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How To Select The Right Shar Pei Puppies


The Shar Pei breed originated in China around 200 B.C. and it easily recognized by their short ears and wrinkled face. Originally they were bred as farm dogs but then began to be used as fighting dogs. Although Shar Pei puppies require consistent training they are bright and willful. The Shar Pei is extremely loyal to their family while also being aloof with strangers.

If you want to add a Shar Pei to your household then it is important that you choose the right Shar Pei puppy. The first thing you must do when considering a Shar Pei puppy is to make sure they are the right breed for your household. The Shar Pei is a good option for those who want a watchdog since they are standoffish with strangers while being protective and loyal to their family. The breed is also a good choice for those with children or cats since the Shar Pei does well with both as long as it is socialized from an early age. Just always remember that the Shar Pei is aggressive around other dogs.
A Shar Pei puppy may not be right for you if you are soft-spoken since Shar Pei puppies require firm and consistent training. The Shar Pei breed is stubborn and independent which means they will often not heed commands of a soft-spoken person. A Shar Pei will do fine if kept in an apartment or house but they shouldn't be outside in weather extremes, particularly heat.

You also want to consider some of the health conditions that are specific to Shar Pei puppies. A few of the more serious conditions include entropion, familial Shar Pei fever, ear problems and allergies. Some dogs with familial Shar Pei will develop anyloidosis, which can eventually cause kidney failure. You should ask the person who you are getting your Shar Pei puppy from whether or not they have been screened for health problems specific to the breed. If not then you may soon see expensive medical bills and decrease your dog's quality of life.
You should consider your Shar Pei breeder just as carefully as you consider the Shar Pei puppies. Ask the breeder if they are members of breed clubs, specialty clubs or obedience clubs. Be sure to check with the clubs after you have received the references from the breeder. If you don't check you will run the risk of getting stuck with a breeder that is running a puppy mill. Going with a reputable breeder means the person has carefully screened their dogs for all health problems before starting breeding.

Before making your final selection you should be prepared for how Shar Pei puppies will turn out. They will eventually grow to be about eighteen to twenty inches tall and have a weight between forty and fifty-five pounds at the point of maturity. A Shar Pei will usually live about ten years. For a pure bred Shar Pei from a reputable breeder you will likely pay about three hundred to five hundred dollars. After carefully considering these things you will know whether or not a Shar Pei puppy is right for your household.

There are many aspects that go into selecting Shar Pei puppies. By learning how to choose the right Shar Pei puppy you will avoid a lot of trouble.

Raising Your Shar Pei Puppy


The Shar Pei puppy is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most desirable breeds in the world. With their sweet tempered nature, and their fierce loyalty, the Shar Pei puppy is one of the most ideal breeds for any family with children. The unusual appearance of the Shar Pei, with their large folds across the face and body, often conjures images of aggression, making the Shar Pei one of the most misunderstood dogs in history.

Shar Pei puppies were originally bred in ancient China as a fighting dog, but did not gain official recognition here in the United States until 1991, when the American Kennel Club granted them recognition. Before that, the Shar Pei puppy had actually been named the most rare breed in the world. But, as more and more breeders turn their attentions to bringing Shar Pei puppies into the world, more and more people are finding themselves falling in love with the unusual looking breed.
Shar Pei puppies have a very distinctive appearance that makes them difficult to mistake for any other breed. A Shar Pei puppy is born with extras-large folds of skin, which cover most of its body. These folds gradually fill out as the dogs reach adulthood, leaving deep wrinkles about its face, neck and shoulders. The most popular Shar Pei puppy colors are red, blue, black and sand. The Shar Pei comes in three different coat styles, horse, brush and bear. However, only the horse and brush coats are considered acceptable for show.

But Shar Pei puppies are not without their disadvantages. Prone to certain health conditions, the Shar Pei puppy requires extra veterinary attention to help ensure that these issues don't become life threatening. Most of these health issues are the direct result of irresponsible breeding practices by breeders who don't concern themselves with making sure they only breed new Shar Pei puppies from healthy stock.
But owning a Shar Pei puppy is not without its disadvantages. The Shar Pei is prone to certain health conditions, such as skin and vision problems, which have been brought about by irresponsible breeding practices. Although there are surgeries and specially formulated dry foods that one can invest in to help correct these problems, it is far better to make certain that you are buying your new Shar Pei puppy from a respectable breeder in the first place.

