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Understanding Search engine optimization and its� real impact on your website

Sat, 09 Aug 2008 16:59:00 +0000

Search engine optimization is something that nobody with an online presence can afford to ignore. The main reason for this emerges from the fact that well over 75 per cent of the traffic that any website receives will usually come from search engines. Like it or not, search engines are still the favorite method used by most in seeking for information and web. Research has also clearly shown that most people rarely go beyond the first two pages of search results. What this means is that your raking, or the order in which you appear in most search engine popular searches will make a huge difference in the traffic that you end up receiving at your website or blog. This is where search engine optimization comes in. It is simply doing various things to ensure that your website or blog features as high up as possible in search engine results in your particular area of interest. The other important aspect that most people forget is that the search engines themselves are in competition with other search engines to provide the most detailed and informative content in all searches that are done at their sites. Everything the search engines do in determining rankings are driven by their desire to better other competing search engines. Understanding this motivation in search engines is important because quite often search engines have been portrayed as having taken decisions that are not understandable and which may appear not to make any sense to those whose search engine rankings drop suddenly and seemingly without any warning. Whatever regular changes search engines instigate, links to your website or blog remain a very critical factor in determining your search engine ranking. One of the most effective ways of creating numerous quality links to a website or blog is by using quality informative articles posted free at various article directories and other relevant sites on the net. Articles provide valuable information which is what most surfers are looking for and will instantly drive very targeted quality traffic to a website or blog. Some webmasters hold back important key information from articles posted outside their sites and save it all for their sites only. This is a very big mistake mainly because people will judge whether or not it is worth visit your site by the content they read in your articles posted elsewhere. If there is lack of enough information, they will quickly assume that this is also the case at your site and swiftly move elsewhere. The other thing is that writing articles will not cost you anything except time, if you do it yourself. Done consistently writing articles as an online strategy for search engine optimization will also have the desired effect of increasing traffic to your site, even as you gradually improve on your search engine rankings. Effective search engine optimization will give any site huge traffic on a daily basis and help sell more products or services at the site. [...]