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How Affimware Uses A Secret To Affirmations That Always Gets Results

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How Affimware Uses A Secret To Affirmations That Always Gets Results

Sun, 10 Aug 2008 08:54:00 +0000

Affirmations for the New Century Come In The Form Of Affirmware!

Using his 15 years of self improvement knowledge Jeff Staniforth has created a computer program for goal achievement called Affirmware Sculptor 3.

Affirmware works on the belief that affirmations are effective at creating change internally and outwardly in the world. Many books, seminars, videos and audio recordings have been made outlining the effectiveness of affirmations so I will not go into detail about their effectiveness. We will work on the assumption that affirmations do indeed produce results.

Although Affirmware states that it is an advanced piece of software the look is a far from sophisticated! However, the aesthetics of the program are irrelevant as the main concern is does Affirmware work?

The look of Affirmware could be better but the workings of the program are the best. The results that can be obtained from its use offset any problems you may have with how it looks.

Affirmware achieves its aims through a 12 day program. Each day you start your computer, run your Affirmware software and are greeted by the sounds of binaural beats. These beats alter your brainwave frequency and put you into an optimal state for taking advantage of the other aspects that Affirmware offers.

Affirmware then guides you with some visualisation techniques while you are being bombarded with positive goal-affirming subliminal messages.

The real power of Affirmware lies in its ability to remove negative mental patterns that are blocking you from achieving your goals. The Affirmware program directs you complete sentences that are connected to your goal in order to get your deeper feelings and beliefs about it.

This Affirmware task will uncover your subconscious resistances to achieving your goal and allow you to eliminate them those things that are in direct conflict with the goal achievement. The subconscious mind always tries to create harmony in your belief systems - you cannot have conflicting beliefs. As Affirmware is programming your mind with your goal it forces your subconscious resistances to the surface. Your subconscious mind will therefore try to create alternative beliefs that are not in conflict with the goal.

All personal development or self growth tools should take the approach of removing or re-programming your negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. However many do not and just rely on programming in positives without addressing the problem of the negatives. This is where Affirmware differs. You are not just pouring good thoughts and beliefs in to cover the negative thoughts. With Affirmware you are removing the negatives and programming in the positives!

By following the 12 day plan, and using only 10 minutes a day, you will remove all negative patterns surrounding your goal. Affirmware used this way will uncover and remove all your subconscious resistance to the goal achievement!

The Affirmware approach is truly unique and more importantly it works! The added fact that Affirmware includes visualization techniques, subliminal messages, trigger symbols and uses the power of affirmations makes this program extremely effective - if you use it!

Although some site owners, article marketers and bloggers state that all you have to do is start Affirmware and let it do the work this is untrue. You must be willing to use your 10 minute daily exercises. Just looking a computer screen is not enough! However, if you dedicate 10 minutes a day for 12 days to each goal the results you get frokm Affirmware will surprise and delight you!

If you want more information on the Affirmware computer program visit Affirmware for a free unbiased review of the system.