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What is Limp Re-raise into Holdem Poker

Thu, 02 Oct 2008 05:57:00 PDT

My favorite method that I apply at Texas Holdem poker, particularly during sit-n-go Poker competitions is that what they called a limp-reraise. This kind of strategy is preeminent applied at the table wherever you have a couple of players with the intention of doing lots of raise or else that want to attempt and take your blinds plenty. For myself, I�??m an incredibly firm poker player. And I�??m the poker player so as to a destructive competitor will strive and take my blinds at all opportunity. This nature of move formerly is extremely beneficial. For instance I will provide was a sit-n-go which I engaged in Trump Taj Mahal in previous year. We has had one player at the board that in the early hours on had raised a great deal and even I took off a pot with a partly bluff that strike on top of the river. When I was into before time situation and I gazed behind to a pocket kings. I come across to gentleman that raised a great number and I could good judgment he was eager to raise. Also happened, he is selected on the button. I hobbled keen on the pot. A behind position competitor then raised a pot. Initially, I was a bit upset as I feel the late foolish raiser would dodge. I was wrong because he re-raised a pot. Then I moved weary. It is enough to say so as to every poker participant provided me a astonished look. The early raiser seemed to me, tremble his cranium and tell me �??nice limp�?? because he manures his cards. The mad raiser after that called my stake and tossed over hidden tens. A flop in fact came by way of a king then provides me the set and nearly all of the mad limpers chip stacks. He immediately tremble his head following the card and goes, �??that�??s a great move.�?? The on top case in point just occurred to be the close to greatest case situation. There were disadvantages to this variety of play. Primary, if you flop in you does hazard the possibility of no one raising. This would permit competitors to notice a droop and reasonably outdraw you. After that, when you strive this with Poker cards for instance jacks otherwise queens, you extremely fit can acquire unsuccessful and run hooked on kings or else aces. This limp-reraise move, is not a usual play. When this is performed properly, it will complete two things. Primary, it will succeed you a chip. After that, this will set slightly of bewilderment into your participants�?? heads. They notice that you are competent of flopping in with monstrous. They perhaps frightened to raised yourself when they hold strong hands. I distinguish in the situation above that simply single Poker player would challenge me to raised after I succeed that hand. Some of the players allow me witness lots of cheap flops. Once more, try this bit in extremely destructive Poker Games. By means of it in rock-strewn games will typically cost you cash and formulate you look as if a deprived player. Like always, go on to combine your participation and it must harvest Poker Bonus. Affording pleasure for you at the boards. [...]

Titan Poker Bonus Code

Fri, 08 Aug 2008 10:39:00 PDT

In association with Titan Poker, one of the leading online poker rooms, we are offering massive $500+$50 bonus for our visitors.How to claim Titan Poker Bonus?All you have to do is to Download Titan Poker Software, Install it and at the time of sign up enter titan poker bonus code as described below.Titan poker bonus code bpsreviewAfter joining deposit minimum $20/£20/�?�20 and claim the bonus.About Titan PokerTitan Poker is an exciting online poker room that is quickly becoming the favorite for many players. Titan Poker�??s realistic and player-friendly software offers a wide range of tournament and ring game play, including progressive jackpot sit �??n�?? go tournaments.The jackpots grow larger each week, enabling players to win as much as $100,000, in addition to their normal tournament winnings. Titan Poker has awarded many of its qualified players with entries to the Main Event of the 2006 World Series of Poker, and holds regularly scheduled poker tournaments with incredibly high prize pools. Titan Poker recently staged a $100 Million Freeroll Tournament, sending players to a mainland Final Table and a real chance at a $100 Million Jackpot Prize. Titan Poker offers its new depositors incredible Signup Reload Bonuses, awarded to players as they earn Titan Poker Points at ring games and tournaments. All depositors are entitled to enter a weekly Depositors Freeroll.Titan Poker recently launched its exclusive VIP Club, rewarding its loyal players with weekly and monthly freeroll tournaments, faster bonus redemption, and exclusive chances to win free seats to the World Series of Poker. [...]

The Truth in �??Poker Wizards�??

