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The Best Places To Go For Yorkshire Terrier Puppies


If you are interested in purchasing Yorkshire Terrier puppies, one of the most important things is making sure that you find a legitimate and reputable breeder. This way you will know that you are getting a healthy happy dog, and not one that has been abused or otherwise treated poorly. There are many mass breeders out there, who breed dogs purely for the profit of it and do not take care of them or raise them properly.

There is also the option of going to the animal shelter to look for Yorkshire Terrier puppies, but you may not have luck if you are looking to get a purebred dog. You may even want to consider putting an ad in the paper that will inform others that you are looking for Yorkshire Terrier puppies and so if anyone who reads this ad can help you out, they will be able to contact you. You are sure to have a lot of fun with your Yorkshire Terrier puppies and they will be more than pets to you, they will be great friends.
Caring for your Yorkshire Terrier puppies is very, very important. In particular you need to make sure that their hair is properly taken care of, as they have beautiful hair but hair that requires a lot of brushing and cleaning. You should brush the coat every day and their nails should usually be cut about once a month, more often if their nails tend to grow rather quickly.

Their eyes and ears also need to be cleaned, but a lot of owners are not comfortable with such potentially harming grooming processes as these, and if you are one of these people then know that you do always have the option of bringing the puppies in to a professional groomer so that they can get the job done for you. Of course you are going to have to pay a for this service but it will be well worth it to know that your dog is being properly taken care of.
The bottom line is that although a Yorkie pup is definitely lovable and adorable, at the same time will require a lot of care. You have to be absolutely positive that you are going to be willing to take the time that is needed in order to give them this care.

There are also certain things that you will never want to allow around your Yorkshire Terrier puppies or any other type of dog for that matter. This includes antifreeze, chocolate, bleach, Tylenol, watch batteries, mothballs, fabric softeners, mouthwash and peach pits. Even some household plants can be dangerous and possibly even deadly to your dog, so read up on the different types of plants before choosing one for your home or just make sure to keep it out of reach of your dog. Your puppies will grow up healthy and happy and go on to lead long lives as long as you take proper care of them.

If you are planning on getting a puppy, you should definitely consider Yorkshire Terrier puppies because they offer so many wonderful qualities. Yorkshire Terrier puppy care includes a lot of different aspects, but namely cleaning, brushing, and bathing.

The Yorkshire Terrier: Clever And Affectionate


Yorkshire Terrier puppies, or just Yorkies as this breed of small dogs is known, are very playful dogs that have a very distinct colored coat, generally colored blue and tan. Yorkie puppies are pretty small in size and won’t weigh much either. And according to the American Kennel Club the Yorkshire Terrier puppy is the second most sought after dog breed in the U.S., being less popular only to Labrador Retrievers.

The learning rate of the Yorkie puppies is at best average though they are very energetic and also brave as well as loyal to their owners. In temperament, they are affectionate as well as clever though also quite aggressive. They are also not very well suited to acting as guard dogs, though they do make good watchdogs. And you can expect Yorkshire Terriers to live for anywhere between twelve and fifteen years.
In appearance, the Yorkie puppy is rather compact and also athletically built which allows this breed to remain active throughout its life and it usually holds both tail and head high, while showing a great deal of confidence as well. In their gait, Yorkshire Terrier puppies are generally free as well as jaunty and their stance is upright while it is not frail or even fragile as you may have expected when thinking about its toy size.

Yorkie puppies don’t have an undercoat though they do have long hair which they do not shed much and in fact, their hair are a bit like those of humans and thus will grow non-stop without falling off except when brushed or when the hair break up. Usually, their coat is of black as well as tan color and even their black hair can mix with the tan color, which is known to stop once the puppy has fully matured.
There are certain things to watch out for in Yorkie puppies that can help you choose the best one, including the quality of their coat color as well as the texture of the coat. Also, good Yorkshire Terrier puppies will have glossy hair that is also silky and quite fine, though in some puppies the hair may turn out to be rather too fine, thereby causing a noticeable difference in their appearance. The coat should be of a dark steel blue color that must not mix with any fawn or black or even bronze hair, especially starting at the back of their necks and continuing to the base of the tail.

