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Ace of Spades HQ

Published: 2017-07-21T22:31:38-04:00


Overnight Open Thread (21 Jul 2017)


FTC probing allegations of Amazon's deceptive discounting. Too many folks focus on percentage supposedly saved and not on the reference price trend of the item before the "sale". An analysis found that in 61 percent of products with reference...

The Chickens Have Come Home to Chew Gum and Kick Ass and They're All Out of Gum


Ugly bunny fracas is swiftly broken up by the chicken police.— Dick King-Smith HQ (@DickKingSmith) July 10, 2017 Terrible day of work by me, but unlike many people online, I could GAF about the Russia story and I'm not...

Moaning and Complaining Thread


I forgot how much I liked complaining about minor things that are barely worth mentioning, let alone having an emotional reaction to. I know the last post is about this, but it's kind of specific to WhiteWalkers, so how about...

WhiteWomanWalking: A New Source of National Racism


Yeah, so this black guy is complaining that white women do not move out of his way when he's walking (actually, he specifies that he thinks that correct walking etiquette is for both parties to slightly deviate out of each...

Reuters Now Running Live Video From Outside Sean Spicer's House


WATCH LIVE: The scene outside Sean Spicer's house following the announcement of his resignation— Reuters Politics (@ReutersPolitics) July 21, 2017 Gee, I can't tell they have a Hit List they're running through one by one at all. It...

UC Berkeley Refuses to Allow Ben Shapiro to Speak, Citing "Safety" Concerns, AKA "Antifa and BLM Are Going to Riot and We Respect Their Hecklers' Veto"


Free speech is no longer part of the American experience. David Harsanyi writes at the Federalist that the right to free speech is indeed endangered. And this isn't just a rhetorical claim; the right to free speech is really, genuinely...

Sean Spicer Resigns Over Trump's Appointment of Tony Scaramucci As Director of Communications


Scaramucci is already known as a "ferocious" defender of Trump on cable news, so Trump figures he should get paid for it. Apparently Spicer and Priebus objected, noting that Scaramucci had no organizational or political experience. Spicer resigned rather than...

Remembrances Of Things Past



Mid-Morning Open Thread


Portrait Of Nathaniel Hurd John Singleton Copley're going to make me look good. Right?" "And the hat. I rock the hat. Don't forget!"...

TGIF Morning News Dump (7/21/17)


(Woot-Woot It's Friday) ***** Long time Morons know that your humble Cob detests John McCain, the politician. He has served his country basically all of his life. We've been advised that he is facing the fight of his life....

One Small Step for Thursday's ONT


“Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed” On July 20th, 1969, the lunar module Eagle touched down on the moon, and mankind took their first steps off planet Earth. This is, in fact, my earliest memory. I was 2...

LGBT Megadonor Pouring Millions Into Campaign to Punish Christians for Refusing to Participate in Gay Weddings; "Punish the Wicked," Xe Advises


Pretty soon you'll have to give same-sex oral sex on demand or face legal punishment. Openly gay LGBT activist Tim Gill, who has poured $422 million into the homosexual movement since the 1990s, recently told Rolling Stone why he won't...

Samantha Power Is Now a Key Figure in Unmasking Probe


She was the Ambassador to the UN. She wasn't an intelligence analyst and wasn't law enforcement. She just didn't have any appropriate reason to be requesting the unmaskings she requested. Power appears to be central to efforts by top Obama...

Al Gore, When Asked If We've Hit a Point of No Return Like He Previously Predicted We Would: Well, In Some Ways. But the Paris Accords Changed So Much!


God's gonna take me home unless you donate $100,000 to my ministry. Wait -- we're at $90,000. God now says you have a two week extension to donate, and if you donate now, He'll give you Heavenly Oven Mitts, free...

Swamp Gonna Swamp: Official State Department Report Suggests Israel Is Responsible for Palestinian Murders of Israelis


The Deep State doesn't care who the current president is, or what policies that democratically-elected person supports. They have their own agenda, their own power sources, and a near-freedom from any consequences due to pretty-much guaranteed lifetime tenure and a...