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'That explains everything'

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Dangerous USB drives and equally dangerous english language


USB Drives? What an invention? I am currently using a 4GB drive and it costs peanuts (when you buy peanuts in one or two sack-fuls)...actually rs 383 - app 8USD...Why are they dangerous, and why is english language equally dangerous? This is not a geek post, because i know nothing geeky, so dont worry about tech info, the fun(ny) part comes later coming to the danger of USB drives..they

Memorable Tamil Movie dialogs


I know there has been immortalised tamil movie dialogs, like "சபாஷ் சரியான போட்டி!", "ஓடினான் ஓடினான் வாழ்க்கையின் ஓரத்துக்கே ஓடினான்." "வரி வட்டி கிஸ்தி...எங்களோடு வயலுக்கு வந்தாயா நாற்று நட்டாயா, களை பறித்தாயா? நீ என்ன மாமனா மச்சானா, மானம் கெட்டவனே."But these are old-ones...I think we have had enough time to chart new set of Tamil Movie proposing some.If anyone else is as vetty as

Visible but invisible - Festivity, Fun and Frolic Season in Tamilnadu


Tamilnadu and Winter Season – festive mood around! Some cynics will say, let the winter season actually come to Tamilnadu…ignore them, am referring to the generic time of Nov, Dec and Jan – when it houses the traditional winter month of “MARGAZHI”…Chennai and Tamilnadu wears a distinctive face and becomes a complete festive cauldron, which no other city in the world has.You do have carnival in

More of Dinamalar


Shouldn't this news filed under "பிரச்னைகள்" here be actually filed under "முக்கிய செய்திகள் "?

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code


From Dinamalar today,"இர்பான் பதானுக்கும், யூசுப் பதானுக்கும் திருமணம் செய்ய அவரது பெற்றோர்கள் யோசித்து வருகின்றனர். இதற்காக அவர்கள் வசிக்கும் வீடு விரிவுபடுத் தப்பட்டு வருகிறது"Huh, do their parents accept it really? Have we Indians become that progressive, and broadminded? Does Dinamalar aggressively support the bold part? Do they really "hold this up" in the wedding? (I couldnt avoid the pun -

Walk the Talk, Run for Fun - Day 8


Because of a too long a break I took, I could just 5 rounds in the 500m trail - 3 rounds of walking and 2 rounds of jogging. It had me gasping for breath already, and I stopped and came home. Tomorrow is my hope to get back into atleast 8 rounds. Once again, next 4 days after that, there is little scope for me to run - 2 days I am off to Management Offsite at our office, 1 day of my returning

Walk the Talk, Run for Fun - Day 7


Nothing to add. It rained. My son didnt go to school. So two excuses combined into one big reason for not doing this on Day 7. Bad!

Yahoo...its official


Oh yes...I think I am officially out of the long-term blogstipation ; and require some adjustment and that should explain my 4th post of the day today and the 5 posts in the immediate past...some bit of bloggorhea...kindly excuse!I would like to recall the famous heart-touching philosophical lyrics that has been a life-changer for me, as an inspiration for this bloggorhea, from Student No:1"

I am scared...


...after watching "Anu Alavum Bayam Illai" - the new (dur)reality show on the Vijay TV. Instead of looking as an inspired show like from AXN's "Fear Factor", this looks more like a spoof of it. To put it crudely, this looks like the Action Stunt's Lollu Sabha.if only had you watched the episode of crossing the 4 boats, you would know what I mean!Takeshi's Castle on Pogo TV is much better!

Walk the Talk, Run for Fun - Day 6


Nothing to update; I slept off till 9.30am...and got into a vetty conversation with a neighbour for 30 mins...Damn Me :-(

L. Kishore Kumar - Sitar Musician


It was a very proud moment for me to watch my dear friend from Loyola College days, Shri L. Kishore Kumar sharing the dais with esteemed playback singer Shri S. P. Balasubrahmanyam as a judge in Hamam Nalangu Maavu - Ennodu Paattu Paadungal. He is the son of veteran music director Shri T. G. Lingappa - no more alive - who has composed some immemorable songs like "Kaana inbam kaninthatheno", "

Helmets are meant for menial Public you and me..


...of course it is legal for POLICEMEN near VIP areas like Chief Minister House and Opposition Party Leaders House to streak down without a helmet;Clicked on August 12 2009 @ 4.15pmVehicle No: TN 09 V 6355 Location: The street cutting off TTK Road, Alwarpet, and leading into CIT Colony; the road straight goes and cuts left and right. Few meters away on the right is a VVIP house.Clicked on July 25

Walk the Talk, Run for Fun - Day 5


Yay! Not only could I sustain Day 3, I could do extra.Covered 6 rounds of walking on 500m trail, and 1 round of walking on the 250m trailCovered 2 rounds of jogging on 500m trail, and i round of jogging on the 250m trailIn all, covered 4.5 kms today. Yes!!!

