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.:My Truth:.

A place where i can let my mind run free with ideas, poems and to talk about my religion.

Updated: 2015-09-17T07:08:09.882+08:00


Still here


Thanks to all thoes who keep visiting my blog, i am still here and blogging but time is not on my side. So many things to do and so little time. I am writing this post while Hadeel (my daughter) is in her bouncer and i am rocking her with my foot! *talk about multi tasking :P*

Juggling studies, housework and being a mum is no joke i tell ya. But i manage somehow..only just though! A few weeks left and then we will be on a plane to Oman i cant wait! I chatted to Namika yesterday and she said "well at least you will be able to relax here" but i doubt that i will be doing any relaxing. I have been away for a year and during that time gave birth to Hadeel so i will be doing lots of visiting. Which reminds me that i will need to do some serious shopping, might go to dubai for that! YAY!!!

Hadeel is growing, many people say she resembles her dad i think she looks like me. I wonder who the family will say she looksl ike. Today i was playing with her squeezing her chubby cheecks and she laughed she looked sooo sweet!! masha Allah so i did it again and she laughed again i couldnt believe it she was acutally responding to me! I cant believe 2 months have passed already since i gave birth to her. At such a young age we can see her personality developing. She is very stubborn and always wants things done her way. Allah ei3eena when she gets older!

I am off now to do my other duties lol and will try to update soon



Cuteee  (image)

Being a Mother


This is our last ramamdhan in OZ and i am so happy, as thoes who are aborad know what i am talking about. Ramadhan is just not the same!! The atmosphere is so different i mean what is ramamdhan without hearing the athan, breaking fast with family, praying tarawee7, (the list is endless) . I dont miss the food much as in ramadhan for some reason ppl go overboard and cook fattening stuff which is very unhealthy!

Baby News
It would be idea with babies came with a manual lol but unfortunately they dont! First time mothers ghave to learn the hard way by trial and error! Yes you get advice and help from other mothers but you know the sayin "easier said than done!"

We are coping well alhamdulilah, i dont know what i'd do without the help of my hubby. He is simply wonderful masha Allah.

I realise that time is not mine anymore to do as i please. I have a baby to attend to who can be very demanding. Sleepless nights are in, dropping everything when she cries, joining the nappies club ( i didnt realise how much nappies are needed i think we go through 7-8 a day!) If i leave them on for too long she could develop nappy rash!!

I thank you all for your comments, keep visiting the site i dont know when i will be able to update again!

Its a GIRL!!!!


Alhamdulilah on the 11th of septmeber, i became a mother! Most people if not all of them thought i was having a boy. Although i really didnt mind what the baby's gender was i secretly wanted a girl, and wanted to prove everyone wrong!

I had an easy pregnancy alhamdulilah and the delivery wasnt as bad as i expected. Of course you go through pain but one just has to hang in there and not fight the pain. Once you see your baby you forget the pain (its true you do!!! i never belived that but i experinced it).

I can look at my daughter for hours on end and not get bored. Its amazing how much love i feel for this person whom i have known for less than a month! Being a mother is a lot of work and i am enjoying every minute of it. I thank Allah for my husband who has been very supportive, i wouldnt have been able to cope without you honey.

I thank everyone for your wishes, i have no idea when i will blog again. * i know have an excuse :P * in addition i have my studies (which reminds me i better start working on my assignment) *sigh*

On this day 24 years ago...


I was born!

I cant believe i am 24 years old!! Time has passed every so quickly just a few years ago my life was so different to what it is now. Single, no responsibilities and young (lol). Now here i am happily married to the man who completes me and expecting our first child!

Yes i have kept it a secret all this time with the intention of surprising you...i think announcing it on my birthday is special enough.

So far I have received messages from my sisters in law, my ex colleague from Oman, my friend SoMe1 and her sister. It is a bonus to have my husband, my sister in law and my mother with me here. I thank you all so much for remembering me on this day and everyday. May Allah bless you all Amin.

Tagged by Allured and Arby


I have never been tagged before thanks Allured for tagging me!

I started Blogging in December 2004
My blog is a place where i can share my thoughts and feelings

I blog because i like keeping diaries so this is my online diary!

Something i would like to change in my blog nothing as i recently updated it

Something i would like to add to my blog hmm cant think of anything right now, oh yeah maybe a map of where the blog visitors come from!

Blogs that are saved in my favorite list look to the right --->

Blogs that i often comment in Arby's, Namika's, Uaeyah's, Allured's, Nabhan's and Enigma's blogs.

When i get a comment in my blog i usually answer it.

