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Bloggers Anonymous is a 12 step progam designed to combat Blog Addiction. It's Estimated that over 3 billion people suffer from Blog Addiction and related disorders. There is no cure—but there is hope.

Published: 2006-07-03T01:25:13-05:00


Blog Rage. Is it Really All The Rage?


We at Bloggers Anonymous would like to call attention to a very unfortunate yet very real phenomenon happening across the blogosphere known as Blog Rage perpetrated by Blog Raging Bloggers (BRB). It’s a serious problem with deadly consequences. In order...

Anonymous Stories


Living with blog addiction? You are not alone. And now you can come clean ANONYMOUSLY. We don’t need your e-mail. We don’t need your url. In fact, we don’t need any information at all. Anonymous stories is a place where...

Ass-kissing for the A-list


It has come to the attention of Bloggers Anonymous that an incident occured over the weekend referred to as SethGate. We're not sure exactly what happend, but this illustration by fellow "A-list Blogger" Hugh, illustrates how Compulsive Blogging can lead...

The "Mock 10" Signs of Blog Addiction


At Bloggers Anonymous—we normally frown upon spreading propaganda that minimizes the serious nature of our cause. However, in the name of education and awareness, we would like to point to the this juvenile “Top 10” list of “symptoms” which indicate...

Hey Drew! You've got Moxie!!!


A sad fact of blogging life is that so many of us are anonymous. We have to be, because everyone that's not an A-lister is, let's be honest, anonymous. So I have been doing exhaustive research on the subject, and...

I'm with the Blog: Confessions of a Bloupie


I get shivers whenever I see those old Web 1.0 sites, with their one-entry-at-a-time style, no trackbacks, no comments. How did people communicate back then? How could show your love? What was life like before blogging? How does anyone get...

Guide to Bletiquette


Sometimes, it’s difficult for us Blogoholics to keep up with all the posts we need to write and comments we need to make. An easy way around this is simply to lift what others write and put it on your...

Live Blogging with BDD


I sat down to write this post about, like, a million times today. The whole general idea is that BDD -- it stands for Blog Deficit Disorder -- is really hard to live with, and it's hard to concentrate enough...

Holiday Weekend Ignites "Blogger Withdrawal"


Memorial Day weekend. The unofficial kickoff to summer. Gathering with family and friends, grilling out, catching up on some yard work,—and wondering why that guy over in the corner of Panera is frantically tapping on his keyboard. For thousands of...

Blogapathy Rampant in Blog Community


“Hey—did you watch the Bush/Blair press conference”? —“Uhhh—I think I was working on some posts that night”... It’s a conversation all too common throughout the blog community. Blogapathy—a condition caused by excessive blogging leaves little time for keeping up with...

The Underbelly of Blog Celebrity


This illustration from Gaping Void shows just how cut-throat and pretentious the blogging world is. It's a world filled with egos, (blegos), self-righteousness and celebrity-like naval gazing. It's no wonder why bloggers are so easily addicted. Please stop the madness....

Blogslexia Affects 1 in 10


A new study has shown that one out of ten adults show signs of Blogslexia. Blogslexic individuals interpret the word "blog" in place of the actual words they see. This condition can often cause confusion in how information is both...

BAD T-Shirts Are Here


Dear BlogAnon: Better than Sex?


As a new feature to Bloggers Anonymous, we will be providing life advice to those of you struggling with Blog related issues. In our first post, we address the sad myth that Blogging is better than sex. Dear BlogAnon. A...

Whose Problem Is It?


We at BlogAnon embrace different points of view—no matter how small minded and un-informed. We pride ourselves in keeping our Blog Ego (BLEGO) in check. In the spirit of polite discourse—we embrace this extremist viewpoint from Ann Handley. "Listen up,...

Blog Intervention


It's difficult to watch this—but necessary in order to understand the disease. Selina is one of the million individuals who need our help. She doesn’t even know it. Please take her cry for help seriously—what’s needed here is intervention, not...

Twelve Steps To Blog Addiction Recovery (BAR)


There is no cure for Blog Addiction. But there is recovery. We call this proecss Blog Recovery Basics (BRB) fueled by our unique 12 step program: 1. We admitted we were powerless over our addiction - that our blogs had...

Open Letter to Marketing Profs


It’s come to our attention that Marketing Profs, has taken the unfortunate position of mocking Blog Addiction. Blog Addiction is a very serious and very real condition wreaking havoc in families across the globe. We at Bloggers Anonymous do not...

The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem


Congratulations! You've made it this far. By coming to terms with your condition—your chances of recovery have increased significantly. Bloggers Anonymous will help see you through this difficult time. Just remember—you are not alone. Tell us a little about yourself...