It is not necessary for every Yorkshire puppy to conform to the standard colors as far as their coat is concerned and thus it is quite common to come across Yorkie puppies that have especially black as well as woolly coats. Still, you can be sure that you have got a good Yorkshire Terrier puppy when it possesses darkly pigmented nose, lips and also paw-pads, eye-rims and even nails. In addition, a sign of good Yorkie puppies is when you notice that their hair is absolutely straight which will need a lot of maintenance work to keep in good order.

An alpha dog to the core, Yorkshire Terrier puppies are still well socialized and so will not become a nuisance. The purpose of this article is to provide interested readers with information about how to choose the right Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

Yorkie Puppies


The Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred as a ratter and hunter who was small enough to get into fox and badger burrows. Soon the Yorkie puppy became a popular pet, especially for women who could carry the small dog under their arm or in their bag. While this breed is small they can still be a strong guardian for a family. It is delightful to own a Yorkie puppy and often people will have more than one in their house.

The Yorkshire Terrier is an excellent breed for people who don't have much space. However, always remember that each dog is an individual. So while some dogs can be wonderful with children and families there are several factors involved. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a Yorkie puppy is the family lineage since it can have a great impact on the general disposition of the puppy. You also need to make sure you have children that will provide your Yorkie puppy with a nurturing and loving environment, otherwise the personality of your puppy won't matter.
Once you have made the decision to get a Yorkie puppy you want to make sure your house is prepared. The first thing you should do is choose a veterinarian that your are both comfortable with and trust. Try talking with other Yorkshire Terrier owners in your area if you need some recommendations for good veterinarians.

The second most important part to preparing your house is to make sure it is puppy proof. If anything is left out you can be sure the Yorkie puppy will get into it and this can sometimes have deadly consequences. The ten most dangerous products in your house include antifreeze, watch batteries, mothballs, fabric softeners, chocolate, bleach, Tylenol, mouthwash, peach pits and household plants.
Lastly you should educate yourself before bringing your Yorkie puppy home. Make sure you know about all health problems common to the breed so that you can catch health problems before they become a major problem for your dog.
Once you get your Yorkie puppy you want to schedule an appointment with the veterinarian for a regular check up as soon as possible. The best time to take your new puppy to the veterinarian is between three and ten days. This allows you Yorkie puppy to adjust to their new surroundings in your home. In order to avoid health problems it is important to keep stress to a minimum since stress is the most common factor for Yorkie puppies.

Take your puppy to the vet right away if you notice them acting strange or if they don't want to eat. Keep feeding your Yorkie puppy the same food that the breeder used for at least two weeks and then start slowly mixing it with your new dog food. You should feed your puppy at least three to four times a day and if you puppy isn't eating then you can add a bit of warm water. Maintaining a proper grooming schedule is also important, which should include checking the ears and clipping the nails.

It is important to make sure you are ready before choosing between Yorkshire Terrier puppies. One of the most enjoyable parts of getting a new puppy is choosing Yorkshire Terrier puppy names.

The Advantages Of Owning Yorkshire Terrier Puppies


Of all the breeds of dog you can choose from, the Yorkshire Terrier puppies tend to be particularly popular. There are several reasons for this, but one of the main reasons that people love these dogs is because they are so small and adorable. They do require a lot more care and maintenance than other breeds however, so before you go ahead and get Yorkshire Terrier puppies for yourself you are going to want to make sure that you will be willing and able to put forth this time and care.

Yorkies are known as being one of the smallest dogs on earth and even fully grown they usually weigh no more than seven pounds. Although they are incredibly small, they are certainly not lacking in personality, and in fact they are often described as being a big dog personality in a small dog body. They are very alert and make great watchdogs.
If you have given it some thought and have decided that you are in fact interested in getting Yorkshire Terrier puppies, then you will want to get right on it and know where you can go to find one. Basically you can purchase Yorkshire Terrier puppies from a shelter or from a breeder. There are really pros and cons to both options here, but going with a breeder is usually always the best choice as long as you take the time to find a good, reputable breeder.

