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Unbiased Step-by-step Guide on Web-Hosting

Sat, 09 Aug 2008 15:24:00 +0000

Unbiased Step-by-step Guide on Web-Hostingcopyright (c) Pavel LenshinNo more speeches about importance of your own domain, nomore talks about necessity of having paid hosting. If youthink your brand domain name and stable hosting with anumber of features and absence of ads are not worth, atleast, $50-$150 per year, then you probably want to playgames, rather than build online business.Choosing hosting provider is something similar to choosingthe place of your off-line office. Despite the fact that itis as easy to enter the URL and go to web-site that isphysically located in Sidney as in Oslo, the final role hereplays the speed of connection and stability of the hostingitself.The problem with hosting comes down to the old statute ofrunning ebusiness - that is RESEARCH before ACT!The easiest thing to do online is to pay money, the hardestis to THINK OVER what I'm paying for! That statement is truewith hosting also because you can pay, let's say, $35monthly for some particular hosting service, without noticethat in two mouse clicks there is an hosting offer providingtwo times better services all for $15 per month only, so youwill keep on losing services as well as $20 monthly thataccumulates up to $240 annually losses as a Fee for notdoing hosting research!Besides you should keep your eyes open for very gooddiscounted offers that could save you 30-50% for the firstyear of payments.Phase I - Determining NEEDS1. Estimate your ebusiness basic requirements: totalweb-space needed, monthly bandwidth (approximate trafficvolume multiplied by the most visited web-pages' total size)and ability to run CGI scripts as a must for everyebusiness.If it is content rich web-site and example of your firstyear of hosting may look like this:� 30-50Mb of disc space;� 500Mb-1Gb of monthly bandwidth;� cgi-bin to be able to run your own scripts anoffer additional services;If it is sales web-site, your first year of hosting shouldbe something similar to these requirements:� 50-300Mb of disc space depending on how much infoproducts you are going to sell and therefore upload on yourserver;� 1-3Gb of monthly bandwidth;� cgi-bin to be able to run your own scripts anoffer additional services;In particular case with one-two ebooks and three-four pagessales web-site, 10Mb of storage space with 500Mb of monthlybandwidth, in general, is more than enough, if you are notgoing to expand it, so look closely and examine yourpotential but remember: you ALWAYS have a chance to expand,but you will NOT be able to get your money back if youoverpay for services or web-space you don't need. That iscalled efficient ebusiness running.2. Determine additional services that are necessary orpreferably to have. Consider among them the following:- Email aliases- URL Redirects- Web Mail- FTP access/ FTP Accounts- Web control panel- Graphic statistics- Custom error pages- POP3 Accounts- Sub-domains- Autoresponders- Mailing List(s)- Password protected directories- MYSQL database(s)- Perl- PHP- SSIand- marketing info & support- promotional help (SE submissions, free banner impressions)- shopping cart- chat- forum3. Plan your hosting expenses beforehand. Usually theamount you pay depends on the amount of services you choose,but not always as there are hosting providers, which offeridentical services for totally different money. The sayingthat "You get what you paid for" is not necessarily true,especially what concerns high profit margins internetbusiness. Although hosting service is not pure online as itinvolves some physical computer systems to be installed,nevertheless paying more for less is extremely possible. Inother words, know your budget.Phase II. Selecting the ONLY ONE!1. Those who start looking for proper place or businessweb-site should have one or several possible costs in viewthat you knew or met positive feedback about. For now justmake a note of them and put aside, we will come back for them in the step 3.2. Now it is time to search among hundreds of offers.Accomplish your search by filling online forms at: oolkit/comparehosts.asp allows tocompare 4 hosts [...]