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On Leave

Far From the 'Banning' Crowd


I hope it's the frenzy of the dying that has made the religious right, and all the people duped and terrified by them, ratchet up the forceful increase in 'shut up and disappear' tactics. You know, the ones they use instead of trying to make a point through reason and calm argument.You tell them the earth has been around for billions of years and we are just a minuscule dot in an otherwise




Sulayman Al-Bassam's Richard iii on PBS


A friend described him as a 'national treasure'... I might have to agree.



Donald Macintyre says we should be '..very Afraid' of the Israeli elections... One candidate plants a tree in occupied territory as an election ploy (and that isn't his worst behaviour)... Another is in the lead thanks to his racism and his ability to publicly say things like the Egyptian president can "go to hell". And Gaza knows too well what another bunch of candidates did to gain votes...Well



This girl's photo is one I can't stop coming back to... A sense of guilt and shame, at the world community which has fiddled as Gaza burned and our impotence in the face of these crimes, makes me unable to make her invisible..===See photos of Gaza from the relief organization Care.And Photos of Gaza from Save the Children==="The front page of the Beirut daily As-Safir said it all yesterday.



A very dear friend is writing an excellent poem/song, to deal with the frustration and horror at what is happening in Gaza... and to hopefully move people to feel things they should feel at this disgusting display of human cruelty.I am afraid I can't be as articulate. The frustration cripples the mind, and the outrageous and vicious statements made everyday to justify the slaughter of civilians

Take a Ride..


It is with no small irony, after watching a film like Taxi to the Dark Side, that this should be the first thing on a loop all over the news... The Oscar winning film unfurls all the ugliness and savagery of the war prisons, set up by the US, piece by piece till you see the whole damnable picture. It really makes you wonder "how little outrage there is" at these crimes. The film is full of



Can't get enough of this, so I thought I'd share...Greenland, the big bear of the north, is rattling in its chains.. I must visit soon.Yay! Patrick Fitzgerald is back :) .. (remember him)Here is a current film that is related to the whole 2005 drama.Here are the comedians on the 2008 scandal.And talking of things you shouldn't pick...Picking your nose can lead to this...And talking about all



I am winning the battle against cat scratch fever, or maybe that is the hopeful delirium that comes at the end...The cat and I have worryingly similar notions of playfulness, but while I spend my time-between swatting and wrestling- biting my nails, she has a rigorous routine of honing her wolverine paws to the point where it's just dumb of me to go near her. But apparently I do dumb well. And do



If you are anything like me (and believe me these days I would recommend anything but) then your heart races a little faster every time you hear that creaky little voice coming from the mighty and deadpan Ms. Sarah Vowell...So as I debate whether allergies or closed coffin-like rooms are more palatable, and whether it would be annoying for people if I eat a LOT of nachos at the movies tonight, I



There must be some love stories left in the world after all... And then there are those loves you wish could be explained... And still other pleasures you wish didn't sound like this.I guess we'll be seeing everyone Tuesday on that lawn we all know so well..Have a peek at The Crisis and What to Do About it, by George Soros in the NYRBIf you feel like hunting for expensive art pieces that will be



As if I needed another reason to recoil at having to touch elevator buttons: radioactive scrap from India was used to make buttons for Otis elevators in France. It makes me worry where we are getting our scrap from, considering we are in that part of the world where people like Larry Summers think dirty industries should be transferred.See his old notorious creepy memo.---Yemen is flooded by a



Since misery loves company, the planet and the economy in meltdown should offer some sort of comfort to my dwindling sanity... but planet you are gonna have to come up with a lot more crazy to make me feel matched.Where do we start...oh where do we start?The IMF said the "global financial system was on the brink of meltdown" which is triggering descriptions like "utter carnage" and "a titanic

Yeah.. I am in a video mood these days




Tina Fey as Palin


Palin' before Palin


That icy rush you feel is just brain freeze from the new republican VP.We can look forward to hearing more frozen-in-time comments that will still manage to warm the toes of those dinosaurs who disrespect all the science and history and philosophy that has blown such huge holes in their mythologies. It's been great news for those frozen relics who belittle all the rights that our beautiful human



In our current days of darkness and superstitions... A little history goes a long way.Science already known BCE/BC:1- 500BCE/BC : Pythagoreans taught that Earth is a sphere2- 470BCE/BC : Anaxagoras suggests that materials are made of "seeds"(atoms) (Near Izmir in Turkey)3- 445 BC/BCE: Leucippus suggests possibility of indivisible atoms (Turkey)4- 384-322 BC/BCE: Aristotle said it was common

Ideas that blow


Nuclear waste containers likely to fail, warns 'devastating' reportAugust 2008Power madness: With spiralling costs, leaky reactors and dangerous cost-cutting at plants..Jeremy LeggettGreenpeace files complaints on Areva nuclear leaksReuters - Jul 31, 2008100 employees at French nuclear site contaminatedBusinessWeek - Jul 23, 2008Spanish nuclear plant closed after fire in electrical generatorAFP



Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook? And 'meet your meat'Forget about the ad for PETA at the end, that's not the point...It's just that:"You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity." Ralph Waldo Emerson



Kuwait plans to flex its muscles on web offenders... playground rules...This is the week of explosions, what is going on? Bangalore, Gaza, Istanbul, Ahmadabad, China, Qantas, Greece, Queens... And weeks and endless weeks for Iraq.Want to see serious competition for our local brand of ignorance and hatred? Watch this film.And blowing through our dusty landscape are some cries for justice, that



When did it become ok for a magazine to edit (by inserting more errors) and dumb down your articles without letting you know?I have a growing suspicion that certain editors are actually robots that can't compute more than one layer of meaning in a text.I will have to get myself a metal detector.What was the fast moving white blur that just settled over everything and then went away?I am tired of



My slightly unsteady hand just put my voting card and every document anyone could possibly ask me for into my overstuffed bag...ready for my first ever vote.I managed to find three candidates in my really frighteningly regressive district that were pleasantly surprising. So even if me and the two other voters in my house are the only support they will get, it will be a small victory against the



Who no longer trusts the weather here?I find myself having to chaperone open windows...Dust pneumonia, you haunt me.===The second most abundant element in our universe was first discovered on the sun, and so was named after the sun God Helios...It is the second element on the periodic table...It is produced from radioactive decay...It is used to help rockets take off and microchips come to