If you aren't sure where the best place to find a Shar Pei puppy breeder is, talk to your veterinarian and ask for a referral to a breeder who has a long history of getting their pups the medical attention they need. When proper attention is given to making sure you're getting a healthy dog, your new Shar Pei puppy can give you and your family a long and loyal lifetime of affection.

Shar Pei puppies are an enormous responsibility that many dog lovers are reluctant to take on. But with the proper care and treatment, a Shar Pei puppy can provide your family with years of love and affection. This article was written to provide as many people as possible with information about everything from proper care to choosing Shar Pei puppy names.

A Time And A Place For A Shar Pei Puppy For Sale


The Shar Pei breed of dog is something that has been around for a long time but has taken many American breeders and breeding organizations many years to recognize. The American Kennel Club did not recognize it as a breed until the early 1990's and for many years the Shar Pei was considered the rarest dog breed on the planet. If you are looking for a Shar Pei puppy for sale you want to be careful because they are rare and many bad breeders are trying to sell you an unhealthy dog. Always be mindful of your new pet and get it from a source you trust.

Look to your vet for a referral to a good Shar Pei breeder. If you don't have a vet then the breeder choice process is a great time to introduce yourself to one. A vet referral is a good thing and the breeder will more than likely honor a referral from someone as important to your pet's health as the vet.
Sometimes finding the best breeder can take a little work because some of the best breeders only work from referrals. If you know someone that owns a Shar Pei then see if they can give you a referral to a breeder that may have a Shar Pei puppy for sale. If you do not know any Shar Pei owners then hit the Internet and see if any local Shar Pei owners host websites of their dog. Contact them and ask them if they are at liberty to give out a referral for their breeder. You may find that referrals are hard to come by but in the end they are worth it.
Many people prefer to get their new pets from local animal shelters and that may be one of the best ways to get a new Shar Pei pup. You will feel great for giving a dog a second chance and your Shar Pei can wind up being a loving and loyal pet for many years to come.
If more people avoided buying from pet stores then maybe pet stores would stop selling puppies from puppy mills. A Shar Pei puppy for sale from a pet store can be a bad experience with the way they are bred for pet stores and their high probability for being born unhealthy. Pet stores are great for selling supplies but they need to stick to the supplies and leave the animals to the professional breeders and to the rescue shelters that are always doing such wonderful work.

Always get your Shar Pei puppy from either a breeder or rescue one from an animal shelter. You will find a very loyal and loving dog that if you train it correctly, and treat it right, will bring you years of love and happiness for you and your family. It is never a bad decision to get a Shar Pei puppy for sale it can only be a bad decision where you get the dog. So make sure you do your research and get a dog you can all be happy with.

If you are looking for Shar Pei puppies then use this article. This article can tell you where to get a Shar Pei puppy and Shar Pei puppy supplies.

The Top Places To Find Shar Pei Puppies For Sale


The most ancient of all dogs, Shar Pei puppies have quickly gained a reputation within the last twenty years as being one of the most desired dogs for families everywhere. So many people now looking for Shar Pei puppies for sale has led to an uprising of dishonest breeders running puppy mills trying to fill the ever increasing demand for these sweet dogs. Sadly, many people do not realize just how dangerous it can be to buy a dog from one of these mills, nor how to tell them apart from an honest breeder.

The first thing that one must remember when looking for Shar Pei puppies, is that a respectable breeder would never, ever place one of their Shar pie puppies for sale in a pet store, or in any other place where they would lose control over what kind of home their dogs were going to. Understanding this can help you to ensure that you only buy Shar Pei puppies from a quality breeder.
The thing to remember about quality breeders is that they would never place Shar Pei puppies for sale in a pet store, nor would they offer their dogs to anyone whom they had not thoroughly researched themselves. Quality breeders are most concerned that their pups are given to only the best possible homes. The Shar Pei puppies for sale that you find in pet stores most often come from less than reputable breeders who run breeding kennels known as puppy mills.

