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Carlos Alberto Notes

New ideas and experiences day to day

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MonoDevelop IronPython binding

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 10:36:57 PST

While playing with Python, then with IronPython, and finally while preparing a talk about the latter at the Mono Devroom at FOSDEM (last February), I implemented a basic MonoDevelop language binding for IronPython, and now after some minor polishing I'm presenting what would be the 0.1 version.

You can think of this addin as a port of the basic-but-working Python binding for MonoDevelop, modified to use the actual IronPython asemblies (coming partially bundled, with the help of them being Apache licensed), and thus use its AST, parser on other routines instead of those ones of the standard Python implementation. And well, some sugar here and there for specific stuff.

That being said, it's not as complete as the C# support in MonoDevelop, but surely it will allow you to play around. Some of the important things to remember while trying it:
  • Disable the MonoDevelop Python addin. It happens that MD tries to detect a handle for a file being opened ( and it will likely give priority to the Python one.
  • Even if the IronPython/DLR assemblies are bundled, we are just doing it partially (to use the required bits). Thus you need to install IronPython yourself.
  • Windows is not supported at the time, since the completion engine (borrowed from the MD Python addin) uses Mono.Data.Sqlite, which happens to not work under Windows (due to a bug). Hopefully this will be fixed with a new completion engine I'm working on.
To try it, just clone . (I plan to offer it as a Test addin in the MonoDevelop addin repository after I figure out some issues there.)

Before actually playing with it, don't forget to configure the actual runtime/interpreter: Simply go to Edit->Preferences->IronPython (a better and sweeter dialog is coming for this, btw):

Of course, there are many items on the TODO (like squeezing the IronPython/DLR assemblies, improve the indentation and completion engines -ongoing-, include decent support for policy sets, etc), so the plan is to incrementally work on them. Of course, any contribution is welcome ;-)

.Net/Mono Code Camp

Wed, 30 Sep 2009 06:46:57 PDT

I will be attending next october to the .Net/Mono Code Camp, where there will be conferences about the latest goodies in .Net, as well as -of course- some of the most interesting bits in the Mono land. The event is going to take place exactly on october 17th and 18th in Tarragona, Spain, and I expect to have a lot of fun there.
I will be giving a general Mono presentation with our last bits here and there, and since none of our great Moonlight hackers is coming, I will be also giving a talk about the Moonlight land. But the most interesting part is that hacker extraordinaire Lluis Sanchez is comingo talk about the awesome MonoDevelop as well as about Mono.Addins, a powerful plugin framework used in the previously mentioned project.

I think it's will also be interesting that the Codice Software crew, the guys behind Plastic SCM, will be there to give a talk also. They have been of great help for us, giving feedback, filling bugs, sending patches, etc. Their talk will be about their experience using Mono as a cross platform solution, which I'm already looking forward.

The agenda, just as Lluis mentions, include Mono, Moonlight, MonoTouch (development for the iPhone), MonoDevelop, Mono.Addins, and much more.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to say that the registrarion is open - so, if you plan to attend, register here.

Working in an office

Thu, 11 Sep 2008 08:28:04 PDT

Just like Lluis, I had been working alone from home for the last years, and after some time I began to feel a little curious about working in an office (which I had never done before), which would also mean: see real people every day, less distractions, free coffee, etc.

So I had the chance to work in the Suse Prague offices for a pair of weeks, and I have to say that even if it was only for some days, I began to feel a little more focused and less distracted (and it would be better if we had any Mono hacker around ;-) ).

Besides that, the obvious: Prague is a quite nice city, with castles, statues, and a lot of cheap and very good beer.

Hopefully I will be able to work in an office the next year - somewhere ;-)

BindingSource 2.0

Wed, 28 May 2008 13:51:49 PDT

Following Jonathan Pobst big finale, I was immediately going to write about BindingSource (2.0 windows.forms, data binding class) and the fact that it's behaviour is not deeply explained the msdn docs (I realized this after implementing some bits based on pure sample testing and deductions, having descriptions like "returns X, Y member", which was clearly not enough in some cases).

Even if we have now tests for every 2.0 member of data binding and BindingSource, I still have the feeling that we probably are missing some bits on that class, and that's why I'm requesting everyone out there using data binding to test your app with Mono!

Observe that I have already been trying a pair of small/medium apps using it, but nothing interesting has appeared yet. That will change soon, hopefully.

Y sobre Moonlight

Sat, 08 Sep 2007 08:55:59 PDT

Well, this is a basically a post in spanish, because basically I have to explain and say some things about Moonlight to some pals here around. And because I'm pretty sure some others will do the same in english (beginning with Miguel), then I proceed.

