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My college homework, Linux stuff, and a mouthful of rants.

Published: 2005-09-12T04:10:00-05:00


Asp.NET Editor home page


The Editor has it's own page. Nothing far too compelling there right now, but as time permits I'll try to make it really usefull and informative....

ASP.NET GUI Designer: Report #7


I've missed to put my last 3 reports on the blog, but I promise to do so when I have time. There are more interesting things to do right now. Michael and I are integrating and testing. I've been also fixing bugs on my side. I'm very optimistic. We can insert, delete, drag around, resize, change properties. Not quite stable...

ASP.NET GUI Designer: Report #3


This week: ================================================================ Goals for the week: research, discus, and decide on the control tag to use. Miguel will have the final say. paste(stuff), copy() returns stuff, cut() returns stuff send some code to Michael so he can test loading the XUL(Info) file containing the editor and then calling some Javascript functions. talk undo() and redo() with Michael Work done...

ASP.NET GUI Designer: Report #2


This week: ================================================================ Goals for the week: LoadPage(pageText). Read the page, substitute all the asp tags with iframes, and create correspondence between them. UpdateAspControl(id, html). Update the > content with the updated HTML(Info Make > in the editor selectable and resizable (currently broken) Disable > contents (non-selectable and non-editable) Work done this week: loadPage(pageText) reads a string and loads the...

ASP.NET GUI Designer: Report #1 - Updated


Next week: ================================================================ LoadPage(pageText). Read the page, substitute all the asp tags with iframes, and create correspondence between them. UpdateAspControl(id, html). Update the > content with the updated HTML(Info) Make > in the editor selectable and resizable (currently broken) Disable > contents (non-selectable and non-editable)...

ASP.NET GUI Designer: Report #1


This week: ================================================================ Added some more basic XBL bindings ( Some initial work on selection Next week: ================================================================ More selection Adding caret ================================================================ Right now it seems that selection will be most crucial for the editor, so I'm willing to spend extra time to make it right. Once it works, all the operations (cut, paste, insert, delete, etc) will be...

ASP.NET GUI Designer: Report #0


This week: ================================================================ I did a few basic XBL(Info) bindings for ASP tags. Set a new section on my blog: Created trunk/aspeditor Researched adapting the original Mozilla editor to handle XUL(Info) (no avail, but reed below) Next week: ================================================================ Start working on selection. Enhance the XBL-bindings with some methods, properties and attributes. Add some event listeners to the above....

Final Project


Your task in this project is to create a German-English, English-German dictionary. You will be responsible for entering a total of twenty-five words in German, the part of speech each word represents and its English meaning. Please use the words below, noting the appropriate information which follows each one: German word Part of speech English meaning der Mann noun...

Project Three


In this exercise you will create ten records, each record containing the following fields: student name, class: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior, Major: Liberal Arts or General Science and ten randomly generated test scores between 0 and 100. You will also incorporate the following calculated fields into your record: mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Once each record is prepared...

Project Two


In this assignment you will create a command-line driven reverse Polish notation calculator. A reverse Polish notation calculator allows you to perform chain calculations on the command line by using either a postfix or prefix but never an infix operator. The assumption is that the operator serves as a delimiter and specifies the order of operations regardless of precedence. For...

Mid Term


For the neophyte C/C++ programmer one of the more difficult issues is keeping track on matched delimiters such as left and right braces or brackets. You are going to help this inexperienced programmer by writing a delimiter parser. Encapsulated inside a class you will implement a stack which will be used to check for the following matched delimiters: () {}...

Project One


A driver program to test the class Depreciate can be downloaded from here. //* File Name: project1.cpp //* Autor: Blagovest Dachev //* Email: //* Project number: 1 //* Description: A driver program to demonstrate the class Depreciate and its derivatives //* Last Changed: 03/01/2005 //*********************************************************************************************** #include #include #include #include #include "GenericErr.h" #include "Depreciate.h" using namespace...

Final Project


So, what's the moral of this project? Clearly: Don’t procrastinate until the last day, to get your 1500-line project done. Long story short, I started yesterday afternoon. After the initial productive 5 hours, I closed my IDE to go and get some coffee and food. Yes, I did click “No” when asked if I wanted to save my project!!! No,...

Project Three


Download the asm source, and executable files. Download the INCLUDE file. Get the exe. ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;Class: CIT-272 -- Assemply Language Programming ;Project number: 3 ;Program name: palindro.asm ;Author: Blagovest Y Dachev ;Email: ;Last Changed: 11/29/2004 ;Description: ;Additional notes: ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .DOSSEG .MODEL SMALL .STACK 100h .DATA ;Label data ;-----------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINE_FRAME DB 35 DUP ('*'), 0Dh, 0Ah, '$' LINE_MARGIN DB '*',...

List of Microsoft's Innovations


I came across this citation, as I was searching with Google for int 0x40"I was going to compile a list of innovations that could be attributed to Microsoft. Once I realized that Ctrl-Alt-Del was handled in the BIOS, I found that there aren't any." Hilarious and enlightening, is it not?...