These puppy mills churn out pups by the dozen, and these dishonest puppy breeders care little for more than making money off of their dogs. The pups found in these mills, and consequently in the pet stores, are usually quite sick and need much medical attention if they are to have any sort of life. You can help to ensure that your dog comes from an honest breeder, simply by refusing to purchase any of the Shar Pei puppies for sale from any pet store.
You can easily find top quality Shar Pei puppies for sale simply by asking your local vet about the respected breeders in your area. By choosing a vet recommended breeder to purchase your Shar Pei puppies from, you can rest assured that you will be getting only the finest quality dog, and that you won't have to spend thousands of dollars for medical bills on a sick pup.

So, in conclusion, just remember when you are looking for Shar Pei puppies for sale that not all breeders are created equal. And if the breeder you are considering does nothing to ensure that his or her dog is going to a good home, by asking about the conditions in which the dog will be kept, then it is an almost certainty that they are running nothing more than a puppy mill and should be avoided at all costs. Doing so will help you to rest assured that you and the puppy you choose will have a long and happy life together.

The last twenty years have brought an increased awareness of what wonderful pets Shar Pei puppies make. This article has been written for everyone who is concerned about giving their puppy the proper Shar Pei puppy care, and those who may be interested in finding Shar Pei puppies for sale.

The Ethical Shar Pei Breeder


One of the most rare dog breeds in the world is the Shar Pei (pronounced Shar-Pay). This ancient Chinese breed's name translates to "sand skin" after its short, coarse coat. The Shar Pei faced extinction and was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's most rare dog in 1978. The breed has gained popularity since that time and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1992.

The Shar Pei is easily distinguished from other breeds by its unique wrinkled appearance and blue-black tongue. Shar Pei puppies have wrinkles all over their bodies when born but as adults grow into their wrinkles. The original Chinese Shar Pei grew out of its wrinkles almost completely so that the body was smooth and only the face and neck retained wrinkles. A modern Shar Pei breeder maintains a western version of the Shar Pei, which retains more wrinkles. A Shar Pei comes in many colors including red, tan, white, blue-grey and black. The breed's coat comes in three types, horse, brush and bear. Shar Pei also have high-set, short, curly tails.
Buying from a Shar Pei breeder can be easy if a buyer follows certain steps. Because Shar Pei are rare, it may be more difficult to find readily-available puppies, so a buyer should go into the process with patience. Buyers should also research the breed before buying to ensure they have the tools to raise these dogs in healthy, happy environments. It is important for buyers to know that the breed is prone to certain health problems such as entropion (eyelashes curling into the eye), severe skin infections and renal failure from too much protein build-up in the kidneys.

It is also important that buyers prepare to mesh with the temperament of the Shar Pei, which is loyal and protective but also independent. Shar Pei dogs do not take kindly to strangers and bark at new people. They can become aggressive if not trained properly. The Shar Pei's ancestors were trained to fight and that strong spirit can be unleashed at a detriment to owners and other animals if proper discipline is not taught from birth. Buyers should research breeders and make sure the Shar Pei breeder they buy from can provide advice on raising and training Shar Pei puppies.
Reputable, experienced breeders never sell puppies to pet stores. A qualified Shar Pei breeder will screen prospective buyers because they care about all the puppies they breed. They want to be sure each and every puppy goes to a great home with loving owners giving proper care. Backyard breeders or puppy mills mass produce puppies in unhealthy conditions. The puppies produced by these places are sickly, poorly bred. Then these puppies are shipped to pet stores all over the county to be locked up in display cases with very little exercise and not properly socialized for living with a family.

Good Shar Pei breeders will form relationships with rescue centers, veterinarians, animal control and law enforcement in the neighborhoods in which they live, building networks based on a love of animals. These are the kind of breeders you want to purchase a dog from because you are bound to get a healthy, happy friend for life.

There are many ethical Shar Pei breeders. A buyer should always choose a Shar Pei breeder over a pet store when purchasing a Shar Pei. Shar Pei information and how to find a Shar Pei breeder are covered in this article.

