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Preview: "Little Black Fish" ماهی سیاه کوچولو

"Little Black Fish" ماهی سیاه کوچولو

I have a Little Black Fish inside me who trickles my intellect and shapes my dreams. Her quest is much beyond I could provide. Through this stream I am finding her a route to connect to the ocean itself.

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And blogging prevails!


The story of under the azure dome is over! It fully occupied all my life for the last two months. My supervisor caught me emailing, writing, printing festival stuff!!! If he was not Daniel from Argentina, I would be kicked out of school by now!

On the very moment of Eid, bunch of us who were trucking back festival stuff rushed to Arash and Ida's place and saluted the moment by strong whiskey shots! A memorable Sal-tahvil!

I could claim that we had a successful festival with over 20,000 visitors. Although problems occured but they got resolved through civil behavior and respect. More to come!

It is now my first day back at the library! lots to do, the tenants election is in two weeks and my questionnare is not ready. I am behind for my interviews and many more.

Thanks to all toronto-iranians who proudly celeberated Nowruz, I am happy to live in this vibrant city of Toronto, check here to see why Sima is also happy to live in Berkely and not LA!

Under the Azure Dome Festival


يکي بود يکي نبود، زير گنبد کبود
يک شهري بود، يک جمعي بود مهاجر
جوان داشت و پير داشت، مرد داشت و زن داشت.
هر کسي در گوشه اي کاري مي کرد، گروهي داشت
يکي رنگرزي مي کرد، اون يکي خونه مي ساخت، داداشش کباب مي زد، باجناقش طرفهای يانگ و فينچ صحافي مي کرد

خلاصه چند سالي بود يکي يکي، گروه گروه، مي آمدند،
مي رسيدند
به ياد ايرونشون دور هم جمع مي شدند؛

مهندس ها، معلم ها، دکترها و آشپزها همگي يه جوري باهم بودند

دو فصل پيش، شايدم سه فصل پيش بود که ما جوانها جمع شديم، گروه شديم
گفتيم حالا ديگه نوبت ماست.
حالا که چاق شديم، چله شديم، حسابي پخته شديم بايد بريم سراغ صاحبخانه بهش بگيم
ايران ما هم رقص دارد، رنگ دارد، قصه دارد، موسيقي و شعر دارد.
صاحبخانه که کنجکاو شده بود دروازه ها را باز کرد، فرش قرمز به پا کرد
حالا از شما، از شما ایرونیها مي خواهيم بياييد کمک کنيد، همسايه ها را صدا کنيد،
توي شهر فرياد کنيد که عيد آمد، مردم، بياييد شادي کنيد

To Become Canadian?!


I filed an application, took the exam, made the oath and will have a Canadian passprt in 10 days. Canadian passport is the best traveling document, the Judge said this morning at the ceremony. He himself had two of them! Like most of the other Canadians.

The first holy places to explore are NY, D.C. preceded by Mexico! See you in January!

Are we now citizens of nations? Or villagers of the globe? Except the fact that it eases our travels, what does becoming Canadian mean?

Best wishes for you on this special Aban the 10th


It is a long time since my last presence. During this time I paid a short visit to Iran for a family emergency. I am now back with loads of work to do.

Today (10 Aban) is the birthday of a very special and old friend of mine who now lives in Germany with her lovely husband. I congratulate her on this day. She was the source of all inspirations for the, then, 15 year old Behrang. I have always appreciated being in her circle of friends, she is a smart and challenging friend. Our history goes back to the Tehran bombardement era. My grand parents, my brother and I joined her family in Garmsar to escape the rockets, my parents stayed behind. It was a group of us, I will never forget the Hide and Seek nights, I will never forget how many times my emotions lost to her rationality in our Jenagh-shekastan ha!!! I will never forget the looks we exchanged then!

Although we never got the chance to mutually build any sort of special relationship and never talked seriously about ourselves since university years but I am sure I have a friend to whom I can rely all my life.