Stay away from mass breeders, those who will not offer you any information on the dogs when you ask. These breeders are in the business for the profit, the financial means, rather than for the love and care of the dogs. This typically results in litters of dogs that are badly behaved and lacking in nutrition. Their health is often times critical and you may never be able to get them well trained.
Once you have found the right Yorkie puppy for sale offered by a reputable breeder and have brought your new pet home, the next thing you are going to want to do is get them vaccinated. This is very important, especially in the world of today where there is more illness and disease more than ever before. It is very important to get these puppy shots while they are still puppies, because little puppies have a certain amount of natural immunity that they get from their mother’s milk but this wears off by the time they are around eight weeks of age.

After this, in order to fight off sickness they need to have these vaccinations. Also keep in mind that some puppies will have adverse reactions to these vaccinations, and if your dog ever experiences any symptoms such as fever, depressed appearance, or hives you need to take them into the veterinarian as soon as possible.

You are sure to be satisfied with your Yorkshire Terrier puppies because they make great pets, even when there are children in the home. If you are interested in getting a Yorkshire Terrier, just make sure that you have all the necessary Yorkshire Terrier puppy supplies and are ready for the dog before bringing them home.

Stop Yorkies For Sale In Pet Stores


Proper Yorkshire Terrier puppy care begins with the selection of your puppy. If you buy a sick, incredibly inbred or mentally retarded puppy, you are going to face an uphill battle in being able to have a good companion. When you meet your first dog, you want to know that all dogs deserve the best care possible. You want to be sure your choice of Yorkshire Terrier puppies does not support any practices that hurts adult Yorkies.

The best places to find Yorkies for sale that will make you good pets and be compatible to your lifestyle are licensed breeders and animal rescue groups. One of the advantages of Yorkshire Terriers is they stay relatively small and exceptionally cute all of their lives. The adorability doesn't end with Yorkshire Terrier puppies, it lasts all throughout their lives. And you want to be sure you are not stuck with a mountain of vet bills (although you should expect to pay a few hundred dollars each year in food, shots and a check up each year).
What about all of the Yorkies for sale now in pet stores or in website advertisements? How about those emails and online classified ads about Yorkshire Terrier puppies needing homes and all I have to pay for is the cost of transportation? All of those places should be avoided. Pet stores and Internet sites get their stick from inhumane puppy mills. Those emails and online classifieds offering free puppies is just a scam.

Think about what you plan on doing with your Yorkie. Are you going to shows? Do you want to breed champion Yorkies? Then you are going to have to get your Yorkshire Terrier puppies from breeders. The best places to find them are at dog shows and the classified sections of dog publications. Sometimes, they advertise in newspaper classifieds, but not as much as they used to. You can also check out the American Kennel Club (AKC) website for a list of licensed Yorkshire Terrier puppy breeders.
Your best bet to find Yorkies for sale is with a Yorkshire Terrier rescue group. The puppies will usually be older at about six months of age or older, but they will still be cute, often be neutered and inoculated and training will have begun. That means less work for you, especially if this is your first puppy. Yorkshire Terrier rescues often get older puppies because that's when the reality of caring for the puppy sets in. May people who buy them sadly haven't a clue about what Yorkshire Terrier puppy care is all about.

Technically, Yorkshire terrier rescue groups do not offer Yorkies for sale, but they do not offer Yorkies for free. They want to be sure the Yorkies wind up in a good home and not sold to a medical research lab or shoved back into the already overloaded animal shelter system. But the adoption fee is still a lot less than paying a licensed breeder for a purebred puppy. Expect to handle all transportation details yourself and to pay a fee of a few hundred dollars.

There are too many Yorkshire Terrier puppies being bred and not enough finding homes. There would be fewer abandoned Yorkies if people knew basic Yorkshire Terrier puppy care.

