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The Complete Cybersecurity Guide for Small and Medium Businesses


Table of contentsCybersecurity threats are growing every day, and not a day passes when there isn’t a story about some kind of breach or data theft in the news. Those of us who own or manage small and medium businesses know that cybersecurity is crucial and that we should be paying close attention to these issues. The problem comes in figuring out where to start.Cybersecurity can feel overwhelming and terribly complicated. Not every manager or small business owner has a technical background, so wading through all of the technical jargon and conflicting information can put off even the most careful and security-oriented among us.We’ve put together this guide just for this type of person. If you’re a busy manager, and your plate is full with the actual day-to-day running of your business, you don’t have time to become an advanced technical expert in all aspects of cybersecurity. But, if you read through this guide, and work with your team (including the people who you employ or outsource to set up your computer hardware, software, and networks) to implement the security measures we have outlined, you will sleep better at night. Securing your business is really not as difficult as many experts make it out to be. With a bit of patience and guidance, you can implement world-class security measures for even the smallest of companies.1. Determine your vulnerabilitiesThe first step in protecting yourself from cybersecurity threats is to determine your vulnerabilities. If you don’t know what your weaknesses are, how will you be able to fix them? If you don’t know what kind of data your company stores, how will you protect it?Start by identifying the “crown jewels” of your company data. What are the most crucial pieces of data that your company holds?These could be anything, from your intellectual property to customer and client details, inventory, financial information, etc. Where do you store all of this data? Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start thinking about the risks that your data is open to.Carefully map all of the processes that you and your staff members move through to collect, store, and dispose of this data. Think about all the transit points along the way through which this data could leak out or get stolen. And consider the consequences of a cybersecurity breach for you, your employees, and your customer, client, and partner relationships. After doing so, you can start to put precautions in place.2. Protect your computers and devicesYour computers and other devices are the portals through which just about all of the work that makes your business tick are done. But, because these devices are connected to the internet and to a local network, they are vulnerable to attack. These are our guidelines for boosting your security across the spectrum of your company’s computer systems.A.  Update your softwareThe very first step (and probably the easiest one) to ensure that your systems are not vulnerable to attack is to make sure that you always use the most up-to-date version of the software that your business relies on. Criminal hackers spend their time searching for bugs in popular software, exploiting loopholes to get into the system. They do it for all manner of reasons: to make money, to make a political statement, or simply because they can. This kind of intrusion can cause untold damage to your business. Hackers could steal your customer’s credit card numbers from your website, or steal passwords from your computer. Your business could be in real trouble if this happens.Microsoft and other software companies are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities in their software. When they find one, they release an update for users to download. Making sure you download these updates as soon as they are released is so easy, one wonders why so many businesses are not careful about this.In 2017, a global ransomware attack called “WannaCry” hit thousands of victims, including huge organizations like FedEx and the UK’s National Health Service (more on ransomware below). Before [...]

Mobile Phones and Accessories - Prospects For Small Business


Mobile phones and accessories provide a vast opportunity for small businesses to tap from and make a lot of profits to run themselves, as well as to expand further. There are many prospects in this area of business that should be exploited and because it provides divers opportunities, the small scale business could benefit in no small measure.A look into the mobile phones business shows that it is one of the platforms that the small businesses could use as a laundering pad into their own breakthrough and guarantee a regular stream of profit. The reason for this optimism is not far fetched as they include:1. High demand: Mobile phones are in high demand worldwide because they are the easiest way to communicate right now. Everybody is using mobile phones - teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, traders, drivers, conductors, farmers, or marketers, adults, children, just name them. Apart from being a means of communication, they are used for other purposes such, as photography, games, music, video, internet browsing etc. It is a great market opportunity in countries like Nigeria, India and China which have large population and emerging telecommunication systems. With subscribers base running into several millions mobile phones and accessories sure provide a great prospect for small business in these countries.2. Variety to choose from: The wide variety and models to choose from makes it a healthy area to profit from. Customers are always available to buy from whatever variety or model you market since they all have their own special features that attract certain customers to them. Some of the brands you could market include Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Siemens, Philips, O2, Sagem, XDA, Sharp etc. With varieties you are sure to make sale from time.3. Low capital requirement: The capital required to start the business is low as there are cheap phones that are needed by the vast population of the poor. Having a minimal amount of money is enough for you to start it up and grow it gradually. You do not need to break a bank safe to start up the distribution of mobile phones4. Good profit margin: The possibility of making profit is very high; mobile phones and accessories are both necessities and luxuries. Meaning that people would always buy them no matter the cost thereby ensuring that the marketer makes profit.Apart from the sales of mobile phone, the small scale business could benefit immensely from marketing the phone accessories such as Bluetooth headsets, SIM, cases handsfree car kits, batteries, chargers, faceplates, memory cards, USB Cables, etc. So long as mobile phones and telecommunication remain in existence you will keep making sales and profits; and because there is always a change in models there would always be regular demands for new modals which keep you in business.Joining the affiliate programmes of the manufacturing companies is also a way of increasing your income prospects, because you would always get paid as new customers buy from the company through your referral link. This in itself could give you a regular income.Joseph Ezie Efoghor is a 'small business' manager with years of practical experience. He writes on variety of topics which you may find beneficial to you. For more on his write-ups visit http://smallbiztricks.blogspot.comArticle Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]

