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Floods in Indonesia


Yesterday, 29/01/2014 - Jl. Kaliabang North Bekasi and surrounding areas, access to the Harapan Indah Jakarta passed by floods .. that rain down from 02:30 until this morning makes this region of streets flooded up to 1 meter and a half .. appear in front of a motorcycle suffered strike and have also begun to severe congestion due to either a car or a motor vehicle reversed because can not move on ...

Rows Artist Grammy Nominations 2014 Song Of The Year


Prestigious awards Grammy Awards 2014 will be held on January 26 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles. Who will get the Song Of The Year award this year?[...]

Singer Aura Kasih Reportedly Pregnant


Singer Aura love rumored  pregnant . As confirmed on the news , Heru , Aura manager who successfully contacted C & R Digital sound surprised .As the closest Aura , Heru indirect denied nor agreed Aura pregnancy news ." Oops news where is it? " He added when contacted on Thursday ( 19/12 ) afternoon .A moment later , as if Heru careful facing pregnancy news Aura , said he wanted to talk first with Aura . " I tried talking to Aura first love for ya , " he added .As reported earlier , the pregnancy news came to the editorial Aura C & R Digital .Aura 2 months pregnant . Check instagram AK . the pregnant to host the new guy you gift to his mother . AK says troubled time Anang was present in Malang because they are confused about aborted if the man does not want the responsibility , " so says the sender of the message .Seen from instagram @ Aura of Love, Let Love singer seemed more pleased with the baby . He could display photos baby doll .Responding to questions from fans , Aura Kasih said " My baby doll , " said Aura .Aura these days is often rumored having an affair with Raffi Ahmad . But each asked about it , both Aura and Raffi always denied .Well the rumors. If the same Aura Nah no nothing, "said Raffi Ahmad at RCTI studio , Kebun Orange , West Jakarta ,Raffi yes friends only . He cried , either . If dating baseball ah . Kan said playboy . Not want to ah , " Aura said to reporters at Senayan City , Jakarta .[...]

HyunA 4 Minute Posing Sexy in InStyle Magazine Korea


 Member group 4Minute , HyunA is never out of the sexy image . After performing intimate with Hyunseung ' BEAST ' in the music video ' Now' Trouble Maker , this time HyunA posing sexy in InStyle magazine .HyunA looks glamorous outfits glossy black and silver shades . In one photo , he appears wearing a metallic gold colored oversized shirt .InStyle also conducted a short interview with the singer of ' Whats Your Name ? ' The . HyunA talked about the chemistry he built with a friend duet , Hyunseung ." Chemistry- I with Hyunseung only part of the Trouble Maker , nothing more . I'm trying hard to show the concept of suffering partner , " HyunA said , as reported by allkpop .He added , if not Hyunseung , may not be as perfect as it looks . " Because Hyunseung , we really look like a couple , " he explained .Regarding future projects , HyunA can not be leaked to the media and fans . But lately he wants to collaborate with Psy returned ." If Psy wanted to work with me again , I did say ' okay ' at any time , " he said .[...]

Grandma Tattoo and Scandals Miley Cyrus


 In one controversial photo into the current conversation, the artist received a trophy for Best Video (for "Wrecking Ball"), thanked the director Terry Richardson in his speech at the podium.With a light sparkle and cheer from the audience.And, no, it's not like we do not already know Cyrus loves to gain popularity. But still, Miles. Is this really necessary?On the red carpet ceremony, meanwhile, Miley wore an unusual gown featuring a close-up of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.The back of her mini skirt read "Please Stop," plea for the world to end the violence.And when we look at one of her grandmother whether implied cyrus pictures?[...]