Yorkie 101: Yorkshire Terrier Breeders


Pet stores used to make their money by hoping that you are an impulse shopper. That was why there were puppies in the shop window – to break your heart and open your wallet before you realized what you were doing. Thankfully, this trend is changing, but not fast enough. There are still pet stores unscrupulous enough to sell puppies to impulse buyers, especially Yorkshire Terrier puppies. No reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder will send their puppies to a pet store!

If you don't know any basic Yorkshire Terrier information, then that would be like moving to a country where you don't speak the language or know any of the customs. After the cute stage wears off, the Yorkshire Terrier puppy often turns out to be a lot more work and a lot more money than the impulse shopper bargained for. The puppy then gets sent to an animal shelter, where he has a fifty percent chance of being euthanized.
A pet store is one of the worst possible places for a puppy to grow up in. Puppies learn best between the ages of seven to fourteen weeks of age. After that window, it is harder to teach the puppy basic manners and commands. And yet, when are puppies placed into pet stores? Right at the time they need training the most. So puppies from pet stores are often uncontrollable.

You get a lot more for your money by getting a Yorkie puppy from a Yorkshire Terrier breeder. Yes, you pay more but you also are assured of a dog that will be suited to your lifestyle and personality. Yorkshire Terrier breeders often pay for the first worming and inoculation shots of their puppies. They also give the puppies beginning training. And they get a lot more individual attention than pet store puppies. This makes for a better-behaved puppy and a lot less stress for you.
You also are free to ask a lot of questions to a good Yorkshire Terrier breeder that you just can't ask a pet store clerk. You get access to years of experience living and training all kinds of Yorkies. A good Yorkshire Terrier breeder will be a bit possessive about their puppies. The money is not that important to them (although they will expect you to pay when promised). They want to be sure their "babies" will not end up abandoned or abused. And, unlike pet store puppies, you usually get to see the parents and the parent's health certificates.

Take your time finding the right Yorkshire Terrier breeder that you can get along with and has the dogs you can get along with. You can find them from the American Kennel Club, from the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, any proud Yorkie owners where you live, your vet or your local animal shelter. You can also look on the Internet for Yorkshire Terrier rescue groups which will have older puppies as well as adults.

Finding honest Yorkshire Terrier breeders is a bit like finding honest used car sellers. This author is currently writing a book about dog care, including a section on Yorkshire Terrier information.

Yorkie Breeders You Don't Need


There is just as much to know about how to spot a bad Yorkie breeder as there is in spotting a good one and the more information you can arm yourself with the better off you will be in making this all important decision. Always make sure you ask the right questions and know what answers you are looking for so you can tell if the Yorkie breeder you are talking to is one that you want to do business with or not.

A national breeder registry is an organization that takes the time and effort to develop breeding standards that its members must follow. These standards are designed to help breed the best dogs possible and if you are talking to a breeder that is not listed with a breeder registry and is not following a proven standard then you may want to move on to a breeder that has invested that effort into their business.
You will never find a better source for unbiased information in your search for a Yorkie breeder than what you will find with your vet. Your vet is just as concerned about the potential health of your pet and if they have any warnings to give you about any particular breeders then they will let you know. If you do not have a vet yet then the breeder searching process is the perfect time to start a relationship with one.

You never know what to expect from some people and some Yorkie breeders may seem like the nicest and most responsible people in the world when you meet them for a few minutes, but in reality they are hiding secrets from you. Always ask local law enforcement about any of the Yorkie breeders you are considering and if you find one with a negative reputation with law enforcement then avoid that breeder completely.
You can also use your own intuition when it comes to choosing Yorkie breeders and just spend time talking to all the candidates to see how they answer questions. If any particular breeder makes you feel uncomfortable like you may not be able to stay in touch with them, or they simply do not know their business very well, then you will want to stay away from that breeder and move on to other breeders on your list.

You will remain in touch with your Yorkie breeder for many years after the sale and your Yorkie breeder will be a very important part of your dog's life so be sure you are making the right choice in this very important decision. Taking the necessary steps to find out which breeders to avoid is very important and necessary in finding that one breeder that you can finally do business with comfortably.