Being Cautious With Bad Shar Pei Breeders


After a lot of discussion and a few family votes you have all decided that you want a Shar Pei as the new family pet. Now that you have made that decision it is time to start the most difficult and important process in the life of your pet. You need to compile a list of Shar Pei breeders to talk to. You can cut your time way down by using some trusted sources to eliminate any of the shady breeders and then focus your time on the breeders that will potentially sell you your new family pet.

You should always ask a breeder what national breeder registry they belong with as a first level of questioning. A breeder registry sets the breeding standards that its members use and if a breeder you are talking to is not listed with a registry then it is probably using its own breeding standards and that may not be the kind of breeder you want to deal with.
It cannot be emphasized enough that your vet is an invaluable resource when it comes to Shar Pei breeders and you should consult with your vet about the breeders you are considering. If you do not have a vet at the time then there is no better time to secure the services of a vet than when you are looking through Shar Pei breeders. Your vet will have the information you need and that can help save you a lot of potential future aggravation.

Sometimes when you meet a breeder everything seems great on the outside but if you ask local law enforcement about them then you find an entirely different story. If a breeder's history is cataloged with the local police then you may want to stay away from that breeder and find a new group of Shar Pei breeders to talk to for your sake and the sake of your future pet.
You should utilize every resource at your disposal when considering Shar Pei breeders and one of the resources you can use is the Internet. If a breeder has an especially bad reputation then there may be warnings about them on the Internet that you can read and will save you a lot of time and hassle. You would be surprised at who takes the time to post information on the Internet and also what information is available. You can save yourself some time and aggravation by just checking with the Internet first.

You will talk to a lot of breeders before you find the one that you will be buying your Shar Pei from but there is no reason why you cannot use the resources available to you to weed out the ones that are not worth your time. Do your homework on this because choosing a breeder is extremely important.

You can find important information about how to find good Shar Pei breeders in this article. This article contains helpful Shar Pei information as to where to find a good breeder.

Being Careful To Avoid The Fake Shar Pei Breeder


You have decided on getting a Shar Pei and now the next step is to choose a Shar Pei breeder that you can get your dog from. A Shar Pei breeder is an important decision as this is someone you will be need to stay in contact with for many years to come regarding the health and well being of your pet. So make sure you make the right choice and ask a lot of questions so that you can tell if the Shar Pei breeder you are talking to knows their business or not.

A national breeder registry is an organization that breeders join because they subscribe to the breeding standards of the registry and they want to be identified and being part of a national group. If the breeder you are talking to is not listed with a national registry then ask them why the chose not to be listed and also ask them what breeding standards they do use if they are not using proven ones.
Sometimes people pass up the chance to check in some places that they should check when researching a prospective Shar Pei breeder and one of those sources is local law enforcement. If you are researching a breeder and local law enforcement has a thick file on that breeder then there is probably a really good chance that you do not want to deal with that breeder. A history of run-ins with the law can usually indicate someone that is not very trustworthy and you need to trust your breeder.

Always check out a business with the Better Business Bureau before getting involved in any major purchases like buying a family pet. If a business has a long list of complaints against them then they are probably not the kind of business you want to deal with. Most good businesses belong to the Better Business Bureau and they have a great search engine on the Internet you can use whenever you want.
Sometimes your vet is a great source for more information than you realize and when you are dealing with a search for a Shar Pei breeder your vet may be able to give you guidelines to use in your search and maybe even give you the names of various breeders to avoid based on their reputation. Your vet will know the real Shar Pei breeders and the fake ones and if your vet gives you a recommendation then you probably should take that recommendation.

Talk to the breeder yourself and ask a lot of questions. A good breeder is going to insist that you ask a lot of questions and they want to know as much about you as you want to know about them. A less than reliable breeder will not be one for conversation and they will just want to get on to the transaction. That is exactly the kind of breeder you do not want to deal with.

You can find information on detecting fake Shar Pei breeders in this article. You can find helpful Shar Pei information in this article and others like it.

Finding Out The Facts From A Shar Pei Breeder


You have decided to get a Shar Pei and now the time has come to decide on a Shar Pei breeder. This is a very important decision and you will need to know what questions to ask to find out if you are dealing with a good breeder or not. Many times a good breeder will insist that you ask them a lot of questions so do your homework, don't be shy and be ready to have a nice long talk with each breeder before you make your decision. Deciding on a breeder can affect your relationship with your pet for many years, so be sure before you make up your mind.

