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CANCER - Could a strong immune system be the missing link?

Sat, 09 Aug 2008 14:38:00 +0000

Could a strong immune system be the missing link? With billions and billions of dollars going into cancer research, wouldn't you think there should be very promising cancer cures available by now? Well.. good case could be made that the billions of dollars that have been poured into cancer research have been focusing on all the wrong areas. The reason, I believe, that the research has focused on the wrong areas are not an accident. I believe the reason is simple: BIG MONEY! Consider how this research through the years has primarily focused on developing new drugs for treatment of cancer but not in prevention. There are obscene amounts of money at stake in the race to develop new drugs whereas there is very little money for profit while preventing cancer in the first place. A healthy patient is a customer lost. I realize what seems unlikely or maybe even unthinkable to most, is the idea that money could be more important than human life. But along with this sobering news, there is also some really good information about cancer treatment and prevention that hasn't exactly been "in the news". If you do just a little bit of research into cancer research BEFORE we get into the great news, I think you might agree that there is something very FISHY going on in cancer research. For a short eye-opening article, click here: While this article is very disheartening, there is good news. Some very conclusive research has proved that our OWN body's immune system is the real key to beating cancer! How? It seems that if our immune system is working at full strength, it AUTOMATICALLY provides all the necessary killer cells to fight off cancer. A NEW WAY TO BEAT CANCER In spite of what you may have been told, there are some new and very effective ways to beat cancer. Here is an example: In 1993 a four step treatment protocol using "microcurrents" was developed and then tested on cancer and AIDS patients over the next ywo years. This treatment plan proved to be nearly 100% effective against not only cancer and AIDS, but also many other diseases as well. This treatment protocol was effective at killing ANY type of disease caused by a virus, bacteria, or fungi. The researchers were absolutely astonished to find the treatment was so effective with a HUGE array of different diseases including;cancer, HIV, epstein-barre, hepatitis, chronic fatigue, meningitis, tuberculosis, just to name a few. The real strength of this treatment is that it completely restores the body's immune system, allowing it to finally work as it was designed. A good example of this is with cancer. Any oncologist will agree that a properly functioning immune system will eliminate cancer cells from the body. With the immune system at full strength, the body will produce INTERFERON and INTERLEUKIN which easily takes care of the malignant cells. Another really good example of how much difference a healthy immune system makes is with AIDS. As you may already know, people with AIDS don't die from the virus, they die from some other type of infection the the immune system couldn't fight off. They lose their lives simply because their immune system wasn't functioning properly. The researchers testing this microcurrent technology found it was extremely powerful because of two direct effects on the body. First the microcurrents completely disabled or destroyed all harmful pathogens in the body (including all viruses, bacteria, and fungi) at the same time, leaving beneficial enzymes, bacteria, etc. intact and healthy. Second : the long term benefits were a completely restored immune system. When all the viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other parasites were cleared from the patient's bodies, their immune systems magically started to function at full strength again. The best part of the story is that nine years ago, a treatment protocol was developed that was safe, inexpensive, and effective at treating cancer (and for that matter, most other diseases). This treatment IS a reality NOW! Not in the future but NOW! You can do the research yourself and prove this. Not only is this prot[...]