Being Nude coveted role of Selena Gomez for a career boost


Disney princess goodbye! Selena Gomez is now transformed into a 20-year-old Hollywood actress is not awkward flaunt her sexiness. Even exclusively to that he dared to act nude for serious roles.Selena has now grown to become a serious actress and has separated himself from his past with Disney. He did not mind appearing topless for the role so require, "said a source.Since the series ended WIZARD OF WAVERLY PLACE, Selena bold look sexy in movies and video clips starring. Last March, Selena look sexy in SPRING BREAKERS, scandalous story of 4 students who go sightseeing and get involved with the use of drugs, sex and murder.While the new video, COME & GET IT also gives a sexy and seductive appearance than previous clips. In a live performance, Selena proved brave showing sexy body in a sensual choreography as well. Selena obviously has left the teen star image he once ha[...]

Avril Lavigne costume makes shunned lover while in front of the camera


 Avril Lavigne style when present at the Much Music Awards Video very intriguing indeed. Amazingly, Avril lover instead continue to keep their distance. I wonder why ya? Avril crown it turns out the cause. Because of the spike-style headdress full of thorns, the Chad Kroeger tried to keep a distance so as not to get stuck.   Not only in the head, singer song Wish You Were Here was also wearing a bracelet full of thorns on the wrist. The same decoration was also meets the outskirts of shoes he wore.Black shirt he chose to make it more visible Avril malignant. However, it must be admitted that the costumes she wears it quite interesting and innovative.Avril and Chad itself is not too long in a relationship however, they are formalizing the relationship in bonding engagement, and is in the process towards marriage.[...]

Demo CD The Beatles historic purchased $ 10 Thousand


 A single rare early demo CD The Beatles, Love Me Do has been sold at an auction site eBay. Amazingly the single sold in the $ 10 thousand. Figure which is fantastic for a demo release.According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the song that made ​​1962 copies only made ​​250 copies cd. It was a stock of radios of the era.   By the time the demo was released, The Beatles yet widely known. So on the demo pieces of writing credits, the name of Paul McCartney written McArtney. Being authentic evidence that these pieces are original, rare, and historic.Although Love Me Do only climbed to number 17 when first released in the UK, but it is already more than enough to open the door of success for The Beatles. After that The Beatles had the opportunity to put out another demo that Please Please Me which eventually made ​​them legends until now.[...]

Grief-stricken Americans: the family and the widow of slain soldiers visit Lee Rigby Where Engaged Dies a Day After.


With pain etched on their faces, the family of murdered British soldier Lee Rigby today paid an emotional visit to the scene where he was hacked to death.Drummer Rigby's mother Lyn, stepfather Ian and estranged wife Rebecca looked at the thousands of tributes in Woolwich and left a balloon from his two-year-old son Jack saying 'Dad in a million'.The relatives arrived at the place where he was killed at 12.40pm. They hugged and comforted each other before crossing the road to look at the spot where he was murdered on Wednesday.One clutched a teddy bear, while others held baskets of flowers which they left at the scene. They then spent a few moments in reflection, still clutching each other.And among the masses of poignant messages left in south-east London, one very personal message was placed separately yesterday. Aimee West, his fiancée, laid flowers with a handwritten note. Looking on: Rebecca Rigby, wife of Drummer Lee Rigby, is accompanied by a relative as she clutches a pig-shaped pink toy as she looks at flowers left at the scene of his death Heart-wrenching: Lyn Rigby, mother of Drummer Lee Rigby, and his stepfather Ian, view the flowers on display Reading: Rebecca Rigby (right) stands with her mother Sara McClure (second right, in front of floral tributes Mascot: Lyn Rigby, mother of Drummer Lee Rigby, holds a teddy bear and stands with other family members Reflective: Family members of Drummer Rigby leave after they looked at floral tributes in Woolwich Observing: Lyn Rigby (holding teddy) is accompanied by Drummer Rigby's stepfather Ian. She had to be helped over the road to witness the exact site where her son was killed in south-east London From the family: Flowers, pictures and a bottle of HP sauce believed to have been left by Sara, the sister of Drummer Rigby 'For my daddy': Flowers and a card tied to a wreath believed to have been left by the family of Drummer Rigby Crying: Rebecca Rigby (second right), the estranged wife of Drummer Rigby, reacts with mother Sara McClure Wife's words: A card attached to a lamp-post (left) and another with flowers (right) were left by Rebecca Rigby Personal tribute: A framed set of four pictures and a bottle of HP Sauce believed to have been left by Sara, the sister of soldier Drummer Lee RigbyIn it, she said that Rigby will 'always have her heart' and that he was her 'guardian angel', before signing it off as his 'Princess'.Miss West, 22, who had flown back to the UK from Afghanistan, wore a green hooded top and an engagement ring as she took her time to read the tributes to her murdered partner.Hopefully, given the patience and steadfast in this exam.[...]