You can use this article as a way to weed out bad Yorkshire terrier breeders. This article contains helpful Yorkshire terrier information.

Things You Can Do To Spot A Fake Yorkie Breeder


The relationship between you and your Yorkie breeder is extremely important and you rely on your Yorkie breeder for a lot of important information and advice while raising your new pup. If you wind up with a fake Yorkie breeder then you could be in for a very long and frustrating journey so be sure you do your due diligence and do everything you can to make sure you avoid a fake breeder.

Always check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if any previous customers have complained about a particular breeder and how that breeder may have responded to those complaints. If the breeder has a long list of complaints against them then chances are they are not much of a breeder and probably not someone you want to do business with. So check out their business practices before you even consider spending any money with them on this very important transaction that is supposed to bring joy to you and your family.
Part of the long-term relationship between you and your Yorkie breeder is the experienced advice a good breeder will offer on the care of your pet. To get that process started right a good breeder will make sure you leave with your dog and a set of detailed care instructions so you know exactly how to care for your dog and so you know exactly what it needs to be healthy. Be very wary of the breeder that does not offer these detailed care instructions.

A good breeder wants to be sure that you are feeding your dog the right food and to that end the reputable Yorkie breeder will make sure you also leave with a sample of the dog's food so you know exactly what kind of food your dog needs to be healthy and happy. Watch out for breeders that do not offer free dog food samples.
To insurance companies the reputable Yorkie breeders are outlets to try and market pet insurance and to that end the insurance companies try to offer free pet insurance to all new Yorkie owners through their Yorkie breeders. If your Yorkie breeder is not in a position to offer you a six-week free pet insurance policy then it could be because you are not dealing with a reputable breeder.

It is important to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate Yorkie breeder when you are looking to buy your new pet so it is in your best interest to take the time to do the research necessary to find out if the breeders you are talking to are for real or are fakes trying to pass themselves off. So take your time and do the necessary research and be prepared to ask all the questions you need in order to help you make this very important decision.

If you are considering Yorkshire terrier breeders then use this article for advice. This article is full of helpful Yorkshire terrier information.

Complete Questions For A Yorkshire Terrier Breeder


You have decided that you want to get a Yorkshire Terrier and now you need to find a good Yorkshire Terrier breeder. Getting the names of prospective Yorkshire Terrier breeders is a process unto itself and once you have those names you want to be certain that you know what information you need to get from these breeders in order to make a good decision on which one you want to go with. This is a little primer on the questions you should be asking your Yorkshire Terrier breeder so that you know what information you need to get to make the right decision.

A national breeder registry is an organization that sets breeding standards and the breeders that list with that registry abide by those standards. If the breeder you are considering is not listed with a breeder registry then it may be a good idea to try and determine exactly what breeding standards they are using and where they got those standards.
Support after the sale is essential for any good owner and Yorkshire Terrier breeder relationship so be sure you ask your potential Yorkshire Terrier breeder if they plan on staying with touch with you after the sale or if they avoid that kind of thing. If they are not big on offering advice and support to owners after the sale then you may want to consider moving on to a different breeder.

Any good breeder is going to make sure that the new owners have everything they need to take care of their pup after they leave the breeder's property. This includes detailed care instructions for your new dog in some form of written format and it also includes making sure that you leave with a sample of your dog's food so you know what to feed your new pet. If these are not standard practices of your prospective breeder then it is time to move on.
The best Yorkshire Terrier breeder will offer services that go above and beyond normal services. In some cases a breeder will have a service where they will offer to take your dog back if you can no longer care for it or you can no longer give it a good home. Of course you would not get your money back but at least the dog will not be abandoned or sent to a shelter of some kind.

It is always a good idea to spend a lot of time talking with prospective Yorkshire Terrier breeders and just see how you feel with them and how you like talking to them. At the end of the day you will still have to be in contact with your breeder for some time so if you are not comfortable with any of the ones you are considering then it may be wise to not do business with them when it comes to your family pet.

