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Tips For Pampering Your Pomeranian Pup

Wed, 06 Aug 2008 17:33:13 -0700

Raising Pomeranian puppies can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for dog owners and dog breeders. Potential owners should research the history, characteristics and care requirements of the breed to raise a healthy, happy Pomeranian pup. There are many grooming and care needs required by a Pomeranian pup. Due to the fact that the breed suffers from dental problems, teeth should be brushed with a baby toothbrush once a day or a minimum of once weekly. The Pomeranian's thick coat of fur also requires daily brushing. Raising and training a Pomeranian pup can seem daunting at first and buyers should actively ask questions of the breeder they have purchased from. Good breeders are more than happy to provide Pomeranian puppy care tips.

Guide To Pomeranian Puppies

Mon, 21 Jul 2008 16:53:04 -0700

he Pomeranian breed originated in the northern part of Germany and Poland. Descended from larger sled dogs, Pomeranians have been bred down to a smaller size to make them better suited as household pets. Pomeranian puppies weigh only ounces. omeranian puppies, in general, resemble baby foxes. Their personalities are as big as they are small. Breeders should be knowledgeable in answering any questions about the breed and its physical and behavioral characteristics. hoosing the right Pomeranian puppy is not a difficult task. A potential buyer should research the breed first and understand its characteristics and needs to determine if it will fit into the buyer's lifestyle.

Breeders Of Pomeranian Puppies

Sun, 13 Jul 2008 18:44:44 -0700

The American Kennel Club classifies the Pomeranian as a member of the toy and Spitz groups. This breed is considered a toy because Pomeranians grow to a size of only three to seven pounds and eight to eleven inches. Pomeranians are members of the Spitz group because of their ancestry. A Pomeranian puppy looks more like a baby fox than a wolf-like Spitz. Breeders of Pomeranian puppies should be able to provide buyers with specific information about the breed and should supply the Pomeranian puppy's sire and dam names to aid the buyer in naming their puppy. There are show names and there are actual names that competition dogs go by. These names are very different. For example, a Pomeranian puppy called "Nash" at home may compete under the name "Kalo's Rock and Music City."

Welcoming Pomeranian Puppies Into Your Home

Wed, 02 Jul 2008 17:03:38 -0700

Pomeranian puppies are fun, affectionate and easy to maintain, but there are also many concerns surrounding them as well which you should also consider before getting one as a pet. The two most common ways of finding Pomeranian puppies for sale are through pet stores and breeders. Choose the option that suits you best but proceed with caution and consideration in both instances. You cannot own a Pomeranian if you do not have patience, but at the same time you should not be overly worried. They are great dogs and make fabulous pets, and you will definitely not regret getting one for your own family.

Where To Look For Pomeranian Puppies

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 19:09:50 -0700

A dog can be a wonderful addition to your family, as long as you select a puppy that is healthy and well bred. There are smart ways to do this, and ways that can lead you down the wrong path as well. Should you go to a pet store to find your new pet? According to most breeders and dog experts, this is often the worst place to find healthy, happy animals. A responsible breeder will provide you with a higher quality animal that has been bred carefully to ensure a healthy pet. It is worth the amount of time it takes to find a reputable breeder when you end up with a family pet that is healthy, happy and bred well to avoid future problems.

The Pomeranian Breeder And The Puppy Mill: Doing Business With Pet Stores

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 16:41:13 -0700

The Pomeranian is growing in popularity as a small breed dog. Their fun size and affectionate nature makes them a loveable addition to any family. Unfortunately, their growing popularity also makes them easy prey for dishonest Pomeranian breeders running puppy mills. A respectable Pomeranian breeder would never dream of selling one of their dogs to a place where they had no control over who would take them home. But puppy mills care only for how many dogs they can produce, and how much money they can make off of would-be owners who are too impatient to find a quality breeder. You can help to ensure the health and welfare of your new dog, as well as do your part to put these dishonest breeders out of business, simply by refusing to do business with any pet store.

How to Stay Away from Illegal Pomeranian Breeders

Wed, 28 May 2008 16:59:47 -0700

Dogs make for great pets, and Pomeranians are definitely one of the favorite breeds. They are small and adorable and very affectionate. If you are interested in adding a Pomeranian to your family, you will need to find Pomeranian breeders. There are many out there, but it is necessary that you sort the good from the bad. When looking for Pomeranian breeders there are a few things you are going to want to watch out for. You want to steer clear of mass breeders who are only in it for the money and make sure that you only deal with breeders who care about the development and temperaments of their dogs.

The Pomeranian Is Lovable Yet Temperamental

Mon, 19 May 2008 17:35:33 -0700

The Pomeranian breeder is choosy about the buyer of his new purebred Pomeranian puppies. He is possessive and attached to them, so he has a question-answer session with the buyer, before he sells the puppy to him. There have been disappointed clients who have been cheated with their choice of Pomeranian breeders. The purebred which they bought was not one at all, it was just a mixed breed. Loyalty, affection and intelligence are the characteristics of this dog. Its beautiful coat needs to be brushed and cleaned with care. Exercise is a compulsory task for the dog, and will keep it healthy and happy.

Pomeranian Breeders: Your Best Options

Sun, 11 May 2008 20:47:49 -0700

Pomeranians are very popular dogs, and if you are interested in getting one yourself you are going to have to find Pomeranian breeders. There are a few questions you are going to want to ask yourself and any breeders you are considering in order to make the best decision possible here. There are many important questions you may want to ask a breeder before deciding to do business with them. How long they have been in the breeding business, how many types of dog they breed, and what they charge per puppy, all of these are going to be vital inquiries that will help you greatly in making your decision here. It is important to watch out for the warning signs or red lights, so that you can spot a bad breeder when you see one. You only want to deal with dog breeders who care about the health and happiness of their dogs and not about the financial aspect of things.

What Types Of Pomeranian Breeders To Avoid

Mon, 05 May 2008 16:51:04 -0700

Check out your prospective Pomeranian breeders in the different breeder registries on the Internet. Your vet will have information on the Pomeranian breeders you are looking at and local law enforcement may have some revealing information as well. A very important step in considering different Pomeranian breeders is to talk to them.