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Web Conferences Versus Video Conferences...

Sat, 09 Aug 2008 20:29:00 +0000

Web conferences allow users to attend 'virtual' meetingsfrom all over the world. All that's usually required is anInternet connection and the software if a particular clientis being used. Video conferencing will allow two-way audio and video sothat participants can see and talk to people in real time.In many ways, it's reflective of the technology glimpsed inthe future of videophones, but on a larger scale.The effectiveness of videoconferences lies in the abilityof participants to observe and react to the body language,facial expressions and intonations of voice. While webconferences are still limited somewhat in this feature. Conversation is possible in both mediums, though it takessome experience with web conferencing to make it personal.Though it is true that web conferences are about thedissemination of information and not the socialization ofindividuals for business purposes. There is an international standard for videoconferences andthis allows diverse software to communicate easily. Thereis usually one standard location for a video conferencingserver that takes in all the information and thendistributes it to the other conference locations. This can be expensive depending on the number ofconnections. Also, the hardware that this requires includesvideo cameras (or a web cam), microphone, and speakers inaddition to the . hard line connections and hub server.Web conferences are limited by only the requirement that anInternet connection be available.Web conferences can run to tens of thousands of users, butthe number of users in a channel limits videoconferences bythe capacity of their own server. Web conferences are moreflexible because they can run over most any Internetconnection but videoconferences require broadband. There are broader costs in utilizing video conferencingbeyond the initial expense of setting up the connections tomaintaining ISDN lines. Both types of conferences answer needs in the businesscommunity. Ultimately an end user, in most cases thecompanies that require these services, will have to decidewhat serves their own interests. For some, the cost ofvideo conferencing is going to be prohibitive versus thevalue it returns. Still others may value the personalization of videoconferencing. While it's true that web conferencing has anedge because of its relatively low initial costs, this toocould vary upon usage. ===========================================================Find out why web conferencing can slash your companiestravel and communication costs. Discover all you need toknow about voip, and how to use this breakthro technology. ** Attn Ezine editors / Site Owners ** Feel free to reprintthis article in its entirety in your ezine or on your siteso long as you leave all links in place, do not modify thecontent and include my resource box as listed above.[...]