international mail - and much more devastating ones at that. Currently, the point of contention centers around the Australia Post decision to terminate the economy international air mail option when sending abroad. According to the article, this will result in an increase of over 20% to send a book abroad, something that

Without an online presence Borders will stagnate


Looking at the bookselling industry from a growth (shareholder) perspective, you have to look online. Brick and mortar booksales simply do not have strong growth potential, even for a chain like Borders. Not only can online sales help increase gross sales, but it also complements and strengthens a company's brick and mortar brand.I was sipping my coffee and reading the Times and was intrigued

Amazon shipping changes updated


Amazon wisely updated their reimbursement for international shipments on books, giving sellers an additional $0.19 making for a net decrease for sellers of $0.17 as opposed to $0.36 as previously stated (original post).

Selling books at your own site


In today's Shelf Awareness, there is a great column about keeping customers coming back to your website store. This article pays particular attention to an often neglected part of independent bookstore websites - selling books. My favorite part of this piece is how the author reminds us of a time when "the notion of a bookshop that went to where the readers were wasn't revolutionary.

Help Gulf Coast Libraries


We all saw what a terrible disaster Hurricane Katrina was, but just as bad as the week following the disaster are the years of putting the pieces back together. One of the many small stories within the story, is the devastation of Gulf Coast library collections. Now thanks to the website Dewey Donation System, which by the way earns today's award for coolest name, you can easily connect with

Amazon to terminate order notification emails


It seems like my Amazon feed is working overdrive with the amount of changes we've seen recently. The most recent is a notification that the company will terminate the "Sold, Ship Now" emails currently send to sellers. They will be replaced with a new desktop application for order notification. "We recognize that changing the content of the “Sold, ship now” e-mails might require an adjustment

Abebooks in the Toronto Star


Abebooks' 10-year birthday has generated another nice little article in a Canadian major daily. Check out the feature from the Toronto Star.

Book sales trends


The Association of American Publishers has posted their update of book sales for May 2006. Adult paperbacks and children's hardcover were very strong performers. Of note, religion book sales, once the strongest genre, dropped over twenty percent year to year. (See Press Release)

Amazon shipping reimbursement changes


The seller community is abuzz about the imminent shipping reimbursement changes at Amazon. The changes are below and speak for themselves. The one thing that is clear is that Amazon is hoping to push sellers away from offering expedited and international listings. This may be a move to boost it's own listings for this type of consumer, or more likely, its Amazon Prime base.Regular shipping ($

Just the facts: book industry


Know your industry. Check out this great online fact sheet on the book industry. This page includes domestic and international statistics. While it is surprising that this page is catching some web buzz this week (the stats are kinda old), the jist of the data is still immensely useful.

Alibris not happy with the snub


When a column in a modest sized regional newspaper (cir. 105,782) snubbed neighbor Alibris when discussing online book buying, the Emeryville, CA based company didn't want to let it slide. In fact, they decided to respond and get their own ink - is this a new PR strategy... brute force marketing? View the article and the second reader response.

Ebay a little too afraid of Google Checkout...?


This week eBay made it official: Google checkout will not be an acceptable method of payment for eBay auctions. I am not altogether surprised at this as an initial response - Right now they don't need Google. By immediately opening themselves up to the system, they only serve to debase their own business, legitimize Google's new endeavor, and show a real fear that Checkout is the next big thing

Biblio re-launched Biblion


The previously discussed redeployment of Biblion with Biblio integration is now live. Press release.See: A Strong Move for Biblio and Biblio close to relaunching Biblion.

Biblio improves SEO


A recent press release from Biblio* and Intrapromote states"The number of '' appearances on page 1 at Google, MSN, and Yahoo have more than doubled after optimization," says Doug Ausbury, of Intrapromote. "Breaking that down even further, the number of appearances on pages 1 and 2 at these same search engines have increased 125% after optimization, and the number of appearances on

Garage sales still popular in electronic era


An interesting article notes that garage remain "stylish" despite the growing popularity of Craigslist and other online mediums. Many online booksellers remain committed to garage sales as a source of inventory, especially with the increasingly crowded and "vulturistic" environment at book sales these days. Garage sales are so incredibly time consuming that you really have to be an expert at

Changes at Bookfinder


I'd like to applaud Anirvan and BookFinder for making some really necessary changes on his site. The previous site layout really was not set-up to make it in the new internet browsing world of clarity, ease, and efficiency. The new site is a huge improvement and I will definitely be making more use out of it. The other change integrates shipping prices into the search results to allow users to

Finally: Google poised to compete with Paypal


I have to admit, many of Google's new ventures are, while pretty cool, not always aligned with my own internet needs ... until now. It is rumored that this week Google will launch an online payment service to compete with Paypal. GBuy, once rumored to be Google Wallet, is said to cost more than Paypal, but will offer discounts for AdWords clients.Paypal, an eBay subsidiary, currently operates

Barnes and Noble Used Program


As B&N begins its third party seller program for invited sellers, in what they call "Beta" mode, there are a variety of ways they could elevate this part of the website. One of the issues I would consider most important would be integration of their used books into the metasearch engines, especially Addall and Bookfinder. I would not be surprised if this action alone doubled the site's used

eBay Business Marketing


I've always been a big proponent of business carving out their own space online, in the form of a website, storefront, ProStore, whatever your fancy. Often, it is difficult to see the advantages of this type of efforts because of the difficulty of drawing organic hits into your online space (aka marketing). Thankfully, eBay is continuing to help its sellers promote their own space on the site

In support of "Elaine"


In back through some archived posts from fellow bloggers, I noticed an interesting article from this Monday entitled, "eBay Booksellers: Do I Give Away Too Many Secrets?".The jist of the article was a response to some curmudgeon criticizing Elaine for giving away too many trade "secrets." Particularly irksome to said lover of protected markets was how Elaine shared the top collectible books and

Because education is good


Alibris announced a neat program offering a scholarship to one of its sellers for the Colorado Antiquarian Book Market Seminar. The scholarship will cover not only tution costs, but also travel and related expenses.****To apply please submit an application under the following guidelines: Write a one-page letter (1,000 words or less) describing why you wish to attend and should

Biblio close to relaunching Biblion

2006-06-19T09:48:02.440-04:00 is currently testing its new design and integration of Biblion, the strong UK listings service, and hopes to launch by the end of June. (See: Strong Move for Biblio, 7 April 2006)** BSOB is an affiliate of, contracting through an independent operator.