Fish Farming - Fortune For a Small Business


Fish is a very good source of protein, but its demand world wide is very high while supply is low. Fish farming is therefore a way of bridging this gap and increasing the protein supply to the average families who cannot afford the other expensive sources.Small businesses can cultivate fishes using a cheap technology and low capital base. Artificial ponds may be expensive for a starter: but using other methods like the Geepee tanks could help to minimize cost. Geepee tanks are less capital-intensive; they are movable and easy to maintain: they do not require hard labour to set them up or to clean them up. Several of them could be set up to care for the various sizes of fish.                         Why should I go into fish farming?1. Fish is in high demand world wide and the supply can hardly take care of the high demand: Therefore going into fish farming promises to be a good source of revenue (both local and foreign)2. It is cheap to start up: Fingerlings are affordable; Geepee tanks are not too expensive; their feeds are cheap. A bag of feeds can last for several days to a few weeks.3. Growth is very fast: Unlike other farm animals that take several months or years to mature, fishes mature within a few months. The feed needed to raise a kilogram of fish is lesser than that required to raise other sources of animal protein.4. Help is available: Agricultural extension services are available in some areas to help provide the needed training/assistance to the starter, to enable him know the basic things to do to make his farm well managed.5. They are non-destructive: Fishes are non-destructive; they do not in any way contribute to the destruction of crops/plants around them, unlike the goat, sheep, pigs, cows etc which destroy foliage. They also do not destroy the soil texture since they do not posses hoofs. They only take up the space where the Geepee tanks are located.6. Easy to control: Unlike the goat, sheep, cows, horses, etc, fishes are very easy to control as they remain in their habitat (tanks or ponds) and do not need to be driven from place to place. You do not need to use sticks or whips on them before they listen to instructions. You therefore do not get sapped trying to control the fishes.7. It is needed by everybody: Some religions forbid certain animals, but fishes are hardly forbidden by anyone.The use of fish is enormous thereby making it a very good source of revenue for man. They are needed by restaurants operators, snack makers, homes, biology laboratories, fast food joints, hotels, pepper soup joints, etc, and as a small business owner, you could supply fish to any of the above-listed areas and make lots of money from them. The market can not be fully exploited. Everybody needs fish and you have to supply to them to meet their demand and you in turn make money from it.Joseph Ezie Efoghor is a small business manager with years of experience. For tips on how to grow your small business visit http://smallbiztricks.blogspot.comArticle Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]