بهزاد نبوی را بهتر بشناسیم


اگر اين منافع در تقابل با منافع مردم باشد، چه؟
ما احساس وابستگي به اين انقلاب و نظام داريم. به هر حال روي اين انقلاب سرمايه گذاري کرديم و هزينه داديم. معتقديم کساني پيدا
شده اند که مي خواهند واقعيت انقلاب ما را دگرگون کنند. به هر حال چون ما مي دانيم اصل اين انقلاب چه مي خواست، ما نمي توانيم با جواني که اصلا انقلاب را درک نکرده، امام را نمي شناسد و ... و حالا خواهان برخورد با ارکان نظام است، هماهنگ شويم. ما در
مقابل انحرافات بايد بايستيم، نه اينکه با اصل آن برخورد کنيم. ما حتي نظام مشروطه را هم نظام بدي نمي دانستيم
Behzad Nabavi in Today's Rooz says he and his followers, among the official so called reformers, cannot stand with (suppoert) the youth who has never understood Khomeini and the revolution and are willing for a major social change.
What I have always been confident in claiming is that the reformers in Iran do not possess the intellect to lead the reform, simply see how he distances himself from a huge fraction of the population to secure the throne!

Under the Azure Dome


The Azure Dome is a dome where all the Iranian myths live and flourish.
It is the name of our Festival in March 2006. Read the report.
We are hoping to have the support of the Tehrontonians for this magnificent event.

I am late


It is late. And I am off. Many things to say. Daniel, my supervisor, invited me to his house. I will spend the afternoon with him. Thesis talk and thesis talk! I would like to end this routine and join the profressionals who are performing the art of community development.

All in One


I do not know on "what" to write.
I am presenting at this conference in Aug and I have to send them my paper by next week, I have to write the final paper for the Social Housing course by mid July. Working at TLC is my other time-consuming responsibility.
I have my aunt went through an opeartion to remove her breasts for the cancer she was diagnosed and worse she is now devastated by the loss of Amou Majid.

All of above! Sometimes it is too much that one does not know how to start, right?

Amou Majid smoked his way through the black castle of death!
Fathers, do not smoke! Now that you have sons and daughters to parent, do not smoke. Please, control your crave!

You offical reformers! you all failed, what did you do to sustain your plan to guide reform after your sinking? Did you help people organize? Did you help to change the educational arrangements at schools so that kids could learn about Rights, Citizenship and Civil Society? Give me an indicator that proves me wrong in claiming that you have done nothing to initiate a grassroots move for reform.

Regardless, Ahmadinejad could be a source of inspiration for further action! He might create a global crisis or address the needs of the people, either way, it is people who win! No long-term worries, though, short-term concern is wisdom.

Reform movement could now re-commence by building on what Ahmadinejad claims he wants to do. In order to alleviate poverty, the system required to do community-based needs analysis, system needs to organize the poor. So any better chance you know that could help speed up the process? Go to the people and help them organize to address their needs even local needs, even needs that seem populistic.

As I have shouted all the time, democracy is decentralizing accountable autonomy to people.
Democracy begins in the speher of social and economic relations and then human rights come in to sustain it and guarantee its progress. Democracy is when a cab driver has a say in transportaion system or knows how and where he could put his idea in and how to monitor its effect.

Amou Majid Mord


Majid died. My uncle, at the age of 53, the exact age his father, my grandfather, died.

Three consecutive massive heart attacks did not let him live the marriage of his three young daughters. In Insfehan, my father at his bed, he laughed and said a few words before his voyage. It is sad but real it is boiling while calming, it is life.

Eight years ago, I lost a collection of best friends in a sudden flood in the North. Since then, death has redefined himself for me, it is scerenity it is life itself, one should water the tears and open up the eyes, one should rethink it.

Although massively breaks my heart but I believe it is a return to the ocean; the return of the soul to the eternity or the body to the wholeness of the nature. Death is Truth!

Old Shark Drowns The Dragon Flies! The Reform Rationalize!


It is true that the main opposition is the regime itself, Rafsanjani is now becoming one of them!

Now that all the reform is detached from power, it is time to learn, learning that all democracies commence from the root, from exactly where people live and work. Many friends laugh when I say democracy is at the local with national consequences. Democracy is a social and economic act with political effects. Political development is democratization of social and economic relations!

Now that you have to be housed again, you the official reformers, it is in the book, read, think and reflect. Review the UN documents on democratic intervention, study the successful development programs experienced by the world! Then write and get feedback! Spice up the development literature with some Persian taste! The world is much a head of us, simply because they think prior to action, because they pilot their proposals, write about them and reflect on the feedback! They praxis before final action!

Believe me the reformers lack the intellect for development, of any sort! This is what I have always cried out but Pro-reformer (as opposed to pre-reform) friends always satisfied themsleves with the foam not the taste!

