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jQuery Hacks : Hiding Links inside Comments


For the past few months I have been dealing with a lot of spam in the comment section. The Blogger's inbuilt filter has stopped more than 6000 spam comments but still some slipped by . Due to this very reason I had to close the Anonymous option for commenting. But this didn't solve the problem and people with Blogger profile started to spam as well . So I have come up with a simple jQuery powered

Blog Archive links Collapsed by Default Hack


If you are using the Hierarchy style for your Blog Archive widget then you must have faced the problem of auto expansion of drop-down list of a particular month which is currently in the calendar or to which the opened post belongs. This simple hack solves that problem by making all the nodes in the hierarchy to be collapsed by default(As seen in the above picture ). This can be simply added by

Auto Pop Email Subscription Widget for Blogger


Auto Pop Email subscription widget for Blogger blogs. A easy way to get more email subscribers. This widget subtly presents a popup for subscribing for Email updates just after a specific trigger element is scrolled through. This trigger element can be changed as per your requirements. By default it is set to the comment section. So when you scroll past the comment section of your blog it will

How To Create a Timeless Blog


News stories and big headlines may attract attention to your blog quickly, but they go out of date quickly as well. On the other hand, the information contained in a "helpful tips" style blog lasts longer and is more likely to bring in timeless benefits to blog owners. Listed below are 4 helpful tips on how to create a timeless blog.Avoid Mentioning Specific Brands or VersionsOf course, if you

The All new Google+ Followers Widget


Just a couple of hours ago Blogger launched the Google+ Follower widget. Build on the lines of the older Friend Connect Follower widget , it has a Follow button accompanied with the faces of your Google+ Followers. It is now available in the Add a Gadget menu and can be added to your blog with just a single click. The widget currently has no configurable options but this will surely change as

6 Ways To Keep Your Blog Interesting


As you have created a blog for yourself and considering blogging, you are needed to ensure that you keep your blog interesting which will help you get more and more visitors preferably on-going visitors. In this post, I am to list down the 6 different ways to keep your blog interesting. Continue reading and figure out if your blog is good enough or not.1. Identify The Purpose Of Your BlogFirst

Polls in Blogger


Getting feedback from your readers is the best way to know their opinions and what better way of doing this than by using Polls. Polls make your blog look more interactive and  makes your reader feel as being part of a community. In Blogger there is a inbuilt Poll Gadget which comes with basic options. In this post we will also be discussing poll widgets from Polldaddy & Quipol and their

Twitter Vs Other Online Advertising Platforms


Twitter is one of the popular social networking websites with more than 140 million users and 340 million tweets every day. Being very popular in online world, it’s used by many companies as platform through Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts. The numbers of its users are growing and they keep increasing every minute of the day.Twitter indeed as a part of social media has

Stylify Minimal Responsive Blogger Template


This is a fully responsive and highly optimized template for every kind of Blogger user. It is centered around the concept of Minimalism hence all the unnecessary stuff like Blogger's Default CSS as well as JavaScript have been shunned. It has lightening fast load times and completely complies with Search Engines heading and title standards. This template requires that you have a little bit of 

Five Tools That Can Take Your Efforts to the Next Level


Some blog for fun, others do it for a living. No matter what side of the fence you’re on, there are certain things you must do if you want your blog to grow and start delivering results for the time you put into it. There are also tools available to make your path to success an easier road to travel. Here are five tools that can be used to take any blog to the next level. 1. Googe Analytics How

Changes and Issues with Blogger


In the Past 39 Days there has been no new post and I sincerely apologize for that . Since I have started using Blogger again , I have come across some changes and issues that I would like to share with everybody.1. Old Interface ShelvedThis happened around 20th September. Old Interface has now become fully inaccessible even if you are using direct links to it. This is what is shown insteadThis

Mashable like Share Buttons using Socialite and Sharrre


Mashable-like Share Buttons Widget. This widget mimics the design and functionality of the social media buttons of . It uses Sharrre jQuery plugin for getting the counts for various social Networks and Socialite for asynchronously loading the buttons. The Sharrre plugin has been modified a bit to return values inside a data- attribute . Also unlike Mashable , a single hover event

20 Great Resources for Blogger Users


If you just getting started with Blogger platform , these are some great blogs to include in your reading list. Each one of them is full of unique tutorials and pro tips that can keep you hooked for days together. Every blog in the list has a different focus , with some focussing on Tips and Tricks while other writing about Widget Creation and Tutorials. Nonetheless each resource is full of

Random Post Widget for Blogger


Random Post Widget for Blogger blogs. A simple way to display arbitrary posts from your blog's archives. This widget comes with loads of customizable options which can be easily configured using the Widget Generator found later. This is inspired from Aneesh Joseph's Random Post Gadget using the Blogger API. That gadget failed unexpectedly sometimes due very large iFrame URLs and the browser's

Lazy Loading Floating Share Bar Widget for Blogger


Presenting the Lazy Loading Floating Social Sharing Bar Widget for Blogger. It provides easy sharing options to your readers without the disadvantage of slow page load times attached with these buttons. The widget uses Socialite to asynchronously load all the scripts and styles related to the buttons as and when the user hovers over the widget. The widget comes in mainly two versions , one with