The only thing to discourage me from commenting in other blogs i dont have much to say!

Blogs that have links to my blogs are hmm not many lol...

I think the only thing that would stop me from blogging would be studies and not finding the time.

My blog is the 1st thing i check when i go online Yes/No ......NO

I allow anonymous comments Yes/No...Hmm i cant remember have to check that

My blog gives a clear idea of who i am Yes/No Not really maybe just my views on various subjects

My News


Its been exactly a month since i last posted but as usual my excuse is that i have been very busy with studies..not much is happening in my life but soon insha Allah something big will happen! But only when it happens i shall inform you insha Allah.

I have added a new button titled Oman Blog Awards please click to find out what its all about.
There are so many great Omani blogs around now masha Allah and its time that they got some attention!

This is just to let you know that i am still alive and kicking alhamdulilah. More to come soon insha Allah.

Australia Why?


Yesterday i watched a programe on tv where they were talking about Australian muslims and islam in general. They portrayed muslims in a bad way, and only said that they wanted the public to believe not the reality. It really got me upset and i felt like i wanted to go back home that instant.

Anyway here is the link where you can either watch the show or read the transcript.

Let me know what you think




I have been away for the past few days, my reason for doing so is that college has started and i dont have much free time anymore :(

I was looking forward to going back as it started to get pretty borring at home especially with my hubby being busy with studies. Anyway i was happy to find most of my classmates from last semester had returned to take the next course. However what really struck me was that there is this girl in my class that wears a hijab. When i saw her i felt so happy and though gosh the 2 of us will hit it right off and be best buddies etc. Little did i know that i was way over my head!

Ok i might be expecting too much as this is still the beginning but i dont know i just thought that us 2 being the only muslims and wearing hijab we kind of bonded already without having said a word! I tried smiling, saying hello, giving her a paper that she had printed (i was closest to the printer so i thought i would be kind and hand it to her) i dont think i heard a thank you or even got a smile! Just like me it seems that a few of her classmates from last semester are in the same class. So basically our class is split into half our group, theirs and a few odd ppl (new comers).
Anyway i will give it a few more days who knows maybe everyone is taking time to bond i will keep you updated though.

Btw i am still waiting for help with my the post before this one...if u dont know what i'm talking about!

Minor Blog Problems!--> HELP!


I need help with my blog nothing major but minor teeny weeny things that bug me.

First minor problem

In the navigation bar (on your right) where it says Previous Posts, for some odd reason why i cant seem to figure out it wont register my pervious post, it is stuck on my Supersize kids post!! I have obviously posted after that particular post but it wont register!!! Can someone please fix this ?

Second minor problem

Again in the navigation bar my Archives section, when you like on a certain month it comes up as error!! I have no idea why. True my layout looks nice and pretty but whats the point but things dont work.

PLEASE help me if you can!

No Hijab = Protection


A family member of mine is abroad studying, she says people have started treating her differntely because of the bombings that occured in London (she wears the hijab (veil). I mean, i understand that they are upset but why change your attitude towards someone? I mean we still are the same people, nothing has changed.

Apparently there is a fatwa (ruling) from the one egyption scholar (whoes name i dont recall) that say, in such situations a girl/woman can be forgiven for not wearing a veil!!! Some girls have actually stopped wearing the hijab after hearing this ruling! i was shocked to hear that.

Note: these is the same scholar that allows riba *interest in banks* and smoking!

(i dont see what the difference is) What are these girls afraid of? or whom are they afraid of? What is the veil going to change? she is still a muslim when asked what religion she follows right?! or is she going to deny that as well to save herself?
Have we forgotten that Allah is the all mighty all powerul?

If truly the girl feels threaten then in my opinion she has a choice to leave the county, Allah has made earth vast so she could go to another country to furthur her studies for example. I am simply saying that religion should be our no 1 priority as that is what will help us on judgement day, nothing else.

My Mood


Congratulate me i have a mood :D

I just added an Unky mood to my blog! So now my blog has a mood and currently its on tired as i have been quite busy all day with the housework. I hate doing it but it has to be done! Once its all done the place is spotless i feel a sense of accomplishment!

Anyway as usual not many ppl visit my blog and if they do they dont comment much. I might add a counter just to get an idea of how many hits i get ( i know that its not much)

I just got back from watching Madagascar it was fun but not really that funny. I think they showed all the funny bits it the trailer! Or should i say spoiler, as nowadays most of the great, funny (ha ha bits) are in the tralier! Oh well Hubby enjoyed it and i think the 4 main animals Lion (Ben Stiller), Zebra (Chris Rock), Giraffe (David Schwimmer) and Hippo (Jada Pinkett Smith) worked well together. Definetly a cartoon the kids would enjoy!