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:45:00 PDT

Warwick Dunnett�??s book, the Poker Wizards: Wisdom from the World's Top No-Limit Hold'em Players has quite made an impact among Poker players and poker fans. The book was said to be a collection of the experiences and advices from some of the circuit�??s most successful players, all in a single volume.Primarily focusing on the no-limit hold�??em tournaments and cash games, it provides the reader with the psychology of playing poker which is also helpful when dealing with online poker rooms. It also includes the gist on the bankroll management and other areas which a poker player must know. However, some critics have said that the book is misleading and seems to dispel the notion that winning in poker involves a kin of �??magic�??. Whatever happened to tight and formulaic strategies, study and discipline? Every player is unique in their own right. Since players have different sets of experiences, winnings, losses and discipline, they will more or less agree that hard work and study can significantly help improve one�??s game. I am somewhat annoyed that the book seems to promote a tradition of Super System, which is often misleading players as to where they must concentrate when improving or sharpening their play. Given the fact that the book has several authors that certainly have contributed chapters after chapters to the book, it bugs me that it has focused on a single game. The group may be eclectic, but some of the authors have well-established names. Part of the select group was even part of the most-read poker writers. The team also included a non-poker player, but an expert on body language. Maybe the book teaches something unconventional, yet still shocking to a classic poker fan. Some of the chapters have discussed about the ways of intellectualizing the gut feeling, game theory and other items of interests when at play. Since Poker Tournaments allow the player to take their chances of winning the pot, gut feeling may have something to do with luck. Most of the writers were obviously pros, evident on the sections where the book discussed on tournament strategy and starting hand concepts. Also with card dealing, the book has something in store for money management digs. Surely, the reader will get an idea on how to optimize his chances of taking home Poker Bonuses. One of the interesting facets of the book Poker Wizards: Wisdom from the World's Top No-Limit Hold'em Players is that some of the writers disagree on certain particulars. For instance, when talking about bankroll requirements on a series of Poker Games, there was an advise to take a range from 20 times buy-in, a 40 times buy-in and goes up to 200 times. Of course the book offers useful information, particularly for novice players. It states that playing your opponent is more important than playing your card. Also, it reiterates the importance of remaining comfortable and relaxed on the table and the importance of metal preparedness. Although the book has its highs and lows, it still makes an interesting read. Aside from all the tips, it basically introduces us to the ideas and techniques of some of the circuit�??s most successful players as well as personalities. [...]

Introducing Worldwide and Uniform Poker Rules

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:45:00 PDT

With all the controversies and cheating scandals that has surrounded online Poker Rooms in the past few months; a need for stricter regulatory means was called for. Since Online Poker sites operate with a number of jurisdictions that vary from country to country, having uniform rules in systems of operations and Poker site management has become necessary. For instance, if you are an American, you will find it difficult to play with European based sites for they are fully aware of the conflicts that were stirred by the pending online gambling taxation bill. These sites do not want to deal with the heating arguments that apparently takes place in the motion for online gambling legalization. Having uniform poker rules can help resolve conflicts or problems that players may encounter. Aside from that, it can protect them from being cheated or abused by the site operator or by other players. The purpose of strengthening the poker industry has invoked the need to come up with uniform and worldwide rules for playing as well as operating. Thankfully, professional players Marcel Luske and Michelle Lau have taken the initiative to establish Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FIDPA) and the International Poker Rules (IP Rules). In an effort to set uniformity and consistency or standard rules for international Poker Tournaments and poker rooms, these organizations aims to provide clarity and fairness for all online players. Since poker has exploded into a very profitable gambling option, having one set of rules to play on gives it the chance to be a sport. The International Poker Rules is basically comprised with 80 technical rules, policies and procedures in facilitating and playing on tournaments. This gives the reference in the incorporation of the latest system of tournament organization or card room management. However, it also states that the management or the card room operator has the responsibility to give the players the proviso or notice on any change or modification before the tournament begins. Lau has stated that a standardized set of rules has become a desperate need for online poker. As a professional player, she reiterated that there is actually no absolute way by which players can learn or be aware of the changes on the game rules but by initiative. So by allowing the tournament directors to make and disclose important details on sudden game modifications or game rule changes, worldwide tournaments will be more organized and peaceful. Eventually, the use of uniform rules will hopefully spread through the entire poker industry. Bellagio was the very first poker room that was endorsed by the FIDPA. It had recently operated the Bellagio Cup IV Tournament and the WPT main event, which both followed the IP Rules. According Jack McClelland, the director of Poker Tournaments at Bellagio, having a large number of international poker players which compete on their tournaments on a regular basis, they are confident that the rules will maintain consistency in playing poker worldwide. Hopefully, good things will happen from initiating the move for the uniformity of rules in online poker rooms. However, other online gambling events must also do the same so both the operators and the players will not be confused on which jurisdictions to follow�?�and that often spoils the fun. [...]

