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Preview: A Viet soul in Texas

A Viet soul in Texas

I started reading blogs not too long ago and found it interesting. So I tell myself 'why not make one?', so here it is. Tho I consider it as my online diary, I hope and welcome someone actually read it.

Updated: 2014-10-01T01:08:02.838-05:00


Bonjour VietNam



The way I look at Iran


When I was studying in Oklahoma, I had a wonderful History professor. I have always loved history for a long long time. Anyway, we were talking about Weapon of Mass destruction, and he said something like this (Sorry but I cant remember word by word, Im not that good): "One guy in your neighborhood has lots of eggs, and he would throw them at anyone who he doesnt like. One day, you got home with a small egg and the next day he said you must hand them over coz you are threatening the community security".

That's the way I see the situation now. “ALL MEN ARE BORN FREE AND EQUAL", so are all countries. I cant never understand the logic why some countries can develop nuclear weapons and stuffs, yet prohibit other countries from doing so. The only way I see it is thet they dont want to lose their ultimate power and control over small countries. American is good at threatening weaker, smaller coutries. Did they do something about China, India, Russia, ... or COULD they do anything?

I DO see the threat from the fact that Iran developing their nuclear program, but I don't like the way how this is handled. If WMD is so dangerous, why not destroy them all, why some countries have the privialige to MASS DESTROY, why other countries dont?

We will have to buy Estamps to send our Emails


I read this news article on nytimes.
America Online and Yahoo, two of the world's largest providers of e-mail accounts, are about to start using a system that gives preferential treatment to messages from companies that pay from 1/4 of a cent to a penny each to have them delivered. The senders must promise to contact only people who have agreed to receive their messages, or risk being blocked entirely.

While it's good in certain ways, that we MIGHT receive less spams in our mail box, it also implies that our emails may not come to their destinations, more often; and we may miss the important emails that we are waiting for.
I say this is a dirty ways to make more and more money of those two errr robbers^^. My main email address have been yahoo's for years, however, it'll take me just a few minutes to change my email address and inform those who I want to keep in touch. Yahoo, I wont let you mess with my emails anymore.

Which website are you?


Do you want to know your personality
Do this short quiz, kinda funny.
Which Website are You?

OMG, Tet is coming!!!


We gathered some friends and had a small party. But Tet for us who living abroad is just plain and sad. Think of how you feel when not being able to come home on Christmas, it's probably the same feeling.

Anyway, leave the sadness of the old year behind.

I wish everyone a really really happy new year.

PS: I've just remembered that this is also the new year for muslims? I wish war happens no more.

Long time no post ^^


Man, it has been such a long time since my last post here. I did have a long, joyful, and useful break. Too much things to do now. My graduation year is comin', and I realized that I havent done much volunteer/intership job. Will I get a good job after all? Sigh, ....

I cant believe it!


My English is suck, I know already so it's normal that sometimes(or most of the time) I dont understand what people saying. But now I dont understand even when they are speaking Vietnamese. I had a very hard time trying to understand what my vietnamese american friend saying, which is quite fun^^.
Anyway, too much work from school. This blog will be quiet for while ^^.

Bad bad day


I was so much happy with the Visual Studio I just got, but it turns out that my own programs dont run correctly on it. So in the mean time I will have to reinstall VS 2003 and run both of them at the same time. Darn it *_*

Now I think about it, Im gonna be senior next year, and haven't done internship yet. Bad bad boy.

But I dont even have time to think about it now, another triple tests coming next week. I havent got any weekend since Rita *_*. My usual weekend schedule is:
Saturday: 11am: Chem2 lab
3pm - midnite or early Sunday morning: study
Sunday: sleep for 6-7 hrs, then study till midnite.

Ahhhhhh. This is HELL.

Đi một ngày đàng học một sàng khôn (part 2)


I'm feeling sleepy now, so there is no 1-2page post today.
There are some things that I kinda get the ideas when I was back in VietNam, but couldnt realize them clearly till I came here.
1. The worst thing you can do is to force someone believe what you (want them to) believe. 1 example: 1 of my friend, Han, is a buddhist (somewhat^^), and she absolutely believe in faith. Huhm, interesting, I was eager to listen to her. But it came to the worst when she tried to make me believe in faith, and to correct my "wrong doing". I said "Sorry, but you cant force me to believe what you believe. I might come to believe it later, but I'd rather do that by myself tho."
I must admit that I have done this "worst thing" several times, and now I really feel regret about it. Now? I just say my opinions, and let people decide what they want to do, by themselves.

2. Something just pops up in my mind "The best system is the system you are familiar with", said by my politics professor. I really like this sentence, might put them somewhere on this blog.

Nite everyone.

Something to think


"By Thursday, Roche had caved in, agreeing to give the license to manufacture Tamil flu to four US generic drug manufacturers.

