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Cars! Cars! Cars!

A Car Blog. Only Angrier

Published: 2009-10-27T13:01:25-04:00


Screen Door Factory Gets a New Neighbor!


There's gonna be a new car company in Delaware? Next to the screen door factory? Seriously, this is where we'da rather seen the car bailout money go -- to new start ups with new ideas. Referenced articles emptywheel: Biden To...

A Loan


OK, so Koenigsegg Group AB want to buy the Saab division from GM. But they need a loan to do it. It looks like about $600,000,000 is needed. So, at the current rate of 19 Saabs sold per day at...

Just One. Really?


Just one GM was returned during the 60-day guarantee? MeanwhileHe [GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz] says consideration for GM vehicles is up 15 percent and says its market share in September, 20.5 percent, is the same as last year. Consideration,...



No, not good 'ol GD, just some Fords. One million? No, keep going. Two? Nope. Three. Think mo. Mo mo mo. Four?! Oh, stop, we'll answer for you. 4,500,000 All the way back to when Clinton was in office! Sweet...

Can't Be Real


There is no way that DeLorean Motor Company is considering building a car based on the Pontiac Solstice. That car helped kill Pontiac and Saturn. No, it did not single car-ily kill both companies, but it was a great example...

Time To Make A New Category


Not that we care all that much for Trucks* but what the hell is Chrysler thinking? A brand just around the RAM trucks? It's not like these things have been selling like hotcakes... so WTF? Is Chrysler going to spin...

Saab On The Brain?


Sorry for our rants about Saab recently (No Way), but what is up with Saab? How can this niche brand still be around? Specifics? Sure, in August and September Saab sold 19 cars a day. Two months in a row!...

No One Could Have Predicted


Actually, we didn't. But we knew this was a no go. There were no cars to sell. And it's not like people were lining up to buy any Saturns anyway. So what happens now? Saturn just closes and "the dream"...

Go, Safety!


Offset crash (then vs now): Man, give us new over old any day!

Honda Falls


How did Honda fall so far so fast? With the release of the photos of the Crosstour, one has to wonder who quit in the last few years since the original Acura TL was released. Seriously, how many ugly vehicles...

No Way


There is no way that Koenigsegg is buying Saab. Really? No, there is no way. For Alison's sake, they sold 19 each day during August. That's during the cash for clunkers sale no less. Saab is dead. GM killed it....

An Alternative It Is


Idea maybe for a new blog, hmm? Yes? OK, enough of the Yoda talk. Can you imagine if more people did this rather than driving? 42 bikes in one car spot. Referenced articles gizmodo: How Many Folding Bikes Does It...

A New Ford


The new Ford's here! The new Ford's here! And is he more qualified than ever or what?Anybody who can keep junior high school kids not only in their seats but focused on a lesson plan can deal with any supplier...

I'll Buy That For a Dollar


Who in their right mind would buy a car company that sold 22 cars a day in July? But you say, "So what if they don't sell a lot of 'em. Profit it profit, dear Cars! Cars! Cars! writer." First...