Friends Forever?


I always thought that once i met someone and we became friends that it would last forever. Well i learnt the hard way that its not always the case. I am the type of person that loves people and would always go out of my way to please them. If a person didnt call i would, if a person needed help i wouldnt think twice before helping them.

So anyway i have had the same friends for the past 15 years!! We are a group of 5 in total but i am only really close to 3 of them. Anyway i have been away from Oman for the past year and before i got promises that no matter how far our paths lead us we will always keep in touch.
Well thoes words were merily words as none of them kept in touch they way i thought they would. If i get the occasional email its brief, whereas i send them a really long email. I answer thier emails promptly but my emails gets answered after minimum a week! I just feel hurt i mean what happened to all thoes years together, the memories, the trips we took, the jokes we played on each other?? I guess its all in the past.

I am also the kind of person who has her heart of her sleeve so i would tell them what i feel but i get these responses " Oh 4eva dont be so sensetive!" or " you know 4eva we are really busy". I mean Hello who isnt busy these days?In conclusion (its hurts to say this) i have decided not to bother anymore.

How many out there have been through something similar? Or is it just me (being sensetive?!)

Blog and Books


Blog News:
I am still trying to fix the fan image and date problem, although i managed to place the date hight but now it seems unproportional there is too big a gap between the fan and date! I want the date on the right of the post. I have asked for help in this hopefully i will get it soon!

I have just finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie. Very moving story, its always hard to say goodbye to someone dear to you. I loved the fact that Morrie never gave up and always looked on the positive side of things.

I have now started reading Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner i choose to read it as i wanted something light and new and read the reviews on amazon. I am enjoying her style, will let you know more about it as i get into it.

New Look


I am so proud of myself I finally managed to change my template all on my own. It took me a looong time but alhamdulilah i managed. First it took my ages to find a template as i wanted something different ( no flowers or the colors pink or black).

I found this one at which i loved! The only problem i am facing is that in the title of each post the image of the fan is covering the date ! and now for some reason the fan image has shifted up slightly into the header!! I have no idea if anyone knows how to fix this please be kind enough to help me!!

I have left a message for the designer Francey but it could be ages before she has the time to look into this as i can imagine she is quite busy!

Anyway leave me your comments as to what you think of my new look.

Supersize Kids


Last night i watched a program on tv called "Supersize Kids" and oh my god i was so shocked! Kids that are obese i mean how sad all they did was eat, eat and eat. A 13 year old at 163 kilograms he is enormous: with whopping great boy boobs, few friends and an addiction to fast food. Another was a 6 year old girl who weighed 40 kgs and she has to wear clothes that are for 12-13 year olds!!
I mean who is to blame? the child or the parents? i would say the parents as they are the ones providing the food and buying all the fatty foods and feeding them to thier kids.
Why wait until your child gets really big and has health problems? i seriously cant understand it!

Talking about supersize kids, in US a woman gave birth to a baby that weighs 5.3kgs! Masha Allah she was born 3 weeks before his due date by C-section as he was simply getting too big! In addition to that she cant wear clothes suited for newborns he has to wear that suit a baby of 6 months!!

Template Search


Oh my i think i spent all morning searching for a template for both my blogs! I saw many great ones but i cant make up my mind (typical woman i know!!). I want something different as i always seem to like templates that have flowers, the color pink or black. So i want something different hmm easier said than done!

I sometimes think i better learn how do design so i can simply do my own and have my own images instead of spending hours searching for something which i dont quite like!

So can anyone suggest a place to start? i mean where do i go if i want to learn ?

Been Away!



I know i have been away and probably a lot of ppl thought that i have given up on my blog, but suprise i havent. Its just that i have been so busy with studies, cooking, cleaning, shopping lol so didnt have time to post but insha Allah i will try from now on to keep my blog updated!.

I have another blog which i dedicated to my poems if you have time please stop by and have a read.



I found this site which had the atkhar in arabic and english and thought of sharing it with you.

Change of Blog address


Salam All

I am sure not many of you will notice that i have changed my blog address to "4evermuslima" because i wanted a title that is related to what my blog is about, and as its mostly about Islam i thought 4evermuslima was perfect!