The Official Statement on UltimateBet Scandal

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:44:00 PDT

Just recently, two of the popular Poker sites have been involved in a scandal that has tarnished their integrity and reputation in facilitating fair Poker Tournaments. They are the UltimateBet and the Absolute Poker. As the authority in fairly reviewing and monitoring the operations and systems of online poker rooms, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) has released a statement that discusses the situation brought by UltimateBet Poker, which happens to follow the just the recently resolved Absolute Poker scandal. In the statement, KGC affirmed the decisions regarding the overriding concerns of players to UltimateBet. It also assures the players that secure full player refunds will be included in their implementation of corrective measures, which they hope will prevent further abuse. Released in July 23, 2008, KGC has stated that they have been continuously regulating online gaming for over nine years which is longer than other jurisdictions in Online Poker. With that, it has already developed methodologies that have established an environment where online gaming is fairly and securely conducted. The number of websites that operates with KGC and the number of licensees under its control, KGC�??s record is by far most exemplary. Just like other well regulated industries, KGC stated that online Poker Rooms are never immune to abuse. From banking, securities to land-based gaming industries, it has stated that online gambling is not so different. However, since it is technologically driven, regulatory measures is somewhat challenging. Considering that online gambling operates with a number of jurisdictions around the world, regularity measures has become an issue and a struggle for both the players and operators. And so the scandal happened. Two of KGC licensees were believed to have carried out a scheme to cheat players. The individuals that were brought to the attention of the licensees- Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet- were spotted because of their improper conduct. In cooperation with the affected players, matters have been brought to light. KGC has acknowledged the diligence and participation of these individuals in its investigations. Let us first talk about the first case, which involved the Absolute Poker. After performing an intensive investigation, KGC has rendered a decision on the matter in January 11, 2008. That decision has concluded that Absolute Poker, as a corporate entity, did not did not initiate the cheating nor did it benefit from it. However, sanctions and conditions have been given in the operations of Absolute Poker. These conditions include the 24 specified directions for changes in its system of operations as well as management. Also, evidence was provided that reimbursements of losses were given to the affected parties. Shortly after, Absolute Poker�??s sister company-Ultimate Best- has been involved in a similar scandal. The past few months, KGC has performed an in-depth investigation on the alleged cheating events that took place in Investigators were made to analyze, identify and correct the flaws in the operations systems of Ultimate Bet, which they believed has permitted the cheating to take place. Eventually, KGC has identified the parties that were involved in the cheating. Of course, reimbursements of losses were awarded to the affected individuals. Both scandals have created quite a stir in the online poker rooms community. Since KGC somewhat failed to communicate their actions to the poker industry and to the public, they were led to believe that the organization was doing nothing. With its continuous efforts in pinpointing and correcting the flaws of some websites and giving sanctions to cheating cases, KGC promised to be more vigilant in acting on cheating or abuse cases in online gaming. [...]

How Does Poker Rooms Profit?

