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Expect It All When Raising Your Beagle Pup

Thu, 07 Aug 2008 17:08:17 -0700

Your beagle pup looks to you to learn the correct behavior so make sure you do your research and train your dog at the correct pace. Housebreaking your beagle pup can be a challenge but never resort to anger or violence to get your point across. If you don’t spend time with behavioral issues when you beagle pups are still pups then they become habits in adulthood and that is a bigger problem.

Caring for Your Beagle Puppy

Tue, 22 Jul 2008 17:17:44 -0700

It’s a fact that Beagle puppies are adorable, but like any new pet, these dogs need plenty of care and training in order for them to thrive in your home. It is important to know what will be required for your Beagle puppy before you bring him home from the breeder. Consistent training with positive rewards will go far with your new dog. So will a yard to exercise and play and plenty of social time with his family. With the proper care and training, your Beagle puppy will reward you with years of fun and companionship. With preparation and education, a Beagle can make the perfect family pet.

Beagle Puppies Are Popular

Mon, 14 Jul 2008 17:00:12 -0700

This happy little dog has a way of making friends with children of all ages as well as providing loyal companionship to their owners. They have also been used as visitors for patients in hospitals and have been known to help promote a Their ability to hunt down a scent with amazing stamina has been part of the breed’s heritage for centuries. While easily trained, these otherwise intelligent animals are quick to head off in a new direction if a new smell crosses their path. This inherent desire to hunt is one of the more endearing qualities of a beagle puppy. The beagle’s instincts may be on the hunting ground, its keen sense of smell make them great partners with law enforcement. They can be used to check for contraband in baggage areas of airports without being intimidating to young children traveling with their parents. They are also used by departments of agriculture during quarantine of specific items, detecting anyone that may try to remove them prematurely.

Beagle Puppies Like To Learn

Wed, 02 Jul 2008 20:12:58 -0700

Beagle puppies are probably the most loving and happy pets a family could ever hope to have. They can become quickly acclimated into the family and once they recognize their home and their new owners, will be loyal and loving to every other member of the household. This even-tempered, fun loving puppy is quick to make new friends, especially with children and their intelligence makes them easy to train. However, they are easily distracted and tend to chase off after any new scents they may come across during the course of their training. Although some of the health issues associated with the beagle breed may not be apparent at such a young age, a qualified breeder should be able to see any potential health problems of which new owners will need to be aware. There are a couple of problems that may be obvious at two-months of age and by understanding the breed’s problems can help a new owner identify problems.

Beagle Puppies For Sale: What To Watch For

Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:07:41 -0700

Finding Beagle puppies for sale is not hard at all but yet it is finding the right type of breeder that is the hardest and the most important part. A puppy from the wrong type of breeder can bring with it many problems. Beagle puppies for sale that are in places like puppy mills and pet stores may have little love and care given to them during the most important times of their physical and emotional development. Get a feel for the breeder and if something does not feel right then it is better to continue searching the newspaper for another breeder. Beagle puppies for sale can often be found through friends and family. If you know someone, or even see someone with a Beagle, ask him or her where they purchased theirs and if they have any advice to offer. It is easy to find a breeder but harder to find a good one

Why Real Beagle Breeders Don’t Sell To Pet Stores

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 18:03:20 -0700

Due to the growing popularity of beagles, there has been a rise in the number of dishonest beagle breeders and puppy mills in this country that supply their dogs to the pet stores. These dogs are often sick or dying when delivered, due to the horrendous conditions in which they are forced to live. Honest beagle breeders make a point to raise their pups in only the absolute best of surroundings, while a dishonest beagle breeder cares for nothing more than the money that they can make by producing a large number of dogs very quickly. By choosing carefully the breeder from whom you get your new beagle, you can help to ensure that the dishonest beagle breeders who supply pet stores with unhealthy pups are making that much less money. You owe it to yourself and your new dog to only choose a beagle breeder who is well respected for taking good care of their dogs.

Beagle Breeders: Dog Eat Dog Competition

Thu, 29 May 2008 16:29:07 -0700

The subject of this article is finding good Beagle breeders and learning how to avoid bad breeders. Good Beagle breeders ensure the well being of their Beagles. Good and bad Beagle breeders have several telling characteristics. When selecting Beagle breeders, make sure you have done your research before you buy. Brush up on Beagle information.

How To Avoid Fake Beagle Breeders

Mon, 19 May 2008 19:16:00 -0700

Insurance companies offer legitimate beagle breeders the chance to offer free pet insurance on your new beagle. If you do you get that insurance offer then you probably have a fake breeder. Legitimate beagle breeders offer free food samples for novice beagle owners and advice on caring for your beagle for long after the purchase is done. Always see if your potential beagle breeder is listed in good standing with the National Kennel Club before doing any business with them.

Beagle Breeders Must Address Your Concerns Before Selling You a Dog

Mon, 12 May 2008 17:50:43 -0700

There are many advantages to getting your Beagle from a Beagle breeder rather than a pet shop. The biggest is that you can get answers to all kinds of questions about your puppy, the puppy’s parents and Beagle information in general. Buying a Beagle puppy should be a lengthy process, and you should get a contract from the Beagle breeder. Beagles are not prone to genetic disorders, but should have first wormings and shots. Beagle breeders usually register the pup for you and serve as a “Dear Abbey” about any Beagle information you need months later.

Beagle Breeders: Questions to Ask

Mon, 05 May 2008 18:57:12 -0700

If you are looking for a Beagle puppy for your family, you will want to find a reputable Beagle breeder to purchase it from. Beagle breeders can be found right in your area or across the globe with the help of the Internet. Learning the questions to ask a breeder can help to protect you and your future pet from unscrupulous breeders that are more interested in turning a quick profit than in the betterment of the breed. Do your homework and learn all you can about Beagle breeders and their dogs before you make your selection. It will be worth the time when you end up with a dog that you can enjoy for many years to come.