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Skateboard Insurance

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SPAUSA, started in 1996 in Santa Monica by Heidi Lemmon and a group of skaters, is a pro active non-profit organization that helps communities get skateparks.

The original goal was to get a local skatepark. In doing so SPAUSA acquired a great deal of information and soon other skaters and cities were calling us, asking for help. We put together a packet, a skatepark directory, and an advisory board. The biggest problem that we kept running into was the skateboard insurance and liability issue; if you could get skateboard insurance, it was expensive and it had high deductibles.

We noticed that the In-Line Hockey and Dirt Track Racers, both very dangerous sports, were able to get coverage. They shared information with us and we were able to get a membership based policy with excess medical benefits similar to their programs. SPAUSA is now a 501c3 non profit organization with members all over the country. SPA has over 10,000 members . Our membership includes corporate sponsors, businesses, skate schools, cities and churches as well as the participating skateparks and their riders.

We attend trade shows, write for newspapers and magazines, speak at conventions, work on industry standards, risk management, skateboard insurance, hold contests and do demos. SPA has an amazing Demo team. They can demo anywhere, anyplace, anytime, whether you have a park, a parking lot or a sidewalk.

SPA headquarters is located at 2210 Lincoln Blvd., Venice CA 90291. We have a nice miniramp outside. Hours are 9 am till dusk and it’s free. L.A. Events include live music, contests and jams. No drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Please pick up your trash and have fun riding.

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