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:43:00 PDT

When we are having so much fun, we tend to overlook some important things. This is very much like playing Online Poker. As we keep our eye on the growing pot of poker bonus, we tend not to think about what these sites get in return. Although patronizing online poker rooms seems to be free of charge, which is not exactly the case. As you play in the internet, you may or may not notice the glittering, animated and sometimes annoying advertisements that are inserted in the text or in the layout of the webpage. With an estimated income of $ 200 Million per month, that is hardly free right. The matters with which these sites profit are not that obvious. However, no secrets are left unrevealed. Thanks to the inquiries done by the US Congress; we now get to have the idea where these websites could possibly rake millions of dollars. The popularity of online gambling particularly Poker Tournaments has been shown by the dramatic increase of the population of its online players; and as they say, the more the merrier. You see poker sites generate bulk of their revenue in four methods. The first one is the rake. It is collected from ring game pots. Rake is actually a calculated percentage of the pot, which is based on a sliding scale that is capped at a specific gaming fee. The structure with which rake structure is determined depends on the software or program that is used by the game room. Secondly, online Poker Rooms profit from the pre-scheduled multi-table or the impromptu sit-and-go tournaments that they facilitate. While such games collects certain amount of entry fee, additional fees of around ten percent of the tournament fee is added to the cost of the whole poker tournament. The third way is through side bets. Some sites offer games like black jack where they allow the player to play against the house to get the pot. While the player take his chances of winning the pot, failure to do so will produce substantial profit to the house or to the site. Lastly, these websites operate similarly to those institutions that hold money. They use the money or they invest the money that their players deposit. Because no law stipulates taxes in their operations, the interests in the player�??s bankrolls become absolute source of revenue. By comparisons, the first three methods are similar to the methods that brick and mortar casinos use in operating their poker tables. The last one uses methods that are similar to the ones used by banks in terms of raking interests from their investments. Because poker rooms hold significant amount of money, issues about their integrity and fairness will inevitably rise. As compared to other means of gambling, Poker Games are subject to a lot of speculations since no definite law governs the methods or the systems with which they operate. And for that�??s reason, it is possible that the players as well as the operators are not protected against fraud. Because of the allegations of possibly not so random card dealing, poker sites rely on certain bodies to do fair reviews and evaluations on online poker rooms operations. These organizations include the Kahnawake Gaming Commision and major auditing firms which include the PricewaterhouseCoopers. [...]

Optimizing Bankroll with Online Poker

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:42:00 PDT

Maximizing poker player bankroll is now possible. Thanks to various poker websites, players are given the opportunity to make more cash while enjoying the thrill of playing online. Since the tag name �??one stop shop�?? is becoming the common theme among online poker rooms hosts, seems like the competition lies on how the site optimizes the pot of poker bonuses. So aside from having easy navigation features, these websites have virtually catered to everything that an online player could demand. For instance, online gaming sites were made to sport a simple and very easy to navigate layout so players, especially beginners, can easily get the feel the excitement and intensity of online poker gaming. To master a player�??s skill in outdoing the strategies of his opponents, self-help corner are actually featured on various poker sites. Aiming to provide its players with all the information that he needs to win, the site also features bankroll optimizing games such as rakeback and freeroll tournaments. To fully understand the terms of each tournament or of every game that a novice player face, the site is programmed to guide the player all through, having simulation start-up or sign-in features. Most of the sites that aim to maximize the winnings of online players invite players to their rakeback and freeroll tournaments. As they offer to enhance the playing style and needs of a player, they also feature Poker Reviews or poker room comparison so players will be well informed on where to play poker best and on which competition to take. Let�??s face it; having the right equipment can make us do wonders in any situation. Similarly, we can do similar things in playing poker. Just by keeping your eye on the current poker bonus, you will find inspiration or motivation to win. Just be guided by the self help and feature corners of poker sites and you will survive the competition on Poker Tournaments. While playing Online Poker has become a flourishing business these days, it has been subjected to issues concerning legality and tax stipulations. Apparently, the United States is already working on a bill that aims to finalize the grounds with which online gambling taxes will be collected. People in the government are saying that there are billions of dollars that can be potentially gained out of such bill. Of course, the money will greatly help the programs that the country can suffice. The popularity and success of what seems to be an innocent leisurely activity in the internet is now being converted into an income generating means of the state. Of course, the bill will instantly axe money from the website operators or owners. And since significant amount of costs will be collected, some of the funds will inevitably be passed to the fees that players pay for membership. In case such law will be passed, Poker Games players will definitely be affected for it will deduct taxes from their total winnings. Where�??s the fun in that? As a result, gambling sites might struggle in continuously drawing players with freebies. But is that is the case, we players can always benefit from a little competition among these sites. [...]