Always start off any conversation with a breeder by asking them what national breeding registry they are listed with. A national breeding registry is going to have a set of breeding standards that their members adhere to and you can use that to see if a breeder is for you or not. If a breeder is not listed with a registry then find out what standards for breeding they do use.
With a good Shar Pei breeder the relationship between owner and breeder does not end when the transaction is finished. A reputable breeder will be there for the owner for many years to come to make sure that the owner knows how to give quality care to their new dog and offer any advice that the owner may need on how to care for their new pet. It is important to have this open communication with your breeder and if your breeder is not into communication after the sale then it is time for a new breeder.

When a new owner leaves the property of a reputable Shar Pei breeder they do so with detailed care and feeding instructions and a sample of the dog's food so that the owner knows what to feed their new dog. If your breeder does not indicate they offer this kind of assistance to owners then you may want to move on to a different breeder.
As has been mentioned a Shar Pei breeder is there to help an owner with advice on how to care for their new pet. Sometimes things happen that you cannot foresee and you have to give up your dog. Ask prospective Shar Pei breeders if they have a policy of taking back dogs rather than having the dog end up abandoned or wind up in a shelter. You won't get your money back but at least you know you are dealing with someone that cares as much about your dog as you do.

Choosing a breeder is extremely important and requires a lot of the right questions. Sometimes the more reputable breeders offer free pet insurance to new owners so don't forget to ask about that. Just be ready to ask a lot of questions because choosing a Shar Pei breeder is an important step in buying your dog and you want to choose the right breeder from the very beginning.

If you want good questions to ask your Shar Pei breeder then use this article. This article contains helpful Shar Pei information that you can use when looking for a good breeder.

Shar Pei Breeders And Where To Find Them


You have decided that you want a Shar Pei and now all you need to do is find yourself a list of Shar Pei breeders to choose from and you are on your way. Oh, you don't know how to compile a list of Shar Pei breeders? Well believe it or not it is very easy to find breeders in your area. The search consists of using basic searching elements like the Internet and also asking around for referrals from people you can trust to give you good information when you are searching for a breeder to buy your new pup from.

If you already have pets then you also have a vet and your vet is a great place to get information about who would be a good Shar Pei breeder to talk to. Your vet is only going to give you the best information they have when it comes to your pets so you can trust that what your vet tells you is something that you can count on and something you should run with. You can always trust the advice and opinions of your vet.
If you have access to the Internet then you have an entire world of information at your fingertips and you can use that to find contact information for the various Shar Pei breeders in your area and if you are very lucky you may also find a lot more. Sometimes Shar Pei breeders will host their own websites and a search of the Internet will help you uncover these sites and from them you can learn a lot about the breeders' standards and how they run their business. The Internet can be a wealth of information.

You can also go through the listings of the various national breeder registries on the Internet to compile a list of reputable Shar Pei breeders as well. Registries set the standards that breeders follow so you can find the breeders that adhere to certain standards by browsing the list of registries on the Internet.
It is not uncommon to find that the only way to get a hold of the real quality Shar Pei breeders is through referrals of previous owners and other business associates. Talk to the Shar Pei owners you know and see what breeder they used. If your circle of friends does not include any Shar Pei owners then find some on the Internet. It would not take a lot of searching to come up with a handful of owners you can talk to so that you can try and get some good breeder referrals.

It is important that you use every resource at your disposal to compile a list of good Shar Pei breeders to talk to before you settle on the one you will be buying from. Choosing the right breeder is extremely important and you want to be sure that you are talking to all of the right breeders in your area before you actually make that very important decision.

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Melissa Coleman supports local animal rescue groups both giving both money and volunteering time. If you are looking for Shar Pei breeders then use this article. You can use this article for helpful Shar Pei information.

