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Ace of Spades HQ

Published: 2016-10-26T06:45:00-04:00


The Morning Report 10/26/16 [J.J. Sefton]


Good morning, kids. As always, Pat Condell tells it like it is. This is a MUST view, and I suggest making it go viral before YouTube censors it. Along with the usual election stuff (as if blatant media cover-ups/shilling,...

Tuesday Night Overnight Open Thread (10/25/16)[Mis. Hum.]


Taco Tuesday Edition Thirsty? Need something to wash that taco down with? Almost everything you wanted to know about tequila and margaritas. Tequila Tuesday anyone? Taco cleanse diet. If I wanted to eat Vegan stuff I would. Don't these look...

War on Women? The Real War is on our Boys [Warden]


It may not be a surprise to many of you that after decades of a leftist controlled public education system that regularly denigrates and shames boys for their masculinity, that boys are now lagging behind girls in school. Women now...

She's #1! Hillary Clinton Tops List of Islamist Money Recipients [CBD]


Hillary Clinton Tops 2015-16 Islamist Money List Accepting money from Islamists should be high on the list of things that American presidential candidates shouldn't do, but as we have learned over many, many years, Hillary Clinton thinks that rules are...

World Series Game 1 [BCochran]


So. This happened.........

More Emails: Hillary's Team Answers Why Hillary Tried to Hide Her Secret Server Instead of Revealing it Long Before the Election: "Because They Wanted to Get Away With It"


Wow, you'd almost think they were discussing a federal crime here. "Speaking of transparency, our friends Kendall, Cheryl and Phillipe sure weren’t forthcoming on the facts here," Podesta says in another email to Tanden. He is referring to Hillary’s attorneys...

Amy Schumer, Serial Plagiarist, Accused of Cultural Apporpriation


This story is so stupid I would not bother you with it except that it involves Amy Schumer, who Hector thinks is totally smoking hot. Amy Schumer made a really low-budget and lame "parody video" of a Beyonce song. A...

RIP Steven Den Beste of the USS Clueless, One of the Most Insightful of the First Wave of Bloggers


He had a mossy mind, vibrant and always looking for new cracks to dig into. He was also, at least for a short time, a guest blogger here. I had always thought Den Beste was an exciting writer, in the...

Wikileaks: Hillary's Aides Privately Scoffed at Obama's Claims to Not Know About Hillary's Secret, Illegal Email System


Do tell. The only person in America stupid enough to believe these lies is apparently James Comey. Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff privately told colleagues that President Barack Obama had falsely claimed he was unaware of Clinton’s use of a...

Obamacare Premiums Surging By Double Digits... Again


Surprise surprise. They'll be going up an average of 25%. Some will see hikes lower than that, but many will see hikes higher. Last week, President Shits and Giggles said that Obamacare was like a cellphone -- if there are...

Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]


The Dangerous Logic Of Wooing Ernesto Neto From our very own Bluebell! Last year, my son and I visited the Hirshhorn Museum because my son had a paper to write and I'm always up for a visit to a...

The Morning Report 10/25/16 [J.J. Sefton]


Good morning, kids. What's striking about Nurse Nasty's war chest is only about 100 individuals comprise 20% of her billion dollar stash. Wow. Anyway, ignore the polls and have a better one. Teen Flash-Mob Viciously Attacks Temple U. Students...

Monday Night Overnight Open Thread (10/24/16) [Mis. Hum.]


You thought Monday October 24, 2016 was tough. You should have been around on Thursday October 24, 1929. The Great Depression kicked off on this day 87 years ago. Those Morons who had parents who lived during this time were...

National Enquirer's Informant -- Who Has Been Anonymous Thusfar -- Will Reveal His Identity on Hannity Tonight


If this guy was provably part of Clinton's circle, it will do a lot to validate his claims. On in 15 minutes. Though I imagine the Mr. Fix-It part will be near the end....

Media Headlines If Jesus Ran As The GOP Nominee [Warden]


Earlier today Twitter user, William Strunk Jr, observed that today's media would trash any GOP candidate, including Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ was a Republican the MSM would characterize him as a weak loser who ditched his followers in the...