Sobre Moonlight patentes y chismes varios

Una de las cosas que más ha dado de hablar en los últimos días es precisamente la cooperación para entre Novell y Microsoft con respecto a Moonlight (nuestra versión de Silverlight). Sabíamos de antemano que por una parte, habría muchas preguntas y cuestiones importantes a aclarar, y al mismo tiempo, mucha gente diciendo cosas sin el menor sustento (como es muy común en el SL).

Ahora, primero quiero aclarar que esto no es tan fácil como decir si reprobamos o no nuestro curso, o si fuimos honestos. Las fábulas no nos sirven en muchas escenarios, como éste, precisamente.

Ahora, la cuestión en efecto es que hay una parte de la colaboración que establece que al descargar Moonlight de los sitios de Novell no hay problemas en cuanto a patentes.

Y el tema de patentes desde luego está lejos de ser un tema fácil, pero también es cierto que la gente no suele tener una *che idea de lo que realmente es. Como muchas personas lo han dicho ya, es un problema importante en la industria del software, porque por una parte se están patentando ideas que son la progresión natural de otras, y por otra parte, se patentan cosas ya hechas hace mucho tiempo. En otras palabras, el sistema de patentes apesta.

Ahora, afirmar que Moonlight no es libre porque al descargarlo bajo ciertas circunstancias es muy probable que te demanden (lo cual, no, no es chido) está lejos de ser cierto. Es decir, se pueden recibir demandas casi por cualquier cosa hecha, porque muchas técnicas de software ya están patentadas. Así que no importa si usas Python o si usas C, o si usas C# o Perl, porque puede que te caiga una demanda por patentes, y eso te puede caer -patentes- sobre cualquier aplicación de SL. Entendámonos: que puedas ser demandado por violación de patentes no hace que tu software deje de ser libre.

Ahora, en mi opinión, la cuestión tiene más que ver con una cierta desconfianza hacia Microsoft, por que se argumenta de sus prácticas nocivas y demás. Pero bueno, eso tendré que mencionarlo en otro post.

* Curiosidad: La técnica de listas ligadas que todo programador usa, y que data de hace un par de décadas, ha sido patentada recientemente. Así que como seguramente Gnome o KDE usan las listas ligadas, y por tanto, pueden ser demandadas por violar dicha patente, automágicamente dejan ambos proyectos de ser libres (según el incorrecto razonamiento previo, por supuesto).

Abortion in Mexico

Mon, 02 Apr 2007 10:57:52 PDT

Abortion has always been a difficult topic, and much more in Mexico. In the latest weeks it was proposed in the Legislative Assembly of Mexico’s Federal District to legalize the partial decriminalization of abort, which caused the furious answer of the right-wing in Mexico, that in union with a group of business men and the catolic church, is trying to use again the fear campaign used the last year agains left-wing candidate to the federal government.

Human Rights Watch has an article about decriminalizing abortion. Here some interesting bits:
Safe and legal access to abortion is a human rights concern. All of our experiences have shown that women suffer terrible consequences when access to abortion is blocked and criminalized.

The deputies are also considering reforms to improve access to contraceptives and to sex education and information.

Here a related note in spanish.

Abortion and the right wing

Proceso has also an interesting article about the reaction of the right wing, which is trying to stop the decriminalization. The problem begins with the not-recognized-by-me president, Fecal.

Felipe Calderon, president of Mexico, representant of the mexican lay state, has broken the legality by declaring against the decriminalization of the abortion, using catolic terms.

As in the campaign of the 2006, the PAN people, business men, the conservative catolic church and Calderon are again using the television with his campaign against the PRD.

In 2006 the dirty campaign designed by the norteamerican Dick Morris, hired by Calderon and the PAN gave as result a confronted society. Now in 2007 the new campaign of the PAN, together with the catolic church and the business men of right wing have began not only to divide the mexican society, but to polarize it.

The health secretary, José Ángel Córdoba said the that the last year there were only 88 deaths by this cause. However, the PRD is using oficial numbers of the National Poblation Bureau (CONAPO) showing that in Mexico there are 533 thousend abortions per year in unhealthy conditions and with mortal risks.

Televisa is showing interviews and notes about women who are regretful of abortion. But there's no information about the women who have decided to abort by economical, familiar, social or even health aspects.

The article in spanish here.

The Power

Wed, 28 Mar 2007 11:22:03 PDT

Today I found this really nice image:

Definitely Elba Esther Gordillo is getting payed by the help she gave to the not-recognized-by-a-lot-of-people president Calderon in his dirty campaign last year. The last proof of that is the recent change to the ISSTE.