Barbara Eden 78 back into itself | I Dream of Jeannie crop-top and harem trousers


She spent five years and 139 episodes starring on sixties sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie.And Barbara Eden, 78, bravely donned her iconic crop-top and harem pantaloons for the opening ceremony of the 21st Life Ball in Vienna Saturday. Magically evergreen! Barbara Eden, 78, bravely donned her I Dream of Jeannie crop-top and harem pantaloons for the opening ceremony of the 21st Life Ball in Vienna Saturday Looking good! The evergreen TV legend still looked fabulous while baring her impressive midriff in the pink chiffon costume and tiny red velvet boleroThe evergreen TV legend still looked fabulous while baring her impressive midriff in the pink chiffon costume and tiny red velvet bolero.The former blonde bombshell even made sure to wear her star-making role's classic braided blonde ponytail wig, scarf hat, and silver kitten heels.Originally designed by Gwen Wakeling with colors selected by Eden, the Jeannie costume caused controversy with the censors due to the slightly exposed navel. Your wish is my command: Barbara first appeared on stage at Vienna's City Hall alongside former Olympic swimmer Greg Louganis, pop star Fergie, and even organiser Gery Keszler Ready for the guest of honor? Eden's most recent acting role was in the 2009 movie-of-the-week, Always and Forever alongside Dean McDermott for the Hallmark channel Her new master: Eden then reenacted her classic wish-conjuring arm and head nod, which magically brought out her new 'Master' - former US President Bill Clinton Southern gentleman: The 66-year-old politician escorted Barbara hand-in-hand up the tall velvet steps off the stageBarbara first appeared on stage at Vienna's City Hall alongside former Olympic swimmer Greg Louganis, pop star Fergie, and even organiser Gery Keszler.Eden then reenacted her classic wish-conjuring arm and head nod, which magically brought out her new 'Master' - former US President Bill Clinton.The 66-year-old politician escorted Barbara hand-in-hand up the tall velvet steps off the stage. Scandalous in the '60s: Originally designed by Gwen Wakeling with colors selected by Eden, the Jeannie costume caused controversy with the censors due to the slightly exposed navel Classic sitcom: The show's premise involved a 2,000-year-old genie being rescued by an astronaut (Larry Hagman), who rubs her bottle after crash landing his shuttle on a beach Before her big entrance, the aging beauty walked the glamorous event's magenta carpet in a glittery gold gown featuring a thigh-high slit and matching bolero. Rather than a gold purse, Barbara clutched a replica of the purple genie's bottle from her famous show. The sitcom's premise involved a 2,000-year-old genie being rescued by a handsome astronaut, who rubs her bottle after crash landing his shuttle on a beach. Eden's entrance: Before her big surprise, the aging beauty walked the glamorous event's magenta carpet in a glittery gold gown featuring a thigh-high slit and matching bolero Theme song in your head, yet? Rather than a gold purse, Barbara clutched a replica of the purple genie's bottle from her famous show Jeannie Out of the Bottle: Barbara even named her 2011 memoir after the seriesDallas star Larry Hagman, who passed away from throat cancer last November, played Captain Tony Nelson opposite the then 31-year-old starlet.Meant to compete with the rival series Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie was created by Sidney Sheldon and aired on NBC in 1965.The series, which was a mild hit at the time, became hugely popular during decades of syndication and the two spin-off reunion movies - neither of which starred Hagman.Barbara even named her 2011 memoir after the series.Jeannie Out of the Bottle detailed her two failed marriages and her 'emotional breakdown' following the death of her only child, Matthew Ansara, from an acci[...]

