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Ace of Spades HQ

Published: 2017-09-22T11:30:27-04:00


The Morning Rant


"Look, there are only two genders, OK? Male, female, that's it. Anything else is mental illness."...

Mid-Morning Open Thread


The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah John Martin There is no message expressed or implied by the choice for today's art. No animals were harmed in the making of this post, and the girth of this artwork is in...

The Morning Report 9/22/17


Good morning kids. The weekend is upon us and what a week it has been. As the cleanup and recovery gets underway in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, our top story this morning is of course...

Thursday Night's Ont is Cuter Than a Bug's Ear


Welcome to the Thursday night ONT. Rosh Hashanah began last night, so for Morons who are members of the Tribe, Leshana tovah! Ace wrote about Valerie Plame letting her anti-semite freak flag fly earlier, but he missed the best part:...

Rescue K911: Heroic Mexican Navy Dog Has Saved at Least 52 People in Aftermath of Terrible Earthquake


Dogs -- what can't they do? And they do it for just a bone and a scratch behind the ears. Frida, on the right, is the life-savingest dog -- but don't count out the dog on the left, "Evil." Even...

Two Top Swiss Islamic-Organization Officials Indicted for Making Al Qaeda Propaganda Videos


I'm shocked. I thought they were all about the Peace and stuff. Oh, speaking of: One of the London Tube Bombers was part of England's Islamic "deradicalization" program. I guess it didn't work. If you want to not know more...

Revealed: Straight Black Men Are "The White People of Black People"


"Intersectionality" bean-counts your Victim Oppression Factors. These include being of a minority race, being a woman (though women are... the majority), being gay, being disabled, being "trans," and even being fat. There's a lot of Oppression One-Upsmanship going on. (Or:...

Sheryl Atkisson: Looks Like Obama Spied on Trump Just Like He Spied on Me


A pattern of using pretexts to spy on problematic American citizens. Many in the media are diving deeply into minutiae in order to discredit any notion that President Trump might have been onto something in March when he fired off...

Sources: Political Appointee Samantha Powers, Who, As Ambassador to the UN, Had No Obvious Intelligence-Analysis Role in Government, Made "Hundreds" of Unmasking Requests In the Closing Days of the Obama Administration, Averaging One Per Day


It was all just a coincidence that Obama's top political appointees were unmasking US citizens caught in intercepts, and then Obama just happened to change the rules to allow such information to be shared easily throughout government in his last...

Valerie Plame: You Know, American Jews Are Responsible For Most of American Wars


You remember Valerie Plame, right? She suggested her husband for the job of debunking Bush's claims about Iraqi weapons research. The media made her a hero when she was "outed" -- in the context of letting the world know how...

Jimmy Kimmel Threatens to "Pound" Brian Kilmeade; Amazingly, Brian Stetler and Sopran Deb, Who Routinely Decry Threats Against the Media, Claim That Kimmel Meant Give "Fist Bumps" to Kilmeade


If your political tactic is always accusing your opponents of threatening the media, but a fellow left-liberal propagandist threatens a member of the media, what do you do? Follow your claimed rule and criticize him? Hell no -- claim that...

The Morning Rant


"Every day, more and more is coming about how operatives connected to Obama were carrying out an extensive wiretapping operation against Donald Trump. I thought wiretapping your political opponents was a major crime. At least, it *used* to be. Where...

Mid-Morning Open Thread


The Ship of Fools Or The Satire Of The Debauched Revelers, Or An Allegory Of Gluttony Hieronymus Bosch Here we have the all-too-frequent issues with color transfer from real to film to digital to computer screen. Here is a...

The Morning Report 9/21/17


Good morning kids. On this first full day of autumn, we're loaded for bear so let's dive right in. First up, Puerto Rico is without power in the wake of Hurricane Maria as it continues to barrel westward across...

Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (9/20/17) Woot Woot ONT Edition


(Waiting for The ONT? Wait no more.) ***** Quotes of The Day Quote I One thing I am convinced more and more is true and that is this: the only way to be truly happy is to make others...