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XStie Pro Version 2

Sun, 10 Aug 2008 15:29:00 +0000

XStie Pro Version 2 Q&A

QUESTION 1 - What specification of computer do I need?

XSitePro 2.0 should work fine on any recent Windows
based PC. When I say 'recent' I mean pretty much any
PC purchased over the last 8 years.

As long as you have 512MB of RAM or more and at least
500MB of hard drive space you should be fine.

XSitePro will work fine on Windows XP, Vista, and even
Windows 2000.

QUESTION 2 - Do I need to be a computer whiz?

Absolutely not!

XSitePro is used by everyone from complete newbies
right through to highly experienced power-users.

The great thing about XSitePro is that it's been
designed to be easy to master whilst at the same time
having all the advanced features that a power-user
could want, which means that even someone who is
completely new to Web site building can get up and
running quickly, but you won't outgrow it as you get
more and more accomplished at building sites.

QUESTION 3 - What kind of Web sites can I design with

XSitePro 2.0 is incredibly flexible, which means you
can use it to design pretty much any kind of Web site.

Whether it's a simple sales letter, a mini-site, an
AdSense site, an affiliate site, a personal site, a squeeze-page, or a huge content site, XSitePro is the perfect tool for the job.

QUESTION 4 - Is it template driven or can I build
sites completely from scratch?

XSitePro wins out on both fronts.

If you want to use one of the built-in templates
(there are 200 included with XSitePro) you can do
that, or you can build a site completely from scratch
if you prefer.

This means that if you're new to building web sites,
or you just want to produce a great looking site
quickly, you can do so. On the other hand, if you want
to build a completely custom site from the ground up,
you can do that too. The choice is yours!

QUESTION 5 - Am I limited to the number of sites I can
build with XSitePro?

Absolutely not!

With XSitePro 2 you can build as many sites as you
like. Hundreds, even thousands if you want.

XSitePro 2 is designed to make it incredibly easy to
manage anything from one site to thousands, which
means you'll never have to hunt around for where you
left the files for a particular web site - it's all
done for you.

I hope that you've found the answers to your questions
above, and that we will soon be able to welcome you on
board as an XSitePro user in the near future.

We've put an incredible amount of work into making
this the best tool available for building great Web
sites and I really want to help you to benefit from
all of that effort.

XSitePro 2 is already helping thousands of people to
produce great looking Web sites, and create successful
on-line businesses, and we'd really like you to join
the party.

XSitePro is selling for $297. But right now, you can get it
for $100 less. So it's only $197. But I am sure, with all
the new enhancement, this price is only going to last for a
month or so.

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