Controversial Topless Portrait of Angelina Jolie after Her Double Mastectomy By Amy WineHouse Artist Paints


A controversial painting of a topless Angelina Jolie after her recent double mastectomy has been unveiled.The portrait, painted by artist Johan Andersson, is expected to fetch over £15,000 after going on display in a Los Angeles art gallery.Angelina Jolie underwent the life changing surgery in February after she discovered she carried the same gene which caused her mother Marcheline Bertrand’s ovarian cancer. Inspiring: The painting portrays actress Angelina Jolie topless following her double mastectomy in February after finding out she carried the high risk BRCA1 gene Mr Andersson, one of the youngest ever artists to be exhibited at the National Portrait gallery, said his own mother's struggle with breast cancer inspired the oil painting.Swedish Mr Andersson made a name for himself through highly commended portraits of singer Amy Winehouse and ex-dictator of Libya Muammar Gaddaffi.He said: ‘My mother had aggressive breast cancer when I was 15, the thought of her having to have a mastectomy really scared me and she was fortunate enough to have surgery without the mastectomy. ‘The recent news about Angelina stirred an anxiety within me leading me to paint this portrait. There is an underlying awkwardness in her demeanour in juxtaposition to the natural beauty of her face.’The Oscar-winning actress underwent the surgery after learning he carried the BRCA1 gene mutation that doctors estimated gave her an 87 per cent chance of developing breast cancer. High risk: Actress Angelina Jolie, pictured at the Oscars with partner Brad Pitt, had her breasts removed after she learned she had an 87 per cent chance of developing breast cancer Loss: Angelina Jolie's mother Marcheline Bertrand died in 2007 after a six-year battle with ovarian cancerAngelina’s mother Marcheline Bertrand fought a six-year battle against ovarian cancer, which took her life aged 56.Angelina, 37, is now expected to have a hysterectomy and an oophorectomy, where the ovaries are removed, to combat her raised odds of developing ovarian cancer, which stand at 50 per cent.Angelina and Brad Pitt have six children, Maddox, 11, Pax, nine, Zahara, eight, Shiloh, six, and four-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne. The three eldest are adopted while the three youngest are the couple’s biological children. Johan Andersson is the youngest artist ever to be short-listed for the BP Portrait Award, which also makes him one of the youngest artists ever to be exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery. Proceeds from the sale of the painting will go to the Falling Whistles charity that campaigns for peace in the Congo, a cause which Angelina Jolie is passionate about.[...]

7 Months Pregnant, Kim Kardashian Still Confident bikini


Gestation Kim Kardashian has entered seven months.Kanye West's lover seemed to have more confidence with her ​​figure now. As reported by the source, on Thursday (05/23/2013), not long ago, it was rumored that Kim was very confident since pregnant. He was rumored to be embarrassed by the growing body. However, the news does not seem right. The proof, Kim always wore a bikini while vacationing with his family on an island in Greece. In the holiday photos at My Mykonos resort, he was seen wearing a white bikini. While, on other occasions, Kim showed off her bikini belly in black and maroon.During the vacation, Kim also seems very happy and enjoy their vacation. [...]

Rihanna Not Interested Search Boyfriend Again


After briefly reconciled for several months, a relationship of love Rihanna and Chris Brown ran aground again in the middle of the road. Rihanna is reportedly not interested in finding another boyfriend.

As reported by the source, on Thursday (05/23/2013), a source revealed that the singer of 'We Found Love' did not want to compete with Chris who now has a boyfriend anymore.

He {Rihanna} is also already move on, "said the source.