9 Attitudes of Successful Business Owners


Growth is a continuous process and business growth is no different. You need to put certain things in their right places in order for your small business to experience a meaningful level of growth and possibly catch up with bigger businesses. If you get things right your business can really grow very fast even beyond your expectation.                                       What do you require? For your small business to grow at a fast rate you must carefully implement the following rules:Your attitude that you show up with each day has a lasting impact on your behavior that affects your outcomes. A person's attitude is an expression of their mindset at any time and in any given situation. Your attitude represents a feeling that can be changed instantly or maintained for a lifetime.Why is this important?It is important to understand the attitudes of the most successful business owners so you can emulate them and move your business forward.Let's begin.1) Success Business owners are passionate about the success/value they can create. Unsuccessful ones are more passionate about watching people on TV live out their dreams in sports, movies shows etc. than actually going out and creating the life they want.Action Steps:Consider any major success story - what did they have in common?� Passion for the value they could create.� Ask yourself am I really passionate about my project?� Is this passion sufficient to take me through all the ups and downs that I can expect in growing and scaling my business?� If the passion is really not there - stop and rethink your next move carefully.� As the old expression goes - "Don't climb your business ladder to only learn it is leaning against the wrong wall".2) Successful owners maintain a positive mental attitude as a steady state condition. Unsuccessful ones have a mental state that changes and varies with outside circumstances.Why is this important?Many times in life you rise and fall to your level of expectations.If you start with a Negative Mental Attitude you are likely to not fully apply yourself and get results consistent with your expectations.Life is too short to be grumpy and you will attract other people who are also grumpy and will pull you down.A positive mental attitude is not sufficient but it is a requirement to succeed.Action Steps:� Change your attitude right now by focusing all your thinking on what you are grateful for.� You cannot maintain two completely different thoughts in your mind at the same time.3) Successful owners are hyper consciousness about what they are thinking and their attitude at any given point in time. When they feel their attitude turning towards the worse they take massive evasive action to change their attitude since they know their attitude determines their altitude in life. Unsuccessful Business owners allow their emotions derived from their environment to run unchecked. They pay little attention to what they are thinking about and emotionally move with the current. Unsuccessful Business owners are not in control of their mental state.Action Step:� Take time at multiple points during the day and ask yourself: "What are my thoughts and feelings on ________ (the most pressing issue for you right now).� Journal those thoughts and then analyze why you think the way you do.4) Successful Business owners understand the importance of understanding the root of fear so they can eliminate it before it impacts their attitude. Successful Business owners have an abundance-oriented attitude and believe there is more than enough for everyone. Unsuccessful ones never get to the root of their fears and correspondingly their attitude is impacted. Unsuccessful Business owners have a scarcity-oriented attitude and believe that the pie is only so big - for them to prosper someone must suffer.Action Steps:� Write down a list of what you are fearful of.� Separate[...]

Quick Tips to Improve Your Small Business


Whether you are small one-man business or growing bigger than that, all business owners continually need to look at improving the business. As we say you are always continually trying to build a bigger better stronger ship to sail. No matter how busy you are, you should never leave your business to remain static and there is always room for improvement. Making improvements to make your business better is fun but requires you to work on your business for some time. Often the key to this is to designate some time to work on the business rather than in it as we often do, working in it means just in the business servicing and taking care of normal business or trade and not improving businesses. It is also important to balance your time and put priority into the areas which you think will return the most bang for your time.Here are some areas which we think will give your business the biggest gains.1. Keep score, it is important to keep it simple, accurate and cheap to run scoreboard. Just as we watch sport and know the score, and play to the score, so should businesses. If this is hard for you then hire someone who can bundle up your services to include bookkeeping and regular monthly reporting so that you have the accounting information to help grow your business rather than doing what most average businesses do which is to fly blind without current financial performance indicators. A good accountant will help you spend time on a part of the business you may neglect because of your poor understanding.2. Set goals and keep these alive through your monthly reporting process. For instance, if you wish to succeed in a certain level of sales in your financial year, break this down into a regular monthly budget. You will be surprised how this can motivate you and guide you into reaching your goal. Know where you want to head, then build it with a month by month plan.3. Learn how to market you and your business properly. Surprisingly many effective marketing techniques are at very low cost.4. Change your presentations. These may be your sales presentations in which you need to have a structured and successful saws presentation technique. You may want to script and improve how you handle phone enquiries, as improvements of tweaks in this area can dramatically increase your conversions and improve your sales performance and business performance. You might wish to also conduct seminars or business networking presentations which can dramatically improve your sales lead generation. Lastly you may wish to present yourself through social media or YouTube to explain or more distinguish yourself in the market. YouTube is a great way to answer a commonly asked question of your business.5. Always look at your internal processes and aim to improve your efficiency and know-how. Look at using great resources such as information technology or software. As well as standardising procedures, checklists and processes throughout the business.6. All good businesses will grow through delegation of duties to capable staff. The business should continually look at what areas are sucking up a lot of his or her time and where possible delegating these to the staff. It is important to invest time developing staff as this activity can save an abundance of time down the track such as them teaching your future staff rather than you. As I like to say, create a monster, who can create more monsters who can handle just about everything for you.7. Business owners are often neglecting own bodies and can get run down and sick. A business person needs an abundance of energy so they must look after their bodies and have a healthy lifestyle. Keeping yourself alive a lot longer has to be good for your business, don't you think? Try to keep this perspective throughout your life.8. A great way to improve your productivity again is to take a holiday. Make that move and book your holiday, make the arrangements for it to work and build the business so that it can live[...]