Sibestan Says


هيچ چيز در ايران عقبگرد نخواهد کرد. ما احمدی نژاد را هم با خود به جلو می بريم. ما برنده واقعی هستيم چنانکه برنده تمام سالهای انقلاب هم بوده ايم. زندگی ايرانی از شنبه به بعد همچنان ادامه خواهد داشت. اگر هاشمی را که می گفت هواپيمای اف 14 می خواهيم چه کنيم سياست آموختيم و اگر به مخملباف سينما ياد داديم و اگر آواز و موسيقی جوان پسند را به ساز و دهان خوانندگان تلويزيون گذاشتيم و گرد کرباسچی جمع شديم تا الگويی از تدبير مدينه بسازيم و دموکراسی را به امنيتی ها و بازجوهای سابق آموختيم و حجاب را به شکل خود در آورديم و هزاران کار کرده ديگر، باز هم می توانيم و خواهيم کرد. ما مردمی که مثل ماهی در آب تناقض زندگی می کنيم و مثل آب قصه سهراب و نوشدارو را روان ايم.

Wholeheartedly I believe in this paragraph by Mr. Jami, whom I have once met in Toronto!

We will defenitely lead Ahmadinejad to our world, although the price would be so high and the life so painful when Ahmadi, Allahkaram and Dehnamaki will be up there ruling our life to a more desparate darkness. But historically speaking, it is us, all of us the Iranians, who are evolving to a secular and rational nation. After all, he and his followers are Iranians, are not they?

ائتلاف اکبر بابا و چهل هزار دزد تهران!


For Hashemi Believers:

Hashemi will not initiate any action towards any good!
Regardless of the result of the election, there will be no major different consequences for the people.
Do you mind if, for sometime, the Hashemis do not execise fully-fledged power?
Anyhow, it is your choice and you have all the right to put it into practice!

Ahmadinejad in Tehran and Isfehan!


آذربایجان شرقی - مراغه1 محسن مهر عليزاده 95358 2 اكبر هاشمی بهرمانی 8820 3 محمود احمدی نژاد 6307
کردستان - سنندج1 مهدی كروبی 29134 2 مصطفی معين 20340 3 محمد باقر قاليباف 13389 4 اكبر هاشمی 10873 محمود احمدی‌نژاد 3477
استان اصفهان!!!!1 محمود احمدی نژاد 801635 2 اكبر هاشمی 260858 3 محمد باقر قاليباف 198409 4 مهدی كروبی 196512
به نظر شما چرا توی اصفهان احمدی نژاد یک دفعه بالای ۵۰٪ رای میاره در حالی که در میانگین در کل بقیه‌ی کشور
منهای تهران و اصفهان زیر ۱۵ ...

Do Not Take Me Wrong


My emphasis on NOT voting for Hashemi does not originate from my ignorance of the consequences of Ahmadinejad. I am well aware of the global crisis he will create!
My point is that Hashemi will not initiate any systematic organization to lead reform, he lacks the intellectual capacity to do so.
On the other hand, the painful crisis of Ahmadinejad might speed up a grassroots movement against the supreme and the structure of power. You know, in countries like ours, crisis might push up things for good. I am not promoting violance but I am confident that the ultimate right in Iran cannot govern and their own throne will cause their death. All this time, the more moderate and rational side of the regime have secured the right, its own chamber.
One last point is that they cannot push back semi-social freedoms-already achieved by women and youth- permanently.
Ahmadinejad will bring a new era and the new chance for the fight for freedom. Hashemi will provide another half-chance for the reformists and keep them in the domain of power. This trend will cause them keep detached from the grassroots and local affairs which to me is the cornerstone of commencing democratic reform.

Vote to Hashemi is a NO to Reform!


The results!!!! How close are we from the realities of everyday life of Iranian Non-Interneters!

Now Hashemi, NO NO NO NO. Although this old vulture has well acted and fooled people by showing rediculous images of him, talking with modern looking youth in a way that we realize he is perhaps different. But he is not. Exactly for the same reasons that Hashemi was boycotted this past friday, he should be again for the friday to come.
In the Ahmadi Nejad era, Ghalibaf and Larijani will be intellectuals!!! Ahmadi Nejad on the throne means the collapse of right in Iran. This will forever break up the right and isolate the very few honest (Ansar) companions of the supreme leader.
Those who voted for Ahmadi Nejad did so, because, in their view, he was at least honest and did not show a different picture of himself as others did. Ahmadi Nejad is a f... believer but looks more honest than the old wolf, Rafsanjani!!!
Although I believe Ahmadi will ruin the country but this will be short time and the crisis will shoot them out of the power forever. Rafsanjani will not initiate any true reform and will constanslty but silently bite the soul of this land.