Making Sense Out of Poker Sense

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:41:00 PDT

As the newest addition to the roster of exciting poker sites, aims to deliver top poker information. It is a one stop site where the hottest Poker Reviews and news will be posted. Players will not only be welcomed with a great gaming layout. Ultimately, the site makes everything exciting by featuring the best poker bonuses. Its up to date poker news will surely help the players outdo one another. In featuring new techniques and strategies and by having recent updates on Poker Tournaments, players can easily find ways on sharpening their poker game skills. If you are on the lookout for a great site to play Online Poker, then you must try out It has a �??how to play�?? corner where novice players can find comfort playing with their own match. Here, beginners can have a match with players of similar gaming levels. Meaning, the site offers a fair match and a fair system of gambling at that. Even for the first time user, the layout of the site is especially designed for easy navigation. Hence, their helpful tips in various gaming reviews and corners will surely help a player strengthen his game. Hence, looking for the bets place to play poker has been mad easier. Just make sense out of Poker Sense. Aside from the conventional poker games, Poker Sense also has freerolls section where players are invited to sign up for the best freerolls in the internet. It also has a section for WSOP, where tournament updates can be located. Here, players can enlist towards the chance of winning the biggest tournament pot. With its poker rules section, poker player�??s info, pot odds charts and poker bonus updates, this site surely is a great poker school! Recently, players from the United States are finding problems in playing online poker. This is because of the pending legalization issues in its congress. While these players are apparently not accepted in some poker sites, Poker Sense welcomes them with the list of all the poker sites that is still accepting American players. It also has an updated feature on the Top 10 Poker rooms where big spenders can dig in. In Poker Sense, you can enjoy exploring Everest poker, Full Tilt Poker and Titan Poker. With a ton of information to back you up, gaming will surely be an exciting experience. Should you want to play in major league; the site can direct you to the right sites and to the best Poker Bonuses. Simply log in to the site and find out everything you are looking for. When it comes to poker, playing the game is not enough. You also keep close track of your opponents. Most importantly, you have to keep close watch on what is at stake. As a poker player, I found useful tools when I have visited Everything that it offers simply helped me become a better player. So go on and treat yourself to the same level pf gambling excitement. Sign up today and say hello to your poker successes! [...]

Polls Start Showing Support for Online Gambling Legalization

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:40:00 PDT

The news of taxation and legality of online gambling has been a hanging issue these past few months. Having our good legislators doing their part in looking for the country�??s untapped sources of taxable revenues, they have authored and proposed a motion for online gambling legalization, which finalizes the grounds by which taxable income will be earned to such gambling means. Although some are still reluctant to agreeing on the proposed bill, recent polls have shown overwhelming support on for online gambling legalization. Having over 95% of the respondents agree in stipulating taxes and certain regulations in the operations of online gambling which includes the very popular Online Poker, the congress is now hoping to present a conclusion regarding this issue. A USA Today poll was held in the internet, asking the respondents whether or not they agree on the terms of online gambling legalization. Surprisingly, the poll has received numerous hits, which goes to show that citizens of the state were actually concerned about the said issue. Since British Open golf tournament had opened in the weekend, there was quite a stir of competition in online readers�?? share. The overwhelming result of the poll only shows that the online gambling issues have started to steer the general public�??s opinion in the right direction. It piqued the public�??s opinion on this rather controversial topic, which is a good sign. Having these issues surround the operations of gambling sites in the internet, which include Poker Games, makes me think that they were not at all legal. Since people have come to gamble for bonuses that normally reach the million-dollar-mark, I felt that tax issues may be overlooked somehow. So when Representative Jim McDermott of D-Wash authored the bill that concerns online gambling regulation, I was quite taken aback. Having a regulatory law is actually a good thing for it not only benefits the game or the operators, it also protects the players. Aside from that, the proceeds of the taxable incomes from these gambling activities will finance projects that will help improve local communities. As an avid poker player myself, this should lessen the guilt, having to play at my leisure time while helping the government do some good with my taxes. As of today, people in United States gamble millions of dollars and the Internal Revenue does not get anything. Instead of having the state benefit from these activities, it is compelled to spend millions trying to catch the operators as well as the site managers. At this amount of stakes, the state is entitled to collect tax, however, the rules on taxing such games particularly online Poker Tournaments are yet to be finalized. The good Congressman McDermott is optimistic that his proposed bill will reorganize the system of operating Poker Rooms and other gambling rooms. He is accounting as much as $ 40 Billion additional tax revenue for the government in the next ten years if his bill would be passed. However, I am predicting that more time is needed to finalize such a sensitive law for it will still undergo thorough review with which common interests will be weighed over gains. [...]

