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Antique & Italian Classic Furniture

Antique furniture and Classic Italian furniture Reproduction designs has been admired and collected throughout the world for centuries.This blog provides a modest description for the common pieces made in the various styles , examples and information on s

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Italian Classic Master Bedroom for Luxury Home


This magnificent collection will be the master piece of any home. It's classic Italian lines are awe inspiring.This Master Made in Italy Bedroom Include :BED 86" W x 90 " L x 66" H $12,950.00BEDSIDE TABLE 31" W x 23" D x 31" H $3,995.00DRESSING TABLE 88" W x 23" D x 31" H $7,995.00MIRROR FOR 51" W x 67" H $2,795.00DRESSING TABLE 51" W x 67" H $2,795.00POUFF 24" W x 24" D x16" H $1,395.00CHEVAL MIRROR 75" W x 18" Depth x 92" H $7,995.00 [...]




best Italian Interior Design in Classic Style you ever see


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Luxury Carved Sofa from Italy by Riva Furniture


Luxury Carved Sofa made in Italy
Luxury carved Sofa made in Italy 7663 Giardino Italiano Italian factory Riva Mobili d'Arte. Materials and finishes: solid wood, wood carving, inlay (intarsia), expensive rare woods, natural veneer, fabric, gold patina. A large selection of finishes, fabrics and leather. Large selection of fabrics.

Italian Carving Style Vitring by Riva Mobili d'Arte


Italian Vitrin carving style
Vitrin produced by Living Giardino Italiano Italian factory Riva Mobili d'Arte. Materials and finishes: ivory lacquer, solid wood, wood carving Style, gold leaf (gilding), expensive rare woods, natural veneer, glass, gold patina. Large selection of finishes.

Baroque Style Dining Table with Italian Gilt


Baroque Style Dining Room
Dining table is an essential attribute of living in the Baroque style. Precious wood and gilt Italian designers . The original pattern on tabletop completes the picture . Massive table legs twisted attract attention and give the table exclusivity , sophistication and command respect to the holder of such a luxurious furniture. Fratelli Allievi table can become the center of your living room , followed by the place to meet with guests and arrange long tea. Buy dining table from Italy Fratelli Allievi possible in Moscow 2014 salon furniture.

Sofa in Royal Style Canopy a luxury of Italy


Sofa in Canopy Style
Sofa in royal style canopy Fratelli Allievi - a luxury of Italy, which can decorate your home. Dear burgundy upholstery and canopy attract admiring glances and immediately draw attention to themselves. Extravagant classics are back in fashion. Sofa with a canopy Fratelli Allievi - the personification of true luxury. Fashion on the canopies come to us from ancient Greece, a sofa with a canopy combined with excellent living environment in the Baroque style. Buy a sofa in royal style canopy Fratelli Allievi possible in Moscow Salon furniture.

Bedroom in Palace style By Jumbo Gruppo Italia


Bedroom Palace StyleBed Palace StyleBedroom Royal StyleCommode Palace Commode Royal Style Bedroom in palace style Jumbo Gruppo Italia - four-poster bed (mattress 180 x 200) 275 x 220 x h.256  - a canopy bed (mattress 200 x 200) 295 x 220 x h.256 - a set of blankets (mattress 180 x 200)  - a set of blankets (mattress 200 x 200)  - bedside table 70 x 40 x h.70 OBJ -1000 - Minerva lamp 22 x 22 x h.130 (palace-style) - bench 144 x 55 x h.48 PAI-7E3FP - painting "Donna con specchio" 270 x h.220 1 - sheets  2 - cashmere plaid.[...]

Gold SOFA for The Living Room From Italy Fratelli Allievi


Gold Finish Sofa from Italy
SOFA for the living room from Italy Fratelli Allievi in gold antique finish can become the center of your living room . Light gray upholstery fabric embroidered with golden threads , which gives a royal look sofa . Classic Baroque style never goes out of fashion . The Baroque style is associated with luxury, pomp and elegance. Interior items made ??in this style show its greatness and beauty. Decorate your home with Baroque-style furniture and your guests will marvel the stylish interior of your home.

Classic Sofa With a Foral Upholstery by Fratelli Allievi


Classic Italian Gold Finish Sofa
Classic sofa with a floral upholstery Fratelli Allievi Italian designers have created. Gilt frame in conjunction with the original upholstery floral ornament create a unique atmosphere in your living room. Subtleties of working with wood passed from generation to generation by Italian craftsmen since 1913. Continuous quality control allows to achieve such a good result! Buy furniture from Italy Fratelli Allievi factory can in Moscow Salon furniture.

Carving French Style White Capitone Bed


White French Style Bedroom 
There is a wide range of Capitone bed room furniture in French Style ; Interior Design. To decorate the most special room in the house, the bedroom above includes headboards, dresser, nightstands, wardrobes and vanities.