No To Rafsanjani!!!

I will not vote but this is only personal!


On this Friday (June 17, 2005) Iranians should express themselves through action or inaction. Either is respected as long as one spends enough time and thought to review the principles and evaluate the consequences. It is exactly the principles that inhibit me from voting but it is exactly the consequences that I have encouraged the youth to vote for Moeen.

I have personal problems with Moeen and the majority of his supporters who have for long tasted power within the domain of Islamic Regime of Iran and have been involved in the first decade of tyranny in post-revolution
Iran, they have been among the main sources of oppression. But I also believe they have changed dramatically and now believe in some sort of weak democracy as long as it does not challenge their domestic and household rulings!
Unless Dr.Moeen, then the 28 year-old president of
Shiraz University, would not analyze his past and does not apologize from all the professors he expelled from the University simply because they were not revolutionists as he was then, I will not trust in him and his supporters. The irony is that it is Moeen himself who has changed and become one of the "others" (sort of).

At the same time, I also believe the presence of reformists in the Iranian politics will keep the environment a bit more friendly for the youth and social activists. Having said that from the bottom of my heart I believe their return to power will not guarantee any major success.
Any one movement promoting democracy, has no other path than local. It is through town hall meetings that endogenous democracy is born and nurtured. It is through education and public participation that the culture of democracy thrives. It is through practicing local democracy that people learn to become a citizen. If these are the indicators to evaluate, what are the achievements of the reform movement in the last eight year of
-Simply None!

Victories in Two Fronts


1- The tehrontonians celeberating the Victory!

2- Thirty Women did make it and watched the game in the stadium! This implies that we should play the game according to our rules not theirs! Bottom-up pressure shall prevail, eventually.

- What is your idea on Nazli's take on the flag!

Moeen and his cabinet, if this is true!


آق بهمن:
امروز شنيدم (و منبعم هم موثق است) که معين ظرف چهار پنج روز آينده اسامی اعضای کابينه‌اش را اعلام می‌کند.
عزت‌الله سحابی (معاون حقوق بشر) و علی‌رضا رجايی، حبيب‌الله پيمان، محمد توسلی، غلام‌عباس توسلی، موسی غنی‌نژاد، کاظم معتمدنژاد و دکتر کاتوزيان وزيران کابينه هستند (چند نفر اول قطعی‌تر از چند نفر آخر است ولی کل لیست تا حد زیادی نهایی شده). قرار است معین اعلام کند که کابینه من این‌ها هستند و همین‌ها را هم به مجلس معرفی می‌کنم و اگر هر کدام را رد کنند، کل کابینه کنار می‌رود. یعنی یا همه‌مان با هم می‌آییم یا هیچ‌کدام

Apparently Dr. Moeen, the reformist candidate, is planning to announce his cabinet after the crucial Iran-Bahrain football game wednesday. In his list, you can see social and political activists who have never been allowed to participate in the domain of power after the revolution.
If this is true, he increases his chance and plus he gets a full credit for his cabinet, which might make it very much painful for the conservative MPs if they do not vote in confidence for the cabinet.

Helping to release an arrested blogger


مجتبی سمیعی‌نژاد، وبلاگ‌نویس 25 ساله و دانشجوی رشته ارتباطات، نویسنده‌ی وبلاگ "من نه منم" و سپس "استیجه"، از تاریخ 11 آبان 1383 تا هشت بهمن 1383 را، "به دلیل انتشار خبر بازداشت 3 وبلاگ‌نویس دیگر" در بازداشت به سر برد. سپس بعد از آزادی موقت در بهمن‌ماه 1383، برای انتشار نظراتش وبلاگ جدیدی ایجاد کرد و همین امر موجب دستگیری مجدد وی، درست به فاصله‌ی چند روز پس از آزادی‌اش گردید که این حبس تا امروز نیز ادامه داشته است. مجتبی سمیعی‌نژاد اینک در زندان قزل حصار در میان مجرمان عادی و خلافکاران به‌سر می‌برد.
حکم دو سال زندان برای مجتبا، رسماً به وکیل وی ابلاغ شده است و جرم ناکرده‌ی او "وبلاگ‌نویسی" است؛ همان‌کاری که همه‌ی ما به آن مشغول‌ایم. این حکم در شعبه‌ی سیزده دادگاه انقلاب به‌وسیله‌ی قاضی سعادت صادر شده است. وظیفه‌ی انسانی و اخلاقی ما وبلاگ‌نویسان و همه‌ی کسانی که به حقوق بشر اعتقاد دارند، اعتراض به این ظلم مسلم است. از تمامی وبلاگ‌نویسان، نهادهای حقوق بشری و انسان‌های آزاده‌ی ایران و جهان خواستاریم تا صدای اعتراض خود را به این عمل غیر قانونی و حکم غیر انسانی بلند کرده و آزادی فوری مجتبا سمیعی‌نژاد را خواستار شوند.