Dipthrong Double & Big Stars

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:40:00 PDT

Being included in the Top 10 Poker rooms in the internet, Full Tilt, Bodog, PokerStars, and UltimateBet hosted this weekend�??s group of online gamers. Having an overwhelming influx of players, all four were busy making everybody busy. Initially, the tournament was said to have offered $ 2 Million worth of total Poker Bonuses. However, the enthusiasm of all the players has reached the $2,836,200 pot. Among the players that took their chances on this even, it was Dipthrong who was reported to have raked the highest amount of winnings as he managed to dominate the events at Full Tilt and Bodog on the same night. At the side of the PokerStars, its 2X promotion has doubled the original amount of its winning pot, which reached more than $ 2 Million. However, the guarantee of enjoying the pot alone was shattered for there were 14, 181 players to contend with. Having the largest prize of Poker Bonus to date, everybody was at their toes all weekend having so much money at stake. This even convinced PokerStars�?? last three players to have a deal with the official winner on the terms of pot distribution. But at this corner, TimDawg888 has collected a $ 235, 356 worth of winnings. At the side of Full Tilt, its $ 750, 000 �?? worth Poker Tournaments managed to avoid an overlay of ten weeks. Since it has broken the overlay streak, pooling 4, 173 players with a total prize pool of $834, 600, problems were actually faced on how players will be handled considering the amount at stake. But the main start of the event was Diphtrong, taking home a cool $ 147, 382 of poker bonuses. Having to survive 783 players from 728 of the previous week, he has earned the tournament�??s first place prize which was another $ 23, 000. Overall, he was accounted to have raked an amount that is juts over $ 170, 000. What a lucky guy! Just when people thought that playing in Bodog was enough with the hope for the remaining $ 100, 000 pots, Diphtrong managed to win it all! If I would write a Poker Review, I will say that in this case, the winner can take all! Finally, at the side of UltimateBet�??s $ 200, 000- worth GTD Tournament, 987 players flocked for the chance of winning one of the tournaments�?? winning pots. Since it has a miniscule of $ 2, 600 from the $ 28, 800 of the precious week, more and more players were drawn by its growing poker bonus. At this corner, Monika13 dominated the tables, snatching its $ 45, 000 first place cheque. Along with runner up njm3111 who took home a whopping $ 26, 500 cheque, the winners had a lucky 13th. Being big winners in Poker Games definitely makes a big star. So start sharpening your poker skills and strategies to start making your own star. As the fun way of optimizing bank roll as well as poker talents, making the most of every tournament rewards every player the satisfaction of combining business with pleasure. [...]

Good News for Bodog Players!

