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Published: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 11:12:44 +0000


Stages of Breast Cancer - Comparison Table of...


[What are the stages of breast cancer? How does the TNM System relate to staging? Read more to understand a breast cancer diagnosis.]

Telling Your Kids About Breast Cancer


Most experts advise that parents talk to their children about their breast cancer as soon as they are able to manage their own emotions. Talking to your kids about your breast cancer diagnosis is very hard. Here are some good tips for talking to your kids about breast cancer.

Where Do My Pink Ribbon Donations Go?


Shop for the Cure - will it really help if you buy items adorned with pink ribbons? Where does all the money go - and how is it divided up among research, education, and sheer profit for corporations? Learn more about pink ribbons and charitable donations.

Understanding and Dissecting Your Breast Cancer...


Your pathology report is an important document in the process of making your diagnosis. It's written in very technical terms, but here's a guide to understanding that all those big words and medical jargon means.

Breast Cancer Genetic Testing: What to do With...


Genetic testing for breast cancer can tell us only so much about our chances of getting this disease - test results need to be compared with results from family members, and then you've still got decisions to make. What should you do with this information? Learn what your options are, if you test positive for the breast cancer gene.

Breast Cancer and Pain Management


Breast cancer pain can occur as bone pain, or as location-specific pain at a tumor site. Breast cancer pain can also be diffuse, and hard to describe to your doctor. But this pain can be treated - learn more about treatments for breast cancer pain, both home remedies, professional care, and alternative therapies.

Breast Cancer Survivors Ask: Where Have All My...


During breast cancer treatment, you need the support of friends, family, coworkers, neighbors - anybody who will sign on to give you emotional support as well as practical help. Sometimes, friends vanish, avoiding you as if cancer were contagious. Others step up to offer support, strengthening relationships. Learn more about why some people avoid you and how to ask others for support during treatment for breast cancer.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer


While many breast cancers announce themselves with the presence of a lump, the most aggressive, deadly form of the disease may initially be mistaken for other breast ailments because of the absence of lumpy tissue. Learn more about inflammatory breast cancer (IBC).

Breast Cancer and Complementary Therapy


There are many complementary therapies available to help you deal with the side effects of breast cancer treatment. From acupuncture to yoga, herbs to qi gong, you may be able to find relief with a natural therapy that might just stick with you through the rest of your life. Learn which complementary therapies may benefit you.