این حرکت به هیچ نهاد، شخص، گروه و ایدئولوژی وابسته نیست و در واقع حرکتی است مستقل و جوشیده از درون خود وبلاگ‌نویسان

Moeen and his Companies


The supporters of Dr. Moeen should also remember that among the so called reformists there are some who are very much in the domain of power and would like to stay. The taste is great!!! who hates power? ha! It is a real world and real temptations! that is why despite the price they are paying they want to stay.

I have made this point clear before, The reformist team does not have the intellectual capacity to do what they preach! Ganji also highlights this fact in his recent interview with Radio France.

Marx and the Story of Moses; مارکس و داستان موسی


فرعون فقط اهرام ثلاثه می خواست توده های مردم از فرسنگها دورتر شاید ازدره های کلیمانجارو تخته سنگهای عظیم می آوردند دربین راه و در کنار نیل در زیر سایه های سنگین سنگ ها مقدمات حرکتی جمعی و شورشی گروهی را برنامه ریختند فرعون پس از پی بردن ماجرا به موسی دسنور داد تا نابخردان را به دوردستها ببرد و سرزمینی موعود را نشانشان دهد بدین صورت بود که هم فرعون خدا ماند و هم موسی پیامبر شد

In my school times in Iran, we never got a chance to view the history of religions from other perspectives! Did you know that it was Moses who by diverting a workers' revolution to a promised land saved the throne of the Pharaoh?!!!

Never mind the truth, it is the imagination that matters!

It is all about imagination! N'est-ce pas????

Election, Moeen and Others!


اگر معین تاکیدمی کرد که در صورت پیروزی در انتخابات شرایط باز نگری در قانون اساسی را فراهم می کند و همچنین وزرای اصلی کابینه را معرفی میکرد شاید بسیار بیشتر شانس داشت البته به شرطی که بر طبق ادعای خود ایشان را از بین دگر اندیشان بر می گزینید

Dr. Moeen could have had more chances to win if he would have claimed that he would facilitate a refrendum upon election! and even more so, if he would have introduced his cabinet before hand! so as to gain the trust of people like me who do not see why we should vote this time.

A friend of mine from Iran informed that the wealthier section of the society and the major owners of industries and engineering world believe that it is the EVIL, himself, who is believed to be the better choice to sustain stability!
I am sorry for Iran, myself and her daughters and sons if we are to see Hashemi on the throne once more.

Iranian Association at University of Toronto


The Iranian Association at the University of Toronto (IAUT) is the home of over 800 members who have contributed, participated and learned from each other and from the events held at IAUT.Alidad a good friend of mine and a great colleague (we worked together at the IAUT board last year) has refelcted on his experience with IAUT as an Iranian association.Here is what he has to say:On the eve IAUT's annual election (tomorrow, Saturday3:00 pm at OISE 252 Bloor West Rm 4422), theuniqueness of the organization and its history andfuture are worth revisiting.For about a decade now, I have been interested in thecomposition of Iranian organizations in North America.Unlike many nationalities who are well organized --Armenian, Israeli, Chinese, etc.-- Iranians abroad,especially those in the U.S., have not createdsubstantial organizations that can express theircollective interests and needs. This was on fulldisplay to me in late April, as I attended the two-dayIranian Diaspora conference at the University ofMaryland at College Park, located in the WashingtonD.C. area. A meticulously designed event, it wasaddressed by noted Iranian-American journalists suchas Afshin Molavi and Tara Bahrampour, artists, andcommunity organizers, as well as Jian Ghoemshi andHeide Moghissi from Toronto. Yet of the close to100,000 Iranians who live in the D.C. area only about100 came to the event! Why is this so? What if thesame event had been hosted in Toronto? This is a topicfor research and reflection, especially for those inacademia working on "transnationalism," "diasporas,""immigration," or "globalization" studies.The Iranian community in Toronto is vibrant and on theverge of establishing organizations that express itscollective interests and will: the list of sometwo-dozen orgnizations that made up the Bam-IranEarthquake Relief Committee, as well as the dozen ormore organizations that have recently created"Kanoun-e-Sepas" show that Iranians in Toronto -- andincreasingly elsewhere in this country and, slowly,this continent, are pooling together their resources,engaging in team work and undertaking coordinated andsustained social and cultural projects.Among all these organizations, however, none that Iknow of has the intellectual and creative energy ofIAUT. Given how much the organization has done since1999, -- the year it was created around RaminJahanbegloo's ideas and philosophy--it is trulyinspiring to take stock of the dozens of conferences,seminars, movie showings, artistic displays andmusical performances that IAUT's board members andtheir affiliates have organized, especially noticeablein the last two years. In many ways IAUT has become akey intellectual home for the Iranian-Canadiancommunity, over half of whom live in Toronto.I would like to cordially thank the 9 members of theboard of directors for this year-- and the subcommittee members -- for their seminal contributions to the cultural life of Iranians on this continent. We have been invaluably enriched by theirpresence and their work: an unprecedented week-longlecture series with Professor Eslami-Nodushan --especially the co-lecture on Mowlana by ProfessorShirin Bayani, an energy-filled session with Dariushon addiction and responses, a choir that attractedover 600 people to its opening night, the famousColours of Iran event at Hart House, and many otherevents have given us a boost of spirit. IAUT hasbecome, in the words of a friend, "an andishgah" ofsorts. I don't think I exaggerate when I say that[...]