Such enlightened thinking, that public health matters more than Roche's profit margins, has come only after reports that the H5N1 strain of bird flu, which has haunted Southeast Asia since January last year, has winged its way into Europe.

European health authorities felt that such a turn of events was sufficient grounds to label bird flu a "global threat". And to save its citizens from a potential pandemic - the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that a deadly influenza virus from bird flu could kill millions - European Union (EU) officials have started talks with the pharmaceutical industry.

Asian countries that have long been affected by bird flu - such as Thailand where 13 people have died since the virus began infecting the local poultry population last year and Vietnam, the worst hit with 43 deaths - have not had the same luxury of behaving like political leaders in the US or EU."
(from AsiaTimes)

I suggest read the whole article. Any comment? I guess I can only sigh...



Online Vietnamese-English and other dictionaries: (shouldnt rely much on this one, but still useful)
If you use yahoo messenger:
Add this nick to your list: vietdictionary

List of dictionaries (id : description):
%viet-viet : Vietnamese - Vietnamese Dictionary
%viet-anh : Vietnamese - English Dictionary
%anh-viet : English - Vietnamese Dictionary
%anh-anh : English - English Dictionary
%viet-phap : Vietnamese - French Dictionary
%phap-viet : French - Vietnamese Dictionary
%computer : Computing Dictionary

defaut setting is: %anh-viet : English - Vietnamese Dictionary
How to use:
1. Open chat window, type the word you want to know meaning, send it to vietdictionary.
2. To change to use a dictionary, you send the id of the dictionary to this account. Example, to change to 'Vietnamese - Vietnamese Dictionary', you send message: %viet-viet

Đi một ngày đàng học một sàng khôn (part 1)


We have a saying in VietNam: "Đi một ngày đàng học một sàng khôn", literally means "you gain knowledge while travelling". I'm really happy that I can come to the States to study. It's not really important which country I go to, the most important thing is that I could get out of my 'box' and come to see the world. It's like: "Wow, so people are same same but different; and what you hear is usually not the whole truth".
There are many things that I learn, and either like or dislike them here, so many things that I can't list or even recall them all at once.

Yesterday I read on a newspaper about the "CIA leak case", I don't know if they can put the people high up there into jail? But to me it's fun that you can criticize the Government when they do something wrong. No, seriously, I think it's not fun, but necessary or mandatory for a country to develope. I remember in my history class in VietNam, I read from the book that Uncle Ho always mentioned that thhe Government is the SLAVE, yes slave, of the people, and should SERVE the people. Do the Government serve the people now? Yes, to some extent. But 4000-feudal-year created a bad tradition: people try to get into the bureaucracy to get rich (?), and bribery is a common thing. If you want to get something, you should give something, rite? Not in this case.
I know I can't blame everything on the Government, it's still a young Government anyway and still need many try-and-fail. But it doesnt mean that I should just say "well, okie, let's just accept that fact". As a person that truly and deeply love the country, I hope that the Government should listen to the voice of the people. Tho I'm still now sure how I myself alone can make it come true yet. But if it's the will of the people and that we express ourselves, I'm sure that the Government will do know what they should do.
Nhà nước Việt Nam là một nhà nước do dân và vì dân (The Vietnamese Government is the government of the people, and for the people). I'm looking forward to seeing this comes true.

Are you sure you got the right picture?


I happened to read a very interesting post here:

"Most of the ESL teachers I see arriving in HCMC were not alive on April 30, 1975, the fateful day the Communists defeated the NRV forces and captured the city of Sai Gon. The Vietnamese with any intelligence and gumption reluctantly fled their homeland (or died trying.)They knew something that we gullible Westerners would not accept. Thirty years later Sai Gon is still an "occupied" city. The police, government officials, the Immigration and Customs officers who greet you at the Ton Son Nhat Airport are all from Ha Noi. So it is unrealistic to expect the Saigonese to behave as if they are happy about their lot in life. Frankly, they are NOT happy, but are resigned to the fact that this is their fate. Believe me when I say these hapless people are bullied and shaken-down by their government every day. The older folks feel betrayed by the West and left for dead. Their children and grandchildren live as paupers, while the progeny of the "revolutionaries" are driving Mercedes-Benz's, BMW's and Toyota Land Cruisers.

Get the picture? Life here isn't fair. People have learnt to live by their wits to survive. And if this doesn't jive with a Westerner's code of etiquette, well, too bad! How many of us have tried to live on $30 a month? And that is AFTER the "doi moi" economic renovations!"

