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SEO and content writing services by Meenu Kohli

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Today's leaders in any  industry need to understand the right way of generating profit and should also understand how their their business will enable others to generate profit. It is very important to deliver good quality products/services and at the same time it is important that the products and services are promoted in the right fashion. Irisguru provides manual testing services for software and websites. Irisguru  also provides services related to SEO and Content Writing

MeenuKohli is an Electronics Engineer and she recieved the Bachelor's degree from Pune University in the year 2000.

SEOand Content Marketing disciplines are my  passion and I find  the prospect of being a part of any project related to any of the above mentioned disciplines very exciting. After 6 years of industrial experience in the field of IT (programing, testing, training) and Marketing, I started working as a freelancer for some time. I have handled many projects efficiently from conception to completion. Now, the time has come where I can focus of on wider range of customers and Irisguru has been launched for this purpose.'

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