How to Start A Cleaning Business - Marketing


Since the cleaning market is enormous, you should choose a particular target niche for your new business. If you are planning to venture into residential cleaning services, you can choose to clean rental units, apartments and condos or private homes. If you want to set up a janitorial business, you can choose to specialize in manufacturing plants, retail premises or corporate offices. At the same time, you need to decide whether you want to focus on small or large-scale clients. If you want to clean carpets, you may want to focus on commercial or residential properties, or both. In order to succeed in the competitive cleaning services industry, it is important to learn how to start a cleaning business, before you make any investment.Choose Your Target MarketAs mentioned earlier, cleaning services are greatly varied. Some entrepreneurs specialize in residential properties while other focus on commercial premises. Other target niches may include window cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning. Just like any other business, it is important to narrow your options when starting a business and establish authority in that field. With time, you can try to diversify and serve a broad array of customers.Once you choose a market niche, it is important to consider the geographical area where you would like to serve. Whatever niche market you decide on, be sure to plan cleanings and complete them in a timely manner.Once you have chosen your market niche and the geographical area you want to serve, reassess the area to ensure that it has enough customers. If the area doesn't have a reasonable number of customers, then you may want to re-examine how you have identified your area or target niche. Your market analysis should also include the expenses to serve the chosen area. A densely populated area will enable you to serve a higher number of clients since your will be able to reduce your travel time and keep all of your expenses as low as possible.Start With a Professional ImageA professional image is one of the most effective marketing tools that you can use. Experts agree that a good image is made up of a number of aspects, including the appearance of your employees. Your cleaning crew must always look clean and smart; possibly they should wear uniform bearing the business logo.Your automotives, cleaning materials and equipments should also be in proper condition and bear the business logo as well as the website and contacts details. All printed materials such as statements and invoices should be clear and computerized. All your documents should enhance a sense of professionalism on the part of your company.In addition, having enough business coverage, including worker's compensation, liability insurance and working as a team can help enhance credibility and company image. All those details will play a major role in marketing your business.Referral MarketingObtaining referrals is often one of the best ways to get good customers. If the first customer refers another potential customer to your business, chances are you will be able to persuade them to work with you. To encourage your customers to be your brand ambassadors, you should be ready to provide referral discounts in certain cases.Every customer that you get can be able to do some referral promotion. However, it is important to request customers to do more business with you. Therefore, for every cleaning job you do, be sure to ask. If you are hired to clean an apartment and your customer is not around, include it in your departure note. Try to make the message brief but sweet. By so doing, you will be able to find business each and every day.You can establish a very effective marketing campaign on customer referrals. However, you still need to get the first clients, to start with. But where do you find them? Experts suggest that you should start by talking to you friends, relatives, neighbors, employers, former schoolmates and wo[...]

How To Make A Career In Journalism


The idea of weaving stories through mass media has found a newborn interest in our new generation. People enjoy moving, taking risks and coming up with stories that matter. Media is perhaps the strongest industry in any country and good newsmakers are in high demand.However, a job as a journalist comes with immense challenges and not many are able to beat the competition. For those looking to make it big, here are certain things that can help.Inspiration gets you in and gets you throughPick some inspiration early in your life. It is people who love to read and write that become good storytellers themselves eventually. It could have started by writing illogical lyrics for a girl band or a 10 page note on Facebook.If the news fascinates you, don't write off those veteran editors and reporters who get occasionally crotchety. These people come with vast knowledge and experience and know every in and out of the job. Get a mentor and get through the initial frustration of not making it big. It does take time to make your name.Start making contactsTry tracking down a few alumni of your university who have made it good in journalism. These people and your professors are the best people to help you start. Sometimes, recruiting services can help too.These will be the contacts that will be putting in a good word for you and perhaps get you an internship or a freelancing opportunity to start with. It is even better if you can contact the editor of a newsroom that you admire. Try to get the opportunity to shadow a reporter who is already working in the field.Developing skillsModern journalism demands a vast skill set. If you have been working on reporting, try your hand at shooting videos. If you happen to be a photographer, try to get down and write a story. Social media and programming skills too help you get into the industry.News agencies want candidates who are dynamic and bring several skills to the table. Try to become an asset who won't be easily replaceable. The checklist for the skill set is something like:- Writing- Reporting- Editing- Photography- Design- Mobile news making- Programming- Entrepreneurial journalism- Social media skillsMaking your application stand outJust a degree certificate won't help you much. News agencies require people who have experience and had been doing reporting in their capacity. This shows that the person is passionate in the field and is updated with his genre of interest.Here, an online portfolio can help a lot. This will necessarily include the articles you have published online, the blog you regularly update, the places and situations you have been to take photographs that speak, and certainly your bio data.The only guiding factor to make you application stand out from the rest of the competition is your passion - and passion shows. HR executives are experienced enough to sniff out whether you really belong to this line of work or not.I am a HR & Business Strategy professional with experience of leading HR & People Consulting practice of multinational professional services firms, including a Fortune 500 company in India. I was also Heading CSR at a Forbes Platinum 400 company and a member of its Global Diversity Council. I am a consultant for start-up ventures in South Asia and have been rated twice as one of the Top 100 employee engagement experts in the world by a New York Times bestselling author.Article Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]

