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She Taught Me How To Be A Bad Boy(Chapter One)

Sat, 09 Aug 2008 16:40:00 +0000

Women had always considered me a nice guy. I guess I was comfortable for them to be around. I always went slow and followed their lead. I enjoyed living the relatively uncomplicated life of a lumberjack. But that all changed when I rode my Harley into Vegas for a weekend fling. I had five hundred dollars that I figured I could safely throw away at the poker table without getting hurt. When I hit the five hundred dollar self imposed limit I got up to leave the table.I was always a sensible sort of guy. I liked to have fun but I accepted the fact that there were limits. I made a decent salary as a lumberjack but I never had a lot of spare cash that I could just throw away.As I started to turn away from the table a very pretty looking woman asked, "why are you quitting so soon?""I only had five hundred dollars to lose and now its gone," I replied."Oh is that all? I know where you can pick up a quick five hundred and get back in the game again," she explained."Yeah I know. I could whip out my credit card and get five hundred real quick, but I'm just a lumberjack and five hundred is all I'm letting lady luck fleece me for today," I said."No you don't need to tap your credit cards, I've got the money right here," she said.I watched with both suprise and delight as she unbuttoned the first two buttons of her blouse and pulled out a five hundred dollar bill that was tucked inside her bra. She handed me the five hundred dollar bill and said, "here, take it, its for you , just let me take a few pictures of you and thats it.""Okay your on," I said with a smile.She took me up to her hotel room and told me that she was a photographer for a womens magazine and that she thought the women would enjoy looking at photos of a good looking lumberjack."Take off your shirt and throw it on the bed,"she instructed."Just the shirt,thats all I need to take off?" I aksed."For now yeah, but I'll be a little dissapointed if you don't let me see a lot more of you later," she said.I wasn't sure what she meant by that. She could have meant that she wanted me butt naked for some pictures or she's inviting me to get naked with her after the shoot. I figured I'd play along for now and see where this would all end up. So I took my shirt off and was pleased by the smile on her face."Nice muscles, the girls are gonna love you. Could you pull up your undershirt slow and then off. Oh, great abs. Wow, your chest is rippling with muscles. These pictures are gonna be good," she said."What do you want me to do now?," I asked."Lay across the bed leaning on your hands and lift your body upright on the bed. Let those muscles protrude and look slightly up with a reserved smile. Great, you're a real natural. Now stand up and toss those pants off and turn your back to me," she said."You really think the ladies will want to look at pictures of me?" I asked."Oh yeah I do and I'm sure they'll love the shots I'm gonna take now. Slowy and teasingly slide your underpants off," she said."Do you really need that kind of picture,?" I asked."I just want to give the women a little thrill. You're not shy about women seeing your body are you,?" she asked."No I'm not shy at all but I just don't know how much of myself I want to share with a magazine. Its not anything pornographic is it,? I timidly asked."No nothing like that. I show the body as if its a fine work of art. Just relax and let me turn you into a work of art.""Okay but you drop my underpants down as your shooting, I'm sure I'll slide the underpants off to fast and ruin your shoots but no frontal shots, okay?" I asked."All right just stay still. I'm going to slide your pants and shorts down a bit and take a few pictures," she said.As she tugged at my pants and shorts I started to wonder if this was a bad idea. With my pants and shorts now pulled down to my kness I could hear the camera snapping away. With my back to her I couldn't see what kind of expression was on her face. I couldn't help but wonder if the sight of me had her turned on or I was just another photo shoot to her. Then suddenly the camera stoped snaping. I t[...]