The source also said that Rihanna has never regretted the relationship with Chris. He did not want to find a replacement for Chris.

Currently, Chris was dating again with a former girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. They had several times caught canoodling at a nightclub.

Elegance Aishwarya Rai at Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet


On the 7th day of the Cannes Film Festival, the former Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai looks graceful in Premiere 'Cleopatra', in The 60th Anniversary Theatre, France. Aishwarya Rai looks sweet a smile while on the red carpet.With a length dress she performed with beaming through dress Gucci Premire works. Model as well as 39-year-old actress is posing for the camera with her ​​graceful looks even a little bit of gain weight. With a uniting makeup with her ​​dress looks polished fuchsia pink lipstick on her lips, Aishwarya Rai exist increasingly become the prey of photographers and news search. Its considerable charm to make the fans as his eyes and the eyes of the beholder and photographers made ​​unblinking.[...]

Irina Shayk | Transparent dress lover Cristiano Ronaldo


Irina Shayk appearance on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival 2013 certainly are stealing the attention. Cristiano Ronaldo's lover appeared in a transparent black dress with a very low cleavage. Russian models that appears to look sexy and elegant in a black dress with minimal cleavage. Irina showed off its beauty in some parts of the body through her ​​black dress. Irina gown also looks transparent or dreamy as well from behind."And he looks looks pretty without make-up overload. With the models hair down, she looks more sexy with a polished lip colored lipstick pink rather dark. Irina Shayk at the premiere while attending the 'All Is Lost' Wednesday yesterday stole the attention of many people especially news search.[...]

Attitudes Emotional Paris Hilton at Cannes Film Festival 2013


Paris Hilton is known as one of the world artist who often make a scene and make the news sparked controversy. As is done when the blonde star watching The Bling Ring in 2013 at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, May 16, 2013. With emotional attitudes, Paris could not hide his feelings because the film Sofia Coppola's adaptation of the true story that included him.The movie tells the story of a group of young men who are obsessed with celebrity lifestyles, and finally went to the house famous celebrities, including Paris Hilton, to steal things. Hilton, who was a victim and one of the first in the film's setting is in the house, could not help feeling very emotional. He could not hide his anger when he saw the theft scene shown in the movie is played back at this festival.I know what happened, but I've never seen it happen immediately. So, when I saw it, it was like, 'Oh my God, it really happened to me. Boys came into my house and steal." It was really gross violations , makes me angry and want to slap them, "he said as quoted by Digital Spy Saturday, May 18.Paris said he was willing to be used as the set of his "reset" the theft simply because of his respect for the director, Sofia Coppola. If other people are working on this film, I would say 'no.' But I believe in him.'s That good," he said.[...]

Gunfire heard at the Cannes Film Festival, actor Mutual Saving Yourself


Cannes, FranceA man was arrested at the Cannes film festival arena on Friday because of a catapult shot air pistol in the middle of a live broadcast TV on the waterfront, making actor Christoph Waltz and Daniel Auteuil took shelter.French TV station Canal + middle interviewed Oscar-winning actor from Austria, Waltz, and French actor Auteuil with background beach in front of the crowd, when a man threw two shots into the air.Limiting bodyguards jumped into the audience and encouraged to get down on the ground. The police arrived and asked everyone to run as suspects carrying grenades, "said a witness, Arthur Laiguesse, told Reuters.Police later arrested a man at the scene who bring toy grenades and knives. "He seems really crazy," said a police officer.After the man was taken away, the telecast producers said the broadcasts will be forwarded. "Broadcasters must keep going."Waltz, who won two Oscars for best supporting role in the film Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds and Auteuil, both as a judge in the Cannes film festival, returns to the setting of the show.The shooting was the second incident on the third day film festival that will take place during the 12 days. The world's biggest film festival attended by thousands of actors, directors, film executives, journalists and fans.Police sources said the Chopard's jewelry worth 1.4 million U.S. dollars to beautify the actress was stolen from the suites at Novotel Hotel on Thursday night.But according to Chopard, the jewelery value is overrated and is not to wear jewelry the actress. He declined to give further details.[...]

