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Macromedia Central news, links, tips and applications.

Published: 2005-02-25T18:39:20+00:00


7 new Central applications from e2easy


e2easy has 7 Central applications for home and business use. [via ]....

Central lacks ‘wow’ factor, scrap it


Interesting post from Matt Round: Decentralise: [...] Here’s a suggestion for Macromedia for making Central a success: scrap it. Some thoughts in response from JD....

Central Tic Tac Toe


Jesse Warden: Central Tic Tac Toe: [...] I made a Tic Tac Toe game with the all the free time/days off I could using Flex, Flashcom, and Central. I learned a lot, and have the classic "I hate how I...

Publish Profiles Tip


Mike Lyda has a a little tip about using Publish Profiles to smoothen Central development workflow....

Source for XMPP Instant Messenger for Central


Sean Voisen has relesed the source for his XMPP/Jabber based instant messenger XMPP Instant Messenger for Central: Back in February of this year, I started working on an XMPP/Jabber based instant messenger for Central 1.0. I worked on it for...

Central Application Portability


Advanced RIA engineering: applications that run in the Browser and in Central: One of the most overlooked things about Central 1.5 is probably the fact that it is fully ActionScript 2.0 compatible. Combined with some best-practice design patterns it's now...

Central 1.5


While this blog was hibernating it slept through the release of Central 1.5. I'm going to try and gather a few links highlighting some of the new features and oportunities brought by the latest release. Feasible Impossibilities: Macromedia Central 1.5...

Central Stream


This blog is in super-catchup-mode at the moment, so this isn't exactly new, but Central Stream looks interesting: […] developed as a way for Independent Artist to expose their music to the masses. Central Stream is a free service to...

Oops! World Time Application Broken


I've only just realised my World Time application is fairly broken in Central 1.5, I've been spending a bit of time fixing it recently, and learning a bit more about Central in the process! I should have it updated within...



Mike Lyda announces his new Central application — AIMWatcher: AIMWatcher allows you to see the usage history of people who are in your Buddy List. It shows when they have been online, offline, idle, away, etc. You can set it...

Not Quite Extinct!


Due to lack of spare time, this site has been dormant for a while, but may return to rear it's ugly head sometime in future. If you want the latest skinny on Central, CentralMx keeps on updating at a rate...

Filtering Traces by Application


Mike Chambers documents how use the App Name Filter field in the Central Trace Panel. Application developers can set the variable Central.tracer.appName, and use that value in the panel's filter field....

Using Large Data in Central


Jesse Warden encounters preformance issuses while populating a DataGrid using LCDataProvider and some insanely large XML. I face similar issues in my World Time application. The size of the XML data I use isn't quite insane, but large enough to...

Standalone Trace Panel for OS X


Mike Chambers has released a Standalone Central Trace Panel for OS X: I have created an OS X version of my stand-alone Central Trace Panel. This basically allows you to run the Central Trace / Debug panel outside of the...

Central App Modders


Eric Dolecki has posted an interface mock-up of Central on MacOS X using a Drawer to display a list of applications — maybe a Source List would be a better candidate? Presumably the idea would be to replace the toolbar...