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Power Tips For Home Entrepreneur

Sat, 09 Aug 2008 17:41:00 +0000

Hello friends of the InternetYou are here in the Internet for a purpose, right ? You are either an Internet Surfer (for leisure, window shopping, or just browsing), or you could be an Internet Entrepreneur (looking for business opportunities to make money out of the Internet). Whichever you are, you would probably know that the Internet is a gigantic maze, with virtually infinite boundaries.We are all here for a purpose, however hazy it may be. My purpose is to make money online, working from home. I do not call myself a guru (Oxford dictionary : an influential teacher or popular expert), although there are many self-proclaimed gurus out there. I make money and at the same time, help other people make money. No, I'm not into charity, but I am a strong believer that if you help others succeed, money will come naturally.4 Simple RulesIf you are just starting to explore internet business, there are 4 simple rules to remember:1.Know what you want to do.2.Learn how to do it.3.Sell your ideas/products or website effectively4.Use common sense (which also means "Don't be greedy !")There are countless get-rich-quick schemes available, some with guaranteed results, explosive income, instant rewards, and minimal efforts. Among those junk, there might be a few jewels that can achieve all of the above, but I have not seen one. Or one which can be done with dignity, pride and integrity.One of my good friends spent countless hours searching, spent nearly $4,000 online, and has so far made a grand profit of �.. $100. His personal conclusion is that most of the online business opportunities are fake, or does not live up to its promise. This I believe is the experience of countless people hoping to generate multiple streams of income online, but faced with frustration, confusion, deception, unfulfilled promises, and many simply gave up. It has been reported that only 5% is successful in the online business industryOn the brighter side, there are many who have made it, with sheer determination, persistence, creative thinking, and integrity. These are the people I will salute. They are the rightful Internet multi-millionaires, for they do not have to resort to scams, empty promises or make money by ripping people off.Practical Ways To Get StartedNow on to the practical aspects of starting a business online. There are numerous ways, with or without your own website. You can earn commissions as an affiliate (selling things for others online), you can try eBay, you can get paid doing online surveys or even as mystery shoppers, explore Google Cash system, and the list goes on.If you decide to have your own website (not just for the thrill that you OWN a website), then the toughest part is Internet Marketing (letting the world know your presence). Imagine there are literally millions of websites, and your new website is a drop in the ocean. How to let people find you is a BIG challenge. And when they DO find you, how you can convince people to make a sale on your website will dictate your success. Many people simply fall flat in this critical aspect.Unless you are an established Internet Entrepreneur, then my honest suggestion is that you tag along with someone who has done it before, and with success. I'm not referring to those ebooks or online Internet courses you can purchase. Some are worthy of your money, but too many are not (so-called "secrets" that you buy, only to find out their secret is nothing special). Many come with "no-risk 30-day 100% money back guarantee". Some will honour it, some will not, and I know there have been people who have spent more than a year trying to get their $30 back. How Not To Get CheatedSkepticism is natural and is encouraged, for it protects you from falling prey to those online hunters out just to make your money, so that they can become millionaires themselves. But again, it can prevent you from seeing those real gems of an opportunity, so use skepticism to your advantage.One positive way to use skepticism is to do due diligence on any purchase you are considering. Use the major search engines to enter [...]