Rococo Style Sofa Furniture in Antique Gold Leaf Finish


Rococo Style Sofa
This was an amazing sofa Rococo furniture. the most beautiful chair I've ever seen , enriched with antique gold leaf finish and red fabric , the details of carving reflect the common style of this period 

Blue and White Italian Classic Living Room Bosiere Italia


Blue Italian Living Room in Classic Style 
fresh new look for your living room in blue and white scheme enriched the classic style from one of the amazing models of Bosiere Italia , this Italian style Salon decorated with large crystal chandelier and 4 Roman column in white finish paint the floor is from marble which gives charming and precious value for the room , the colors of the curtains completely matching the colors of the sofas include blue and white fabric 

Our Partner Website about Classic Interior Design Trends


Dining Room in neo classical 
jetclass dining room 
Good morning everyone! We would like to start off the week by inviting you to follow , our partner website about classic interior design trends, products, ideads, concepts, latest developments and much more! This is a very interesting blog, updated every week with fresh and interesting news. Don't miss it!>

Upholstered Classic furniture from the Boiserie Italia


Boiserie 3 seat sofa 
|Boiserie Bench
Large Classic Sofa from Boiserie Italia 
Italian collection of upholstered furniture from the furniture factory Boiserie Italia made ​​from environmentally friendly and high-quality materials in a classic style. The design of the models designed specifically for people who want to create in your home as comfortable atmosphere of harmony and tranquility, so that all the items in the house in the first place did their immediate function. Upholstered Boiserie Italia will be a real highlight of your interior, and fill it with the comfort for the duration of its use.

Multi Colored Sofa Italian Style


Multi Colored Sofa

Back View
Deformity is not always a synonym for decadence or misshape. Sometimes, distortions reveal an underlying opposing force, a force that gets `released`, trying to break free from its contraining shell to challenge the pre-established order which was imposed upon it. Breaking free has always been the duty of every human being: breaking free from prejudices, the past, nostalgia, false values, superficiality, boredom, `political correctness,` tiredness, repetitiveness, `bad` friendships, frills, ignorance, conversation, habits, etc. You certainly remember the splendid, in its own way, Hellenistic Laocöon group unearthed when Michelangelo was young and which exterted a profound influence on the artist. Just think of the `Notte` and `Giorno` and `Crepuscolo` and `Alba` of Medicean tombs. This  multi colored sofa seemingly pretentious introduction is meant to clarify that `Michetta Two` deals with objects striving to free themselves of shapes or schematic and rigid impositions. Our time is liquid and our objects are proof of it. They need to break free from preconceived notions and pre-established schemes, which are now thing of the distant past.  

Using Canopies in Bed Decoration


Canopy Italian Bed
Canopies - a unique drape very decorating bedroom. Flat canopy - a very effective way to decorate the bed. Fabric softens hard lines design and makes the space more intimate bed, lowering the ceiling.Canopies, curtains and draperies can be laid out in an easy weightless matter, and can be made ​​of thick curtain fabrics to give them a clean look and put on a par with upholstered furniture and window curtains. Even a modest bed instantly transformed by a conventional piece of fabric stretched over a frame.

What to put on that antique dresser ?


What to put on that antique dresser 

So you’ve bought, borrowed, inherited or otherwise acquired a beautiful antique dressing table or bedroom dresser? Lucky you! They are among the most beautiful kinds of furniture and can really lift a whole bedroom. They are practical too: a great way to make your daily routine that bit easier. But now you’ve got it, what are you going to do with it?

What’s your image?

Show-home perfect or a bit bohemian? Whatever your personal style, and antique dressing table can be used to enhance it. Do you go for the cluttered look, with all your favourite things all over the surface, and perhaps a pair of stockings hanging over the mirror, or do you like things all neat and orderly, tucked away in trays and drawers?

Using it for hair and make-up 

If you’re planning to use your dressing table as it was originally intended, for hair and make-up, it’s important to make sure the top is protected. Some dressing tables already have glass tops, in which case just go ahead and use it. The only thing you may need to be a little careful with are heated styling devices: spilt make-up or hair products will simply wipe off. Do get a specialist glass cleaner or just use vinegar and water, though. Most cleaning products will leave an unpleasant smear. If the top of your table is made out of wood, you might want to buy something like a clear Perspex placemat or chopping board to put your things on to prevent them from spoiling the wood.

Using it to display jewellery and other treasures

An antique dressing table is a great kind of space to display your treasures: jewellery, perfume bottles, even your favourite childhood teddy bear. Go to craft fairs and antique shops to look for ring trees and necklace stands, or if you’re reluctant to do all that dusting, invest in a good quality jewellery box or two. Even make-up boxes and bags can look exciting and glamorous on a beautiful dressing table. For a really special look, buy the right antique jewellery to match the era of your table, whether that’s Regency, Victorian, Art Deco or more modern.

 For men (and women who don’t see themselves as feminine) 

Dressing tables aren’t just for girly girls. They can be a highly practical way for men to keep socks and underwear, cufflinks, hair things and other bits and pieces in order. Park your laptop there for a change of scene while working or surfing the internet.

 For children 

Your little girl will feel like a princess if she’s lucky enough to have a beautiful antique dressing table to put all of her little bits and pieces on and in. Children love designs with lots of different drawers and compartments. Use it to store clothes or toys, and it can even double up as a desk to do homework at.