Terrorism Vs Islam


Salami to all

I know it has been a while but sadly i come to you with bad news, i can not keep my promise of sharing my notes on the lectures delivered by Shaykh Khalid Yasin. As I realised that i dont have sufficient information, meaning the lecture was so interesting that i didnt take down everything.
In addition if i write what i have i wont be giving you all the statistics that he shared with us. I also keep in mind that there are some non-muslims who read the blog and i wouldnt want to give them the wrong impression of islam. But what i can tell you is the main aim of the lecture was to remove any distortions against Islam. He started off by translating both words: Islam and Terrorism.

I suggest for thoes who are interested to buy his dvd as he puts in so much effort masha Allah, may Allah reward him for that.

Sheikh Khalid Yassin Lectures .....


Salami to all

Although i am busy with assignments and still one isnt ready to be submitted on Tuesday, i just couldnt help it when i found out that Sheikh Khalid Yassin was giving another lecture to not attend. So i did and the topic discussed was "Islam vs Terrorism".

I have taken some notes down from the lecture and will post them insha Allah once i have some free time. I will be attendting yet another lecture (yes i know i am addicted..but its for a good cause walhamdulilah) tonight insha Allah titled " The challenge of dawah in the west". I shall take notes as well and share them with you insha Allah.

So till then...Take care...



Thanks Najah for asking about me you are such a darling. I have been busy this past couple of days and still will be for the next 4-5 days. I shall try to post when i have time but i doubt that i will. As i have to prepare to assignment which i am supposed to hand in next week.

So till then take care

Hijab Poem


This is a poem i found in one of the forums i was browsing the author is known. I simply loved this poem and had to post it. Hope you enjoy it :DWhat do you see when you look at me Do you see someone limited, or someone free? All some people can do is just look and stare Simply because they can't see my hair. Others think I am controlled and uneducated They think that I am limited and un-liberated.They are so thankful that they are not me Because they would like to remain 'free.' Well free isn't exactly the word I would've used Describing women who are cheated on and abused. They think that I do not have opinions or voice They think that being hooded isn't my choice.They think that the hood makes me look caged That my husband or dad are totally outraged.All they can do is look at me in fear And in my eye there is a tear. Not because I have been stared at or made fun of But because people are ignoring the One up Above.On the Day of Judgment they will be the fools Because they were too ashamed to play by their own rules. Maybe the guys won't think I am a cutie But at least I am filled with more inner beauty. See I have declined from being a guy's toy Because I won't let myself be controlled by a boy. Real men are able to appreciate my mind And aren't busy looking at my behind. Hooded girls are the ones really helping the Muslim cause The role that we play definitely deserves applause. I will be recognized because I am smart and bright And because some people are inspired by my sight. The smart ones are attracted by my tranquility In the back of their mind they wish they were me. We have the strength to do what we think is right Even if it means putting up a life-long fight. You see we are not controlled by a miniskirt and tight shirt We are given only respect, and never treated like dirt. So you see, we are the ones that are free and liberated We are not the ones that are sexually terrorized and violated. We are the ones that are free and pure We're free of STD's that have no cure.So when people ask you how you feel about the hood Just sum it up by saying 'Baby, its all good!'[...]

The beginning of my relationship with the Hijab


I remember back in 1996 when i first started to wear the Hijab, many of my family members who are muslims would look at me and feel sorry. I didnt understand it at that point, i mean why are they feeling sad for me? I mean as muslims arent we supposed to rejoice when a girl finally listens to what Allah has asked her to do? Arent we supposed to enocourage others girls to take the same path?!

Why is Hijab looked upon as a burden? why is it ok that when a girl decides to wear what she feels like ie (tight, revealing clothes, not cover) and she is encouraged to do so?! when it is wrong? How would the prophet react to see such muslims act in that way?

I also remember this lady that i knew who came upto me and we had the following conversation :

Lady: 4eva, masha Allah you decided to wear the hijab?

Me: Yes alhamdulilah i did

Lady: I used to wear it as well but i found it very i decided to take it off.

Me: Oh really! (awkward smile)

Lady: I am sure you will take it off eventually because i couldnt do you wont be able to either.

Me: Insha Allah i wont take it off.

I mean why did she have to come and tell me that?! who is she to judge me? anyway i tried not to let her words put me down...after a couple of years i saw her at a function and she was wearing the hijab. I was so happy...

She of course came to me hugged me and said "Hello 4eva, as you can see i am wearing the hijab now..just like you"

Me: Yes masha Allah, and it really suits you..

Lady: Thank you i will try to keep it on this time...

Me: Insha Allah you will...

Unfortunately i saw her again after that and she was no longer wearing sad i felt when i saw her. I went to say hello but this time she didnt comment on the hijab issue..but i could tell by the look in her eyes that she was ashamed.