Left-leaning lens watching the election


The sad story about Iran and its politics is that people are so much fed up with the dominant political actors that are fully trapped in the agenda of their game. Even democratic-minded students or Iranians out of Iran often forget to look beyond the surface of politics even if it is serious step, which I believe it is, yet it is a serious game NOT true re-organization for true partnerships for development of the country. Politics is the means to satisfy social and economic needs, it should either be organized according to such needs or based on regions and their specific local needs. If politics is not grounded on needs and it does solely act for its own sake, as it does in Iran now, then, it can not be accounted as a major step to pursue common good. This is the problem of contemporary Iranian politics, and in this presidential game, no candidate really represents any major socio-economic, class or even regional constituency. Fariborz Rais Dana is one of those left thinkers in Iran who once in a while points out what I believe could shape the objectives of any democratic movement in Iran. He is an economist and wholeheartedly believes in local participation as a major first step for Iranians to organize themselves to pursue democracy while experientially learning it. Here is an excerpt of an interview with him on the upcoming election:فريبرز رئيس دانا به عقيده شما اين تضاد طبقاتي انتخابات نهم رياست جمهوري چيست و اصلاً چگونه بروز پيدا مي کند؟ تضاد طبقاتي به وجود آمده در اين دور انتخابات بيشتر درون طبقاتي است. انحصار سرمايه و قدرت در درون خودش موجب اين تضاد شده است. البته شايد بتوان گفت گروهي از کانديداها توسط طبقه متوسط سنتي و يا مدرن و نيمه مدرن داراي ايدئولوژي مذهبي حمايت مي شوند، اما آنها مطلقاً نامزد اقشار محروم، کارگران، زارعان، زنان خانه دار، معلمان، پرستاران و حتي سربازان و پرسنل نيروي انتظامي نيستند. اين اقشار اصلاً نماينده اي ندارند، حتي اگر راي هم بدهند. راي دادن به دلايل مختلفي ممکن است اتفاق بيفتد. اما نمايندگي اجتماعي با نمايندگي پارلماني فرق دارد. چون مواضع موجود در نمايندگي پارلماني تا حد بسيار زيادي مهندسي شده است و حتي تحليلي براي کساني که راي نمي دهند صورت نمي گيرد. شما آيا مي دانيد چه کساني در انتخابات مجلس هفتم راي دادند و چه کساني راي ندادند؟آيا اين هر دو گروه نمايندگان بورژوازي نيستند؟من اعتقاد دارم حتي طرفداران معين هم در خدمت بورژوازي سوداگر قرار خواهند گرفت. هرچند نه به طور مستقيم، بلکه به صورت غيرمستقيم.اين بورژوازي سوداگر چه مشخصاتي در جامعه ما دارد؟اين بورژوازي واردات و صادرات را در اختيار دارد و به صنعت کشور از طريق رانت و مازاد تجارت نگاه مي‌اندازد.ا[...]

BBC and Tehrantonian Bloggers


A couple of weeks ago, as I wrote earlier BBC crew came to Canada and had a friendly session with some of the Tehrontonian bloggers. Here is the link to all of their stories from Canada. In deed fantastic, nice and detail. Good job.
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