Bill Gates Chair Take Over Again No1 Worlds Richest People


Microsoft's stock price soaring that drove Bill Gates again become the richest man in the world to shift leaders wealthy Mexican businessman Carlos Slim.Bloomberg data per Thursday, May 16, 2013, noted Microsoft's stock price rose sharply which is a high sales for five years at U.S. $ 34 per share.Even so, as reported from business insider,  the billionaire Bloomberg have not updated wealth Gate-to-date. Index still showed Slim as the richest with a total wealth of U.S. $ 73.2 billion. While the Gate is still U.S. $ 72.9 billion.Microsoft shares rose 26% this year, although the PC market is contracting. Reason for increasing Microsoft shares likely because the company is still able to survive while experiencing the worst case scenario.In the last quarter, the company reported revenue and operating profit respectively increased 8% and 5%. This is because Microsoft is a company with a diverse business that is not only dependent on PC sales. This helps increase the condition of the PC market.Microsoft also received strong support when ValueAct bought shares worth U.S. $ 2 billion.Gates is famous not really care about the money because he is much use of his money to charity. Being the richest man in the world is not its main focus. Through the 'Bill and Melinda Gates', he did a lot of donations to the whole world.[...]

Because More Beautiful and Popular, China Little Girl Killed Classmate


Terrible! A girl in Beijing, China was convicted of a brutal murder of another girl who is a classmate. The killings occurred as 12-year-old child was considered more beautiful than her victim.Chinese media, Guangxi Channel as reported by, preaching, the boy who was only identified as Qin's jealous classmate, Zhou (13) is more beautiful and more popular.Guangxi Hechi City People's Court Qin ordered the parents to pay compensation to the families of the victims of 108 thousand yuan (about USD 171 million). Qin was it incorporated into the rehabilitation program for three years.In the trial it was revealed, the perpetrator invited the victim to come to his house, which is about 150 meters from his house, and killed him. Qin hit the victim with bench into unconsciousness.After the Qin stabbed the victim with a kitchen knife, scissors and paper knife. Even Qin and later beheaded victims hands and put them in a bag.Judges deliberate killing Qin Zhou. But because Qin was aged under 14 years then he could not sentenced to prison.[...]

Work Lazy | Postman at Hoards Italy 400 Kg Letters in House


Because too lazy to do his job, a postman in Rome, Italy threatened to jail. Police found the pile of letters weighing 400 kg in his house.These letters should be sent to the destination address. However, because the postman too lazy, he does not do the job it should. This case occurred in a suburb of Sardinia, which has 2,000 residents.Local residents have long complained to the police because they never received hundreds of important documents sent through the mail, "said local police, Gianni, Carlo told AFP.We went to his house and we found a large number of letters in his garage, "he added.According to Carlo, the letters are aged yearly. The longest-dated about four years ago.We found 400 kilograms of letters, all of them are divided into several categories, "said Carlo. Did not say the exact number of letters that the postman hoarded in the house.As a result of these actions, the postman's 50-year-old threatened with jail. Snared mail theft charges, he could face a maximum of 3 years in prison if convicted.He looks like a good man, but he was often out at night and having a drink. Maybe it was the cause why he was lazy, "said a local hotel owner, Fidel, responding behavior mailman.I think he did not want to work, "said a resident of the other.[...]

Glee star, Naya Rivera posing naked in magazines


One of the musical drama Glee, Naya Rivera nude photo shoot for Allure magazine. The photos will be displayed later in May once welcomed the anniversary of the magazine.In shooting that, Naya not half undressed. He also posed with her ​​hands crossed sit back and covering her breasts and her legs crossed covering her private parts. Naya RiveraThe photo will be featured on the Look Better Naked issue. All featuring the beautiful women on television to display their beauty without dress.Naya in the shooting was not alone, there is also a TV star Jennifer Morrison and others such as Clara Bowen and Christa Miller. Although the magazine has not been outstanding, but the photo Naya has spread across the internet.[...]

