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Published: 2017-03-29T06:52:00-04:00


The Morning Report 3/29/17


Good morning, kids. Well, as the dust continues to settle on last week's RynoCare debacle, cooler heads seem to be prevailing and PDT is determined to move forward with a repeal/replace bill. In fact some reports indicate that Rand Paul...

Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (3/28/17) It's Only Tuesday - Fingers Crossed Edition


Isn't that the truth? Quotes of The Day Quote I “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein Quote II “To be yourself in a world that is...

Open Thread With Sundry Items of Limited Interest


A silly gainzzz thread on MSN tells you how to keep off all the Trump Presidency Weight that progressive dopes are gaining. Three burglars broke into a home. This home included valuable things. It also included someone with an AR-15....

John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten): Media Is "Smearing" Trump Because They Fear Him


Of all the things I did not see coming, this is one of the I did not see this comingest. Oh, and then he said Nigel Farage was "fantastic" and that he supports Brexit. He then predicts the "rag and...

Sean Spicer Tells Agenda-Soaked Progressive Troll April Ryan She Has an Agenda; Her Agenda-Filthy "Reporter" Sisters Line Up to Defend Her


April D. Ryan was one of the few people in the world actually impressed by Rachel Maddow's Trump-taxes debacle -- she eagerly seized on the (silly) idea that because Trump's income in 2005 was only $250 million (before a $100...

No, Devin Nunes Should Not Recuse Himself


...explains David Harsyani. Worth reading. I can't add anything because I don't want to. While I understand that this job is to comment on the day's news, and can't fault Harsyani for doing his job, I personally am having a...

By Promoting False Narrative of Rising Anti-Semitism Due to Trump Victory, Media Created the Very Incentives for the JCC Hoaxers to Make Their Threats


Yup. Police sources told Haaretz that the [Israeli-American teenaged JCC bomb hoaxer's] main goal appears to have been obtaining media coverage. He had been making bomb threats for at least two years, against a wide variety of targets in several...

Jeff Sessions Warns Sanctuary Cities That Their Federal Funds Could Be Cut


But this might be more bark than bite -- the feds' ability to force state law enforcement to enforce federal laws is limited. This might be one of those times we regret federalism. Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired a broadside...

AoSHQ Celebrates International Women's Wymynz Day


So International Women's Day (and you can always tell it's a rat bastard commie holiday because it starts with the word 'International') was yesterday, or last week, or some damn thing, and that's a holiday that we all celebrate here...

Mid-Morning Open Thread


The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her Last Berth to be broken up, 1838 Joseph Mallord William Turner There is something sad and era-ending about these scenes. Fighting ships seem to have hearts and minds, at least the romanticized version...

The Morning Report 3/28/17


Good morning, kids. Lots of link-fu today. Top story still remains the Obamacare debacle and how next to proceed. We go from the orgasm-inducing (yet highly unlikely to succeed) blunt force trauma of Mo Brooks' one sentence full repeal...

Monday Overnight Open Thread (3/27/17) So This Is Monday Edition


Lake Superior Quotes of The Day Quote I Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected. -- George Washington Quote II Imagine choosing a job not on money or even on career advancement, but as part of a life worth...

Devin Nunes Got His Information About Intel Reports from an Intel Officer, and That's a Scandal Or Something


Or at least the Democrats are trying to make this into their new Rachel Maddow Moment. Nunes says he had to view the documents which he says may prove Obama targeted Trump from a sensitive compartmentalized information facility (SCIF) that...

Norman Borlaug: The Greatest Man You've Never Heard Of


Feeding the world is much easier because of this man, and he represents pretty much everything the agricultural neo-luddites on the Left despise. Norman Borlaug: A Man For All Seasons is a short description of his career, which spanned 50...

I Mostly Quit Consuming News and I'm So Much Happier and More Productive [Warden]


Donald Trump's ascendency had the happy effect of helping me let go of any obligation to defend him as a nominee. His presidency--and the media's hysterical reaction to every single thing he says, does or tweets--has allowed me to reduce...