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What's the Big Concern with GM Food?


Although genetically modified (GM) food has been on supermarket shelves for almost 15 years, there is still extensive controversy about whether it is safe. Anti-GM group continue to sound the alarm regarding its potential risks dangerous. Why is there such controversy about GM food and crops and is there still a reason to be concerned about its safety? Take a look at this article to get an overview of what is driving this discussion.

10 Examples of Agricultural Biotechnology


This article examines 10 examples of biotechnology from an agricultural standpoint, or a list of agricultural applications for biotechnology research.

What Are GMOs, and Why Do Opponents Say They're...


Read and learn about what GMOs are and why they are a source of bioethical controversy, as well as the scientists and manufacturers.

Common Biotech Terms You Should Know


You read about advances in biotechnology every day in the newspaper, and hear about it on TV, but sometimes

How to Make Sodium Citrate Buffer


How do you make sodium citrate buffer? Learn how with these six simple steps to make this buffer for RNA isolation or antigen detection.

How to Make a Phosphate Buffer in 8 Easy Steps


Use these instructions to make phosphate buffers for biological applications at near neutral pH or adapt them for making other buffers.