If you need a list of questions to ask prospective Yorkshire Terrier breeders then use this article. If you need helpful Yorkshire Terrier information then use this article or ask your vet.

Looking Out For Yorkshire Terrier Breeders


So it is time to finally get a new pet and you have decided on getting a Yorkshire Terrier. The next thing you need to do now is find a Yorkshire Terrier breeder and that can be done by just a little research and some asking around. To find some Yorkshire Terrier breeders it takes a little more than just picking up a phone book but if you know where to look it should not be all that terribly difficult to find a good Yorkshire Terrier breeder.

Your vet is the best place to start for good advice on where to find a reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder. Your vet is just as concerned with you getting a happy and healthy pet as you are and that is why they would only recommend the best breeders. If you do not have a vet yet then the breeder choosing process is the best time go out and find one and start talking to them.
Another great place to find Yorkshire Terrier breeders to talk to is by looking up breeders listed with the various breeder registries throughout the country. Usually you can find these registries by looking them up on the Internet and once you find them just narrow your search to breeders that are listed in your area to talk to. The breeders listed with a registry are part of an accepted standard so that already gets you off to a good start.

The Internet is probably the greatest communication tool ever invented and that includes local information as well as national and international. Some local Yorkshire Terrier breeders will host websites and offer you their contact information on their site. This is not very common but it is becoming more and more common so take a look on the Internet and see what they have to offer you in the way of local Yorkshire Terrier breeders to talk to about the possibility of getting your new pet from them.
Another way you can use the Internet to find Yorkshire Terrier breeders is to search for sites of other Yorkshire Terrier owners and see if there are any dogs on those sites you especially like. If you see one you like then contact the owners to see if they can give you a referral to their breeder. Sometimes they will and sometimes the breeder is not taking new clients or likes to stay exclusive, but at least this is another avenue for you to try.

It can be quite a process to put together a list of good Yorkshire Terrier breeders to talk to, but you want to find as many as you can because you want to have a lot of choices. Do your homework and put together the most comprehensive list you can so that you can make sure you make the right choice in this most important of decisions.

This article will help you find Yorkshire Terrier breeders. You can use this article to find important Yorkshire Terrier information.

Yorkshire Terrier 101: The AKC Yorkie Standard


The point of a breed standard is to have a goal for all breeders to aim for. When a dog is judged in the show ring, it is judged against the breed standard and not against the other dogs. Since the Yorkshire Terrier is the second most popular breed of dog in America, there are a lot of Yorkshire Terriers around that fall short of the breed standard goal.

A lot of Yorkshire Terriers are bought on impulse or as a gift that the receiver soon regrets. Although Yorkies are cute and need a bare minimum of exercise, they need money invested in their health and coat care. They also have very small bladders, making housetraining difficult. These dogs are also efficient bodyguards and will attack any one they think is threatening. So, most Yorkies are abandoned through no fault of their own. By knowing basic Yorkshire Terrier information, you can avoid this tragedy.
You can find the Yorkshire Terrier breed standard in a variety of places. All breed dog books are not very good if you are looking for a detailed description. They only give the most general descriptions of breed standards. You need to go the American Kennel Club or a Yorkshire Terrier rescue group website in order to find the most recent Yorkie breed standard (which can be updated occasionally). There are also books focusing on just the Yorkshire Terrier that may available in your local library.

In general, Yorkshire Terriers are lively, bright-eyed toy sized dogs that weigh an average of six to seven pounds. For the most part, their ears are pointed, but sometimes they are floppy in adults. Puppies almost always look to be black and tan, and lighten to the distinctive steel blue and tan as they mature. The spine is level, the muzzle pointed and the tail is usually, sadly, docked. Very rarely will you find a Yorkie with a long tail.
Other distinctive features of the Yorkshire Terrier include a black nose, a yappy voice and a bold personality. Unlike a sloping spine of, say, a German Shepherd, Yorkies have even spines with the shoulder in line with the rump. They should stand squarely. Although blue and tan is the official color, other colors or white markings have cropped up in pet quality animals.

