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Preview: Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys..

Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys..

We're the Military and Airpower Guys of Jonah Goldberg of National Review Online + a stray we found wandering around looking lost. All original material JHD, BHD, JR, WT, 2003-2013

Published: 2014-11-12T08:49:20-06:00


Rednecks of Argghhh!


[Don't get too excited - the Muse has still abandoned me like a 20-dollar hooker after the money runs out.  I'm just reconstructing a post that was wiped from the database. This originally posted in February 2006, back when I was an actual gun-blogger.]As SWWBO noted in her post yesterday, it was a very Red State day at Argghhh! Buying large animal supplies, taking care of the horses, late breakfast at Waffle House, 400 rounds downrange in the afternoon. And of course it was a Castle Argghhh! Range Day, with two WWII vets providing the fun. SWWBO is getting more...

Today's Medal of Honor Moment for 22 October


There are only two awards for actions on this date, almost bookends in a sense. One in the Civil War and one in Vietnam.

Because it bears repeating.


I don't mind Liberals per se. They are a useful counterbalance to excessive conservative hubris. Just don't be a gun-fearing wussy who wants to take my property. And, just a thought - my having all these doesn't make me a menace, it makes me your friend. Because these are all off the streets. And I can't use more than two at once, if I ever did decide to live down to your low expectations. Just sayin'.

Zen for the Gunner's Soul


Breech on HMS Belfast.  Well worth your time next time you are in London.

Today's Medal of Honor Moment for 21 October


There are 4 Medals awarded for action on this day in history, starting with the Indian Wars

A change in focus


Since I needed a cat-free area, I have taken over the guest bedroom via the expedient of getting a loft bed for the Prodigal Grandson, and the rest of you will just have to find hotels or sleep on cots on the deck. I'm going to get my hand back into modeling. First project, a Soviet Object 279. I admit, I do find bending tiny pieces of brass and trying to attach them to be very tedious. My brain remembers lots of things, but my fingers have seemingly forgotten most of the skillz. I don't recall them being so fat and clumsy. The biggest change from 20 years ago though, is vision. I need my illuminated magnifier and visor magnifier.

Today's Medal of Honor Moment for 20 October


Today is another one of those busy days for the Medal, where you can see the change over time of the criteria for the award.  In sharp relief in fact.

Today's Medal of Honor Moment for 19 October


After taking a week or so off from having large numbers of awards, the Medal steps out on this day in history, with 23 Medals awarded, most of them during one battle in the Civil War, along with two from the Philippine Insurrection, and a new one, awarded in 2014, for actions in Korea.  A good day, in that there are no posthumous awards.



Preparation Spc. Kevin Crosby, a fire team leader with Company C, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, prepares a Claymore mine during a live-fire ambush range June 17 at Drawsko-Pomorskie, Poland. Company C is in Poland at the request of the host nation to participate in combined training exercises with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and Poland’s 6th Airborne Brigade. (PHOTO: U.S. Army Sgt. Eric McDonough, 145th MPAD, Oklahoma National Guard) Or, me, out checking perimeter security at the Castle...



...and got the t-Shirt. I've been at the breech, at the trail, and the guy beside the guidon-bearer. And in the 1st Armored Division Artillery, too. Of course, it was bigger then, and we owned our guns and rocket launchers, but hey, things change. We also had the 105mm salute guns... Re-flagging of 1st Armored Division, Division Artillery The Salute Battery of 4th Battalion, 27th Field Artillery Regiment render honors to presiding general officer Maj. Gen. Sean B. MacFarland during the re-flagging of 212th Fires Brigade to 1 AD DIVARTY ceremony July 23, 2014 at the 1 AD parade field at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Today's Medal of Honor Moment for 18 October


This is an unusual day for the Medal. And a good day. There is only *one* Medal awarded for actions on this day - and the recipient lived to receive his Medal!

Today's Medal of Honor Moment for 17 October


The 19th century continues being under-represented as we head into colder weather because it was at this time the armies of the Civil War and the Army of the Plains and Plains Indians moved into winter quarters. There are still fights, raids, and skirmishes, but for the most part the combatants at this point just fought General Winter, a tough opponent in his own right. There are three Medals, 2 posthumous, awarded on this day - one each for the Philippine Insurrection, WWII, and Vietnam.

Lions and Tigers Ebola Oh My!


Yanno, I used to do this "dealing with mass disruptions like nukes, tidal waves, and epidemics" thing. I was actually the Operations Officer for one of the DoD teams that were set up to command and control the DoD component of a "whole of government" response to *exactly* this sort of event (speaking of ebola, in case you just woke up from a very long nap). Admittedly, that was back during the Clinton administration, when not all the "professional" positions in the political appointee arena were apparently just about completely political. Clinton made a great choice of Jim Witt as FEMA director. Of course, that all changed with 9/11 and the creation of the Homeland Mismanagement Agency and the immense scope creep, etc. Which is why this status from Jonn Lilyea resonated so much:

Today's Medal of Honor Moment for 16 October


There have only been two Medals awarded thus far on this day in our military history. And both recipients lived to receive their Medals, making this a pretty good day, indeed!

Today's Medal of Honor Moment for 15 October


There are six Medals awarded for actions on this day in our military history. One during the Civil War, three during WWI, including a very distant relative of mine, and one each during Korea and Vietnam.