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Published: 2005-03-01T11:14:20-07:00


Intriguing Use of Technology


I'm often skeptical of claims that high tech is a great boon to developing nations in Africa. The problem of initial cost of deployment is often handled by a donor nation, but the upkeep and survivability of the technology is...

Voting is Just So Stylish These Days


Here's hoping that this signals a permanent shift from the bloody recent past in Burundi. The people of Burundi have been voting on whether to accept a new constitution designed to share power and end war between ethnic Hutus and...

UN Troops Killed


Unfortunately, while the situation in Togo might actually result in an improved government for its citizens (yes, I'm a bit of an optomist), the same can't be said for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nine United Nations peacekeepers from Bangladesh...

Togo in the News


This is a good, positive development: The African Union has suspended Togo from the pan-African body, calling for sanctions against the country to be endorsed across the continent. The moves follow growing international anger at Togo's military-installed leader, who took...

Disabling Comments


I'm in the sad place of having to disable comments for the time being. Apologies for any confusion or difficulties, but the background can be found here and here. As soon as it makes reasonable sense, I'll be re-enabling comments....

Nice to Be Back


Firstly, it's nice to be back in the Winds of Change regional update after a long absence. Secondly, let me second AfricaPundit's recommendation: Hotel Rwanda is an exceptionally good movie....

Togo is About to Get Interesting


Offered without comment: West African diplomats have arrived in Togo for talks on the day their ultimatum to authorities there expires. The regional body Ecowas has threatened Togo with sanctions if it does not revert to its original constitution. It...

Where Slavery Still Thrives


Americans, and, indeed, most of the Western world think of slavery as something far removed from our modern society. A little closer look, though, shows that slavery still survives in many forms throughout the developing world and even touches us...

Now Taking Bets


Read this: Togo's new leader, Faure Gnassingbe, pledged on Wednesday to hold free and transparent elections as other West African presidents gathered to discuss his seizure of power in what has been widely branded as a military coup. "We want...

Must Read of the Day


Realizing the most of you at least trip past Instapundit on a daily basis, I thought this article should be pointed out for anyone who doesn't visit the site. Apparently the Sudanese government is once again using its An-24 transports...

Another Fiendish American Plot


Americans have been discovered trying to feed the hungry--an obvious ploy by the arrogant superpower to destabilize a local government by keeping its citizens alive. Or something like that. The Zimbabwe government has angrily denied reports that half the population...

Does the Label Really Matter? (Cross Posted at


It's been a while, but I thought now might be a good place to take up right where I left off: the genocide in Sudan. The developed world and the UN have a tendency to do a little dance around...

Stop Genocide in Sudan


Go see the pictures and consider: what should we all be doing to help stave off further actions of genocide in Sudan....

Congratulations to Kenya


A 1-2-3 sweep in steeplechase--that is definitely a call for congratulations! Nairobi, Kenya, 08/26 - The four medals Kenya scooped in Athens Tuesday night pushed the east African state to the 30th position in the Olympics medals table with one...

Will Polio Make a Comeback?


The World Health Organization had thought that polio was a thing of the past--a disease on the verge of being eradicated by an aggressive and long campaign of immunization. Now they warn of a growing threat fueled by ignorance, a...