Walk the Talk, Run for Fun - Day 4


I coudlnt do the intended sustenance run of Day-3. Because I woke up late. Reason for waking up late is because, the kids didnt have school. When I woke up, I din't have the mood to go for a walk/jog. By the time, I pepped myself up, it was hot in the morning.Later, i covered about 2kms in walking by going up to Kapali Temple Market, and purchasing few stuffs for the Janmashtami celebrations. The

Walk the Talk, Run for Fun - Day 3


Yes, I did it...5 rounds of walking and 1 round of jogging in the 500m trail. Tomorrow it is the sustenance of Day-3 levels...

Walk the Talk, Run for Fun - Day 2


Day 2; I took my scooter to first measure the 7km trail around in Mylapore; I was so shocked to find out that the route covering Luz Church Road, De Silva Road, entire stretch C. P. Ramaswamy road, St. Marys Road turning towards Crean Center, the road joining near Hotel Sangeetha, and all the way upto the Axis Bank, was just 2.5kms. This means I need to go from my home, and maybe up to the Boat

Walk the talk, Run for Fun - Day 1


Nageswara rao Park walkers path has 2 trails - one for 500m, another for 250m;Goal is to cover 7km as walk first, then as jogging and ultimately start running.Yesterday was Day 1; walked for 4 rounds on the 500m trail; jogged once in the 250m trail.Am used to walking distances of 3-4km in one shot,but not run or jog.Jogging was a different experience altogether. My entire innards were jumping

Chevrolet Spark, 10m-10k :-)


Just 10 months ago, I acquired my Chevy Spark LS for a good sum of Rs 3.35L, spent additional 11k for the music system; for one month, used call driver services, I figured out I wasn’t enjoying my car drives, simply because I don’t stop wherever I want to and whenever I want to. Regardless of scratches and dents, I needed to start driving, and I did manage to get scratches on all four sides of

Someone needs pink chaddhi urgently..


...come on ladies, re-start the campaign again...I am siding with you. . Shame on you Sharad Yadav! Shame on you MCP!! for this irresponsible cowardice announcement in the Parliament."I will commit suicide, if the Women's Quota Bill in its current form is tabled"People like him have wasted years and hours of parliamentary time, already in stopping this bill being tabled!No one condemned him in

Airtel Super Singer 2008


...and the winner is Ajeesh!Congrats Ajeesh, you deserved this win...You were cool, calm and composed, but was having fun always. I listened and liked your renderings a lot from Semis and Beyond. A person with a smile, no pretentious brighas, no false voices, humble in front of the judges.Though you were not my personal favorites from the Airtel Super Singer - Prasanna was my favorite - I

Foodies Lane of Chennai that starts at Mahatma Gandhi and ends at Uttamar Gandhi


This particular stretch I am talking about in Chennai, actually consists of 3 roads; Starting at Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai starts at Mahatma Gandhi Statue, passes through Cathedral Road and goes all the way under the flyover, into Uttamar Gandhi Salai (better known as Nungambakkam High Road) and bangs into Nungai Amman Koil!Borrowing Mountroad Mahavishnu’s clichéd lines – this is a stretch, with a

Parenting - what it means to me


Thanks to Subhashree, aka, my wife, who tagged me! I need to say 5 things as to what parenting means to me...1. Parenting is a collective verb. No fathering, no mothering...parenting! It means whatever we do is collective decision making for the good of kids...and that brings me to second point2. Oh my gosh! As parents, one needs to be responsible for all the decisions made on the kid sbehalf,

Sunday - End of ASS 2008


Come sunday, and we will know who is the ASS?Well, ok, the talent is there definitely, so its unfair to name any of them as ASS.Actually, we are the ASSES, dont we address us as mASSes? We have let ourselves easily be the butt of Vijay TV's joke on us, titled Airtel Super Singer (ASS) 2008 - lingering midway into 2009.Hopefully, come this sunday we will know who is the Super Singer. Of course, we

I love Bangalore...


...because it has made me appreciate Chennai on a few points. Main thing being 'traffic'In Chennai, the drivers have not become so rude or so blind, like the Bangaloreans. Chennai drivers still signal to some extent, most of them wait when we signal about crossing or going first. These drivers include govt vehicles and autos as well. In Bangalore, they drive like anything in front of them is

Airtel Super Singer 2008


This program is increasing my expectation like anything.End 2008 came, we were nowhere closer to closure; in fact, we saw all the eliminated singers come back again in 2009; in fact, I got it clarified at home we were not on to Super Singer 2009. I suppose it was still Airtel Super Singer 2008.Then, I thought this would end in FY08-09, the end was nowhere to be seen.We are into May