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Types of Poker

Sun, 30 Nov 2008 23:36:00 PST

Poker is very popular, no doubt. This is probably because, unlike other card games, Poker is very flexible because it has several variations. Because of this, Poker remains to be new and refreshing since Poker enthusiasts can play different types of games instead of playing just one type of game.

Most of these variations were created in the United States, sometime during the mid-1900s. The order of play is mostly the same for these variants except for a few changes in the rules. Generally, though, they follow the same pattern, wherein a player bet on the value of their hand or card combination, with the one holding the hand with highest value being the winner. These types follow the same hand ranking hierarchy. One of the main differences is the hand of the player, in which the cards may be concealed or revealed to other players. The same rules apply whether one plays in casinos or on online Poker Rooms.

Three of the more popular variants of Poker are Draw Poker, Stud Poker, and Community Card Poker. With Draw Poker, the players deal with a complete hand, although this hand is hidden. It is then improved by replacing cards, the most common of which is the five-card draw. In Stud Poker, the players receive a combination of face-down cards and face-ups cards, the most common of which are the five-card stud and the seven-card stud. Lastly, in Community Card Poker, the players deal with incomplete hidden hands with shared face-up cards, the most common of which are the Omaha hold ‘em and the Texas hold ‘em.

Among these games, there are rules that common among the variations. Such rules are the high-low split, the lowball, the ‘kill game,’ the added wild cards, the use of stripped deck, among others.