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Do you live around Tyler, Texas?


Do you live around Tyler, Texas and have some problems with a leaky roof? If you do and looking for a roofing contractor Tyler TX then you should talk with a guy named Dutton that has been in the roofing business for more years than most of us have even owned a roof.
Dutton has some interesting stories to tell - not only about roofing but also about his recent search to find a used megayacht for sale at a cheap price. You see he recently married a women that is a little younger than his pickup truck and she wants to ride around in her bikini on the front deck of a huge yacht. This poses a real problem for Dutton as he owns a 14 foot John boat which doesn’t hardly qualify in the eyes of his young bride
I don’t know where he is with this search so be sure and ask him when you talk to him about your roofing needs.

Here's a good roofer


I found a great roofing contractor Killeen TX area that has a flawless reputation. Check 'em out if you are in that area

What You Should Know About Roofing


I have been a roofer for almost 40 years but now retired. I am going to be discussing things you should know about roofing in this blog