Lazy Loading Social Share Buttons in Blogger using Socialite


Every Social Network's share buttons effect page load speed and size badly. Asynchronously loading the resources is one way to get around this problem. The lazy loading buttons I shared previously had a problem which only allowed single instance per page. Socialite addresses that issue and is much more versatile than the previous script. It has all the awesome features and still manages to keep

Installing IntenseDebate Comments in Blogger


IntenseDebate is feature-rich comment system which can be used in place of the default Blogger commenting system. The Blogger's commenting system is improving by the day with features like Threaded Comments being introduced but still it lacks some features that are inherent in many other commenting systems available across the net. In this tutorial we will seeing how to install Intense Debate on

10 Zyma Web Hosting Account Giveaway : Closed


In today's Giveaway you have a chance to win one of the ten Web Hosting accounts from Zyma . Simply participate and stand a chance to win the web hosting account for a one whole year !Zyma is one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the UK . It has partnered with us to give 10 Lucky Winner a Web Hosting Account for a whole year completely free !! Zyma’ s customer base covers over 80

Five CSS3 Breadcrumb Designs


Breadcrumbs are an alternative navigation. Not only do they act as a visual aid to inform the reader about their position in the blog's hierarchy but also give a more structured feel. The previous post was about how to integrate Breadcrumbs into Blogger and this one is a showcase of 5 designs which you can use in place of the default design provided before. All of these designs use CSS3

Breadcrumbs for Blogger


Breadcrumbs are navigational elements that are used to display the depth at which a user currently is in a website. Normally they are present near the top preferably just above post heading or the main heading of a page. In Blogger there are no real sub-directories for which you can show a hierarchical path so we will be using Labels as workaround. We will also be discussing how to display single

Blogger Label Widget Style #3 and #4


Tag Clouds are used to display all the categories or labels present in a blog. The inherent design of this widget in Blogger is very minimal and has a lot of space for creativity. In this post we will be showcasing two Label Widget designs which you can easily integrate within your blog. Both these use :after and :before selectors to manipulate the tag's design at the edges. Also CSS3 Gradients

Syntax Highlighting in Blogger using Prettify


Prettify is developed by Mike Samuel from Google and is used for displaying code snippets in webpages in a more presentable manner. It is lightweight and gets easily integrated into Blogger. It has four different themes to choose from and also supports C-like and XML-like language's syntax highlighting . In this tutorial we will be seeing how to implement it in your blog and also checking out

Customize Google Custom Search Box Part 2


Google Custom Search is just like a dream come true for any Website owner. The ability to provide your readers with Google-like searching power into your website's vast archives that too at no expense. It makes sure readers searching for a specific topic that you published a long time is never missed by them. But there is a shortcoming in terms of designs to choose from. Here I will be showcasing

Lazy Loading Social Buttons v2


This is the Version 2 of the Lazy Load Social Share buttons shared previously. It introduces buttons for social networks like LinkedIn , Digg and StumbleUpon . The look has also been pepped up a bit with rounded corners on the buttons. There goal remains the same , to lighten the total page size and fasten the page speed by loading the resources only when they are needed . DemoFeatures 

New Blogger Template : Stylify v2


A new Blogger template named Stylify v2 . It is quite similar to the current design of the blog. The aim was to minimize the use of JavaScript and instead use CSS to meet the needs. It has a simple design and is ultra optimized for Fast Loading (Given that you don't add 1000 extra widget ! ). The default Blogger Style-sheet has been removed to fasten it up even more. The SEO part is also taken

Decide on your Domain Wisely Before Starting Your Blog


For many a passion and for others a profession, blogging has definitely taken internet users all over the world by a storm. When one starts a blog, the primary desire is to share the knowledge with others or to make a living through it, depending on the owner of the blog and his aspirations. Whatever the reason behind starting a blog may be, it won’t turn into reality until intended audience

CSS Mega Drop Down Menu for Blogger


A CSS powered Drop Down Menu for Blogger. Mega menu's are being used extensively these days and are really useful for displaying a huge amount of content without cluttering your layout.  The real credit for this menu goes to Guillaume Marty (You can check out his Portfolio and the Commercial version of this menu ). I have just fixed some CSS related conflicts that were happening due to the

Related Post Widget for Blogger using nRelate


A Related Post widget for Blogger using nRelate . The best thing about nrelate widget over other similar type of recommendation widgets is the sheer number of customization options available at a buttons click. The options range from changing the appearance to including experts from posts. It also includes a feature to include posts from its 35000+ network of sites related to your content. The

How to Integrate Google Custom Search into your Blog


Google Custom Search is the best way to let your readers search your blog. It is just like giving the readers the power of Google search just this time the scope is limited to your blog alone. It is one of the most handy tool for each and every blogger out there. Its easy to setup and starts working the moment you put it in your blog. In this tutorial we will see how to embed a Google Custom

Shareaholic Share Buttons for Blogger


A simple Share Buttons Widget with Counts for Blogger. A one click instant install with no hassles of modifying the Template to integrate into the blog. Shareaholic Sexy Bookmarks include buttons from Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Delicious , StumbleUpon , Google Bookmarks and a Email Send button with each one of them showing the number of times it has been shared previously. In this tutorial

Simple CSS3 powered Ad Banner


A simple Advertisment Banner style using CSS3. Ad Banners have one purpose only and thats to grab the attention of the readers and make them click through. With this in mind I designed a simple one with some simple CSS3 border-radius property.DemoTo add this Ad Banner Widget into your blog, you can use the one click installer