10 Businesses You Can Start For Under $1,000


If you've ever considered starting a home business, and felt that you didn't have the money, you're not alone. The average person's belief is that you need a lot of money to start a business. Sadly that's not true. Anyone can start a business and start-up money should be the least of anyone's worries.On average, people can expect to have two and three careers during their work life. People who have been part of the traditional nine-to-five work force and are on the verge of retiring from that life are thinking of what to do next. They still feel that they got in them to work, so why not work for themselves?Starting a home based business is within the reach of anyone who wants to take some risk and work hard. And like I said money is the least bit you'll need.I wanted to share with you 10 business ideas that anyone can start today, and for good measure if you feel that money is holding you back, how about starting any one of these ten businesses for under $1,000? Yes, it's totally possible.1. Commercial Cleaning ServiceOne of the best benefits of starting a cleaning business is that you can work during hours when no one else does - after office hours. Focusing on retail business that need cleaning is a good start. Pharmacies, doctors offices, print shops and retail stores are some of the business establishments always in need of cleaning.Restaurants are also a great options, because they need daily cleaning to keep the restaurant clean. Usually after the restaurant closes or early in the morning are typical times for cleaning.When I started my cleaning business, my first two clients were local Rexall Pharmacies. Inside the pharmacies there were doctors offices, x-ray offices and even an orthopedic clinic. This gave the owner, whom I got the contract through even more incentive and need for daily cleaning to be done.Start Up Cost: $500What You'll Need: Reliable car, cleaning products, business cards2. Home Cleaning BusinessPerhaps you would be more interested in house cleaning. Many times with cleaning services you don't have to spend lots of money on advertising or marketing because your customers will come by word of mouth. You start with one home, and soon enough you'll be getting referrals.People are busy with careers, kids, education and family life to clean. This is where you can come in and offer to clean their homes.Home cleaning is typically done through the day, when the clients are at work or away from home. Cleaning homes is a 9-5 job typically, unlike commercial cleaning where the cleaning is done after hours.Start Up Cost: $500What You'll Need: A reliable car, cleaning products, business cards3. Computer RepairDuring my teen years I repaired computers for extra cash, and made a nice side income. I established myself as the guru who can meet the needs of the personal computer user. I chose not to get involved with small business simply due to liability of highly sensitive files.Start Up Cost: $600What You'll Need: Your home office, spare computer parts, knowledge of computer software/hardware, Internet connection and some business cards4. eBay BusinessLook around your home carefully and I'm certain you'll discover products that you could sell on eBay. Just as the saying goes; "You trash is someone's gold". Selling your old unwanted items will also give you the opportunity to get rid of the clutter in your home.Figure out your asking price and decide whether to auction it or put it in your eBay store. Then decide if you want a minimum bid and how long you want the auction to last.If you purchase from eBay regularly, I'm certain that you already have a PayPal account to use for transactions, and that you're fairly in tune on home buying an selling works.Start Up Cost: $0What You'll Need: Internet connection, PayPal account and your garage to ship/pack your sold products5. Blogging / Editorial ServicesStarting a blog and wri[...]