Yorkshire Terriers are famous for their silky coats. In show champions, the coat is about twice as long as the dog. In the shelter, most likely the dog you are trying to identify has a clipped coat, making him or her look like a cross between a teddy bear and a ragamuffin. Another fault that disqualifies a Yorkie from a show ring is having black hairs mixed with the blue and tan. Also, if the blue of your Yorkie is silver blue instead of steel blue, he or she will also not be considered good enough for the show ring.

You can find many books on dog care, including care of the Yorkshire Terrier. Go to the library to find books that contain extensive Yorkshire Terrier information.

Yorkshire Terriers: A Small Apartment Dog


Yorkshire Terriers are known as Yorkies. These dogs are marked with their friendliness, cheerfulness and elegance. Belonging to the small dog breeds, Yorkshire Terriers are one of the popular and attractive toy dogs. If you live in a small home and prefer a soft, little, cute and sweet-natured dog, quite naturally the Yorkshire Terrier is a perfect choice for you. Although these dogs have a true fascination for long walks, they do not usually miss out the chances to run around the garden or home if they are allowed so. They possess a jovial mind, so it is better to arrange various toys for them to play.

Probably there is no one on the face of earth who does not get hypnotized while looking at a Yorkie's charismatic appearance blended with intelligent attitude. They can weigh less than six pounds typically, however they will never back down if they perceive anything threatening in the environment. Sensitiveness, loyalty and showing affection to the family members are its integral characteristics. They are true descendants of Terrier, so are their temperaments.
As said before, these dogs are very brave, despite of their smaller size they do not hesitate to become defensive when the time comes. They instinctually contribute enough to protect its land from the intruders. Blessed with a keen sense of hearing, Yorkshire Terriers typically alert their owners about any possible intrusion, even at the slightest sound. This leads them to become reactive and noisy frequently, hence you should think twice before getting one, especially if you are living in a congested neighborhood.

Truly Yorkshire Terriers are the pride of various shows. However, grooming them exclusive for this purpose demands strict dedication, enthusiasm and time. It is really difficult task since they have such a long and beautiful coat all over their bodies. If you are interested in taking extra care of the coat, you should contact a specialized breed club or professional breeders. The Yorkshire Terrier is absolutely not for you if you do not have much time to spend on its grooming.
If you can take care of Yorkshire Terriers' grooming, you can rest assured about these dogs' ability to mix well with other pets. If brought together, Yorkshire Terriers can mix very well with cats and other dogs without any apparent problem. However, since they carry all the instincts of Terriers, they are truly possessive about owners. So you must take enough care before introducing your Yorkshire Terriers to new animals belong to your family to avoid confrontations and altercations.

Quite obviously, you should take care if you have children since mishandling may harm Yorkshire Terriers badly due to their small size. However, they love to play with kids, if the kids are sensible enough. Yorkshire Terriers simply love to sleep on the owner's lap. House training for Yorkshire Terriers is very easy. In order to ensure their safety, crate training is very essential for them. Typically, Yorkshire Terriers are healthy breed with long life span.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a cute looking and good-manner small dog breed that needs extensive grooming. If you are looking for Yorkshire Terrier information, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of this breed in this article.

Kind And Gentle Yorkies


Yorkies are making their way into the homes and hearts of more and more people every year as many people are beginning to see what this entire breed has to offer. This animal is extremely fun loving and gets along well with other animals or pets that may be currently in the home or that you would bring home later. Beware that this fearless little, yet very sturdy dog, is able to win your heart no matter what.

Although this breed only grows to be about five or six pounds at full grown, they make up in personality what they do not have in size. And they certainly do love getting their attention from anyone willing to give it to them. Loving the pampered life, this dog makes an excellent addition into almost any home, or even purse for that matter as they are so small you can take them everywhere with you.
And with as much running and playing around that Yorkies like to do, it is no wonder that they require daily brushing as their silky long coat can easily get matted and can become a problem if it is not taken care of properly. Also, as with any pup that loves being pampered, the Yorkies generally enjoy being cleaned in baths and with teeth brushing. To the Yorkies, any type of attention is good attention.