Chinese Shar Pei: Strong And Muscular


In spite of its unique characteristics, for some reason the Chinese Shar Pei was deemed to be dangerous and thus was being slowly driven to extinction by the Chinese Communists until the brave efforts of some Hong Kong breeders and a few Americans saved them and made them a very popular breed that today is much sought after by dog lovers all over the world. Thus, today this unique breed that has a wrinkled look and which has the face much like that of a hippo is readily available for dog lovers to own

One look at its compact build and strong frame and muscled body should impress you and with a blocky head and a weight not exceeding fifty-five pounds. The Chinese Shar Pei is a well-mannered breed that moves with balance and strength and which also has a good rear-end drive. The name is symbolic of its coarse and bristled coat that is of three types that are horse, bear and brush coat. This ancient breed is also closely related to the Tibetan Mastiff and also the Chow Chow and has survived from ancient times.
The Chinese Shar Pei is well loved by everyone that comes in contact with it, and because of a calm disposition and confident manner, these are characteristics for which the Shar Pei is best known for. In addition, it also appears very dignified though it is also very aloof and will not easily become friends with strangers, and in fact, can also be given to being very aggressive sometimes.

The Shar Pei is a breed that likes to be around humans and responds well to human contact, and also makes for a great watchdog. It can often even act like a clown when around others of its own breed, and may even show signs of arrogance as well. Thus, training the Shar Pei may prove to be harder than you bargained for, though once socialized, will make for an excellent and devoted companion.
The0 Chinese Shar Pei can easily be recognized from the wrinkles on its face and because many people find its hippopotamus-like looks very appealing, is a much sought after breed in spite of the fact that it was once on the list of rare breeds and despite the best efforts of the Chinese Communists to drive it to extinction. However, because some good breeders did not give up on this breed, it is now a very popular breed that has survived those hard times and is being carefully bred even in America.

However, the Shar Pei can give its owners a few headaches because of its tendency to suffer from health problems that will require giving it timely protective care. Thus, as a prospective owner, you need to be aware of such issues and be prepared to deal with them. However, the Chinese Shar Pei is well loved and is also a very possessive animal that can prove to be a great family pet dog. In addition, you need to ensure that you have obtained your Shar Pei from reputable breeders if you don’t want to end up with a pet that has many faults.

You will find that the Chinese Shar Pei has excellent qualities, and whatever Shar Pei information that you come across will not show much to fault this breed with. This article has Shar Pei information that will prove useful if you want to know more about the Chinese Shar Pei.

The Shar Pei : Yes – That's A Real Dog


Shar Pei puppies look like raisins with legs. They are so ugly that they are cute. Shar Peis became very popular in the 1980's with the yuppie generation in North America. Their popularity has declined due to many factors, one of which is their size. These are big dogs that average fifty pounds when they grow up. They are square and solid with a broad chest and a head that looks a little too big for the body.

It's the wrinkles that are the claim to fame for the Shar Pei. Unlike most other breeds of dog, this one is quite distinctive! The puppies are far more wrinkled than the adults. The Shar Pei breed standard calls for the adult to have loose skin, if not wrinkly skin, but wrinkles are still expected around the face. Because of the heavily wrinkled face, it is normal for these dogs to slobber a lot.
It is thought that Shar Peis descended from Chow Chows, which are more popular around the world than Shar Peis. The two breeds share a lot in common. They are both big, muscular breeds with broad chests and a bull neck. Both are have bodies that resemble furry bricks on legs. And both have a purple, or blue-black tongue. Often blue tongues are the sign of a very sick dog, but not in Chow Chows or Shar Peis. Some Shar Peis are born with pink tongues, but are disqualified from showing.

Other ways Shar Peis can get disqualified from the show ring is by not having a solid colored coat. They often come in a brown and white coat that resembles an English Springer Spaniel's. This is sometimes called a flowered Shar Pei among Shar Pei enthusiasts. Sometimes a small tuft of white is allowed on a show dog. If they have bear coats, in which the hairs are over one inch long, they will also be disqualified.
The breed standard for the Shar Pei is not conducive to everybody's idea of a family pet. Their temperament is very much like a Rottweiler's, only they are even more aggressive with other dogs. They usually are good with kids, but wary of adults. If you need a guard dog or a dog to round up livestock, they are ideal. The breed standard lists Shar Peis as having a "regal, standoffish" nature. They are not as eager to please as other breeds.