Freelance Web Designing As a Source of Online Income


The online world is an oyster when it comes to looking for opportunities to make money but not everyone is courageous enough to explore those oysters. However those who take the trouble of doing so are rewarded amply. If you have the designing talent and are good with graphics and you don't want to go for the traditional jobs then why not go for freelance web designer job?These jobs can fuel your passion as well as provide you with a steady source of income. As a web designer, you will have the opportunity to design web pages for companies or people and make a fortune out of it. However this job is not for everyone, you need to have in-depth knowledge about CSS, HTML or other platforms of web designing. Being a freelance web designer is any day better than being a web developer doing a traditional corporate job because not only is the compensation better but one has the freedom over the work timings and creativity as well. As a freelance web designer, your home will be your office and your earnings will depend on the amount of work you choose to do. This means that you have full control over your paycheck. This is an ideal job for all those who are gifted with the talent of building good websites and depending on the complications in the designing job, you will be compensated. Different web designing jobs call for different requirements so the remuneration would depend on the number of pages, their size and programming requirements. In order to be successful in this line of online business, you will have to truly impress your clients and dazzle them with your capabilities. Try to meet their requirements in the best possible manner and keep their best interests on the uppermost in your mind. Finishing the client's project with flying colors should be your main principle. Do not make the mistake of accepting a project that you know you cannot complete. Also respect the stipulated time period for the project, don't keep the client waiting. Also, as a freelance web designer, if you don't get the right exposure or market yourself properly then you are not going to have many clients. So in order to ensure that this does not happen, you need to communicate properly. Interaction with one's clients or prospects has an important role to play in getting more projects. Always show professionalism in all your interactions or conversations and respect the views of the client in order to establish a good relationship with him/her. One should bear in mind that communication is the sole way of marketing one's services and oneself as a freelance web designer.Along with the required tools or programs for creating successful as well as magnificently designed websites, one will need tenacity and determination in order to make one's work easier. Design is subjective in this type of job, and in order to be successful you will also need to have a great eye for detail. It is all a learning process, so get your basics right and then move from strength to strength.For hundreds of ideas on how to make money, visit our website: http://www.101waystomakemoney.comArticle Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]

Guidelines to Be Followed in Web Designing


There are a number of people who wish to make money sitting at home. With the advent of internet and its growing popularity the prospects of online jobs have increased tremendously. You can make money easily through various online jobs. One such opportunity is web designing.Web designing has brought tremendous job opportunities. Web designers are in great demand these days. This is mainly because almost all the businesses, whether small or big doesn't matter, develop their own websites to promote their services and products. If you are creative enough, know some basics of designing and ready to work according to the needs of your client, and then you can surely become a very good designer.The major thing that a web site designer needs to keep in mind is that the web site should be attractive and informative at the same time. It is believed that if a customer stays online then the web site will have the possibilities of gaining profit. So, what you need to keep in mind is that the web site that you design should capture the attention of the readers and it should be capable of selling the products and services.When one designs a web site the first thing that one needs to take care of is the target audience. That is the kind of people whom you think should read the site. If it is for children then the appearance and the content should attract the children. Also be sure what you need to promote through the site. A good designer can always get well paying clients.There are several phases in web designing. The first phase involves creating or deriving an idea to design the site. Here the designer needs to research and study the kind of product or service you need to promote. The second phase includes the designing the website. The design and information should be attractive enough to encourage the visitors to navigate the site.  The third step is search engine optimization wherein you have to develop strategies to make your website top the list of the search engines. The fourth and the final step include proper maintenance of the site by updating the outlook and the contents of the site at regular intervals.So, keep in mind these things while designing a website. If you become a good designer then you can get more clients and thereby more profit.Are you ready to start making some money? Learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing,   online surveys, blogging and more. Visit http://www.101waystomakemoney.comArticle Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]

What To Expect When You Hire Commercial Cleaning Services


If you have never hired commercial cleaning services before you may not know what to expect. The commercial cleaning is slightly different from residential cleaning, and the prices that the commercial cleaning service will charge you will depend on the work you need done, the frequency you need it done, and the size of the property.When you call a cleaning service to clean your business property they will want to know what types of floors you have in the building. These services clean floors and they base their prices on what they have to do to the floors. Carpets may need vacuumed, or steam cleaned, and tile floors will likely need to be swept and mopped, and occasionally polished.These services clean the restrooms of the structure so they will ask you how many restrooms there are in the building. You also need to know the number of stalls in each room, urinals, and sinks in each room. They also clean the mirrors and restock paper products so they will want to know about the number of mirrors, and whether you use air dry or paper towels for hand drying.These services do not always do exterior windows, but they almost always include the cleaning of interior glass windows in their price quotes. They will have to know the number of glass windows that you have, and this includes glass doors that lead into office areas.You will need to negotiate the cleaning of the break room areas. Not all services will clean the employee break rooms beyond the sweeping of the floor and the emptying of the trash receptacles. If you want the refrigerator, sink, and microwave to be cleaned on a regular basis you will need to tell the service representative.Waiting areas have furnishings that must be wiped down to be clean and sanitary. There are also magazine racks, and magazine holders, and other elements of a waiting area that need to be cleaned. Check with the cleaning service you are considering and see if they clean all of the different types of surfaces your waiting room has.You can expect to establish a cleaning schedule when you hire professionals. The first cleaning may cost more than the subsequent ones will. This is due to the fact that there will likely be more work for the cleaning crew to perform during their first visit. Commercial cleaning services offer some services that residential cleaners do not.Commercial cleaning services charge according to the building size, the types of cleaning needed, and the frequency of visits. You can get more information from commercial cleaning Charlotte NC.Article Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]

How To Become An Efficient Caregiver?


