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Published: 2018-04-20T21:42:02-04:00


Friday's ONT Has a Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi


Thanks for the clarification, I wasn't sure....

Leveling Up to a Ph.D.: Scholar Examines Racial and Gender Roles in, Get This, Dungeons & Dragons


Quality research from @Stanford: "Privilege, Power, and Dungeons & Dragons: How Systems Shape Racial and Gender Identities in Tabletop Role-Playing Games"— New Real Peer Review (@RealPeerReview) April 14, 2018 The abstract doesn't say too much: Privilege, Power, and...

Darkly Conspiratorial Hillary Clinton: "I Knew They Would Never Let Me Be President"


This is a woman, you'll remember, who prized aides like Sidney Blumenthal who would play to and confirm her conspiratorial fantasies. The NYT reporter who covered Hillary for a decade, Amy Chozick, shares some insights into the woman who fell...

Byron York: Trump's Demand for "Loyalty" Looks Different Now, Given That His First Meeting With Comey Consisted of Comey Basically Saying "We Have a Document Claiming You Paid Whores to Pee on Each Other and All the Media Wants Us to Help Them Publish It"


Which sounds a lot like blackmail -- something the FBI, especially under the corrupt leadership of J. Edgar Hoover, was very willing to engage in. Why would Trump wonder about the FBI director's loyalty? Perhaps because in their first meeting,...

Justice Department "Reviewing" At Least Two of the Memos Comey Leaked to His Pal To Leak to the NYT, For Possible Violations of Classified Material Law


Oh. One of the memos contained information that wasn’t classified when Comey turned it over to a Columbia law school professor, but was later upgraded to “confidential,” the lowest level of classification, The Wall Street Journal reported. In the other,...

"Collusion" Narrative Skeptics a Year Ago: Was The Dossier Briefing Just a Set-Up to Give CNN a News Hook to Run the Dossier Story They Otherwise Could Not?
Comey Memo: I Told the President "CNN Was Looking for a News Hook" for the Dossier


I and others -- Mollie Hemingway being the most visible -- been pushing this idea myself for a year. Pretty sure the NeverTrump assholes have never bothered to question this briefing, or how quickly the briefing came to be featured...

McCabe, Now Criminally Referred by the OIG For Possible Prosecution for Making False Statements, Suing Trump for Defamation?


What? On what possible theory? Meanwhile, let's check in on what Tater's up to. Great reminder from @brianstelter. CNN promoted the "McCabe is honorable and a hero" idea for many months.— Matt Wolking (@MattWolking) April 19, 2018...

Duke "Student" Activists Hijack Alumni Event; Are Shocked to Find the People Whose Event They Hijacked Criticizing and Jeering Them; Whine That the People Who's Event They Hijacked Should Have Made Them Feel Safe


Oh, and also: They are saying they shouldn't be punished, because that would hurt them mentally. Some of them claim to have heard racial epithets issuing from the alumni -- but note only the "student" activists claim this, and the...

The Morning Rant


"Here's something uplifting to end the week: Tammie Jo Shults, the Southwest Air pilot who managed to land her damaged plane after a deadly engine explosion earlier this week sent a text message to one of her friends immediately after...

Mid-Morning Open Thread


Self-Portrait At The Easel Sofonisba Anguissola And....last week a commenter suggested about Muldoon, our resident limerickist: "That man could write a limerick on anything, including Satan's boogers." So he obliged! Satanic congestion is trickyHis mucus is sulfurous and ickyBut...

The Morning Report 4/20/18


Good morning kids. Here comes the weekend and I want to start off with arguably the most radical and hence most dangerous miscreant to have been a part of the eight-year Obama reign of error. Eric Holder's disdain for...

The Thursday Night ONT is Back!


Trump: I'm Not Paying Federal Dollars to the California National Guard for the "Charade" of Deploying to the Border to Then Sit On Their Thumbs


Jerry Brown is trying some bizarre half-measure where he'll send the National Guard to the border but on orders that they will not assist in border enforcement. Trump is right to deny him the cover of this "charade." Eh, maybe...

David "Camera" Hogg Now to Become David "Book Tour" Hogg


"His" book will be called #NeverAgain. Yes, with a hashtag in the actual title, apparently. That's what we're dealing with here. HashtagHolocaust!!! While David Hogg continues to cash in on his experience, other Parkland, Fla., students who witnessed the shooting...

Rosenstein Claims (Like Comey Did Before Him) That Trump Is Not the "Target" of Muller's and the DOJ's Probe Into Cohen;
Guiliani Joins Trump Legal Team to Try to "Negotiate" an End to the Mueller Probe


As for the former: I don't believe it, and prosecutors lie a lot about whether you're a target or not. I think they're trying to catch Cohen on some charges to get him to flip on Trump about RUSSIAN collusion....