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Updated: 2016-11-28T13:56:50Z


Not the Grace Hopper Conference


Do you love porting? For ideas on how to make GHC suck less on your favorite architecture, see this not-at-all ugly table.



Two Everett citizens were killed and a score wounded, several seriously, this afternoon when the steamer Verona drew up to the City dock and attempted to land its crowd of almost 200 I. W. W. Sheriff McRae tried to parley with them. A shot was fired from the boat at the sheriff and a general battle followed. The Verona backed away from the wharf and returned to Seattle. On arrival there the I.W.W. crowd was arrested, five were found to be dead and about 30 wounded.



Ria has the sprue. She keeps her cœliac disease a secret, though, because she works in food service, and customers knowing about her little gluten-sensitive enterology problem would, she feels, damage her credibility.

“The fried chicken is delicious,” she coos. There is nothing gluten-free on the menu, so she does not have first-hand knowledge of this. Instead she is proxying the amalgamated judgments of others.

Collect the towers


Why is openbmap's North American coverage so sad? Is there a reason that RadioBeacon doesn't also submit to OpenCellID? Is there a free software Android app that submits data to OpenCellID?

Can't put your arms around a memory


“I think it stems from employing people who are capable of telling you what BGP stands for,” he said. “Watching my DevOps team in action is an infuriating mix of ‘Damn, that's a slick CI/CD process you’ve built,’ and ‘What do you mean you don't know what the output of netstat means?’”

Any way the wind blows


NOAA decommissioning led to breakage which reveals just how much duplication of code and effort there is for fetching and parsing weather data.



When you replace mutt-kz with mutt 1.6.1-2, you may notice a horribly ugly thing appear. Do not panic; just add unset sidebar_visible to your ~/.mutt/muttrc .

A local script for local people


This isn't actually answering the question, but it's close. It's also horrible, so whoever adopts Enrico's script should also completely rewrite this or burn it along with the stack of pizza boxes and the grand piano. Input: #!/bin/zsh set -e PATHS=$(tempfile) NEWKEYS=$(tempfile) NEWKEYRING=$(tempfile) FARTHEST_TEN=$(tempfile) trap "rm -f ${PATHS} ${NEWKEYS} ${NEWKEYRING} ${FARTHEST_TEN}" EXIT keyring=${1:-ksp-dc16.gpg} myfpr=${2:-2100A32C46F895AF3A08783AF6D3495BB0AE9A02} #keyserver=${3:-} # this doesn't handle hokey fetch failures #(for fpr in $(hkt list --keyring ${keyring} --output-format JSON | jq '.[].publickey.fpr') #do # hokey fetch --keyserver "${keyserver}" --validation-method MatchPrimaryKeyFingerprint "${(Q)fpr}" #done) >${NEWKEYS} # #gpg2 --no-default-keyring --keyring ${NEWKEYRING} --import ${NEWKEYS} cp "${keyring}" "${NEWKEYRING}" gpg2 --no-default-keyring --keyring ${NEWKEYRING} --refresh hkt findpaths --keyring ${NEWKEYRING} '' '' '' > ${PATHS} id=$(awk -F, "/${myfpr})\$/ {sub(/\(/,BLANKY,\$1);print \$1;}" ${PATHS}) grep -e ",\[${id}," -e ",${id}\]" ${PATHS} | sort -n | tail -n 10 > ${FARTHEST_TEN} targetids=(${(f)"${$((sed 's/^.*\[//;s/,.*$//;' ${FARTHEST_TEN}; sed 's/\])$//;s/.*,//;' ${FARTHEST_TEN}) | sort -n -u | grep -v "^${id}$")}"}) targetfprs=($(for i in ${targetids}; do awk -F, "/\(${i},[^[]/ {sub(/\)/,BLANKY,\$2); print \$2}" ${PATHS}; done)) gpg2 --no-default-keyring --keyring ${NEWKEYRING} --list-keys ${targetfprs} Output: pub rsa4096/0x664F1238AA8F138A 2015-07-14 [SC] Key fingerprint = 3575 0B8F B6EF 95FF 16B8 EBC0 664F 1238 AA8F 138A uid [ unknown] Daniel Lange sub rsa4096/0x03BEE1C11DB1954B 2015-07-14 [E] pub rsa4096/0xDF23DA3396978EB3 2014-09-05 [SC] Key fingerprint = BBBC 58B4 5994 CF9C CC56 BCDA DF23 DA33 9697 8EB3 uid [ undef ] Michael Meskes uid [ undef ] Michael Meskes uid [ undef ] Michael Meskes uid [ undef ] Michael Meskes sub rsa4096/0x85C3AFFECF0BF9B5 2014-09-05 [E] sub rsa4096/0x35D857C0BBCB3B25 2014-11-04 [S] pub rsa4096/0x1E953E27D4311E58 2009-07-12 [SC] Key fingerprint = C2FE 4BD2 71C1 39B8 6C53 3E46 1E95 3E27 D431 1E58 uid [ undef ] Chris Lamb uid [ undef ] Chris Lamb uid [ undef ] Chris Lamb sub rsa4096/0x72B3DBA98575B3F2 2009-07-12 [E] pub rsa4096/0xDF6D76C44D696F6B 2014-08-15 [SC] [expires: 2017-06-03] Key fingerprint = 1A6F 3E63 9A44 67E8 C347 6525 DF6D 76C4 4D69 6F6B uid [ unknown] Sven Bartscher uid [ unknown] Sven Bartscher uid [ unknown] Sven Bartscher sub rsa4096/0x9E83B071ED764C3A 2014-08-15 [E] sub rsa4096/0xAEB25323217028C2 2016-06-14 [S] pub rsa4096/0x83E33BD7D4DD4CA1 2015-11-12 [SC] [expires: 2017-11-11] Key fingerprint = 0B5A 33B8 A26D 6010 9C50 9C6C 83E3 3BD7 D4DD 4CA1 uid [ unknown] Jerome Charaoui sub rsa4096/0x6614611FBD6366E7 2015-11-12 [E] sub rsa4096/0xDB17405204ECB364 2015-11-12 [A] [expires: 2017-11-11] pub rsa4096/0xF823A2729883C97C 2014-08-26 [SC] Key fingerprint = 8ED6 C3F8 BAC9 DB7F C130 A870 F823 A272 9883 C97C uid [ unknown] Lucas Kanashiro uid [ unknown] Lucas Kanashiro sub rsa4096/0xEE6E5D1A9C2F5EA6 2014-08-26 [E] pub rsa[...]

Only in San Francisco would one brag about this


“I dated Appelbaum!” she said.

“I gotta go,” I said.