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Alan Green Writes

Published: 2008-03-03T22:55:02+00:00


Java Nerd-Shirt


Charles is getting together a bunch of T-shirt slogans for Java nerds. Here's what I'd put on mine: dup iadd iconst_0 ior Groovy That'll ramp up the nerd quotient of just about any gathering on the face of the Earth.

Phase Playlist Sync Bug


I recently downloaded the game Phase for my shiny new iPod Nano and immediately hit a bug synchronizing the Phase playlist. If you just want to know how to solve the bug, skip down two paragraphs while I tell everyone else about Phase. Phase is one ...

Give me the damn source!


After taking a much-needed break, Im back programming Java. Much to my surprise, Im enjoying it. However, there is still one wound that time hasnt healed: JAR files without source. Oh, the hair Ive pulled out, staring at Javadoc, trying to divine wh...



Paul King, co-author of Groovy in Action is speaking on Grails, the Groovy version of Ruby on Rails. Grails is rip-off of Rails. Development in Grailsis much the same as Rails. It even has the same folder layout. There is IDE support for Grails. Gr...

The rest of OSDC day 2


Caught a number of interesting sessions yesterday: Adam Kennedy spoke animatedly on the topic of CPAN 1.5. I have only an abstract interest in the CPAN as a colossal piece of software engineering, but Adam is always amusing. Josh Heumanns Intermedi...

The Broken Web


OSDC day 2 kicked off with Rasmus Lerdorf talking about security problems on the web. Highlights so far are: Pointing out the that many browser plugins are URL handlers. If you can find a bug in a plugin that handles a URL, then you can compromise ...

The Consumer View of Technology


Well, its after lunch, and straight into The Consumer View of Technology by Steve Ellis and Cherie Carbines from OpenMedia, a New Zealand company thats build a MythTV based PVR. There seems to be problems around communicating with customers. Both ex...

Behaviour Driven Design


Tom Adams Better testing through Behaviour on the topic of Behaviour Driven Development. BDD is an offshoot of Test Driven Development and Domain Driven Development. The central idea is that you first specify the behaviour that youd like your code to...

Here at the Open Source Developer's Conference


OSDC just started. Great to catch up with Keith and Mark. Its great that Google could support the conference by sponsoring the dinner, but it feels little weird having Sponsor on my name badge. The conference opened with a nice little speech by Scot...

Working at Google


Friends often ask what its like working for Google. Its great. You might have heard about the employee perks, but I think the two best things are the people, and the work. Quality co-workers. Most of the engineering staff have done something exce...



A big hello to everyone out there still subscribed. Im feeling the need to blog again. The main reason for the big silence this year is that my new job. I started at Google in January, and theyve kept my brain full to the brim. By the time I get hom...

Not very far


Distance light travels in one processor cycle = speed of light 3.0 GHz 10cm.

pdftk rocks


I needed to split a PDF file in a hurry so that I could mail it this morning. A bit of ratting through synaptic yielded pdftk, a command-line tool for basic operations on PDF files. It worked first time. Hurrah!

Step-by-step to a southerly setting sun


The last paragraph of my previous post wasnt particularly clear. Heres a step-by-step guide to modelling the Suns direction at sunset, using only a ball, a lamp, and a texta. Put a lamp up one end of the room. This will be the Sun. Get a ball to re...

Sydneyside Southerly Sunset


Julian has an astronomical puzzle. He claimed: If you are located further South than the Tropic of Capricorn, then the Sun will never be directly overhead, and furthermore will only appear in the Northern half of the sky. I predicted that this fa...