They have very strong wills coupled with very strong bodies. If you have never lived with a dog before, the Shar Pei is not for you. If you have physical problems, the Shar Pei is not for you. If you have a timid nature, then the Shar Pei is definitely not for you as they will quickly give commands to you and expect to be obeyed. Research and think carefully before bringing a Shar Pei home.

The Shar Pei is hard to breed properly, as the breeding lines have dwindled. Fewer Shar Peis would be abandoned if people knew more Shar Pei information before they brought a puppy home.

Shar Pei: Clean And Housebroken


The Shar Pei is a Chinese bred dog that has very distinctive features including a deeply wrinkled face and a tongue that is blue-black in color, and in Chinese the term Shar Pei refers to sand skin and this breed certainly has a rough and short coat that is coarse and thus gets its name because of this characteristic. Puppies are known to have a lot of wrinkles, though with age, these wrinkles become ironed out. Also, for a while this breed was considered rare and was only recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1991.

You can expect the Shar Pei to come in a variety of colors including rose red, sand as well as blue, black and also cream and it also shares its blue-black tongue color with that of its relative the Chow Chow. Other than that, the Shar Pei is distinguished because of its loose skin and head that is covered by wrinkles in large folds, while some varieties will have tighter skins and wrinkles will only appear on the face and whither.
Normally, the Shar Pei has coats that can either be brush coats, bear coats or even horse coats. It is also a breed that is prone to not staying very healthy, which can be attributed in part to irresponsible breeding. Among other ailments that it suffers from, is the one known as entropion that is something that will irritate a Shar Pei’s eyes. However, you can prevent your pet from developing skin allergies and also sores by feeding it specially manufactured dry dog foods that will act to prevent such conditions.

One thing that all owners of Shar Peis notice is the independent nature and also that they are quite reserved in their behavior, often staying aloof and not easily making friends with people they do not know or recognize. Part of the reason for such characteristics could be that it was originally bred to be a watchdog. Nevertheless, it is very devoted to its master and will show affection and also loyalty to other members of the owner’s family.
In any case, despite its aggressive nature, and watchdog attributes, the Shar Pei will still be willing to learn and is thus amenable to being trained, though when things are repeated too often, it will easily get bored. All in all, you can expect great loyalty from your Shar Pei and it is also a very loving animal that will protect you, even though it is very independent by nature.

The breed originates from China’s Guangdong province and was well known from that time for being a fighting dog that also made an excellent watchdog. That is why originally, the Chinese Shar Pei served as a watchdog for the royal family of China, and thus is well suited for defending. And despite being in danger of extinction and being termed a rare breed, it is now thriving in some parts of the world and makes an outstanding family pet, and is often affectionately known as “Golden Lion”.

You will find from available Shar Pei information that this breed is very particular about its cleanliness, and doesn’t even need to be housebroken There is plenty of helpful Shar Pei information in this article that should show you the good and not so good sides of the Shar Pei.