The dirty game of the right wing in Mexico

Sun, 18 Feb 2007 12:04:25 PST

In the latest days, the historian Carlos Tello Diaz presented his book "2 de Julio", where he mentions that, based on his own sources, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (the federal government candidate for the left wing), accepted he lost the elections.

In an interview, he also mentioned he had the chance to talk to Perez Gay and Federico Arreola (who are close to Lopez Obrador) to corroborate it.

However, he's having a lack of credibility: Perez Gay denied he gave an interview to Tello Diaz, in an article published a day later. Also, Federico Arreola had the chance to face him in an interview with Carmen Aristegui (one of the most prominent journalist in Mexico), where Tello couldn't bear with the pressure.

As Federico Arreola mentions in his article, it's part fo the dirty game from the federal government.

Le exigí que probara que AMLO había dicho eso. No pudo hacerlo. Lo reté a que diera el nombre de su fuente, se negó varias veces. Insistí y Tello no soportó la presión. Me acusó: "Tú fuiste la fuente". Cuando le expliqué que lo iba a llevar a los tribunales por esa calumnia, reculó: "Miento en eso, efectivamente".

Weird enough, we also have in Mexico one of the worst journalist out there: Lopez Doriga, who writes a columns saying "we already knew that Lopez Obrador knew about his lost". Well, if you say to, then _prove it_.

The high prices of corn and other bits.

In the campaign for the federal government, Calderon (currently the presidente of Mexico, legal but not legitimate) said that Lopez Obrador was a "danger for Mexico". As part of those aseverations, he said "the prices will get higher". What does he have to say now, when whe have these high prices in corn?


Interesting enough, a lot of people around me that used to think about of Lopez Obrador as a "danger for Mexico" don't even say a word about it. I wonder why.

The rigth wing in Mexico

Sat, 09 Dec 2006 13:58:35 PST

Wow, it's incredibly surprising how they right wing in Mexico is trying to put and end to the public education. I just found this note in a newspaper:
La Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) hizo un llamado a los rectores de las universidades públicas del país a iniciar un debate “serio” para imponer cuotas a los estudiantes y crear un sistema de créditos, debido a que en este momento más de un millón de jóvenes, es decir, 40 por ciento de la matrícula nacional, recibe un subsidio que es 12 veces mayor que el de estudiantes provenientes de zonas indígenas o de escasos recursos.

It basically says that the federal government made a call to the public universities to begin a debate to impose fees. This is very interesting, because there's a very clear idea to end with the public education based on the next principles:

  • a) The education should be privatized, since it has large costs for the government

  • b) Only a few should be able to receive high-quality education: those who can pay a private school

  • c) The handcraft should have priority over the education. We are a handcraft country, after all.

  • d) It's easier to gain control over the students in the private universities; at least that's the case in Mexico (observe that I'm not against the private education. I'm saying that the private education trends to sucks IN Mexico). Some of those universities have given us the worst politicians and businessmen.

  • e) In some universities -such the UNAM- there's a big concentration of left-winged groups, which could be a problem for the right-winged governments. So, let's end with them too.

  • After all this principles, you will find that the right-wing that is currently in Mexico DID LEARN what Neoliberalism means.

    Source of the new here

The current status of the problem in Oaxaca

Mon, 30 Oct 2006 12:37:11 PST

For the mexican audience, it's not a secret that the problems arising in Oaxaca are related to the abuses committed by the government of the state. Right now the scenario appears to be pretty complicated, and different groups in the country are showing their dislike for the use of the army by the federal government (around 7 persons have been killed in the last days).

Usually it's nice to read articles and essays by the international media, telling the truth about the circumstances in the international events. I used to read DW (Deutsche Welle), until I found this stupid paragraph:
El presidente de México, Vicente Fox, se acerca al último mes de su gobierno con un nivel de popularidad muy superior al de otros mandatarios latinoamericanos. Por ello, son muchos los mexicanos que seguramente aplaudirán el envió de tropas policíacas a Oaxaca

First of all, Fox hasn't a very good popularity here in Mexico. Even more, he is shown as a clown by the media. Second, the mexican nation isn't very happy about the army trying to take Oaxaca. The demonstration taking place along the entire country are a proof of that.

Hey, trolls

Fri, 14 Jul 2006 15:32:54 PDT

Hey trolls. Yes, you trolls. Since you can't understand the things written by the media (and by media, I mean Proceso, Jornada, Mileno, and similar), I want to put these pictures. They are very easy to understand.



Since these goodies are very easy to understand, I highly recommend:

Of course, you could also try to read good articles (forget about Cronica and such).

PD - I beg your pardon for such hard words.

