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Preview: Dogs Own Country? - The "Save Kerala" Initiative

The "Save Kerala" Initiative - Dogs Own Country?

From the Gods, are we going to the Dogs?.. This is an attempt to Save the "Gods Own Country". In the title, dog is used to describe the issues that plague our state, and does not imply any negative meaning to the beautiful state or its civil population. T

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Thendi-Thendi - Indian Prime-Time League


Thendi-Thendi, the new Indian Prime Time League, is my brainchild and there are so many teams vying for the top spot already, it looks like. This year's edition will have 8 teams and I invite bids for the same, along with suggested team names. Seriously, looks like the Premier League 20-20 edition is turning into a tightly contested "Thendi-Thendi" match, with all the exchanges of love and

Kerala This Week Ver 5.04, 2010


Imagine this: A flyover from one end of a city in our state to its other end, nearly 5 kilometers. And each kilometer will cost only Rs 100 crores, going by a quick, baseless, mental calculation! First reaction: Crazy! Afterthought: (elections approaching..hmmm) Brilliant..we will consider it..and make our city better than heaven. (clap, clap, clap!) Truly..imagine being able to ride above all

Ente Bajjett


I would like to present my personal bubble for the year, without predijuce..and pride. This year, I dream..sorry..I propose to build 5 new residential complexes worth Rs.26.47 crores. I also propose to build 10,00,000 square feet additional office space for IT at 24 different locations around my home, some of which you may be hearing for the first time, at an investment of Rs.1233.99 crores. I

Kerala This Week Ver 5.03, 2010


Our state got 9 new trains, got itself included in several new train routes, and a sanction for a new coach factory. Yet, there was no stopping the usual protests, and crying for sympathy on being ignored. Wonder if we can really accommodate more trains? But no harm in asking for more and complaining, especially when we get everything for free. There were also complaints about Kerala being kept

Kerala This Week Ver 5.02, 2010


Some time back, one of the posts here queried the readers "Where is the only place in the world that a malayali will stand in a queue?" and there was a resounding flurry of correct answers - the state run alcohol shoppes! So this time we are asking a slightly tougher question. Where is the only place in the world that a malayali will show discipline as well as follow traffic rules? Ahh..This time

My Name is..Kaun?


The Pathology of the Politics of Intimidation and IntoleranceCongrats to SRK, all the Indians living in Maharashtra and its capital city, earlier known as Bombay, and the chief minister of that state. SRK for standing up to what he believes and expressing his opinion as an Indian, the Indians for going out there to watch MNIK and reiterate we are Indians First, and the CM of Maharashtra for

Kerala This Week Ver 5.01, 2010


As always, the beginning of the year is an opportunity for us to think differently and make resolutions for a more happy, peaceful and progressive life. One would have got the same same feeling browsing through the events of the first few weeks of the year in Kerala. There was a pervasive sense of positivity creeping in slowly, even in governance and in the mindset. Whether this is in preparation

Mishaps, Tragedies, and Voices from the Grave


Every day we see an uglier face of our intolerance, crudeness and apathy. Whether its a national party expelling one its most prominent face for expressing his opinion, an MP being pestered for tweeting spontaneously, or the media being attacked for weighing all sides of the truth, it is something the judicial and social system needs to take a good strong look at. The freedom and privacy of an

Kerala This Week, Ver 4.01, 2009


Imagine this. If you look at most of the project announcements in Kerala, you can see a pattern. First build a hype around a project (of course, most of them are genuine and much needed for the state to progress) and then assign a consultant to study the feasibility for a few hundred crores. Then form an governmental agency, which sounds like FINKLE, KINRA, TINKA, DINKA, KELTA, ALKEL, VIZ, BIZ,

India Awakening


The election results today are probably a sign of things to come. It shows that the nearly 10 crore first time voters are wiser and more sensible than their older citizens. That young India is not bothered about religion and creed, but security and safety. They are not worried about caste and community, but more about education and opportunities. And with the number of young and educated voters

101 Reasons to Get "Married Off" in Kerala


1. Your "concerned" neighbour reminds your parents that you are laughing too often of late.2. Your "loving" relatives remind your parents that you are an obligation to them and they are getting old. In malayalam, they term it something like "she is filling the house".3. Random people, whom you dont even know, notice that you are happy and "grown as big as an adult", and they bitch about you

When We Speak in Manglish..