Italian Classic Furniture VS French Classic Furniture


Italian Style BedroomFrench Style BedroomIf you are looking for new furniture to replace your current pieces or just want to redesign your rooms, you may have been surprised by the various furniture styles available. You will need to decide which styles are right for you. Two popular styles, Italian classic and French classic, have distinct and unique features that set the designs apart. Italian classic design spans different periods. For example, 15th century style uses outlines and details in a simplistic form, such as traditional molding and animal or Rinceau forms for ornamentation. The 17th century style uses classic ornamentations, including geometric shapes and columns. Some Gothic influence may also be seen in French pieces designed in the 17th century style. French classic design has shades of influence from the Italian classic designs and other cultures. Classic French style included many benches, chests and coffers, with pieces that served multiple purposes taking center stage. For example, a bench that also functioned as a chest or storage unit was a common French piece. French classic furniture pieces are often ornate, as opposed to the simplistic features of the Italian classic design. Classic French pieces are often detailed and come in many different woods, with ornate inlays of mother of pearl or ivory. The Tuscan look is a classic Italian style commonly associated with classic Italian furniture today. The Tuscany pieces feature mosaics and other complex details on a small amount of space, such as the underside of a sofa. Some modern Italian pieces combine the look of the classic and Tuscan furniture styles. These pieces often use materials, such as marble and iron, associated with other home use in the design. While the pieces are elegant, the furniture is also designed with durability in mind. French classic pieces often reflect the area of production. Provincial pieces often have features such as cabriole legs and simple woodcarvings, as opposed to the more detailed work seen in some Italian classic pieces. Parisian pieces tend to reflect the artistic trends of the time, while adding elements of basic French classic design. Pieces made in the royal design are usually the most ornate, with gilded finishes, ivory or tortoiseshell veneers and complex marquetry. The chief differences between French classic and Italian classic largely depend on the time period. Very early French-style pieces may bear a close resemblance to early Italian pieces, reflecting the popular styles in Europe at the time. Italian classic pieces may have more ornate designs than classic French pieces, as French designers often placed an emphasis on travel and use in the basic design. Both Italian and French classic furniture, with the exception of some royal French designs, are usually made of durable, sturdy materials. Consider the quality and type of materials used before deciding on a particular piece. If you need a chair for a busy room, for example, you`ll want a study piece that has material you`re able to clean. Depending on the fabrics and features, care for the pieces may differ. Only use cleaning and repair products and methods that are recommended for your classic Italian or French piece. If you use something not recommended for your furniture, you may cause permanent damage to the piece. If you`re not sure whether you have selected a cheap table hire a designer or talk to an antique furniture seller for help. Don`t forget to consider the current design scheme of your rooms when you`re deciding on clas[...]

BELLOTTI Furniture Collection in Italy


Ezio BELLOTTI's project team is composed of qualified designers able to organize and coordinate every furnishing project pictures below represent Luxury classic sitting room furniture made in carved wood, natural finish with antique gold and colors.

Italian Bedroom with Decorated and Padded panels


Amazing bedroom Iride in Italian style it include Bed frame with decorated or padded Panels 197 x 221 x H 62/140 cm enriched with white paint and hand made drawing or capitoneBed with capitoneDrawing panels Decorated Bed Italian Nightstand Console Dresser and mirror wardrobe 4 doors wardrobe decorated 4 doors decorated wardrobe 6 doors [...]

Classic Large Meeting or Conference Room Tables in Italian Style


14 seater oval table, 2 bases and 6 columns,1 flower box decorated, 2 crystal on table top20 seater octagonal table, 4 bases and 16 columns,4 crystal on table top ,central opening24-SEATER OCTAGONAL TABLE: 1 BASE, 12 COLUMNS + 4 CRYSTAL TOPS24 seater rectangular table, base,6 statues and 2 columns40 seater octagonal table, 8 bases and 36 columns,10 crystal on table top ,central openingMeeting Room Armchair Meeting Room Chair Here you will find a collection of Italian Baroque large meeting rooms tables in classic style enriched with gilt profile and decorated with gold and table can be designed for 40 , 20 , 14 and 24 seater or chair and armchair this style of meeting or dining tables is suitable for government official meetings.[...]

King Baroque Bedroom Enriched with Gold Carving


King Bedroomwardrobe Baroque BedDresser wardrobe Showcase King Baroque Bedroom Enriched with gold Carving the bedroom include the following items : King Size Metal and Leather Bed - King Size Leather Bed -Decorative Mural and Curtains - Bedside Table - Dressing Table - Mirror for Dresser -  Dresser Bench -  Foot Bench[...]

Italian Bedroom collection upholstered with Swarovski crystals


Italian Style Bed Enriched with Swarovski Crystal 
"Rose" Bedroom collection.This new bedroom characterizes for the important bed headboard all upholstered with Swarovski crystals and bordered with a elegant carved frame. The white shining lacquering with silver leaf and white decapè contributes to create the particularity of this bed see also " Golden Carving Salon Set ". An original touch is given by the violet lacquering with metallic effect of the two bedside tables.