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:39:00 PDT

The news has already been featured in various online Poker Review sites. Three of the seats in the next summer�??s hottest poker event were finally given to Bodog. As one of sponsor of the year�??s biggest poker tournament winners, online poker enthusiasts is expected to flock the site�??s traffic to start sharpening those strategies and getting toe to toe to secure those exclusive seats in preparation to the big even. Although a number of online players thrive around the world, they may get the chance to play at the Main Event. And they can quality through Bodog. From Europe to London and across Asia and North America, the world�??s Poker Games fans have to secure Bodog�??s Player Choice packages to qualify for the said tournament.Aside from giving the worldwide gamers the opportunity to bring home a pot of great Poker Bonuses, the selected and qualifying players will also enjoy a great opportunity to play at some of the exciting hubs of poker games. These players have got once in a lifetime chance to enjoy the exciting and exotic venues of Poker Tournaments, all in Bodog style! For the year 2009, �??pokerfanx789�??, �??dudix�?? and �??Boswan,�?? has bagged those three major positions and will get to play at the 2009 Main Event. As the final selection cards were drawn in Vegas. The list of Word Series of Poker players was completed by three of Bodog�??s most aggressive players. Seats at the 2009 WSOP Main Event are quite a challenge to attain. This only goes to show the growing potential and marketing competitiveness as well as the impact of Bodog in the international online poker scenes. This exclusive opportunity was only awarded to any poker site players. However, they first need to win the final tournament, which Bodog managed to secure. A 25-series tournament was held in Las Vegas, aiming to select the pool of players with which those prestigious seats were to be given. The games were said to have mirrored the Holdem events that were held tightly at the World Series Main Event. However, the tournament had buy-ins equal to just one percent of the actual buy-in of the WSOP Main Event. Three of Bodog�??s representatives: �??pokerfanx789�??, �??dudix�?? and �??Boswan,�?? were awarded the price. The price included a $12,000 VIP Prize package and a chance to compete fore the tournament�??s multi-million dollars pot at the 2009 Main Event. Because of the Bodog team�??s amazing run on those tournament series, the site has managed to already have the team settled with the pressures that comes with the tournament. According to Morris Mohawk Gaming Group CEO Alwyn Morris, the three players are guaranteed to enjoy an experience that is always known for Las Vegas. They have got that shot to stardom, playing poker and raking millions of dollars. In relation to this new achievement, the site is expected to recruit more of its leading players and launch them to poker stardom. So why waste time on other sites? Try working for next year�??s seats to the main event. Sign up at Bodog and make it happen. Playing at Bodog is a great start for future Online Poker celebrities! [...]

The Madness of Losing the Main Event

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 00:38:00 PDT

When it comes to gambling, you should be wise enough to keep luck working by your side. Confusing right? But that�??s gambling. The thrill on taking your chances of winning makes the player enjoy counteracting his opponents with formulaic strategies, which overcomes the chance of losing. Having the right kind of strategy and sharp mind when dealing with everyone you share poker table with surely makes one a winner. However, losing all your chips in a Poker Games will surely bring news. Even for an ordinary player, losing big can bring one�??s name on Poker Review sites. For that reason, even if you are not a professional poker player, you must always play hard and smart. Forgiveness is not easily given with notably poor gaming or gambling strategy. Once you disappoint your opponent and the game�??s spectators, it would be very difficult to save face and gain their confidence once more. That is, unless you don�??t have a back-up PR strategy to win them back. Just take a look at the case of Gus Hansen. Gus Hansen is one of the noted players of various Poker Tournaments. But with the recent 2008 WSOP Main Event, he had disappointed his fans after he lost majority of his stacks with a Q-7 off-suit. That even caused him the chance of winning the said tournament. Then how could something like this happen to a great player? When pressure rises, people can do crazy things I guess. After all, poker is a game of chance. You may have your luck today and gone by tomorrow. Gus said that when he cane with 1.3 or something, he never came close to danger all week or during the previous days in the tournament (well, that�??s tough luck in my book). He said that he was all-in twice and where somewhere in 95% and 95% on the table. All the while, he thought everything would go smoothly. Unfortunately, he shared a lot of big hands in the table. He took one small stab and his opponents re-raised making him lose the small one. After that, he lost another small one, and another�?�and another. At Q-7, Hansen already felt that everything was not going well for him. Everything was not going his way actually, either for the chipleader. By starting at 2.1, he was gradually down to 800,000. When he was on the tilt, he raised his hands and so Hansen felt a little okay about the way things were going. At that point, he still has over one million. Then seems like all the unlucky vibes has surrounded Hansen, he was quite in a ride down to the end of Online Poker. The flop came at the 8-6-5 when Hansen got a backdoor flush draw at the Q-7. Feeling a little encouraged, he decided to fire for $200,000. Feeling lucky this time, he raised his bet and went all in at $500,000. He was thinking that if the chipleader have two overcards or A-5, he would be fine. If he got two tens, Hansen thought that he can hit a queen. That is why he made such a call that reached 500,000. But what happened was that he turned over A-J. Just out of the blue, seems like everything was lost! What happened has shocked Gus Hansen�??s fans, having great moves at day 3 of the WSOP Main Event. They didn�??t even think that he�??d blow the tournament. Well that�??s talking about luck anyway. As much as we fans were shocked, so is Gus! This just goes to show that some days you may be drawn closer to that big Poker Bonus, and that luck could go away just that. [...]

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