Ellos no se lo merecen

Wed, 05 Jul 2006 14:33:36 PDT


Elections in Mexico

Mon, 03 Jul 2006 22:34:21 PDT

The mexican media says that PRD -left wing- and the PAN -right wing- have a technical draw.

BUT it's very clear that the government and the IFE president, Luis Carlos Ugalde, are trying to manipulate the elections.

BEFORE other thing, go read: Sendero del peje, and the great post of Miguel de Icaza. I love the next parafraphs:

The PAN orchestrated a fear campaign against the PRD/AMLO. The TV ads were fairly blunt "if they win, you will loose your job and your house", "Four families will be forced to live in an apartment", your standard cold-war era propaganda. I figured nobody would believe this sort of thing, but I was surprised to listen to my own friends echo these things back to me "we would have lost our houses and jobs".
Anyways, Mexicans, like the Americans two years ago, managed to vote against their own interest as the discussion shifted away from the Economic Policy to whether the man had finished his degree and whether he ate babies with his bare hands.

From La Jornada

Fri, 09 Jun 2006 11:17:46 PDT

El empresario Diego Hildebrando Zavala admitió ayer que su empresa Meta Data obtuvo pingües contratos por adjudicación directa en el sector público, y particularmente en el ámbito de Pemex, en tiempos en que su cuñado, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, era titular de la Secretaría de Energía, de la que depende la paraestatal. La confirmación es relevante en dos sentidos: porque arroja luz sobre lo que podría denominarse, parafraseando a Daniel Cosío Villegas, el estilo personal de adjudicar que ha caracterizado al foxismo, y cuya expresión más lamentable es el conjunto de turbiedades institucionales operadas para beneficiar a los hermanos Bribiesca Sahagún, y porque coloca en un callejón sin salida la candidatura presidencial del propio Calderón Hinojosa y, con ella, al conjunto del foxismo.

But Televisa and TvAzteca think different. The reason should be obvious.

Last night debate

Wed, 07 Jun 2006 08:48:52 PDT

Last night it took place the last debate in the federal elections of Mexico. For me, it was very clear that the current government with the most powerful television channels (Televisa and TvAzteca) would try to show its candidate as the winner. So, it's no surprise that Calderon -right wing side of the politics in Mexico- is saying that he won the debate.

I wrote a small essay about this situation, called "Acerca del debate". Also, from an article in Proceso, I extract the next fragment -in spanish-. A reporter asks Calderon:
Un reportero le preguntó si estaba, también, preparado para la derrota, pero él dijo que sólo piensa en el triunfo, tal como lo ha venido logrando.

--Le reitero la pregunta. ¿Está preparado para una derrota?

--Le reitero la respuesta. No –dijo, y siguió sonriendo, como lo hizo hoy durante todo el día.

So, now you know what to expect.

My essay at:
The Proceso reference:

Another one bites the dust

Fri, 21 Apr 2006 12:58:31 PDT

It was time for the government of the DF to show that one of the most used arguments by the right-wing of the political escenario in Mexico was a lie:

For me, that was clear -after some reading, of course-. But a lot of people used to take this lie as a truth.

Interesing article about the PAN campaign (in spanish)

Thu, 13 Apr 2006 13:41:24 PDT

Un interesante ensayo en Proceso analiza la forma en que la campaña del PAN ha ido ganando adeptos. Un parrafo interesante resulta ser éste:

Las propuestas han quedado de lado y sus embestidas en contra de Andrés Manuel López Obrador, aspirante presidencial de la coalición Por el Bien de Todos, calificándolo de un peligro para el país, parecen darle frutos.

Y todavía más interesante ver cómo muchas personas mal informadas, se dejan llevar por el miedo:

“Es un peligro para México”, “¡Imagínate si llega a la Presidencia, lo que no hará!”, “Es un populista y sólo los imbéciles pueden creer que ayudará a sacar al país de la pobreza con su programa de viejecitos”, son algunas de las expresiones que más he escuchado en los últimos días.

Y lo más interesante del artículo:
La crispación de los actores sociales llevaría a escenarios de confrontación social y eso no conviene a nadie o, mejor dicho, sólo a algunos. El miedo inhibe la participación y, de acuerdo con las cuentas que hacen los equipos de campaña de los tres principales candidatos, el PRI es el más beneficiado, pues cuenta con una reserva de voto duro mayor que la del PRD y PAN.


The answer of the intellectuals

Wed, 12 Apr 2006 21:00:20 PDT

One or two days ago, I wrote about the way the PAN -right wing of the political groups in Mexico- bases its campaign in lies, instead of proposes.