And although they are not very big in size, these little ones can make for excellent guard dogs, as they will always alert the owners when someone is approaching their home. They are very protective over their home and their family, which means there is another reason to make this precious pup apart of your family. Their outgoing personality is what will help make sure that you do not regret your decision to bring one home.
Although Yorkies are generally extremely friendly and outgoing, it is important to watch small children around this breed, as they are not always suitable for homes that have small children in them. Yorkies are very small in size and they know it so the fast movements of the small children make them nervous. So therefore, they end up snapping at children, which can cause physical and emotional trauma, which a child could carry with them for a long time.

Yorkies are also sometimes hard to house train as that independent personality tends to come out. They seem to have a mind of their own at times and this can get in the way of a quick training, but that is not to say that they are not trainable at all. It just takes the Yorkies a little more time to get the hang of things. Yorkies also do not prefer to be in the rain or out in the cold so if heading outdoors, you may just want to grab their favorite sweater for comfort.

When thinking about Yorkies and whether you should bring one home, make sure you understand the typical personality of the Yorkshire Terrier. When looking at browsing some Yorkies, it is vital that you read up on lots of Yorkshire Terrier information to know exactly what type of personality you can expect.

What You Need To Know About The History Of The Yorkshire Terrier


If you took a trip back in time to 1870, you probably would have a hard time recognizing a Yorkshire Terrier. In about one hundred thirty years, the breed has gone through tremendous changes in their looks and in their functions. But the Yorkshire Terrier has adapted to the great changes that the Industrial Revolution brought to the economy and to family life. Yorkies back then weighed about thirty pounds and came in more colors than just blue and tan.

Back in the 1870's, word was getting around about the great pups from a sire named Huddersfield Ben, who was born in 1865. Huddersfield Ben was considered an ideal dog – a champion ratter as well as being friendly and handsome. Any dog that resembled Huddersfield Ben had to have been from Yorkshire, where Ben lived. Yorkshire dog breeders kept their breeding methods secret so they could be assured of buyers. His puppies eventually became known as Yorkshire Terriers.
The Yorkshire Terrier did not originate in the English country of Yorkshire, despite their name. The breed became famous when they were perfected in Yorkshire. Huddersfield Ben's ancestors came from various tough little Scottish breeds of terriers, which are thought to have included the Scottish Terrier, the Clydesdale (or Clyde) Terrier and the Paisley Terrier. All of these breeds (except the Scottie) are no longer with us, but do live on in the form of Yorkshire Terriers.

The Scottish breeds inevitably bred with the terrier breeds already in Yorkshire, which experienced a great wave of Scottish immigrants in the late 1800's. The Scottish breeds were purposefully put to breeds that were known for killing rats. Yorkshire Terrier information sources guess that these breeds included the Maltese, the Skye and the now extinct breeds of Black and Tan English, Waterside and quite possibly the Manchester Terrier (which still survives, but is considered an extremely rare breed). The result was a rat-killing machine that was extremely friendly with people.
Back then, dogs went everywhere with their masters. A Yorkshire Terrier would go to work in the mines and come home with his master to the family. The family found the Yorkies to be great companions and excellent watchdogs. The coats became even softer and silkier. Eventually, the men went to work without the dogs and the dogs became pampered family members. The breed needed very little exercise, looked spectacular and was very trainable.

It is thought that the sire Huddersfield Ben weighed about thirty pounds. As the need for working dogs decreased, the demand for small dogs increased. The Yorkshire Terrier became increasingly smaller and smaller. Just one hundred years after Huddersfield Ben's birth, the breed standard listed the weight of a Yorkie to be "no more than seven pounds". The current trend is to breed them even smaller. Who knows how small the Yorkshire Terrier will be by 2065?

Extensive research and interview with many dog owners, vets and trainers was used in this article about the Yorkshire Terrier. There would be a lot fewer abandoned Yorkies if people studied more Yorkshire Terrier information before they bring a puppy home.