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Published: 2006-06-23T20:08:02+08:00




I moved temporarily here: It is not clear yet in my mind, but maybe I will concentrate more on what I am obsessed with: News about Japan. Links to news articles, nothing more. More for myself than for anybody...

Site problems


Problems with my site. My web hosting company ( blocked several things in my site. Apparently they had to neutralize "hidden (scrambled) javascript which loads spyware from some obscure servers in russia". A few weeks ago my hoster blocked all...

Now and Then 41


Nihon Odori, Yokohama: Meiji era - Today    ...

Funny Guys


Rahman and Jeshii are very funny guys. Every week they put out video podcasts offering interviews of people on the street. 'Rahman and Jeshii take you through the world of Japan in a weekly episode' Watch this: Which style of...

Yakuza Logic


'If it's organized, and it's a crime, it's good enough for the yakuza': Yakuza mobilizes homeless people as runners to sneak old aluminum cans from recycling bins (Asahi 2006/5/10)...

Now and Then 40


Gumyoji Temple, Yokohama: Meiji era - Today    ...

Photo Contest


Weekly photo contest of the Mainichi Daily News. I won the second prize (a mottainai bag) More: An oasis of calm, hint of Hokusai and sodden soil are your stunning images of Japan (Mainichi 2006/4/23)...

Wereldnet, April 20


Wereldnet: 3 correspondents. This time from Germany, Kenya and Japan. For Japan I talked about: 1) Cherry blossom - 2) Hey fever - 3) Japan's Environment Ministry has a new rule aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions: lights out...

Hanami, Ookagawa River


Enjoying Hanami along the Ookagawa River, Yokohama. Walk from Hinodecho to Gumyoji.    19 pictures Update (4/07): one of the pictures in BBC Online: Your Perspective on the world picture nr. 9...

Sakura Season


Start of the cherry blossom season. First sakura near the temple in our neighborhood:     News article: Blossom Forecasting Is Crucial in Japan (AP - 2006/3/23)...

Urbanite Travelers Destinations


According to the World Tourist Organization (WTO) Japan ranks 33rd on its list of popular tourist destinations with about 5.2 million foreign visitors in 2002. More tourists travel to the Ukraine or the Czech Republic than Japan. So it...

Female Succession


An article on imperial female succession in the NYT: Debate on Japan's monarchy spurs nationalists' fervor (NYTIHT 2005/3/13): "Search all over the world, but you won't find any other family besides the Japanese imperial family that has maintained an unbroken...

Wereldnet, March 3


Wereldnet: 3 correspondents this time from El Salvador, United States and Japan. For Japan I talked about: 1) Hina-Matsuri - 2) Divorce among elderly couples - 3) Only one medal for Japan at the Winter Olympics. Audio: Here (Website...

Is Japan hot again?


Het Nieuwsblad, a popular Belgian-Flemish newspaper, called me a few days ago about the economy in Japan. Article here (Dutch): Japan is weer hot (Het Nieuwsblad 2006/02/25)...

Japan's Diplomacy


'Japanese Diplomacy From Now' (これからの日本外交) reads the sign at a town meeting sponsored by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo last Saturday. From Now??… I wish I could hope so because UNTIL now Japan's Foreign Minister, Taro Aso, has...