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master bedroom furniture

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master bedroom furniture

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Master Bedroom Furniture
Master Bedroom Furniture
Master Bedroom Furniture
Master Bedroom Furniture

If your idea of style falls outside the traditional, platform beds and the furniture that coordinates with them offer an update-to-date look with space-saving features. Available in many configurations and materials, platform beds complement many lifestyles.

Platform beds are a variation on an older concept, the loft bed. These were raised on poles, allowing the utilization of the floor space under the bed for everyday activities. As homes became larger and more comfortable, the loft bed was lowered and the platform bed took its place.

As the platform bed originated in Europe, today’s beds reflect this birthplace in cleaner, straighter lines. This style works well in many interiors. Usually, there is a headboard, the bed itself, and a mattress, although some include a footboard. This is simple and functional elegance that mixes successfully with other furniture.

Japanese platform beds are gaining in popularity, too. These have more graceful, swooping lines than their European counterparts. Additionally, the Japanese beds make use of tatami mats to isolate the sleeper from the bed frame itself. When it comes to minimalism and wise use of limited space, the Japanese are on to a good thing with their version of the platform bed.
Platform beds are usually made of either wood or metal or a combination of the two. Selection of material depends on the lifestyle of the person buying it. Metal frames provide an edgier urban feel to the bedroom, while wood frames tend to be a little warmer and homier in appeal.

If a minimalist look is desired, there’s no need for a headboard or footboard at all. For those who want a more “dressed” look, there are several styles of platform bed frames that include posts and curtains which give a canopy effect.

There are several advantages to a platform bed. The space beneath the bed can be filled with drawers, thus taking advantage of otherwise wasted space, an important consideration in today’s urban apartments. By not opting for a headboard or footboard, valuable space is saved, as well as offering more decorating options, especially if the bed has casters on its legs. It does not require the use of a box spring, which cuts down on the initial cost of the bed. Moreover, as the mattress is placed directly on the bed’s slats, a firmer sleeping surface is provided.

Mattresses are available in all the standard American sizes: twin, full, queen, king, and sometimes California king. If a European platform bed is under consideration, it’s wise to note that the European beds are a bit longer, which will make finding sheets and other bedding more challenging. Keep in mind that a platform bed will present a firmer sleeping surface. For those wanting or needing some cushioning due to back or joint problems, a featherbed on top of the mattress may provide that necessary “cuddly” effect.

Prices for platform beds range from about $200 for a barebones twin to more than $1,000 for those constructed of more expensive woods, of more ornate styles, and in larger sizes. The mid-range price is around $400 or $500.

Platform beds offer a wide range of sleeping options for those who’d rather count sheep than be one. They make sense for those who like to “think out of the box.” has a wide selection of platform beds and the accessories that help make your living space more comfortable and enjoyable.