Today I found in La Jornada -one of the most important newspapers in Mexico- some great articles, containing answers to the PAN actions -specially to the declarations of Manuel Espino, the federal president of this political group-, and one of the most interesting declarations, is the one by Raquel Tibol, artist and art critic:

"Qué han respondido sobre el Fobaproa? Qué han respondido sobre los 3 millones (de pesos) que sacó (Felipe) Caldern de Banobras? Qué han respondido acerca de las agresiones sufridas por destacadas figuras de su propio partido que al clamar por un poco de democracia interna se han visto obligados a renunciar?

And this one from writer Federico Campbell:

Estén preparando a la opinin pública para hacer posible un gran fraude electoral, en esencia esa es su estrategia, y en ese proyecto están tanto Televisa, como el PRI.

(Spanish) Como ciudadanos y ciudadanas de Mxico, tenemos la responsabilidad de estar bien informados de las verdades detrs de las bambalinas, de sas que no se salen en Televisa o Tvazteca. No es incorrecto apoyar a partidos como el PRI o PAN. Lo que es incorrecto es apoyarlos sin saber lo que hay detrás.

Referencias (MUST READ!)
* Espino y PAN muestran su ignorancia al atacar a Poniatowska (
* De Fernando del Paso a Manuel Espino (
* Todos somos sospechosos (

Politics, Poniatowska and more

Mon, 10 Apr 2006 15:46:07 PDT

For me, the way the PAN -mexican right winged political group- has been managing its publicity is nothing new. For me, that political group -and also the PRI, I must say- has been using political strategies that makes me remember that ones of Goebbel's (Hittler's minister of propaganda).

Recently, one of the most admired writers in Mexico, Elena Poniatowska, appeared in the mexican TV supporting López Obrador -the candidate of the left side of politics-.

It's very sad -and when I say sad, I really mean it- that a so ignorant group like the PAN comes to -indirectly- attack Poniatowska.

Fernando del Paso, also writer, also comments:
"Los otros espots que he visto, como en el que comparan a López Obrador con Hugo Chávez, de Venezuela, o el de los ladrillos que se derrumban, me parecen también siniestros. Es evidente que si estos señores no tienen nada que decir, salvo injuriar e insultar, deberían callarse.

The reference:

Interesting article about political surveys in Mexico

Fri, 03 Mar 2006 12:18:18 PST

Altought the big players in the tv in Mexico use to report wrong information, it's always nice to find that it's still possible to find good articles regarding to political activities in Mexico.

A good article about the way some political groups (specially the right wing, the PAN) use this information and try to play with it here.

Linux world event

Fri, 17 Feb 2006 18:49:02 PST

Yesterday I had the oportunity to go to the Linux Expo here and Mexico, and also had the chance to meet with my boss Miguel, and also could meet some of the Novell Ximian guys there.

If you took a photo with Miguel and me, send it to calberto.cortez at gmail (I forgot to take photos by myself). I will appreciate it.

Interesting article about politics in Mexico

Wed, 28 Dec 2005 15:20:41 PST

It's sad to see that the current government is helping some of the men behind the FOBAPROA in Mexico (a large fraud that took place some years ago, where the banks lent themselves money and then declared to be in economical problems). One of those men, Jorge Lankenau, was set free some days ago.

The article here (in spanish).

Managed environments and Macs

Miguel has a pretty interesting post about .Net/Mono environments and the declarations about it made by the mac guys (saying that managed languages are 'SLOW').

The technical issues mentioned by Miguel are really interesting, but the article also shows the way in which osnews/oreilly/slashdot 'trolly' posts should be fighted. It's more interesting to see a complete point of view, instead of the classical posts, such "I agree, that thing just sucks", "And what about the patent issue?" and that kind of posts that definitely don't help the discussion.

Nice article about the latest survey in Mexico

Fri, 25 Nov 2005 11:51:16 PST

Just found a very nice article about the latest political survey in Mexico. It points out an important fact about this kind of surveys and also mentions a different one by another institute.

The link here (in spanish)

Another article about politics in Mexico

Fri, 19 Aug 2005 14:07:03 PDT

Proceso is a very good reading for those who could be interested in the social an political movements happening in Mexico.

This time I found an essay about the latest appareance of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who was president of Mexico some years ago, and who has a lot of political power. The possible reasons behind he appearing are here.

Politics and globalization

Wed, 17 Aug 2005 00:27:40 PDT

I found quite interesting an article about a thing that is known for much of us, but that remain unknown for others: the latest economical and political ideas are having a very bad impact in countries like Mexico and the located in center and south America, like social segregation, a minority with much money and so on.

A great article here, at Deutsche Welle,,1564,1681370,00.html