What certainly is true is the corruption of some in the Government. But "So it is unrealistic to expect the Saigonese to behave as if they are happy about their lot in life. Frankly, they are NOT happy, but are resigned to the fact that this is their fate. Believe me when I say these hapless people are bullied and shaken-down by their government every day. The older folks feel betrayed by the West and left for dead" WTF is that?
Im a Vietnamese, who was born after 75, and lived there for 21 years, not too long but not a short time. AND I HAVENT KNOWN THAT DURING MY 21 YEARS, YET SOME FOREIGNER KNOW ABOUT MY PEOPLE BETTER THAN ME. SHAME ON ME?

If there is any thing I'm proud of, and want to tell people asking about VietNam, that is: "We are 1 people, 1 country now, and dont try to think us as two countries anymore. Our people got seperated a short while due to civil conflict, but it was in the past, now we are one people in one country."

I dont know how did you come to 'understand' Vietnamese the way you do now. And I hope you can make more VietNamese friends, understand the language and know what the majority really thinks.

Cheers and good luck
(This post has been edited to avoid insulting any person)

A very good guide about traveling to VietNam


Just one or two weeks ago I found ourmaninhanoi blog when reading the news on some website. The very first post I read on his blog was "Visiting VietNam? Read this", which is extremely useful for anyone plans to visit VietNam or just feel curious about how the country is.
nice one OMIH.

KOTO and the extremecharity


"KOTO is a unique and dynamic training program that changes lives.

The concept of KOTO actually began on the streets of Hanoi in 1996 when an Australian Vietnamese man, Mr Jimmy Pham asked a group of street kids what they wanted out of life. They simply replied that, “they needed skills, so they could find stable jobs” and so the concept of KOTO was born."

"Extreme Charity

3 wheels, 2 guys, 1 country
Marty Sharples and Adam Hurley, Intrepid group leaders, are going to extremes to help the street kids of Viet Nam. In September 2005, they will travel 1,700km from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City riding a Cyclo – Vietnam’s traditional non-motorised passenger transport. Their great effort is to raise funds for 23 new trainees to attend KOTO"

These 2 above are just the examples of many individuals, organizations that have been helping VietNam and VietNamese people with their whole heart. I really feel ashamed of myself havent done any good for my own homeland, my own people. Yet strangers like you are doing so much without asking anything in return.

I truly thank you for your kindness, we will never forget what you have done to help us.

Visit KOTO and the ExtremCharity here:

What's the big deal about communism?


Hi, my name is Vu and Im from VietNam

Whenever ppl hear that Im from VietNam, they are like: really? Are you communist? blah blah....
And ppl start asking about VN war/known as American war in my country. Common, the war is some 30 years ago, we got over it already,.... VietNam today is a very peaceful country, and all we think about is how to develop our economy,.... not about the war that ended some 30 years ago. Yet some ppl still think about it, hold their hate and whatever.

And some ppl, especially vietnamese oversea, even young ppl talk trash about communism and vietnam and blah blah....
1. Not that ppl living in VN mean they are communists. Im not a communist. But dont talk trash about my country in front of me, tho im not a communist, Im a nationalist, Im proud of, and really love my country.
2. Im willing to discuss about what good&bad of communism with anyone, tho I must admit that I dont really know about all of it myself. But you should really know what it is first. Dont talk about something you dont know. 99% ppl dont even know exactly what it's about, yet they always criticize it, wtf? Really, all they know is what they heard from someone else, and it's very 'one side'.
BTW, VietNam is not really a communist country now, out economy is almost the same as many other western countries.

Ah, what am i talking about? lol.... many tests this week, Im gonna be crazy.


I am still surprised by the ignorance regarding Vietnam and what it's really like today, especially on the part of the protesters who claim to know it all, most of whom are oversea VietNamese have never even been to VN or at least not for the last 30 years. The fun part is that they were born here, dont even speak VietNamese and are American citizens. I used to be angry when they started talking like mr know-it-all but now I just smile and feel somewhat sorry for them.

I cant say that Im all satisfied with everything in VietNam right now, like the freedom of speech and religion, our government should really consider liftiing the restriction. Something must be done about that. But ppl should stop using religons for political purpose tho(it has always been). And all the corruption things, but I doubt that the corruption has anything to do with communism anyway(like some ppl always say that). The old government in SouthVietNam was far more corrupted (erm, unless you say that a general used army power to sell cocain is not a big deal^^). It's more like a shameful 'tradition' .

Rita's consequence


Rita was the first, biggest storm I ever have to face. I haven't had a car so it was hard to get to Austin or anywhere, and I didnt go any where anyway. The media scared me to death, screw you, I would be like 'no-star-where' if I were in VietNam. We got any container we had (yes, any, even the garbage bin) to store water. We even had our bathtub filled with water.
Rita missed Houston, everything we got was slightly strong wind and a whole week off school. I have to admit that I was very happy with 1 week off. But the real disater is what comes after that. To avoid having make-up classes, we had to rush and took all kinds of exams and quiz almost EVERYDAY. This is the semester from HELL.