Adults often have to live on their own when they are old. The psychological effects of staying away from the loved ones start kicking in very soon. However, depression is not the only major problem faced by aged adults. After the age of 60, the immunity system of a body starts deteriorating. Bones become weak and muscles grow loose. As a result, aged adults face many problems and their bodies do not allow them to handle everything alone. This is where caregivers step in, and aid these aged adults in their daily activities.It is not necessary that a caregiver is an unknown person who is part of a care-giving agency. A family member or a neighbor can also act as a caregiver. It mainly depends on the values of a person and the upbringing he received. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 50-60 million American citizens could pass of as an efficient caregiver. What are some of the daily tasks of a caregiver? Some of these tasks are making sure that medicine intake is on time, monitoring the blood pressure, and assisting aged adults in everyday activities.Do you want to become an efficient caregiver? Here are some tips you need to keep in mind if you want to fulfill your wish:Become Well-InformedYou need to have adequate preparations before you start looking after an elderly. Do your homework properly, and try to know as much as possible about the illness. You have the power of Google and you need to use it effectively. Use the Internet and find out what others have to say about people going through similar situations.Always Remain PositiveThe overwhelming work pressure might become too hard for you to handle at times. There are some good days and there are some bad days. However, do not let this diminish your enthusiasm. You need to keep your morale high, and stay with a positive attitude. After all, a smiling face and a cheerful heart can cure many things at a faster rate.Stay Up-to-DateWe are in the 21st century, and there is no way we can ignore the impact of technology in our lives. Even in the field of care-giving, technology has a huge role to play. Managing record file systems is out of fashion these days. So, make sure you are well acquainted with electronic health records software. You also need to look after the legal documentation, financial planning and insurance paperwork.In the field of care-giving, it is important to have a healthy relationship with the elderly people. They might not understand or abide by the rules you set for them. Do not become inpatient or lose your temper. Always remember that you are a caregiver, and you need to shower them with care and love every day.Hello, I am Juliette Deschanel and am a mental doctor based in San Diego, CA. I am living this profession from a very long period, and based on my experiences I will recommend to use []Psychiatry EHR Software for proper patient data maintenance.Article Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]

Start a Home Business As A Non-Medical Elder Caregiver


Non-medical caregivers are people who will go and take care of other people usually elderly and disable people at their homes. They will help the patient with daily tasks and prepare meals for them. They will help them with bathing and personal care needs and sometimes take them out to the doctors' appointments or other errands that they need to run.  Elder care caregivers give non-medical care to patients.To be a care giver you will need to be compassionate and caring. You will be taking care of people who are unable to take care of themselves on a daily basis. They may need help getting dressed or bathed.  It could be the person has just come home from surgery. There are many different scenarios about why they would need a non-medical companion.To get started you will want to get a business license and check with your insurance agent about getting extra insurance for working in other people's homes, and sometimes you may have to drive the client somewhere in your own personal car, you will want to make sure that you are covered for all incidents.Create a standard contract about billing, pay rate, hours worked and duties performed and get it signed before you start the job, this way there is no misunderstandings when it's time for you to be paid. You will also want to make sure that you are paid extra if you drive your own personal car.  You will want to keep detailed records everyday when you are with the client, with the hours worked, and duties performed.You will want to take some courses and get certified in CPR with the Red Cross, while you won't be doing medical care; CPR is one course you will want to be certified.Once you are ready to start advertising you can create a website to advertise your business, or advertise your business on ads online. Business cards will also get the word out that you are available and ready to take care of the elderly in their homes to help maintain their independence.Being a companion for the elderly you will be able to work flexible hours, and be able to make a huge difference in someone else's life. It can be a profitable business and it is in demand with the aging population and with people who want to stay at their homes and not enter a nursing or assistant living facility. Looking for legitimate ways to earn money from home? Finding legitimate work from home jobs can always be challenging. We have done the homework for you. Check out our tips at our Work From Home Jobs at our website.Article Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Vs Professional Carpet Cleaning