Artist Wants Suicide After Nude Photo Display Chest


Man named Jonathan Jaxson claimed to panic when contacted his friend, Amanda Bynes by telephone. To Jonathan, Amanda admitted that he had tired of life and wanted to end his life.Amanda called them and we had a private conversation. But it was clear to me that he was in a state of drug effect, "Jonathan said as quoted by source.Then he said that he had no wish to live anymore. I think that he wanted to kill himself. I was terrified, "he said.In fact, Amanda new pictures of her nude on the social networking site. In the photo, Amanda took off clothes and covering her breasts with hands while posing in the bathroom. Panicked, the man who is also a spokeswoman Amanda was immediately contacted the police.Amanda is looking behavior into the spotlight. 27-year-old artist often behave strangely and often tangled legal case. Luckily, Jonathan got assurance former child artist was fine.I never heard anything like this before. I saw his picture in her bathroom shelf on Twitter. I was scared and did not know what to do anymore. I know that Amanda is a person who is always crying out for help, "he said.[...]

In sneered, Farrah Abraham Proud Selling Video The sex scandal


Farrah Abraham posting a video the sex scandals on the internet. Teen Mom reality star replied negative comments people against porn video.Farrah's astounding when newly admitted filming a porn video with a professional porn star, James Deen. Initially, the video was recognized Farrah just for personal collection.But it turns out, the video was sold to the largest porn company, Vivid Entertainment. 21-year-old woman was increasingly under fire because they have been lied to.In his uploaded videos, Farrah as self-defense by disclosing the reason to make a porn video and then sell it. Mother of four year old children are very proud of selling sex video. He also insinuated that his co-star in the video for leaking news to the media video production.What would you do if you are a single parent for four years. You realize you are a very amazing person. So, you make your own video, celebrate your beautiful body and take sexy pictures of your own, "said Farrah as quoted by Contact Music./ / So you do with people who had come out when he was supposed to announce it when it is not professional. But there are companies that are interested, so why not sell it. And that's what I did, "he continued.[...]

Lindsay Lohan Hysterical not Want Rehabilitated


Lindsay Lohan court required to undergo rehabilitation. Because it can not go against the decision of the court, Lindsay was just crying like crazy in rehab.Lindsay was already desperately evasive to undergo rehabilitation. However, the sentence was expected to make an artist who often entangled in legal problems due to driving drunk that deterrent.When they went to California, Lindsay contacted her father, Michael Lohan. Mean Girls star was crying because it did not want to rehab for 90 days.She cried hysterically when she called me, "Michael said as quoted by Female First.Lindsay is heading to California, but he did not want to leave that place. She was very upset because he feels compelled to do it, "he continued.[...]

Emma Watson Becomes Target movie "Beauty and The Beast"


There are many people who love the phenomenal stories like Beauty and the Beast. This classic fairy tale had been appointed to the films with different versions. Thumbs up much geared for success stories ever produced animated version of Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1991's. Now, many question whether Disney will repeat his success to present this classic tale with a new concept?So far, Disney is releasing animated films based on the classic fairy tale. According to website Deadline, Thursday, March 14, 2013, Disney is in talks with British writer Joe Ahearne. This conversation to develop a live-action version of the story of the movie which have the shape of a beautiful girl, Belle, with the ugly character named Beast.Ahearne last time working on scenarios for Danny Boyle's thriller filmed titled Trance. With involvement Ahearne, Disney hopes to have a darker tone to Beauty and the Beast.However, it was rumored that the film projects that will be worked on different Disney Beauty and the Beast arable Guillermo del Toro. Reportedly the director is going to start filming this summer by installing a main star, Emma Watson.As for the movie Beauty and the Beast belongs to Disney and Ahearne who live-action concept will be produced David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman.[...]