Scene from class VIII of a school in KeralaTeacher: Who can tell me the name of Gandhi's son?Students go into a hush.Only one hand goes up after a while.Student: DineshanTeacher: What??? Dineshan who?Student: Yes, madam, Dineshan. You dont know that also?Teacher (nearly enraged): Who taught you this nonsenseStudent: It is not nonsense madam. We were taught this since junior schoolTeacher: Taught

Where the Police is Paralyzed..Goon's Own Country


Last month, the Kerala High Court cornered the Kerala Government in view of the pathetic law and order situation in the state, and the politically influenced paralysis of the policing system. Of course, the political clowns went on to accuse and abuse the judiciary for coming to the rescue of the hapless citizens.Every day our newspapers are filled with news about thefts, robberies, attempted

Capital Punishment


When it comes to being DOC, the capital city goes all the way to make sure there is no other contender. From dirty, violent politics to crude behavior, the city has gained a notorious name for itself, which refuses to be shaken off by the decent minority folks living in the city, who actually love the place (although maybe not really the people who co-inhabitate it!). The grapevine has it that

Home-Made Kasabs and Their Sponsors


When I see our present day politicians and their parties (this includes the ones that claim to be politicians and parties as well!) who force their distorted ideologies and mindless policies in order to further their own selfish interests, I try and analyze how different they are from terrorists and criminals. Unfortunately, I do not see any difference, except for the number of people killed. But

Kerala This Week Ver 3.01, 2008


If you let it rot long enough, the stench will finally get to you. That is a lesson Kerala is learning, slowly, surely, and on a daily basis. The latest example is that - well, its actually today's example - a hardline, loyal party man had to finally call the spade from within his party, a spade, (and another spade, a monkey) giving the PB pre-poll jitters and sending the usually nagging lot to a

60 years and waiting?


Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Those are the assurances made to every citizen of India by our forefathers and founders of the nation, people who fought and gave their lives for us. But as we celebrate the 60th Republic Day, it is also time for introspection. How far (or farther) away are we from the above founding principles this day?While the spirit of being Indian and nationalistic

In Kerala, its Better Jobless Than Ever!


A guy friend told me something very interesting recently. If you live in Kerala, its better to be one of the following, if not all: fat, dark, ugly faced or wearing a permanent scowl, shabbily dressed (or in a mundu folded up above your knees), have a criminal look, or most preferably, be jobless. Although I found it funny at that moment, over a period of time, I realized what made him come up

God's Own Terrorists?


On Christmas eve, the capital (not just for governance, but also the ugliest of events and wiliest of people) of Kerala witnessed a brutal incident, which again passed off as yet another "routine" event in the records of our skewed system. "Party workers" (allegedly from the ruling party) attacked the only Cafe Coffee Day outlet in the city, demolishing the property, injuring both the innocent

Rotten Dreams


It is a tradition in Kerala to elect communist (LDF) and congress (UDF) led governments alternatingly. And we the people have seen how it takes the new government almost 3 years of their term to undo all the good things the previous government did (including shuffling officers and posting their loyal slaves in key posts), and dedicate one year to corruption, frauds, scams and scandals. The last

Kerala This Week Ver 2.06, 2008


Kerala is rotting. Blind loyalists have tried to keep the stench within the state under torn rose colored blankets sold under the brand name, God's Own Country, and hypocrites always blew bubbles (you must surely remember at least the big ones - "we are the only 100% literate state, look at Bihar, haha!"; "our healthcare system, nothing to beat it!, we are all fit..what diabetes? obesity??"; "our

Question Hour for Pinpricks?


The terrorists who plotted the attack in Mumbai must be shocked. For they lost their battle even before it ended; something they probably would have never imagined. Their attack united Indians in a very special way. The nation finally woke up and began asking questions as Indians, forgetting their religion, state, caste and all other less important tags created by divisive forces. And the lousy

Mumbai braves


Our hearts go out to those in Mumbai. For the brave and innocent who lost their lives in these attacks, we shall never forget....Readers, if you have been in or around these incidents, kindly let us know how you are doing.-The SaveKerala team

Kerala This Week Ver 2.05, 2008


After a few relatively interference-free years, the much hyped-about IT growth in Kerala is all set to come to a halt. After resisting trade unions and veiled attempts from other looters for the last few years, just as things were beginning to look brighter for Kerala's IT exports, trouble has surfaced for IT companies who have invested in the state in the form of the much-dreaded labour politics

Wag the Dog?


Many readers have asked here, why we have such a name for the blog? I ask them, why not? What do they understand from this title? When we rave about Kerala saying its "God's Own Country", do we really think we, the people, are Gods? Hopefully not. Similarly, it is not to call anyone a dog, but its rather a phrase to depict the negative aspects that are really horrifying and unbearable, especially