If you have carpet in your home then periodically you have to clean these rugs. When the rugs become soiled you have the option to perform do it yourself carpet cleaning, or to call a professional carpet cleaning service to do the job for you. There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these types of carpet cleaning.Do the job yourselfMust buy, or rent a cleaning machine to do the job withYou must buy cleaning solutions designed to do the job. The solution you buy will depend on whether you have pets in the home, stains in the home, whether you want to remove odors, or simply freshen the rug.You must clean a test patch of carpet and allow it to dry before you do the entire room. The cleaners can sometimes damage the carpet or change the color of the carpet. You cannot tell if a cleaner has done any permanent damage unless you allow the carpeting to dry completely.You must pre-treat all of the stains so they are more likely to come out of the carpet.You must move all of your furniture so you can clean the area beneath it.Home cleaning machines have small water tanks that must be emptied frequentlyWill take several hours to complete the jobThese machines do not suction all of the water out of the rug and you are supposed to refrain from walking on the wet rugProfessional Cleaners• Assess the rug and the soil composites to determine the cleaning solutions they will need to use• They bring their own equipment• They move the furniture out of their way, and put it back when they are through• The rugs will be basically dry when the professionals are ready to leave because their machinery suctions the water almost completely out of the fibersWhat most people who have a lot of carpeting in their home quickly come to realize is that the home cleaning machines are great for touch ups, to keep heavy traffic areas looking nice, and for emergency spills. If you want your rugs to be thoroughly clean then you need to call a service that does this professionally and allow them to come do the entire surface of the floor at least once every six months. Then you use the home owner's machine to keep the area looking as nice as possible.Carpet cleaning can be done by the home owner, or by a professional carpet cleaning service. Each type of cleaning has benefits and drawbacks. You can get more information from carpet cleaning Fort Worth TX.Article Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]

How to Handle Cleaning Business Employees Who Don't Get Along With Each Other


For those of us who own cleaning business companies, our employees are truly an asset that we depend on. While striving to improve your cleaning business's functions and profits, any improvement in your HR department can easily translate into dollars and cents at the bottom line.Last week I had a question from a coaching client who had two valuable employees who couldn't seem to get along with each other. She wondered what she could do, short of firing one of them or separating them, which was logistically unattractive. Here's what I recommended she try.There's a conflict resolution technique called "Start, Stop, Continue" that has been used with great results in many companies and this is how it works. The two employees are brought together with a facilitator to talk about what problems they are having. Each employee is encouraged to tell the other employee:What behavior they'd like to see stopWhat behavior they would like to see startWhat behavior they'd like to see continueFor example: Employee A might say something like: "I want you to stop cutting me off during staff meetings by criticizing my ideas. I'd like you to start waiting until I finish what I have to say before you begin speaking. I'd like you to continue to give me feedback on how my suggestions could be developed and implemented."  In this example the stop, start and continue behaviors are related.Here's another example in which the behavior are unrelated. Employee B says: "I want you to stop talking badly about other people when they are not present. I want you to start showing me how to use the new product XYZ. I'd like you to continue to give me encouragement on prepping for my upcoming exam."In both of these examples, employees focused on specific behavior. So, instead of saying that someone is two-faced or is a back-stabber, by requesting that he not criticize people who are not present, employee B is able to articulate the behavior that makes him uncomfortable.The person listening to this request is more likely to respond in an appropriate way because the request doesn't feel like its personal. It's about a particular behavior vs. them as a person.And because the ratio of negative to positive is 2:1, the meeting has an overall feeling of being a positive one as opposed to a negative one. The negative in the meeting is the behavior that an employee wants to see stopped. But the positive side is a described behavior they'd like to see and something they want continued. This is especially useful when the start, top and continue requests are all related.Here's another good example:"I'd like you to stop teasing me about how quickly I speak when I answer the office phone. I want you to start commenting on the time when I speak in a slower manner. I'd like you to continue to help me focus on improving this aspect of my receptionist duties."When your employees start communicating with each other in this way, your ability to improve your cleaning company's staff relations will start to pay big dividends. Not only will the overall level of understanding and empathy improve, but comments will become more productive when they are framed in a stop, start, continue format. Try this for a few weeks and see the benefits within your company start to accrue!Article Source: article is © Copyright – All rights reserved - Small Business Ideas.You may publish the English or translated versions of this article on non-English language sites provided you acknowledge Small Business Ideas as the original source. [...]