A Fundamental Guide To The Shar Pei Personality


The Shar Pei dog, native to China, is uniquely identified for its deep wrinkles and blue-black tongue. At a young age the wrinkles are more numerous than at adult age. Time Magazine and the Guinness Book of World Records once identified this dog as one of the most rare dogs in the world. Typically, the Shar Pei dog is a healthy one, but it is susceptible towards a few health hazards like painful eye conditions, allergy-prone skin disorders, fever, and kidney or liver disorders. In China, it was bred as a fighter dog in earlier times. They are marked by their pleasant and loving personalities with true affection and a genuine loyalty towards their owners. The Shar Pei dog is somewhat sensitive towards strangers and in most of the time the dog needs time to get accustomed to outsiders. Even if you have a great social personality, a great deal of effort is always needed to make one your friend. With a strong defensive personality, however, Shar Pei can be the best guard for your family, safe from any adverse events.The personality of the Shar Pei dog is a great area of concern, especially for breeders. Breeders must take enough care about researching the personality of a Shar Pei breeding pair otherwise it may lead to extreme frustration. At the time of breeding, it is the duty of the breeder to thoroughly investigate and appraise for dogs similar in personality. If it is not done, the buyers may end up by having a puppy that is wrong for the family. In fact, individuals having an easygoing temperament may not be proven to be a good owner of a Shar Pei in most of cases. The personality of the Shar Pei can be subdivided under three categories known as dominant, submissive and independent. While the occurrence of a distinctive personality trait is most common, overlapping of personality traits may seem to be apparent in only a few cases. The dominant Shar Pei can be a good choice for people with a tough personality and devoted learning skills for handling dogs. Although a dominant Shar Pei is quite appealing with their macho and confident personality, it could harm people just by being excessively dominant.The submissive Shar Pei dog is easier to handle. But they lack the proper instinct to be trained easily due to their low self-confidence and reluctant behavior for trying out new things. However, this dog can mingle with other dogs, so it can be effortlessly facilitated into multi-dog environment. But feeling of fear or defensive behavior may lead this type of dog to act violently in some cases, so enduring socialization is always required. The independent Shar Pei dog is most difficult to train since it does not really care about owner's approval and is not very fond of any human companionship.In general, Shar Pei dogs are sometimes tough to train since they reveal their stubborn attitude. Hence, determination and commitment are the two most important factors of Shar Pei training. Although they are blessed with deterministic attitude, devoted nature and intelligence, they may frequently act violently and become intensely responsive in the presence of outsiders. The personality of the Shar Pei is genetically predisposed towards aggression and genetic makeup can influence the other personality to a great extent, so you must consider these factors when planning to buy the dog.Shar Pei dogs are featured by deep-wrinkles and blue-black tongue. Whether you are planning to buy a Shar Pei dog or already have one, this article will provide all necessary Shar Pei information in it.[...]

The History Of The Shar Pei Dog Breed


Pottery remains from the Han Dynasty of China (about 206 BC) show a wrinkly big dog. Could this be a representation of one of the earliest Shar Peis? It is unknown for certain exactly when the Shar Pei popped into its wrinkled existence, but it is known that they are distinctly Chinese. It is also reasonable to assume that the Shar Pei breed descended from the older Chow Chow breed, since they share many physical characteristics.

Like Chow Chows, Shar Peis are big, solidly built dogs. Chow Chows come in very long fluffy coats, which are not accepted under American Kennel Club regulations. However, bear coated Shar Peis with coats similar to Chow Chows, pop up occasionally in both China and North America. The breed standard of today emphasizes both horse coated and brush coated Shar Peis. And the two breeds also share the same blue-black tongue, which happens only in these two breeds.
It is thought that Shar Peis were bred to be strong all purpose farm dogs. They were to have a fierce appearance, could work all day and guard both master and property from man or beast. It is unknown when the emphasis on wrinkles developed. This was most likely when Shar Peis became star performers in another field – the dog-fighting pit. Wrinkles and loose skin meant another dog couldn't get a good grip and, even if they did, the loose skin could help protect vital organs. Even today, Shar Peis are not great around other dogs.

Sadly, the dog-fighting pit is responsible for the development of many breeds especially bulldog types being developed in England about the same time Shar Peis were being honed to their current look in China. Unlike Shar Peis, the bully breeds in England (including the Old English Bulldog and the much-maligned Staffordshire Bull Terrier) were selected to be aggressive with other dogs but be eager to please any person.
Today, the Shar Pei is bred to be a companion and show dog, although they do often work as guard dogs and sometimes farm dogs. It is now known that they need special consistent training from puppyhood in order to be socially acceptable canines. It is harder, but training a Shar Pei is possible. However, only those experienced in training and living with large, active dogs like Rottweilers or Boxers should attempt to take on a Shar Pei.

Shar Peis were bred to be independent – not to be team players. The life of a fighting dog is especially harsh, so a certain stoic fortitude has had to keep the Shar Pei alive to this time where it can now socialize with others. Getting and keeping a dog's attention is crucial for training, and with a Shar Pei, this is an uphill battle. But some Shar Peis have won the American Kennel Club's Good Canine Citizen certificate, which is hard to get.

You can find information about the history of the Shar Pei at the library or on the Internet. By learning Shar Pei information, there will be fewer Shar Peis abandoned.